Rositas Mexican Restaurant
7500 Eckhert Rd, San Antonio, TX 78240, United States
Review №1

We are regular customers. Rosita's is the best. It is family owned, important to know the family works in the restaurant daily. They have a hands on approach. You are greeted with a hi and usually a goodbye and thank you as you leave. Now, for the food... delicious, delicious! Best coffee ever, as a family with a variety range of likes, Rosita's has earned four stars. Now, for important info... Rosita's has taken steps to make your eating experience safe. They have plexiglass between booths, check temps before entering, employees wear masks, tables are sanitized extremely well. We just LOVE Rosita's.

Review №2

We had a very nice breakfast here. The staff is very friendly and quick with service. They have all the proper Covid procedures in place, checking everyone's temperature at the door, 6 foot floor markings, hand sanitizer etc. The managers was working to keep everything in order, overall good experience.

Review №3

Very good! Had the Chilaquiles Verdes for bfast. Clean, and they took all the safety precautions. I shall return!

Review №4

The food is delicious! The breakfast tacos are on a fresh home made tortillas. Coffee is freshly made. The brisket is delicious and tender. Great customer service and nice family friendly atmosphere.

Review №5

Food was good and hot I had the asada con Puerto, service was fast friendly will definitely be back

Review №6

The man (manager) was very rude. He literally had a temper tantrum. If you mess up on a order fine but own up to it and don't be disrespectful to your customers. Beware when coming here cause they can be very rude!Update; Unfortunately that was a lie the owner is stating in the response, my order was not repeated three times to me, the lady who took my order was rushing me and I had to ask her to repeat it to me before she hung up on me, she misunderstood I had a cheese and potato taco and to make sure no egg because there is an allergy to egg. She added egg on to it and didn't repeat that part, how are you supposed to not fix someone's order when they have an allergy and can die from that? I took it back to the restaurant just to be yelled at by the owner and refused help because the lady who took the order put potato egg and cheese taco on the ticket, I was told I was in the wrong for a ticket I didn't even write. I understand misunderstandings happen and I wasn't upset initially, but to be told I was I was wrong because I “ordered” that with egg is just irresponsible. The lady who was at the cash register didn't even repeat my order, she asked if I had a pickup order and my name, that was it. Also if your policy is to not be able to take back food that has left the restaurant, why did they take the mess up order back into the kitchen to be replaced? That's not following your set COVID-19 policy, so I am confused as to why the owner was screaming at me and calling me a liar just to replace the order.

Review №7

Their food awesome all home made even the tortillas their menudo is out of this world

Review №8

My go to for home comfort type Tex Mex food. Excellent customer service, staff is amazing. Cleanest restaurant that I have been to. I haven't been disappointed yet from their breakfast menu to their amazing brisket.

Review №9

Very clean! Excellent service! The food was hot and fresh. The tortillas are homemade and delicious!

Review №10

I have been coming here for well over 10 years. Never been disappointed!

Review №11

The staff are so nice and attentive. Not to mention how good the food is. They can alternate sides and food and it felt like we were family.

Review №12

As always the food is great. They are following all covid-19 protocol.

Review №13

There customer service was awesome. Ordered, through doordash, some food. Tacos and nachos. Well, when the food arrived we were short tacos and one of the nachos orders was wrong. I called the restaurant, I spoke to a young lady who was very helpful and actually delivered the missing tacos. I highly recommend this place, foods really good, too!

Review №14

Rositas Mexican Restaurant has awesome brisket taco's! I highly recommend this establishment

Review №15

Excellent food and service very impressed with the cleaning and sterilized procedures, definitely coming back and i would highly recommend this restaurant.

Review №16

Excellent service. Love the chilaquiles verdes!

Review №17

Omg. So delicious. I had the barbacoa and my wife had the Sasha for lunch. Amazing and the staff were friendly while also having the whole Covid details worked out so you can eat in comfortably. I will be back for other menu items and i cant wait for the rest of my family to join! Thank you!

Review №18

Henry, who claims is the owner is so RUDE, i called to let him know our tacos were good but had very little food in them. All our tacos had about half a spoon serving. His response was the tortillas were made too big. He became argumentative telling me to not look at the tacos with my eyes and that they are only $!! This is the type of customer service at Rositas. I do NOT reommend this place at all!Try Tia's on Bandera and Huebner their food is delicious and their staff is ALWAYS courteous and friendly.

