Taqueria Datapoint
4063 Medical Dr, San Antonio, TX 78229, United States
Taqueria Datapoint

Review №1

I've eaten a lot of tacos. These are way up on the list. Definitely try this place, you won't be disappointed.

Review №2

This review is based upon their street tacos.Their Pastor street tacos are the best in San Antonio. Perfect combination of lime, cilantro, onions and marinated pork. The corn tortillas are perfect too. Prices are reasonable and service is fast. Don't come here expecting to have a fine dining experience - it's a hole-in-the-wall place with excellent food.

Review №3

The service was good and they were very attentive. The food was good. My favorite part of the combination plate was the chicken taco. The only reason I gave it four stars was because they would charge extra for little things. Example: $0.85 for extra limes (which in my opinion, is a little much).

Review №4

Awesome dishes, that's what you call "HOMESTYLE". Hope to see it open soon!

Review №5

Their food tastes so delicious. It's flavor brings me back to the time when used to live in Mexico. The price is decent and the portions big. I love that we always get free chips and salsa. Sometimes is really crowded but it's worth the wait. I come here more often than my wallet can afford but I simply love their food.

Review №6

The food quality here is amazing! Authentic great tasting Mexican food. They're burritos and supreme nachos are to die for! And the quesadillas are filled with so much yummy cheese! I definitely recommend this place to anyone who loves Mexican food. You will not be disappointed.

Review №7

All I can say about this place is WOW!!!Food is amazing , anytime I'm in San Antonio I will drive all the way here to just to eat here. It's a family owned restaurant and everyone of the employees are constantly checking on you making sure you're good. The food is great just great.

Review №8

Food was good, but pricey. $2 tea and coffee, almost $3 for 1 taco.Only thing I'm not happy about is the tortillas... they're store bought and not HEB type. They don't even smell like real tortillas.

Review №9

This Taqueria has been my number one favorite places in San Antonio for Mexican food. Service is great and the food is always good!My husband loves the mini tacos chicken and I make sure I try something new every time I'm there. So far I have tried the burritos, chicken fajita, tostadas, mini tacos including the 1/2 lb carnitas dinner plate (today). I loved them all. They are open late so sometimes it's also my late night taco fix!

Review №10

This place is delicious. Definitely worth stopping in. Very good al pastor

Review №11

Food is good, service not that much!

Review №12

Everything on the menu is Awesome! Tacos are delicious! Breakfast is also a winner. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

Review №13

Order the mini tacos campechanos, its half asada and pastor, go ahead and add queso fresco to them as well.

Review №14

5 stars isn't enough to give this wonderful place. Taqueria Datapoint is by far the best place I have ever eaten at. As pricey as it can be, it's worth every bite you take. Definitely try the carrot cake stuffed French toast and the coconut cream stuffed French toast!!! It's pure love

Review №15

Long wait for food. Gets really packed. Staff is friendly. Expect for old lady who cleans the tables; not friendly at all! Seems to be very popular place. Some organization can help this place. Two gorditas for $7.99.. Kinda pricey not much under $5.00 Refired beans taste like they are from a can.

Review №16

Small family style Mexican taqueria with amazing service and delicious food. It's a must visit when you're in San Antonio. The prices are super affordable and the portions are enough to take home for enjoying later. The gorditas are amazing.

Review №17

Tried the carnitas and al pastor tacos here - they were absolutely delicious. Friendly service and good coffee, definitely worth coming back to!

Review №18

Food was so dang amazing prices were also decent staff was fast and friendly

Review №19

An amazing little hole in the wall that I always have to visit whenever I'm in San Antonio. Service is always great, atmosphere is always chill, and the food is really good.

Review №20

My review may be unfair because it's based off my experience for New Year's Day.- Waitress forgot about our table- There was no organization on who was supposed to be waiting on us, and it was evident across other tables- They ran out of potatoes for breakfast so we were substituted with rice, but found this out at the time the plates were brought out- took 2 hours total from getting seated until finally leaving the restaurant- Refills had to be requested by other random staff since our waitress was nowhere to be foundFood quality was fine but probably would've tasted even better without all the negative aspects.

Review №21

Their breakfast burritos are awesome! Really good size and just over $5. Price + quality can't be beat, and the staff is SO friendly! I took a photo after taking a few bites already.

