Panchitos Restaurant
4100 McCullough Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212, United States

Review №1

I love the food it's always served fresh and hot. The service there is fast. The Server Chris does a Wonderful Job. He's always very polite and quick to get my order. Very well groomed all the time.Thank You So Much , I will Definitely be returning back To Panchitos

Review №2

Our server was very professional and knowledgeable. They really went the distance to make sure we were taken care of.

Review №3

Over-salted food, was given unsweet tea instead of the sweet tea I ordered, but above all else, was ignored and had to search out someone to place my order. Absolutely disgusting. Will NEVER go back.

Review №4

Thank you so much for serving my baseball team. The serving was great. Sorry for keeping you there late. And Alejandro. But I feel terrible i can't remember our servicer name. She was amazing. Thank you. For having patience with us and our kids

Review №5

Cruising down McCullough looking for a place to eat. Pulled in when I saw the sign. Was busy of course for a Saturday night. I got seated quickly as a single. Not much friendliness in the girls that greeted and seated me. A bit of a wait for a waiter. But again, Saturday night. Order 3 beef enchiladas, rice, beans. Enchiladas were good, rice and beans average. Waiter was polite. Would I go here again? Probably but only if in the area, not a special trip. For me it was just OK. Give it a try and judge for yourself

Review №6

Our waiter Angel was so amazing. I totally love his attitude his service was like out of this world. If you can choose him as your waiter you will be amazed.

Review №7

Awesome service. Had huevos rancheros with bacon. Love their homemade corn and flour tortillas. Long time fan since they were a small location where you could watch them make the tortillas

Review №8

When going out, we find the best Mexican food is Panchitos. We go out of our way-- Olmos Park-- to eat the best and the price not bad either. The atmosphere is beautiful/Spanish. The waitstaff is fast and considerate. Thank you

Review №9

We just left the restaurant and by far the best service I've ever received from any restaurant ever. Thorton was by far absolute best server we've ever encounted. Not once did he show frustration or attitude with our large group with 10+, which 6 were under 6yrs ago. He was polite, excellent, attentive, punctual. Ever though we showed up 20 minutes before closing, he never rushed us to leave..... food came out super fast. It was delicious. Our party was definitely satisfied with overall experience....I just think and wish I should've left a bigger tip. But next time, Thorton I got you. Thank you

Review №10

Tried out the curbside service and its the worst! Waited on the phone for 15 min. No one answered. Went inside the restaurant and the host said sorry we're all busy go to the counter. Food was still not ready (btw, just order 2 soups). Waited another 10 min. Inside to get my order. While waiting just kept hearing them ignore the phone ringing. I love food and don't mind dining in, but the curbside service is terrible!

Review №11

My whole family loves this restaurant. Great food and prices. They literally have the best bartender, Destiny, who is amazing! Miss her behind the counter, and has been the best take out /to-go/curbside employee I've dealt with!

Review №12

Our waiter Thorton was perfect. The food was not up to reputation of Panchito's. Not sure what has happened in 6 weeks but maybe management can revue and correct issues.

Review №13

I have been going to Panchito's for years. One of the nicest employees there is a young lady name destiny. She is a awesome bartender and waitress. Now she does take out and still gives 110 percent. I will continue going there cause the food is great and staff is awesome.

Review №14

Food was lightly seasoned. I liked the flavor. Although food would have tasted better if I had salt. My waiter never came around so I could ask him for salt. My tortillas for my enchiladas were hard. Margaritas could be better. Handmade corn tortillas were exquisite.

Review №15

This was my first time at Panchitos it was awesome great service and we had a great server José I recommend Panchitos

Review №16

- Very friendly staff- Amazing food- Kid friendly- Great portions- Everything homeadeWere visiting from Austin and decided to stop here. What a great decision that was! We got the beef fajitas for two and they were outstanding! Large portions, the best homemade tortillas.The manager and our waiter(Ken)were very accommodating. We will absolutely stop back in here the next time we are in San Antonio!

Review №17

Queso and guac were good I recommend forsure, red and green salsa are amazing green salsa hella spicy I love it and the gorditas were great 10 out of 10 great food.