Review №19

Great food, good prices and very attentive staff. We are visiting from Houston and would love this place over there! We will be back when in town. Ohh and amazing home made tortillas!!!

Review №20

I was excited to try this place for the first time because reviews were great, however very disappointed. I ordered breakfast tacos seriously lacking in flavor, some were very skimpy on amount in the taco. Still craving my taco fix after eating these.

Review №21

Love the staff great friendly place and the food is always on point

Review №22

Prepared for COVID 19. Clean, friendly and knowledgeable and food was priced reasonably.

Review №23

Rosita's is a great place to eat. They have the best chips and salsa in town. Its hard to stop eating them. They are so good. My favorite dish is the beef enchiladas, which I order with charro beans. The charro beans are so good. Their homemade flour tortillas are also the best in town. It's one of the main reasons I eat at Rosita's. Try it. You'll love it!

Review №24

Good food and service was too notch.

Review №25

Amazing authentic food! I've never had Mexican food better, even better than my childhood friend's mother's cooking that I loved and still love so dearly. Great portions, very flavorful and so many choices! Great atmosphere. Went for breakfast and could have had as many cups of coffee as I wanted! Chips and salsa are out of this world. Again everything was super flavorful and just insanely good. Service is amazing. Best breakfast I've ever had!

Review №26

If you're old and with no taste buds, this place is for you! Mediocre Mexican food. If you want better food, go to Taqueria Jalisco down then street.

Review №27

Great food Veronica suggested the brisket n egg OMG delicious, I will be back soon

Review №28

Good local Mexican Restaurant... They've taken all the proper precautions in order to reopen safely.

Review №29

My daughter and I visit Rosita's every Friday morning before I drop her off at school. It is an amazing restaurant with great service, great food, and a great atmosphere. Thank you so much for being part of the Marshall HS community.

Review №30

Best brisket tacos in town hands down. Better then most bbq places in town

Review №31

I was fortunate to dine at Rosita's on a Tuesday. The restaurant serves the most delicious “Steak a la Mexicana” on those days. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I recommend it highly.

Review №32

Excellent family owned restaurant. Friendly staff and great breakfast. Big variety of tacos, plates, soups, lunch specials. Love this family!!

Review №33

I called up there to tell them that they messed up on my order I'm allergic to eggs and they still put eggs in my taco. It took three people to talk to and the manager was rude saying I could be lying and be a bad customer. So here's your proof!!

Review №34

Horrible experience at this establishment! I came with my mom and sister. I had one (1) cup of coffee and they over charged my mom for two (2) cups because they thought I was sharing my coffee with her? I did not but even if I did it was still one (1) cup of coffee! Then they stated that they will check the camera's? Okay? The cameras will show that I was the only one drinking from the cup. Chips are soggy. Tacos are mediocre at best. Nice try.

Review №35

People over here make you feel at home. Always clean and the food its wonderful. The most relevant are the tortillas, flour or corn, the best of the best.

Review №36

Always courteous and friendly service. Polite. Bilingual. Quick. Some of my favorite combination of Tex-mex and traditional Mexican food. Highly recommend.

Review №37

Arriba Monterrey... caldo de res A+DIANA super nice waitress...

Review №38

I like this place but it isn't high end dining. Very affordable. Often crowded, always busy. Food is good and is exactly what you would expect. Service nice.

Review №39

Love the home town feeling! Great food with great service!

Review №40

"Let's try a new place."Maybe we should have read the reviews before dropping in, especially the sarcastic responses left by Rosita's on this review feed, distasteful. This would have explained the poor customer service before we even set foot in the door.It all started when we took our first sip of coffee, we looked up questioning each other, " Is this watered down dirt?".Honestly, it would have been nice, if the service was there. Normally I don't write reviews, however, I am doing everyone else a favor including management, and the owner who was drilling his eyes into our souls as we tried to eat our Huevos Rancheros. The owner should have mingled with the guests, instead of scrutinizing them while they eat their food.Writing, this on my toilet, dying of diarrhea.

Review №41

Was missing 2 tacos from my order. I called and they invited me back to pick up the tacos with no attitude or issues! Family run restaurant with very friendly atmosphere. Everyone was kind and eager to serve. Above that, the food was delicious! Will definitely come again.