Review №22

We love Datapoint. We have been coming here for years. We first visited when we lived in the medical center and fell in love. When we moved we drove the distance to have our informal family dinner here before our wedding and even know will drive across SA for their food. Everything comes out hot and delicious, the service is always on point and the place is clean. Ordering over the phone has been tricky, a few times our order has been wrong but we've NEVER complained because no matter what we end up with it's still so delicious we can't complain.

Review №23

Taqueria datapoint has never disappointed me, amazing food for a cheap price. I ordered the half pound of barbacoa and it's one of the best choices I have made. Costumer service might not be the best but I find that normal on Mexican restaurants.

Review №24

I'm forever here. Their mini tacos are great! The taco luz is one of my favorites. Their pancakes are really good. All their food is good though, I've never had anything bad. Great and fast service. Love it.

Review №25

From menudo for breakfast to street tacos at night a good place to enjoy and eat once in a while.

Review №26

Pretty authentic and yummy. Good for late night cravings.

Review №27

It has it's good days but if you are a girl expect to be ignored by the waitresses.

Review №28

This place was a recommendation from a local...and it was AMAZING. Super authentic tacos, al pastor and steak were SO FLAVORFUL!! Friendly staff and super quick service.Though the location is unassuming, don't let that fool you. You will get a better meal here for $10 than at far fancier, more expensive restaurants for $50.

Review №29

The menudo was good, the meat had a nice snap to it

Review №30

This has been my most recommended taqueria to my friends and family. Always get their Al Pastor tacos on homemade corn tortillas. My wife and I always get tacos but my friends are always pleased with their other dishes as well. Best kept secret in SA in my opinion.

Review №31

My girlfriend took me here once and we fell in love with it. I love the mini tacos de asada, she loves the mini tacos de pollo. Fideo is a little greasy but still good!! The picture was a Togo order of barbacoa mini tacos with a side of rice added in.

Review №32

We were a table of eight. Food is awesome. Mini tacos are great.The food that did show was hot. Service is slow. Two plates arrived at a time no team work from other servers or manager. No manager was visible. I ate my tacos before my wife received her plate. Refills you had to ask multiple times. Coffee , water, iced tea, lemonade, all empty. The table next to us also empty. 15 percent tip is included on slow bad service

Review №33

Absolutely delicious! Best place ever! Reminds me of eating food in the Rio Grande valley. A taste of home here in san antonio. Hits the spot every time!

Review №34

Never been to a taqueria before but, I don't think I'd ever go to different one. The mini tacos a la yaka were fantastic and I couldn't have been happier.

Review №35

This is the spot for Mexican food if you're in San Antonio. From their salsa to their al pastor and carnitas, you will not be disappointed.My biggest struggle is deciding whether I want the carnitas plate or the al pastor.Their beans and rice are not great but it's not the reason I go.

Review №36

This restaurant is well known by everyone that works in the medical area. You have doctors nurses that love the great breakfast, tacos, and lunch's they serve here. If you've never been u need to stop over.

Review №37

Not sure why but I like this place. Service and food are good. Waitstaff is always short around lunch time. Lots of people going in and out quick. Other than that service is great.

Review №38

Horrible service we sat at our table for 10 mins waiting for a server, all servers were on the otherside or the restaurant. The rest of the staff was sitting in the front and saw us waiting but didnt say anything, server barely came to check on us, i got an asada taco and didnt even finish it because i found a hair in it, bought a barbacoa and still was not prepared properly. The staff needs to be more aware of the customers.

Review №39

Great spot for breakfast and lunch. Flour tortillas on the breakfast tacos are mouth-watering, and the mini street tacos are amazing. Open Sundays and good to-go service

Review №40

Favorite Mexican place to go to in San Antonio. Affordable, actual authentic Mexican food, and the staff is great. Tacos are definitely a hit here! I have eaten so much off of their menu and it never disappoints!