Review №18

Would have definitely gave 5 stars , but being the issue was with management it fell to 2 stars. ( THEY SHOULD KNOW HOW TO TREAT CUSTOMERS. AND VALUE CUSTOMER SERVICE ) When we were approached to be seated by management Franky I believe his name was , we were told we could sit anywhere we wanted , after asking a about a couple tables we were told no they weren't available. I ask for a table in the corner of the restaurant that was clearly empty with nothing on the table top, we got a VERY RUDE RESPONSE " NO YOU CANT SIT THERE ITS TAKEN " . I then replied back ok will we will take the one next to it.. We then sat and ordered our drinks and apps , when then noticed the table that " Supposably Was Taken ", was actually gonna be occupied by Management Franky himself.Now I've worked in the restaurant industry for at least a decade and customer ( guests) always come first. So maybe he needs to be retrained.Food has always been great and delicious, however after the salty greeting we got , I guess it just left a stale taste in my mouth. And totally changed the mood.Maybe next time will be better.

Review №19

Favorite family restaurant that I have been going to for 6 years.

Review №20

We went two weeks ago to visit and their carne guisada tacos are the BEST. I can't wait to go back

Review №21

Great place for morning breakfast food! Service is super friendly and personable. Avocado and guacamole is fresh also. Also opens up early for those of us who start off the day early looking for hot, fresh food that's tasty.

Review №22

Good quality meal. Glad to see they are following covid protocols. Masks, to go cups, plastic ware. I suggest their caldo de pollo and a starter of their Panchito's queso.

Review №23

3njoyed. Chiles rekkeno. We Gallo chips. Refried rice : superb. Not salty or bacon fat. Flour tortillas warm exceptionally Xcllnt

Review №24

Fransisco was a great server. Food fantastic

Review №25

Best place to come and get your caldos . Now wonder why they ran out so fast.. I waited 30 minutes for it and I didn't mind at all . Best caldo and so worth the wait . The ladies working on drive thru have there hands full at all times and there the best . Thank you Panchitos for always being great .

Review №26

I am a loyal customer of the Zarzamora location. For a treat i took my family to this location. I will never return. The food is not good and the service is worse. $100 for family of 4 and a couple of drinks. Waste of money.

Review №27

Cant call to order have to do it online very inconvenient

Review №28

Awesome experience. I'm from Dallas and my husband and I were looking for a good place to take the family out to eat.The food was awesome and the service was amazing. They also take pictures for memories. My family and I will stop by next time we are in town

Review №29

Mexican food and the feeling here is great. this place is absolutely one of my favorites. i look forward to a return trip.

Review №30

Breakfast is absolutely delicious there! Some restaurants have that "it" factor that when you taste the food, you can taste the love that's put in to it, whereas in other places, they're just churning out a product. Fresh tortillas that are definitely homemade dot the I for me here! The beans have the best bacon flavor, and are unbeatable! The hot sauce though is where they get you to come back. There's a fire roasted version that has so much flavor, I dare you not to just dump the whole bowl on your plate! The wait staff is very friendly and engaging, often cracking jokes to catch you off guard a bit. Anyway, if you love great, fresh Mexican food, and a friendly atmosphere, please patronize this great establishment; you wont be sorry you went, and they'll have many more reviews like this!

Review №31

Slow service and enchiladas were hard and tough. Wanted to order a drink from bar but the time waitress came around that one time, I forgot. Pricey and not worth it.

Review №32

The service from our waiter was great. Very friendly and attentive to what we needed. The food was delicious especially the salsa. Prices are restaurant prices around 4pm on a Sunday $40 for two including an appetizer no dessert. They do offer weekday lunch specials. Restaurant was clean and felt welcoming. I would recommend trying the food.

Review №33

Food was not good, service was slow, had to wait over an hour to get seated.

Review №34

Try the pancakes. They are amazingly tasty.

