Taqueria La Tapatia
11060 US-181, San Antonio, TX 78223, United States
Taqueria La Tapatia

Review №1

Excelente experience, food was delicious, service also and everything was nice and clean with tables respecting Covid rules.

Review №2

We eat from here quite often, like at least 5 meals a week. Be it breakfast tacos, lunch, or dinner. So obviously its always good.

Review №3

I ordered some pastries for a Day of the Dead party. They were so beautiful my guest thought they were fake. More for me!!! My husband has never tried a Mexican pastry, he is now hooked. He said, why have we not been eating these? Thank y'all for the incredible pastries. The traditional bone bread y'all make for Day of the dead is now my favorite.

Review №4

Great food. The staff are friendly and the drive up was quick. I would recommend this place if you want a good meal

Review №5

Our food was really good & served enough decent, I hate when other restaurants served very little, not here! Plus karaoke Fridays & Saturdays are so entertaining! Awesome music!

Review №6

If you like Great Mexican food, be there. Cheery People.

Review №7

Food was ok.. kinda expected better.. but ok.

Review №8

If I could give this place 0 stars I would but unfortunately I have the option to give 1 star. First and foremost this restaurant needs help with communication and customer service skills. I waited over 15 minutes for takeout without anyone acknowledging me. As a regular customer I would have appreciated better service.

Review №9

Get the Torta Especial! Best Ever!

Review №10

Tables were dirty with cup rings. Not too good of a sign of cleanliness !! The tilapia was overcooked as was the shrimp.

Review №11

Food and service were excellent. To many flies otherwise would have been 5

Review №12

Food was quick and great hot sauce (green) very good and hot

Review №13

I've been here 3 times and it's been horrible every time. So much lumps of fat, meat cut in huge chunks. Look at the size of the chicken chunks what seem like they've been sitting for hours. The chicken is super dry to the point where the outside feels rough. Never coming here again!!!

Review №14

Great place for some good tasting tacos and lemonade if your in a big truck they have parking in the back.

Review №15

Its okay but they need to make the food with gloves to not spred the rona

Review №16

Served me under cooked ground beef and the manager looked at it and said it was over cooked.

Review №17

Great food very inexpensive.. Win win!

Review №18

Food as well as service is always good. Fast n friendly at the drive through

Review №19

Food is OK but the waitresses are cute and friendly.

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Review №21

Could do better with social distancing. Food was was what was ordered

Review №22

This was the second time coming to this restaurant. 1st time was so so, this time was a nightmare.The waitress was not very good at her job. When we complained to management we got several different excuses. Never ever again...the thing is its more of a touristy place and don't have high quality food. A bit cheesy and then you have the pushy mariach band.

Review №23

If I miss home, I can come here. Great food, cumbia music in the background. Good service

Review №24

This place is money hungry they charge for food containers and cup i ask for a beef gordita and they add beans if I had wanted bean to my Beef gordita I would have asked for bean I didn't. And they don't even put cheese on them and on top of it there fry fish is nasty they need to hire a cook that knows what they are doing

Review №25

Authentic Mexican cuisine served by friendly and efficient servers. Prices are reasonable and there are daily specials and a happy hour. The place is packed at lunchtime and the drive through is busy. Enjoy!

Review №26

The chilereno tasted good. The steak was tender and well seasoned. Their taco plate was tasty. They make their beans with bacon grease, they were so delicious.

Review №27

Love the food all freshly cooked and hot yummy

Review №28

They take a realllllllyyyyy long time for everything! I waited 15 minutes for a lemonade!!!! There was one car in front of me - they could have used common sense and asked the car to pull forward so I could get my drink but nope they made me wait! The girls always look bothered there is only one girl that is almost always at the drive through window margarita I think is her name and she is so nice and pleasant always polite and smiley. The other girls need some customer service skills or a different profession

Review №29

Good food excellent service

Review №30

Food was great service was great. It was 4pm on a Saturday not crowded. I have had breakfast tacos from the drive thru prior to my visit and they were great

Review №31

Fast casual Mexican restaurant. Good prices and good portions.