Review №41

Okay, so this place was soooooooooooooo unexpectedly good! First of all, if you didn't know what you were looking for you would miss it OR you would think that it's not a good place. It's located in this small little shopping strip and it looks a little shady. However, this was THEE BEST BREAKFAST place we went to while in San Antonio. They gave you soooo much food for such an inexpensive price. You could order breakfast at all times of the day and all the plates were full of food. They make sure you never leave still hungry. All meals were between $6 - $10. I ordered an orange juice and it came in a Very large glass for only $3! As large as that cup was, you have gotten 2-3 refills at any other breakfast place and they would have charged for each refill. I went with a group of 6 and we were able to get separate checks and no additional charge for our group. ALL of us left with leftovers and VERY Full bellies. Check out the pics! I will definitely come back to this place next time I'm in town.Taqueria Datapoint, YOU'VE JUST BEEN BEE STAMPED APPROVED!#BeeStampedApproved #SanAntonioEats#MexicanEats

Review №42

Definitely the best place for tripas tacos - the crispiest tripas our there. Pretty good barbacoa tacos as well. I love their breakfast plates too - namely their chorizo and eggs. Bonus points for having late night hours.

Review №43

The reviews speak for themselves— this place is incredible! I came in with some friends on a weeknight for some tacos, horchata, and flan. The staff is very friendly and the food is absolutely amazing! Highly recommend going here!

Review №44

Best tacos to get late at night even during the day. Great food and friendly staff. Much appreciation to antonio who works there he is really friendly and helpful

Review №45

BEST TACOS EVER. highly recommend the Tacos Yaka! Excellent service and perfect price point, too!

Review №46

Used to be awesome, but now they cant get an order right, the food is burnt and poorly seasoned, and looks like it was slapped together by a blind sloth. They have literally gotten each one of my orders wrong in the last few months, to the point that I will never eat there again, even though I have been their regular customer for over 5 years now. I'm not sure what changed to make them so terrible now, whether its staffing or ownership, but I would absolutely not recommend.

Review №47

If you are looking for some true homemade traditional Mexican food this is it! If your looking for a fancy restaurant this is not it, LOL! Taqueria is located in an old strip mall by a laundry mat. But I guarantee you if you will to get over the location you will find some of the friendliest people inside that know great Mexican food. Whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a late night meal this is the place to go!

Review №48

Friendly staff and quick service, plus amazing food!

Review №49

Very good. Our first time, we will go back

Review №50

The food is perfection and wasn't too long of a wait for the food to be served. Staff is friendly and the place was spotless. Great environment to take friends and family to eat!

Review №51

Love this place for a quick late night dinner. I have has the mini tacos and the gringas. Both are amazing.

Review №52

Breakfast tacos are great. Red sauce has a hint of garlic... Which I love, green sauce is my fave.

Review №53

Over priced.. fideo was good but not a must visit taqueria... visiting from out of town and my hometown tacos are better

Review №54

Being from the Valley we know our Mexican Food!!! And this place made me feel like I was back home.I had heard about it for from a couple of friends so decided to give it a try .Everything from the Chips and my wife's Asada Tacos...and my Fajita plate was HOT AND FRESH!!!The Lemonade Awesome .Will Be Back Soon!!!️️️️

Review №55

Great restaurant. The food comes out really quick. We got the Al Pastor mini tacos and the Asada Enchiladas. Delicious, at a reasonable price.

Review №56

Very nice place to have a late night out, the place gives you the first good impression when you walk in, very clean nice staff and the food some of the best tacos in San Antonio if you looking for some Mexican type street tacos this is your place they also have like some tex-mex food in the menu I just personally don't like tex-mex food, I had an order of a la yaka taquitos which each one is a mix of meats I believe fajita,pastor and tripita and they were really good also tried a gordita and the same very good and their prices are very good also you can have dinner for around 9-12 bucks you can't beat that now a days and plenty of food, if you around San Antonio stop by this place is worth it!!! Btw We are from Houston.

Review №57

This place is always great. Awesome food, great prices, good service. The only issue is parking. Be prepared for parking lot wars! Especially from 1130am to 130pm

Review №58

Consistently good. Have been coming here for years and they have yet to let me down. Homemade salsas, homemade tortillas, well seasoned meats, and fresh ingredients. What else could you ask for? My go-to is the order of 5 mini tacos with a side of charro beans and a Mexican coke. Thank me later ;)

Review №59

This is the best restaurant in San antonio tx. Awesome food delicious and fast . They are also open late. This is one of my favorite

Review №60

One of the few spots in San Antonio where you can get authentic Mexican tacos with corn tortillas. Definite stop for out-of-towners looking for authentic Mexican food.