Review №35

Food was good but what really was excellent was the service!! Out waiter Eric was awesome and made sure we knew the specials, had our drinks on the spot and was nice to my wife and kids. He's the guy with a neck tattoo as well. Wel be back because of his excellent service and work ethic

Review №36

Stopped in to eat dinner and then wanted to charge $2.50 for a small bowl of chips and salsa!! Also sat is pretty close to other customers. Will def not be going back!!

Review №37

It's a little pricey a little tough to park at but definitely worth going! The puffy tacos were amazing!

Review №38

Overrated and overpriced. Fajita taco was very tough and only 3 strips of meat inside.

Review №39

Great food...great service!! Try the Sizzling Chicken!!

Review №40

This place was popping, service was awesome, food was fair, this place lacked authentication for a Mexican restaurant. I'm being generous giving it 2 stars!

Review №41

Food was delicious, just took a while to get out to the table. Service ok.

Review №42

I always enjoy the food here. Displayed is the beef enchiladas and the chicken fiesta! Yum!

Review №43

Here's how I determine if the food is good. The plate comes to me full and I return the plate empty. GREAT food. I highly recommend it.

Review №44

It is usually what I expect that's why I go thereHad good server

Review №45

One of the best Mexican restaurants I've ever ate at. Destiny is an amazing bartender and when she's in to go she always gets my food ready quickly and correctly.

Review №46

If u haven't had a chamorita u definitely need to!

Review №47

1st time returning and service was bad. Server was in a rush, no drink special mentioned but another table sat after us and a full description of drinj special was given. Ordered margarita with salt, drink came no salt. Informed server and he said he would bring glass with salt never arrived. Food came no tortillas. Informed server and said they didn't bring them out. I told him he was the one who brought out our food. No apologies. Never asked if I wanted another margarita. Wont be back for awhile.

Review №48

Always good food when I go here. Had the nachos. They didn't disappoint. Masks are required even while ur eating jk. Hope you have the same experience I have Everytime I've been here.

Review №49

Quesadilla was not as good as Chacho's but it was still pretty good... salsa was warm... my daughter and i didn't really like that... green salsa was good but needed more red salsa to make it taste better...

Review №50

Real San Antonio Mexican food!Fantastic food & service!

Review №51

Excellent food and portions very courteous service.

Review №52

I saw how my waiter Orlando was giving a hard time by some other customer and yet he still kept a smile to me and my family eating there. Every moment he came to the table and asked if we needed anything Food was good love to see people like him attending my family.

Review №53

The service is fantastic and the food is totally amazingly awesome... ️

Review №54

Great customer service! Love the food and service!

Review №55

We live in Idaho and came to visit San Antonio! We chose to eat at Panchito's on the recommendation of someone we met in Idaho who had relocated from San Antonio. He said Panchito's on McCullough is the best authentic Mexican food in town. It was a great experience. We wanted to try something local away from the River Walk - and we were not disappointed. Thanks for the great evening.

Review №56

Yes I ordered tacos today Sept 18 morningDrove to the pick-up waited 10-15 mins and nobody came to my carSo I went in and was told (rudely)You need to wait in the car and told me to call on phone(I don't have a phone ,but she walked by my car twice taking care or other customers I mean she SAWi was waiting yet ignored me)So I told her the service was bad and she should pay more attention to her customers,She replyed I should get a phone!As I was driving off(I've walked away from the situation ,I back up and as I'm driving away,She makes it a point to yell at me so I stop the car,and she sarcastically waves at me with BOTH Hands yelling bye bye as she is laughing at the same time with a customer in car she is waiting on.Just horrible service,HORRIBLE waitingBad waitress.If you don't believe me check you cameras can see how she acted!

Review №57

The food was so so greases,and over took so long to be seated.

Review №58

Food was great, server was nice But NEVER refilled our drinks. By the time he realized, they were on the edge of the table empty it was time to leave. Took too long to get our order. Work on customer service, didn't feel appreciated

Review №59

Arrived and got service right away. Ordered what we wanted on menu. Didn't wait long for our food came out. Glad we went when we did. A huge group came in after us. We had a delicious meal. Waitress came around to check on us. Great service. Gave her a good tip. Will come again.

