Taco House
6307 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States
Review №1

Great value and great food! Consistent quality! Their menudo is just like my mom's a little thicker and spicy! Tortillas- delicious!Our neighbor introduced us and we luv it now!

Review №2

Parking is very tight. Oder food then sit and they call your #. Food is good for a quick bit. Very affordable. Soup, crispy taco, a tea all for under $15.00.Friendly and fast.

Review №3

One of the best taco places in SA. I love this place I been eating here for years and it's always delicious. Used to be cash only but now they take cards. My favorite is crispy chicharones and egg.

Review №4

I had the potato and egg breakfast tacos and they are so far the best that I've had in San Antonio. Reminded me of being back home in McAllen. Very nice staff too!

Review №5

Cash only restaurant... However... They do have an ATM machine available. Coffee was great tacos are good.

Review №6

Always good. Quick, too. Super clean restrooms. Love their staff.

Review №7

Wife and I had three Taco's carne, bean and chz, straight potato. All packed flavor and the cheese was very greasy. The carne was just large chunks and flavorless. Won't make it a second time.

Review №8

Everything they have is so good. TACOS are the best. As, all the plate dinners. I highly recommend coming to get some food!!!

Review №9

Great place to get tacos, the bean and cheese are the best! Only bad thing is the drive thru is small so traffic over flows to the street but still a great place.

Review №10

Delivery guy was awesome. Box of Bread was overcooked and hard and I did not get the cheese I ordered. Doubt it would have helped the bread but it could have helped the lack of ingredients in the papadia thing ..

Review №11

By far one of the if not the best taco in San Antonio, might be a far drive for some but worth it. I can say without a doubt the best lemonade in town.

Review №12

This is always a stop for us before we head back home to Corpus. Love their tacos and service is always great!!!!

Review №13

Caldo de res was awesome as always.

Review №14

Yesterday, I came through the drive-through and the young man at the window was not wearing a mask. I think that he is showing a disregard for the at-risk adults that frequent the restaurant. I used to love this restaurant, but I will be taking my business elsewhere. My elderly grandmother lives with us and I can't put her at risk.

Review №15

What an extremely great experience from an unexpected place, I have passed by several times before, however stopped by today to grab some tacos, and the gentleman in the widow was very pleasant and did very well in representing Taco House! We will be recommending this wonderful place to all we know thank you Taco House!!

Review №16

Best tacos in tha city especially babbrocco

Review №17

I love this mom and pop! Great food, great people, clean.

Review №18

Excellent. Love their tacos.

Review №19

Place has really gone south. In many aspects. Food quality, service, price. Shame.

Review №20

The tacos are good here me and my family like them but the chile was spoiled when we bought tacos today.

Review №21

Excellent food! Work down the street from there any never knew this place was here. Would def recommend!

Review №22

Food is great, bit pricey.

Review №23

My mom goes quite a bit for the breakfast tacos. She is always seeing the staff working as hard as possible and cracking out everything fresh and delicious. They are always very sweet and kind when taking care of you. Easily the best place to get some delicious breakfast tacos.

Review №24

Love their bean & bacon tacos!

Review №25

Food is Awesome. If you've never been you must go and try it tacos are a good size also not small. I had carne guisada with cheese and a bean and cheese and I got so full.

Review №26

The food is always fresh and hot and Delicious.

Review №27

Great Tex Mex food and affordable prices. The rice is so fluffy and tasty. Tortillas are to die for!

Review №28

Best tacos in the san pedro area

Review №29

One of the best in town if not the best. Tortillas awesome

Review №30

Excellent Tacos!!! The best!

Review №31

Good food, big portions and fast service at a great price. The special of the day- carne de puerco con calabasitas was delicious, with a huge corn or flour tortilla.

Review №32

Although it's a bit pricey as compared to other Mexican restaurants, this is a great place for breakfast. It's usually pretty packed and the drive through always has a line and you'll need to bring cash as that's all that they take.I love their juevos rancheros but it's probably because of their home fries. I don't know how they do it but they are perfectly fried golden brown and fluffy inside. Their roasted salsa is one of the best I've ever had but they have others to choose from as well.

Review №33

First time...had the Caldo Pollo..very filling and yummy. Will come back to enjoy another day...