Review №42

Good food. Beans were home made and made right! Good tortillas and pork chops we're not over cooked or under done

Review №43

The food an service here was really good. I came in the moment they opened which can sometimes be gamble. I only put 4 stars because I wasn't blown away, if I put 5 a believe either the service or the food was really exceptional and one of a kind for the restaurant style. However the food was still really good here and I have every intention on going back the next time im in the area.

Review №44

Excellent place for breakfast and lunch! Delicious breakfast tacos, yummy pancakes, and scrumptious soup - these are just a few of my favorite things! Rosita has a big local following, and is even a regular lunch stop for kids going to the local high school! A great addition to our community!

Review №45

We will not be returning. They were rude to my daughters over requesting no ice on a soda. They have guard practice in the morning so having ice in the drink makes it watery when they get to it more than an hour and a half later. I've never heard of any restaurant having a stipulation like that, and the manager/owner's response was to stop offering the special. The sad thing is my girls loved the place but don't want to go back after how they were treated.

Review №46

Great family owned Mexican food. The customer service was great. Community focused, we loved their tortillas, chips and salsa. Just solid all around.

Review №47

I love this restaurant. We have brought most of our family and friends to enjoy the food here. I love the horchata, chips & salsa, and tortillas. The customer service is great and I love how they do Marshall attire Fridays to support the nearby high school (as well as SA Spurs and soccer).

Review №48

Good service, Menudo was good.

Review №49

Great place to get Tacos, been there a long time too!

Review №50

Friendly family owned resteraunt. Nice husband and wife team.

Review №51

Tried fideo loco. Although it was a huge bowl, a lot of it was water, hardly no beans and very little beef.One friend ordered menudo and felt it still needed more cooking, still to rubbery.Other friend ordered chicken fajita special and was great.

Review №52

The service here stinks. I don't know if their under new management or what. My family and I used to come here once a week but not anymore. Save your money and time.

Review №53

Great customer service along with great food! They're quick with their service and I'm never disappointed when I come here! So happy I live so close.

Review №54

I have been here twice and all I can say is it's okay. First time I would have rated it two stars because the beans were not clean and I bit into something crunchy like a piece of dirt or the like and the second time I went with a relative and they gave us the wrong orders, eggs were not cooked to order and the coffee was not good at all... I switched it out for a tea.

Review №55

Great place to eat Mexican food, reminds me of my grandmother's cooking.Great service and excellent food.

Review №56

Never going here again saw a big rat while eating so gross..

Review №57

Friendly, fast service..trendy and very good!

Review №58

Always great food and service.

Review №59

Excellent food!

Review №60

Great food service price.....

Review №61

I loved their webos divorciados.

Review №62

This is a small and wonderful resturant. It is BIG in attitude,service and great food. They have absolutely awesome food. Their menudo, huevos ranchers and sausage tacos with good homemade tortillas just to mention a few are worth the trip to San Antonio. Thank you Rosita's.

Review №63

Love this place! Always have great service. All wait staff are fantastic! Rosie is who we usually get and she refreshingly genuine and always makes us feel as if we matter. The food is amazing! I just love that is family owned. Parents and their adolescent children manage the location daily. These owners are community involved and restaurant is family oriented. Great food, atmosphere and prices!! Stop by you will not be disappointed.

Review №64

Very fast and polite service, and they have the best tacos around! This will always be my first stop in the morning.

Review №65

Atmosphere was awesome I would come back again

Review №66

Food is always quick and good and the staff is great

Review №67

The food and service is AWESOME! It's our taco place to go to to get our fix!!!

Review №68

Always great service and food

Review №69

Good service good food good prices

Review №70

This place is amazing I love their carne g

Review №71

Pretty good tacos , will definitely stop by if I am in the area . Can't go wrong with rositas

Review №72

Clean restaurant. Friendly service. Owner was very friendly. Food was great, especially liked the homemade tortillas. Salsa with chips was flavored just right. Will definitely go back next time in San Antonio.

Review №73

Amazing taco for a cheap price. They even give students a special. :)

Review №74

Delicious flour AND corn tortillas! Awesome barbacoa tacos. The best Verde salsa I've ever had

Review №75

Great great and good daily specials.