Review №60

FULL DISCLOSURE: I've only ever dined-in here once as all my orders are through their takeout window.The food is excellent, especially the breakfast tacos which are served until 3 PM on weekends.While dining-in is always fun, this place can get a little packed. I recommend calling in your order (and asking for the large salsa) to avoid any hassle.The to-go staff are pros and really make quick service a priority. This place quickly turned into my go-to breakfast taco spot.

Review №61

I loved it being the 1st time there.. Looked very clean and polite may I say food was FANTASTIC!! So was my waiter definitely going back. Me being a picky eater but when I taste great food I will go back.

Review №62

A classic place to eat. Well known in the Olmos Community great food Great Margaritas.

Review №63

Delicious food and courteous service. Never disappointed.

Review №64

Fast & friendly service, good food, reasonably priced.

Review №65

For my first time visiting Orlando my waiter was one of a kind he had great attitude and upbeat energy. Food was was great definitely going back again.

Review №66

I recommend this restaurant for lunch or dinner. It feels so comfortable & homely place to eat. I enjoyed the meals at so reasonably prices. I really like the restaurant. I will go back again & I live on the Southeast side. I sure hope the owner will open one at Brooks City Base. This area is growing so fast with great restaurants that are in the Northside

Review №67

My cousin hosted his and his wife's baby shower here last minute after their original venue was cancelled. With panchitos being their cater they tried to sort something out. Overall the service was top notch and the food was delicious! Servers and bar tenders were working hard and fast to take care of our large party in their small party room. Would very much recommend this place to whoever is reading this!

Review №68

Love coming here with my friends

Review №69

Omgoodness. The caldo de res was delicious!

Review №70

Best serves. Great food, and the atmosphere is one of the best I've seen. Food is freshly made daily. I will be there in two weeks. Loved it.

Review №71

Great food and friendly staff.

Review №72

Our Mexican Food Quest takes us From Manor, TX to San Antonio...with over 100 mex/tex mex joints under our belt..its time to branch out..2 stars just states the facts for us, we have had better... Service was fair at best....The Poco de Mexico appetizer was the high light of the meal...Flautas and empanadas were cooked grease and very good....Salsa was ok..just not a fan of warm salsa..Queso was decent, but a dab of salsa helped...both of us went with enchiladas...wife with the beef, me with a trio of cheese, chicken and beef...for us this was about as standard as it gets...the chiladas were small with little filling...rice was rice....beans were actually good...basic enchilada gravy over the top...Nothing really stood out for us in this meal....not that we didnt finish our plates, but for us the adventure will continue.

Review №73

Food was awesome. Service a little mixed. Asked for Sweet tea. Got Unsweet. Asked for sugar. Got 4 packages for 2 Large teas. Gave up. Didn't ask for anything else. Food order was right. Food was extremely good. Daughter got the Chili Relleno and I got the Olmos Special.

Review №74

Our first time there , first thing I look for is how clean they keep it up ..Very clean, peolpe very polite, we will definitely be back!!!

Review №75

Good food. I came during lunch so the portions were a bit smaller. I ordered the bowl of fideo which came with tortillas, a small cup of beans, and meat. The salsa was good (it was a mix of sweet and spicy taste). During lunch I think it would be better to call ahead since we waited 20 minutes for 4 people. The staff was friendly. Lunch ends at 2:30 pm.

Review №76

Great food service. With great food. I am always stuffed when I leave this place and ready to take a nap. Birthdays here are also fun with a song and a sombrero to wear until you leave.

Review №77

Amazing food and great Top Shelf Margaritas!!

Review №78

They won't give you chips or salsa unless you order guac or appetizer .when i order the arrachera platter the meat was chewy and very small portion plus is pricey not worth the trip there !!

Review №79

Food was awesome and delicious.. waitresses was so nice. Made us feel at home. Fresh tortillas man oh man.. definitely recommend. Will be back forsure.

Review №80

Been going there for about 10 plus years for caldo n menus always good.