Review №32

My first time here today. What we had was good and prices are good. My husband ordered a breakfast plate (at dinner time) and the did not bring him any tortillas with it. The place is dirty, trash on the floors and food on the chairs. No one is out on the floor cleaning anything. Will not be coming back.

Review №33

Good breakfast special.

Review №34

First time visit was pretty good. The service was prompt and pleasant. The prices were good for amount of food you get. I ordered the menudo while the wife had a variety of breakfast tacos, good flavor. I recommend this spot if you're on the far south side of the 210.

Review №35

The Menudo was not cooked also I asked for the Flautas plate the Flautas were burned the guacamole tasted like it was bad

Review №36

Very fast, and good food

Review №37

Love the flavor on the food that's awesome taste really good always on point fresh made

Review №38

I really like this place. The food is very good and they do have specials. The staff is nice and friendly and they keep it clean.It's always packed out around lunch.

Review №39

Food is good. Place is clean.wait staff are friendly

Review №40

Only reason I'm writing this review is because i tried calling to let a manager know what the staff did and was completely dismissed. I came out here nearly 30 min before closing and waited at the drive thru for 10 minutes when someone from the kitchen staff motioned for me to wait; after waiting I pulled up to the window and the ladies inside pretended like I wasn't even there staring at them (there's still 15 min till their closing time) I hate being that person and all I wanted was a taco or two and if I'm late I'll usually ask what's still easily available, but these rude a$$ women refused to do more than gesture a cutthroat motion. Needless to say I won't be going to this chain anymore for my taco runs from work or anything else for that matter.

Review №41

20+ minute wait at drive thru before they even came to the window. Order wasn't even right after all that wait so I just drove off.

Review №42

Had the pork carnitas plate comes with pico de gallo,rice two tortillas had one flour and one corn tortilla man it was so good love their corn tortillas so flavorful.Had some corn chips with option of 3 chile sauces awesome also enjoyed the sweet tea just right not over bearing with sugar.Oh before i forget plate also comes with charro beans very delicious.

Review №43

The food if delicious, the staff is friendly and helpful and the service is quick.

Review №44

Awesome food and great place to eat with family

Review №45

GREAT tasting fajitas!

Review №46

For fast Mexican food it sure is good, really nice customer service at drive through window, plus its close to my work and price is fair for the amount of food you get

Review №47

Amazing Restaurant offering great food and Sterling homely customer service. Wonderful family eatery, relaxed atmosphere with cool music.

Review №48

Very good food, friendly staff. Best of all, they even have pancakes. For the price you pay, in my opinion, the food and service are well worth it.

Review №49

Got my order wrong and meat was cold. Good flavor but the errors ruined it.

Review №50

When in San Antonio I must have carne guisada with cheese tacos. This place was on my way to my moms so I drove thru and got my fix. I've had better but, they were pretty damn good. Yummo! I'll definitely try it out again.

Review №51

The Tea was good

Review №52

The chicken fajita was boiled chicken in Chili powder. The steak ala Mexicana had 11 grisly pieces in one taco. I told the staff. No one seemed to care or understand.

Review №53

Ordered the huevos rancheros with bacon. everything was delicious also had lemonade, which is fresh squeezed lemons.Very delicious

Review №54

The food is ok, nothing special but the wait is very quiet. The service needs work. Some of the servers are rude, so I never dine in anymore just go through the drive-thru.

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Review №56

The food is good. Wait staff is friendly. Great for breakfast. Lots of choices.

Review №57

Fine food authentic .

Review №58

Nice place good food

Review №59

Poor service at the end We ordered cherry tres leches, they brought us pineapple, I opened container to fast took a scoop and realized it was pineapple still got charged for both..Not my problem if they don't know the difference between Pineapple & Cherry.

Review №60

Fast and friendly service. Food is good at competitive prices.