Review №34

This use to be our go to spot for years, since I was a kid, I'm 33 now, but ever since Henrietta(I think that's the new mgr/owner name) took over, it's not the same. Shes not welcoming AT ALL and has terrible customer service skills, and is EXTREMELY RUDE.....on a good note The kitchen staff is amazing, those ladies can cook up some delicious food! They ALWAYS smile and say hello.Update: just left the drive thru and she literally slammed the window on my face I'm the middle of me placing my order, didn't tell me to hold on or anything all because she dropped her pen. I wish I can complain to someone higher but I guess we just gotta part ways with this place.

Review №35

Doesn't look like much, but a great place for breakfast tacos. Really like the country sausage and egg as well was beef fajita tacos. My wife is partial to the carne asada.This place is on our list of places to go every time we're in San Antonio.

Review №36

Fantastic homemade tortillas! Had the Mexican plate which was typical of good hole-in- the- wall eateries such as this. Had a couple of choices of hot salsa. Both were spicy and flavorful. You order and pay at the counter which gives you a view of the tortillas being made. Gorditas are the best I've ever had!

Review №37

This place reminds me of my grandmothers cooking. I like it because its old school cash only. We had menudo today its the best in town.

Review №38

Very friendly staff, good food , great prices, excellent portion for the money!

Review №39

Some of the best tacos in town

Review №40


Review №41

It was really good. Got my order right and was fast.

Review №42

Best Mexican breakfast/lunch restaurant highly recommend

Review №43

Food wonderful as always!

Review №44

Love this place good food. Now they are accepting credit cards. How cool! How about that.

Review №45

This was my first time here I had the migs taco and potato egg and cheese my bf had chorizo and egg bacon egg, and our son bean and cheese all the tacos were delicious nice and full and tortillas were on point I highly recommend we didnt try anything else on the menu just yet that's why I gave 4 stars

Review №46

Dropped in due to the reviews. Not too impressed. I had the carne guisada with cheese and chorizo con papa. Not bad with small portions inside taco and basic coffee.

Review №47

Food is normally very good but they keep raising their prices and now charge $.89 per taco for a very little amount of cheese.

Review №48

Tortillas were excellent, that's about it. Unimpressed with the very salty and dry picadillo taco. Bean and cheese was equally unimpressive, runny beans not much cheese. Salsa verde was good. Won't return.

Review №49

Have always lived this place! Fat and delicious tacos!! And they're homemade corn tortillas cannot be beat

Review №50

Always have the best chicken mole and beef Faldo and the tortillas are the best homemade ever.

Review №51

Stopped for lunch. Place appeared to be well run and clean. Generous portions on a country sausage, egg & bean corn taco. Cooks were hair restraints and polite staff.

Review №52

Get place to eat Mexican food. Try the menudo, to die for if you like menudo.

Review №53

I love this little place it may look hidden or Maybe just needs a different look but its a great place to eat the staff is friendly and fast and food and tortillas are fresh and tasty.

Review №54

Need more job opportunity

Review №55

Great as usual. Every time ive gone it amazing food and super nice staff. I jus forget the tacos are a good size and always order 2 too many tacos.

Review №56

This is my go to for great breakfast tacos!

Review №57

Purely on food quality, I ordered 2 very simple tacos. The meat was very dry with no flavor, chips (usually lunch hours would be free) you have to pay for. Feel like the food was maybe made 2 days before I ordered. There are plenty other fair priced mex spots. Wouldn't go back.2 stars for customer services, seemed nice.

Review №58

Their Gorditas are worth the stop.

Review №59

Haven't been here in a couple of years ( used to work near by) but the food was as good as ever! Some places change cooks, recipes ect.. but my food still had that same homecooking taste! Worth the trip across town.

Review №60

Best lunch in san antonio. Quick and painless. Stupid delicious.

Review №61

Excellent Mexican soups n Mexican plates are a good size portion and taste is DELICIOUS!!! The flour tortillas are super good... The ladies that cook your breakfast tacos n lunch are hard working and EXPERIENCE COOKS!!! PROPS TO THESE LADIES!!️

Review №62

Food has always been good and the original owners were always polite and welcoming though the new owners or the younger generation that has taken over the business arent well mannered, Both female owners are very rude and are always uptight. The inside still looks beaten up with the original tables and chairs.You think by now out of respect for there family and honest patrons theyve would given it a face lift and that alone is enough for me to never to go back.