Review №81

Server was great but a hair was in my friends caldo and another manager came up and said I guess the orher manager don't care and took the item off for her. Great food and service but the attention needed when something like that happens was slow and non attentive. We all work in the service industry and the prompt attention was uncalled for. I use to work there and underatand the guests but we went because I knew or thought it be a great experience.

Review №82

Great food and service. Nice upscale ambiance compared to others. Flavors are on the lighter side seem lacking. Reasonably priced menu. 4 out of 5 due to plates not being picked up and causing crowding on the table while eating. Considering the area where this is located. I figured better service would be suitable.

Review №83

Very family oriented place. Great for family gathering and the manager is very accommodating.

Review №84

Overall everything is good even the staff

Review №85

Out of 9 we Found we had 5 Dirty cups and when I was approached by management because I was in their way I obviously showed him then he disappeared and got some styrofoam cups then Benjamin brought food and expressed no car for the situation... anyways food was bland service was slow with no real care for urgency

Review №86

The tortilla soup and panchitos queso are AMAZING

Review №87

I went today on our trip to San Antonio and I really can't say I'm dissapointed. I ordered a fajita quesadilla with rice and beans and it was served promptly and hot. The food itself was great and the waiter was very helpful. The smell of food can be smelt even outside and it really does add to the ambience. There are also multiple dishes served right off the stove in hot pans which also looked amazing. 5/5 Now I'm thinking of moving here.

Review №88

Good service good food ( exelent)

Review №89

1st time visiting this restaurant, google for the best menudo in town, I'm not a menudo expert however it had a bad smell, and for so many times I said thank you to the waiter & NEVER replied.....

Review №90

Amazing food! We all agreed this was the best place we ate at!

Review №91

Food was hot tasty. Tortillas were soft and delicious. Waitress was nice and smiled. Made sure we were good.Restrooms needed a little bit more attention.

Review №92

Slow service got our appetizer same time as food and 2 out of 4 meals were bad.

Review №93

Sizzling chicken with a side of guac and pico was enough for two meals.Chicken enchiladas plate was great as well.The corn tortillas were tender and soft.

Review №94

My favorite item off of there menu is the cheese dip!! It's the most delicious thing I've EVER tasted..... No lies!!

Review №95

Great food and great service

Review №96

Go for the food, return for the SERVICE!!!!My family had a birthday party for my dad's 87th birthday, and we used the private party room. It was a Monday morning event, lots of viejitos! The staff was very attentive and communicative throughout the entire event. Special shout-out to the server Mary, who was assigned to our event. She was AWESOME!!! Mary was extremely helpful and courteous, and she hustled to keep up with everything. The tacos were delicious and generously filled, and I heard more than one person comment on the coffee! As I said, the food was great, but these guys are serious about service as well. The manager on duty was great as well (I don't remember his name, shame on me, he had a ponytail!), but Mary was great. I now have a new Mexican restaurant to add to my rotation. Thank you Panchito's!!!

Review №97

The place is very nice and so is the Manager and owner. Excellent place to eat..

Review №98

I will eat here every single time I visit San Antonio. I used to live right around the corner, and if I still lived there, I'd be in big trouble. I ate at all kinds of high-end restaurants during a 4-day visit, and although I had great food all over the city, I must admit... two special breakfast tacos from Panchitos are what I'm day-dreaming about now that I'm back home. The food is delicious, and cannot believe how affordable for such incredible flavors. Yum!!!

Review №99

If you visit on a weekend make sure that you arrive early and that your entire party is with you. They do not like to see incomplete parties. I would recommend the puffy tacos for lunch or a simple bacon-and-eggs for breakfast. The cinnamon coffee is really popular. They have different flavored creams available as well. They offer food to go and they have a full service bar with daily specials and happy hour. They also have a party Room that you usually can put a deposit to reserve

Review №100

Always great food and great service.

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  • Address:4100 McCullough Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212, United States
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  • Phone:+1 210-821-5338
  • Mexican restaurant
Working hours
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  • Thursday:7:30AM–8PM
  • Friday:Closed
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  • Sunday:6:30AM–8PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Live music:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Usually a wait:Yes
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