Rickys Tacos
6576 Babcock Rd, San Antonio, TX 78249, United States
Rickys Tacos
Review №1

I live in Houston and currently visitting SA and honestly this is literally the best tacos truck I tried in San Antonio. the price might seem a little higher than other places but let's me tell you, the taste worth even more than that.. highly recommend!!

Review №2

I love this place. Me and the wife come here every week. Some of the best red salsa Around. The tacos are amazing and so are their quesadillas

Review №3

Got 2 orders of mini tacos and a burrito and everything was more than great will definitely keep going there!

Review №4

The lady charged me for 3 orders of tacos when I ordered 1 order. And she knew she was trying to be slick because when she saw me get back in line after asking someone else how much they paid for their tacos she got nervous. When I got back to the window she said that I ordered three mini tacos and that they ran out of chicken. So I asked her why didn't she charge me for 3 and she couldn't answer. She just said let me see your card so I can give you your money back. I kept asking her but she couldn't give me an answer because she knew she tried to get over on me. She even tried to verify with my ticket and thought I didn't remember my number but when they pulled out my ticket it clearly said 1 order of mini chicken tacos. And she just sat there looking dumbfounded. Never again. Smh

Review №5

Great food, the hussain quesadilla is next level.

Review №6

I mean what can I say if your looking for legit street tacos go here. Get the mini tacos carne asada with everything and add avocado. Get the green salsa and ask for extra limes and you will be in heaven. I try lots of places around this area and these are the best.

Review №7

These tacos were delicious! Really long time waiting for them to be ready, but they were great.

Review №8

Omg soooooo delicious! EASILY the best taco truck in the city. I tried the cheesecake last time and I was blown away. Their entire menu is gold. Zero complaints, always 10/10!

Review №9

Great tacos! I usually don't get chicken but theirs are highly recommended! I also love the Hussein Quesadilla and their salsas are great as well! The Al Pastor isn't up to my expectations, but I honestly have not found any places that take my breath away around here. Other than that, this place is great!

Review №10

I used to be so in love with Ricky's Tacos until I found a HUGE bug that was cooked with my taco meat. I didn't receive a receipt so I can call them & tell them about the bug. I called the number on the website & no answer. We will NEVER be going back to Ricky's.

Review №11

Love their fast service but they need more staff

Review №12

Very quick but they do not serve drinks until further notice. Great food

Review №13

The best street tacos EVER. And the owners are right there to talk. They have a sweet son, who has difficulty in school. You can tell the owners support their son to the fullest. Which makes them even cooler

Review №14

Amazing service, excellent food and really good environment to spend time in

Review №15

Best taco truck on North North West side of San Antonio. Quick service of course there is a line but that is expected when the product is so good

Review №16

Best tacos to get at night after a party or even if you are just hungry for tacos at night. Also even if theres a long line it goes by fast and its definitely worth the wait best tacos in town. 100% worth it to go visit this place

Review №17

I've tried a lot of taco places. This wouldn't be my go to. It's a really nice truck and it's got cheap tacos, but it's only open for a certain amount of time and it's really more just for the hope of tacos at night rather than good tacos in my opinion. It's got that offended feel and if you're looking for a quick bite in the middle of the night this is an amazing place to go, but I've definitely tried it better taco places all around San Antonio. I genuinely think that they have good tacos and that you should try these, but explore elsewhere as well. On top of that, if anyone is reading this and get anything out of my review, try somewhere else first.

Review №18

Perfect for our exact situation. Thank you sir's. They where open. Please don't taint our tacos. We love y'all!

Review №19

Flavor is excellent. Highly recommended.

Review №20

Amazing food! There is a reason such a long line forms just to get tacos!

Review №21

BEST green sauce in town. Hands down!!! Beef street tacos are the as well.

Review №22

Love the pork taco. Like the beef taco as well

Review №23

Nice music background and very tasty tacos!

Review №24

They have a great Taco. I wish they have their own parking space so that we can come often. The taco taste better than at other taco store. It's an authentic taste. The sauce is unique. However, average waiting time could be long so be aware of that.

Review №25

Best tacos I've had! I would not waste a trip on the mini tacos or the quesadillas, the regular tacos w carne asada are the way to go! Carne asada burritos are also delicious and huge!