Review №61

Love this place, weather it's just looking for a good place to go out for dinner, or grab a bite while doing laundry down the walk way..They have great pancakes during breakfast .. pretty much all the food is good. And the ladies and staff are very nice and bilingual ..

Review №62

Late night (early morning) comfort Tex next. Good stuff :)

Review №63

Carnitas street tacos are soooooo good

Review №64

Food was good and filling, their salsa is a little spicy though. It's the only option for the side with the chips which is a little disappointing. Overall, it was a good experience.

Review №65

Always good food. Get the Charo beans instead of refried. The fajitas are always a good value. Good service even when late.Update: Closed due to remodeling?

Review №66

Best Mini Tacos in town. This guys know how to do it! Everything we tried was wonderful, but the mini tacos were excellent!

Review №67

Really solid Mexican food. We ordered some tacos, a carne asada plate, a huevos plate, and a quesadillas plate. Was really impressed with the carne asada and the overall quality of the food. I was tempted to give four stars due to our flour tortillas being too dry, but the rest of the food was so good that it made up for it.Update 12/7/18: I've been here several times now and haven't been disappointed. One of my favorite spots for Mexican food.

Review №68

Attentive and hands on manager and friendly staff. Food is good and as authentic mexican as you get for San Antonio

Review №69

First time here and gotta say dayumm.. asada enchiladas were the best I've had and the mini tacos are straight fire! Highly recommend and will be back for more

Review №70

Food was good and fast. Stopped through for late night food while in town visiting a friend. Food's standard, fast, and reasonably priced

Review №71

We like it here usually and have come here for two years now. Today we came in and the last time it has been TERRIBLE. our tacos were skimpy to say the least. I ordered chorizo and egg and got egg with a few pieces of chorizo in it. I was literally eating a plain egg taco.... My husband ordered a bean and egg and opened his tortilla to find a smear of beans and lots of thick chunks of eggs. Not to mention they're lemonade which they tried to serve to us which was well overdue. I know from personal experience making my own homemade aguas frescas what old lemonade smells like i almost vomited. All we wanted was some lunch but now we are leaving hungry and paying for overpriced eggs. I included a photo of the bean smear below.

Review №72

Great food, great service. Staff was super friend and attentive. Looks small from outside but lots of seating available.

Review №73

They used to be one of my favorite taco joint, lately something changed within their kitchen... I can't fix it addin salt or hot salsa. Hope they get "back to normal"

Review №74

Very good food, very good prices and very fast later-in-the-day service, i visited on a busy night and everything was still perfect

Review №75

After the worst experieneced at the "Original Restaurant" last night at the River Walk. This is authentic Mexican REAL FOOD! if I could 10+ star this place I would. Service was the BEST,GREAT AND AMAZING waitress very attentive and very polite. Always smiled and had a great attitude. Food was real, delicious AND HAD ITS OWN TASTE. WE ALL ENJOYED OUR MEAL. Brought back memories. Everything was excellent and on point. Our family had a great brunch and a great time before heading back home.

Review №76

Was only in San Antonio for a little while but this place had the best al pastor I could find in the area. Went there twice because I loved it so much!

Review №77

The place may be small but the food portions are large. It's perfect for lunch when you're in the area.

Review №78

Always consistently delicious, whether sober or swinging by for late night drunk food lol. Extensive menu, great portions, flavorful food. Been here more times than can count and literally everything ive tried is amazing. This is a san antonio staple!

Review №79

Lunch is great, breakfast is ok. They served menudo without hominy?

Review №80

Milanesa and Flautas taste home made. And I'm from El Paso Texas so I know homemade Mexican food. It was really good.

Review №81

#3 Asada and Rajas con Queso is pictured in the foreground, the #8 Jalisco Burrito with asada is behind it.The staff were vigilant in making sure we had everything we needed, the food came out fast and the drinks were never close to empty. The roasted salsa served with chips was a step over mild but my wife thought it was too spicy. The food was delicious, but the plates came with very little avocado so we had to ask for more. They offer desserts that are made off site; the tres leches cake was perfectly moist.Two people can easily eat for $15 or less.