Review №76

Very clean, windows, tables,floor. Staff greet you nicely and attend tables pretty fast. The food was also good; however the food wasn't as hot as it should be. Unless it was just me.

Review №77

Wouldn't go anywhere else for barbacoa tacos as well as super bean and cheese tacos. Thanks for the great food. Rosita.

Review №78

Food and service always good.

Review №79

Rosita's Mexican Restaurant has five-star, authentic, like-your-mama-makes Mexican food! The staff is attentive and kind, and the owners are engaged in their thriving business. The food is delicious and perfectly made every time. I definitely recommend Rosita's to anyone looking for delicious, affordable Mexican cuisine!!

Review №80

Great food. Highly recommend it.

Review №81

I really enjoy eating at Rosita's! The staff is always very friendly and welcoming towards my family and I. I probably eat here 2-3 times a week. The salsa and food is always delicious. I always leave Rosita's full and satisfied!

Review №82

You can't even buy tortillas because they're "backed up in the kitchen" ridiculous

Review №83

Amazing food and atmosphere! Hands down best Mexican restaurant in town! Keep up the great work (:

Review №84

Great puffy tacos, chips, salsa, cheese enchilada's, and a whole package of warm homade flour tortillas with our meal! Service, prices are great too! Can't go wrong here. Though mathematically impossible at this point, they are striving for a 5 star total combined rating. If it is wonderful for you as us, let's get them close!

Review №85

Very disappointed. I live down the street and this restaurant is always busy so we decided to stop one morning. Food came out quick but was not warm at all they had to take our plates back to re heat. After the girl rang up our ticket it came out to almost $45 dollars for COLD FOOD. No thank you I will not be returning.

Review №86

The plate portion was small for price, cold when it came out, mediocre taste.The waitress came once. Pretty disappointed.

Review №87

Great food, nice atmosphere in a small setting at just the right price

Review №88

Called in 3 orders in the morning. Picked it up and went to work . When i found out I was short one taco and that one taco was actually mine that was missing I quickly called and the lady told me that she will have to look on the camera to see if it was given to us and look at her receipt to see if that is what we purchased and will call me back because she was busy. When she called me back she said that her receipt stated that it was for five tacos . In which in fact it should have been for six tacos. She said next time that I need to ask for such and such that works there to take our order next time because it gets busy there and maybe the girl just didn't hear right. I clearly understand when someone makes a mistake with an order. But I did not appreciate how she approached the matter. There was no apology instead of her saying we apologize let me look into it and give you a call back as soon as it gets slow. Her response was let me look on the camera and see if we gave it to you. I definitely can say there is lack of respect for customers . And definitely in need for some great customer service skills! Sad thing about this was that is very convenient for me just to pick up my order and go because it was nearby . Definitely a disappointment.

Review №89

Favorite place to go for breakfast. Staff is always friendly. Food is great. Always clean.

Review №90

Ordered take out. Bean and cheese .99 cents. Tortillas and food were good. Call in order was correct.

Review №91

Authentic Tex Mex with very good service and excellent food. They do it right!

Review №92

Food was amazing! Staff was super friendly. I'll definitely reccomend this place to any and everybody :)

Review №93

Food is always fresh and delicious. Service is always friendly and prompt.

Review №94

Food taste good but barely got any food on the plate and I ordered one kids breakfast plate and an adult breakfast plate and the bill was around 30 dollars that seems a little high for the small portion size of food given on both plates. Service started off good but the regular everyday customers started showing up and it felt like I got ignored while they had every waitress and owner go by there table to ask if they needed anything and to talk some.

Review №95

The Staff and Food are Amazing. Top Quality Service with authentic tasty Mexican Food. Rosita's is a true Neighborhood Favorite! They do so much for the community! Must stop for anyone!

Review №96

The chips and the soup they give you before your order was tasty, and it was great I loved it, but ordered chicken fajita and they bring me Sausage in my chicken fajita and they took too long to bring it, i was in hurry I hud one hour but they took 30 minutes to bring my order

Review №97

Good home made food.

Review №98

I originally gave this 4 stars, but I go pretty often. This place gets better every time I go. The salsa is amazing! The service is great too.

Review №99

Great authentic Mexican food! Friendly staff and very clean restaurant! Reasonable prices! You can't go wrong by choosing Rosita's for breakfast or lunch!

Review №100

Had barbacoa for breakfast it was good not greasy

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