Review №26

I ordered a burrito. It is not what I expected at all. I expected Spanish rice instead of white. There is also corn in there which wasn't bad but it wasn't expected. I was hoping it would have some gravy on it too. The prices were a little high for the amount of food received.

Review №27

Love it!!! The red salsa is on another level.

Review №28

Really good just the time it takes to get your food is pretty long.

Review №29

Great food but the wait, oh my. I understand that they get a lot of late night business but there is a solution to the long wait. HIRE HELP! By having long lines you are losing customers that you don't realize you are losing. I, for one, will drive on by anytime there is a long line even when my intent was to eat at Ricky's.

Review №30

My favorite is the Ice Tea.

Review №31

Delicious tacos and great price for mini tacos

Review №32

So yummy!! Good value, and they have specials on weekdays! One of the few food trucks up and running right now.

Review №33

Original mexican tacos doesn't belong on cheese, and what they call "regular taco", we call it "gringa de pastor" or "gringa de asada"

Review №34

Some of the best tacos I've tasted

Review №35

Best Taco Truck in the Northwest side!!!

Review №36

Not too bad for a food truck simple and easy menu

Review №37

Best street tacos around!! Ricky and his wife catered an event for us and the fajita tacos were the best. Everyone at the party loved the meat and the tortillas. The salsas are homemade and so are the tortillas.Also when you visit the actual taco truck, Ricky and his wife and staff always greet you with a smile. If you want the real deal in street tacos. please visit Ricky's Taco truck. I highly recommend this place!!

Review №38

If they desire more business. Owner needs to really cater to Favor Delivery Drivers in allowing us to call in orders to go for our members.

Review №39

No star at all. worse food truck that I have ever trying to place an order.

Review №40

The taco truck was in a location where it was hard to find parking that wasn't in the nearby gas station. But the gas station of course already has signs of people not to park there. The food truck though was fast and the people were friendly and great with recommendations. The food was delicious, however I do feel the price was steep for the quantity and portions you get. Great late eat overall.

Review №41

Beef mini taco is ready good for late night food. The food is perfecti love it

Review №42

This place is reeeally good. It's on par with Taco Blvd. Actually, I'd say the taste of the bistec tacos at Ricky's Tacos is superior to Taco Blvd, but Taco Blvd has really good beans. But yeah, Ricky's Tacos is real good.I had an order of regular tacos with everything on them. For the meat I picked bistec. The order comes with 4 corn tortillas tacos. They were well served.I also had one of the flour tortillas tacos. It was just as good but when you order that it's just one taco for every one your order (unlike the regular tacos order which comes with 4 of those). I prefer flour tortillas so I'll probs get three of those next time.The service was nice too, real chill service and the wait time wasn't bad at all.10/10 would recommend to a friend.

Review №43

Tacos asada was delicious. Can't go wrong with this taco truck.

Review №44

It's been closed early/opened late 3 times in the last month at least. Not good for business.Best tacos around if you catch them while they're open.

Review №45

Excellent tacos in town

Review №46

There not very customer service like paid 14$ for two orders only 4 tacos in order no beans wow last time I ever stop here

Review №47

Worth the wait for tacos near UTSA!

Review №48

The BEST tacos in San Antonio!!! Love that it is truly a family business.

Review №49

Love this place!!!! They never disappoint. If you like spicy food get the red salsa!!

Review №50

They cook with love and it shows

Review №51

I love this place! Their al pastor is the best in town!

Review №52

Amazing place and good people!!

Review №53

The best Asada tacos anywhere!

Review №54

Amazing tacos, just like being in Mexico, and the red salsa is to die for!!!

Review №55

The lady taking the orders is hella rude but tacos are good too

Review №56

Off the charts. Will definitely be visiting again.

Review №57

Always very good. Never disappointed!

Review №58

Rucky's Tacos is the best kept secret in San Antonio honestly. They are open really late at night but they make the most authentic and most satisfying street tacos ever had in my life. The carne asada with everything Street Taco is the best thing to get. I buy so many and freeze them and eat them later. They also have burritos and side dishes too. This is a place that should not be passed up

Review №59

Always phenomenal flavor and friendly attitudes - Ricky's is my go-to for late night taco cravings. Pro tip, ask for their beans which come more like a soup loaded with jalapeños.

Review №60

Place is great, expect a little wait.

Review №61

Ordered a Carne asada burrito first bite I chewed into a hard sharp white object .Not sure what it was from, then noticed the asada was burned.Drove 24 miles total to and from

Review №62

Great deals Monday- Wednesday.And the best tasting street tacos I've found in the area!