Review №82

Man these tacos are amazing goood!!! No regrets braking the diet for these tacos

Review №83

Best Mexican food I've ever had but every time I've gone (which is probably around 6 times at this point) service was a little lackluster. We need water when the food's this good (and spicy) and it doesn't seem to ever get refilled.

Review №84

Customer service is always on point. Very clean. Super great food. Love it.

Review №85

The shrimp nachos are absolutely phenomenal and the salsa is spicy AF! I highly recommend this place !

Review №86

The mini taquitos are to die for.. I go with carnitas or pastor... both are amazing!!! The rest of the food is decent. Your bill can add up fast, but i implore you to GET SOME MINI TAQUITOS!!!

Review №87

I have been holding off writing this for sometime. But Google keeps asking me to review so I'm writing this now. I haven't been here for quite a while. I used to eat here regularly because the food is great. But one time I was ordering food over the phone. I don't know the name of the man I was ordering from but know him as either one of the managers or assistant managers. Clean cut guy with glasses and dresses sharply. I attempted to order in Spanish but struggled so I switched to English. When I did that the guy tells me in Spanish "Listen when you talk to me you need to speak in Spanish." I wasn't sure if I should feel offended or not but decided to hang up and order elsewhere. And that was the last time I ever considered eating here.

Review №88

The best real mexican food in S.A. especially La Yaka its like meat lovers taco

Review №89

Great breakfast tacos and good service. It was not crowded at all. The place is a little hidden but well worth the search.

Review №90

This is, by far, the best cheap Mexican food in San Antonio. Please do yourself a favor and go!

Review №91

Awesome staff, very friendly. Food was beyond. It was awesome.

Review №92

Great street tacos, authentic gorditas, and tortas with a variety of meats. The table salsa has a unique flavor profile and is super yummy.

Review №93

LANGUAGE OR COLOR BARRIER?Horrible service! I didn't even get to order. The Hispanic Americans before me (take out order) and the two after me (dine in) were helped before me. Actually I was left just standing there with my husband. We are African American. We were standing there at the counter and were not helped. At one point, one of the waitress was passing by with food and asked me for here or to go. I said to go. The waitress called for someone, they came up and helped the lady in front of me who walked in at the same time as me. She was helped and I was ignored. I was standing there for several minutes. Then the a lady standing behind me (who came in after me) asked something in spanish and then she went and found a seat. After this I still was not helped. Workers came and went from that area. One short younger gentlemen wearing black (a worker) observed all of this. I think he may have been a busboy. After several minutes, he went and got someone to help us (Thank you). I was so very shocked as to what was happening to me. I couldn't help but to look around to see if there were other blacks seated. There were none at this time. I couldn't help but wonder if this was the norm for black customers.When the lady came to help me. I asked for the manager. She tried to explain perhaps that there wasn't one or she was it. I explained what had just occurred. I was hurt. I needed for them to know what just happened and that is not ok. She understood me but couldn't speak English so she was at least able to say sorry. The hispanic lady that was in front of translated what I said and I left. What I hope was the issue was not that I was black but that they were scared because they assumed I did not speak Spanish. I hope that was the issue. Even still I have been to several Mexican restaurants and if they don't speak English, they get someone who can. However if they had attempted to talk to me they would have known that I speak enough spanish to get by. I chose this location because of it's google reviews. I am EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED with my experience and will for obvious reasons not return.

Review №94

This is one of fav little taco joints! Always excellent food and service. Have best asada mini tacos.

Review №95

I recoement this requería is Very good.the tacos are excelent.

Review №96

This is a local popular place with good food, friendly atmosphere, and responsibly priced.

Review №97

Amazing food and good price!!! Very local and authentic. I like that they have so many different types of paletas. It's also a great choice for late night cravings!

Review №98

Taqueria Datapoint surprised me with how great the food was. Most “Mexican” food I've found in San Antonio is more Tex-Mex than anything, and completely loses its authentic flavors. Despite its unusual name, Taqueria Datapoint has amazing food, quality service, and is 100% authentic Mexican. Definitely my favorite Mexican restaurant in SA.

Review №99

Very affordable prices are great service. They also have meat by the pound . Big burritos and large plates of food.

Review №100

Carnitas tacos are delicious.

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  • Fast service:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
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