Review №63

One of the better joints for breakfast tacos. Love their chicharron crispy and egg.

Review №64

Service great food cold

Review №65

Great tacos and yummy cheese enchiladas! Also, great homemade tortillas!!

Review №66

I would give a 5 but atmosphere isn't the greatest but the food is real Mexican from scratch. Try calabacita en puerco.

Review №67

Their breakfast tacos and green enchiladas can compete with the best in town

Review №68

The BEST enchiladas in Town!!!

Review №69

Delicious food always and homemade tortillas. They also take credit cards now, before it was cash only.

Review №70

Food was ready almost within minutes and it was not half bad

Review №71

Great place to meet for lunch!

Review №72

In a city filled with Tex Mex restaurants, this place does very little to stand out above the crowd.I ordered the Chorizo & Egg Breakfast Taco and a Bacon & Egg Taco.Both were lacking any depth of flavor. The tacos were larger than what you get at say Taco Cabana, but their tortillas leave a lot to be desired.Getting a to go cup for my coffee was nearly impossible.This is definitely not a place I'd search out to go to.

Review №73

If your looking for Puffy tacos this is the place & they are big. Love the chicharones they have them crispy or soft.

Review №74

Food was great. Good prices. Will return when we are in town..

Review №75

Awesome chilaqueles

Review №76

They trick you and sell you barbacoa tacos for machacado tacos. Very different thing. I complained to the lady in charge and among other rude things she said she told me: we're not in México. Talk about a racist hispanic renegade.

Review №77

The food is usually good when we come here but this time around the food was terrible. The tortillas were not homemade and the beans tasted bland with burnt after taste. It takes one bad experience for me not to ever go back .

Review №78

Good taco drive thru took too long

Review №79

I have been coming since 2003 and have moved from San Antonio since then. I still make a trip for breakfast every time I come. A perfect hole in the wall with quality food and friendly service. This does not have the fluff and overpriced foods.

Review №80

Yummy! Great breakfast tacos! Good value, can get breakfast for two under $10. But bring cash no credit.

Review №81

Good food fast priced right

Review №82

1st off placed my order got the total then I reached to get my card and the owner says its cash only!!!! I'm like are you serious now wonder it's not that busy in here

Review №83

Great tacos fast and hot

Review №84

The best tacos in all of Texas!

Review №85

Best food ever, I recommend it to everyone...

Review №86

Food is ok. Great touristy spot... but only ok. Only open in the AM. Not much else worth commenting on. They are very quick. Good bites

Review №87

Good food and large tacos.

Review №88

This place was terrible! The meat was dry and had zero flavor. Not sure why there is any hype around this place. So many other better places in town.

Review №89

If you want local then this is the place for ya. The food is all hand made the staff are good people giving you a smile. Don't judge a book by its cover when you first see this place. The food is to die for and if Only want to go food just order their tacos they do it fast with quality.

Review №90

Mole and Caldo de Pollo mmmm but I have a thing about sticky tables.

Review №91

This taco house is perfect for any breakfast taco eater. But the weird thing is when I was there they did not have Barbados. Mad me mad but everything else is good.

Review №92

We were very surprised with the great selection of food they served here. If you're in the mood for some good Mexican food please stop over.

Review №93

I got the potato and chorizo and my daughter got the bean and cheese. The tortillas are made right then and there and the food reminds me of home cooked deliciousness.

Review №94

A little prizes but worth it.good food

Review №95

This is one of my favorite taco stops that I like. Some of the best tacos . They really stuff them. Definitely recommend this tacos house.

Review №96

Good Mexican food..I like it way better than Tommy's, Mi Tierra or those other over-rated restaurant.....good hole in the wall if your looking for good, reasonably priced Mexican good but their hrs. are like from 7-3:((

Review №97

The food is great but the cashier service sometimes isn't friendly or give good customer service. We've been coming here for over 22 years and we prefer over many of the over more famously preferred Mexican restaurants in the area. Their barbacoa tacos are excellent. This is a cash only restaurant so come prepared and enjoy the Mexican food.

Review №98

Potato and chorizo, mmmm delicious. Oh and they have specials during the week too.

Review №99

Good food cheap prices

Review №100

Always worth waiting for the best tacos in town.

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  • Address:6307 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States
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  • Phone:+1 210-341-3136
  • Mexican restaurant
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  • Friday:Closed
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  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Cash-only:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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