Review №63

One of the best Tacos in town.

Review №64

Omg this place is amazing good flavor tasty food after spot kinda place ha

Review №65

Delicious mini taquitos!

Review №66

The best tacos in San Antonio.Only downside is after certain times they sell out fast.

Review №67

Food was great.. Definitely recommend!!

Review №68

Simply put - you have to go.There will be a wait because they're usually busy but for about $30 we had enough food to feed three people and still had some food left over.The green salsa was great and everything we had there tasted amazing.

Review №69

Tacos are great! It's hard to find authentic Mexican tacos in town. Ricky's tacos are delicious and tasty! Real Mexican taste.

Review №70

Every time I come back to SA, I always make time to stop at this place, I thinks it's that good

Review №71

Good late night tacos

Review №72

All my friends say the food here is great, especially the burritos. For me they were okay, nothing out of the ordinary. Do accept card which is a plus

Review №73

I've spent over a $100 at this location in one visit. I guess you can say I love my Ricky's

Review №74

My favorite taco place in town. The al pastor tacos are really good, but the asada tacos are my favorite. Their salsa, especially red, is super good, too. The staff is really friendly, and courteous. The wait time used to be too long, but it's been really reasonable the past few months. I only wish that they opened a little earlier.

Review №75

Mini tacos are always a quick & satifying late night meal at Ricky's

Review №76

Great food. You need to ask for the red sauce with your tacos. Game changer.

Review №77

Been coming here for quite some time, and they're food never disappoints.

Review №78

For authentic street tacos, Ricky's is phukin' delicioso!

Review №79

Great food at fair prices. What is there not to want. There is usually a line of people waiting but it's worth the wait. Would recommend to anyone looking for some food late at night.

Review №80

The food was alright. The rice that they add to their burritos is NOT Spanish rice. It reminded me of rice that you get at a Greek resturant. So that kinda threw me off. Prices are alright. I've seen better. I had alot of fatty pieces in my carne asada. But I did really enjoy their green salsa. Overall still on the search for my favorite Texas Mexican Food.

Review №81

San Antonio was only a pit stop on my road trip but this place came highly recommended from my friend. Was the only place I stopped and did not regret it! As authentic as it comes and delicious!

Review №82

Great tacos!

Review №83

Great late night tacos to get while your drunk after you leave the Sandbox or PK's

Review №84

Always great food. I come here once a week

Review №85

Ricky's is hands down the BEST food truck when looking for great tasting, quality tacos and more. Perfect for satisfying late night cravings and the staff is fantastic!

Review №86

My favorite late night spot. Simple and good

Review №87

Great Mexican truck. However, they do like to take their time so don't expect a quick pickup.

Review №88

Our favorite place to get food period!

Review №89

Very good food would recommend anyone there

Review №90

Best tacos in San Antonio cant pass the oportunity to eat at least 20 every time we visit this place

Review №91

Great food ... Quick service and friendly

Review №92

My favorite tacos in the area. Can't get enough!

Review №93

One of my favorite taco places, go early because they do run out of meats!

Review №94

The tacos al pastor were very dried .They didn't taste like Tacos al pastor at all. It doesn't sale any drinks. The Carne asada tacos weren't not juicy and too salty.

Review №95

Great burritos and tacos but its overpriced.

Review №96

Beef and pork is good

Review №97

Been going to Ricky's for year. Best pastor tacos in SA!

Review №98

Best tacos in town honestly

Review №99

Sooooooo good!!!! Friendly service and mouthwatering mini tacos

Review №100

First time going to San Antonio and after going to six flags, I googled best tacos in San Antonio and Ricky' s came up first. We were not disappointed! The mini tacos were so delicious and the burrito was far none one of the best I've ever had, even coming from a food truck. We will definitely be back!

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  • Address:6576 Babcock Rd, San Antonio, TX 78249, United States
  • Phone:+1 210-409-8707
  • Mexican restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:7:30PM–1AM
  • Tuesday:7:30PM–3AM
  • Wednesday:7:30PM–3AM
  • Thursday:Closed
  • Friday:7:30PM–1AM
  • Saturday:7:30PM–1AM
  • Sunday:7:30PM–1AM
Service options
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Dine-in:No
Popular for
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:No
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Usually a wait:Yes
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