Review №61

Our waitress never came to fill our empty glasses of tea, until we finally had to ask her for a refill. When she finally refilled our glasses of tea, she gave my husband unsweet tea which was wrong. I also asked for grape jelly for my toast and she brought me one grape and two strawberry. They never seem to have grape jelly or if they do it's not enough for two pieces of toast. Tips depend on service, and most of the time we go to eat here, the food is good. However, the service is never up to par.

Review №62

We go here about 2 times a week at least.If it wasn't for the cooks great food and some of the regular friendly cashiers at the window, we probably wouldn't be going here. I wasn't going to allow a few waitresses ruin what great food the cooks do.We never go in anymore as we found the waitresses like to stand around, eat food while handling your food, and talking giggling with non English speaking Mexican workers instead of doing their job. Not just 1 waitress but 4 waitresses were standing around the table flirting with 2 Mexican construction workers that came in a few minutes after us. After that we were ghosts. Just glad we got our food before hand. Most likely we wouldnt have gotten it.I had to walk up to the counter to go get another waitress to get parts of my missing order and I ran out of water for around 10 min before I gave up waiting on them to stop flirting with the Mexican customers. Very rude!It be nice if they made cars with plate orders move up. Most of the time we just order tacos, not plates. At times our food was cold. I guess they make our order while the other order is being made but we end up waiting on a 3-4 plate order ahead of us. I had to drive away a few times because the wait was way to long. At one time I clocked it at 20 minutes. But most of the time its not like this, but it does happen more than it should.Kinda wish they stop answering the window in Spanish. Most of the customers I see are not even Mexican speaking, like my wife who is Mexican. Also Instead of saying "please pull forward" like all the other restaurants, they say "Thank you". It threw me off the first time. Lol

Review №63

Good Fajita Plate ! Charro Beans , I need More ! But Please don't add Cold Lettuce and Cold Pico de Gallo/Guacamole to the Plate it Cools Down The Plate Right away......

Review №64

Great food, friendly staff

Review №65

Good Service

Review №66

No one bothered to take our order. 4 waitresses standing around talking. Piss poor service. We won't be back. Yes the menu has reasonable prices, but we didn't get to order. Old white folks need to eat elsewhere.

Review №67

Great service and food

Review №68

"Lesson learned, won't return!" Went in around 2 pm. ordered the puff taco plate. Tacos were cold and the masa was very thick (consistency of gorditas). The only thing warm on the plate were the beans. I tried to eat it but, couldn't. Talked to Mgr. he let me explain why I was not happy with the meal and then told me he didn't speak or understand English. Had someone translate (I understand Spanish but, can't speak it very well) he said "okay, sorry." I paid for the plate and left.

Review №69

Stop here all the time great place for breakfast tacos

Review №70

The food is licking good. I enjoy the environment is awesome.

Review №71

Good service. Good food. Good prices.

Review №72

We make a stop here every morning in School Days for Breakfest Tacos. The ladies know us by know and our orders (Bean.Cheese Tacos, Egg.Papas.Cheese Tacos, Sweet Tea, Coffee, and Choco. Milk). Kiddos say this is their favorite Taco place in the way to school and we will continue to make our routine stop. Thank you for being open so early, we appreciate you all.

Review №73

Speedy, prompt service. Breakfast tacos are decent but definitely ask for strip bacon on the bacon and egg. Good stop if you're on the go.

Review №74

We ate the green enchiladas.They were great along with the rice and beans.The service was excellent as well.

Review №75

It's sooo good to eat real Mexican food again

Review №76

Tacos are big, service is fast, prices are great and food is delicious

Review №77

Service was great. The only negative I'd have to say, it was a bit dirty. Food? Great!

Review №78

Awesome waitstaff wonderful food and great prices

Review №79

It was good, hot, and just the right amount.

Review №80

Terrific food. The carnitas are the best I have ever had. And Tecate in a frosted mug!

Review №81

Authentic homemade Mexican food at each place for a very good price,no matter which one you go to you will be assured excellent food..the ice tea in good as well...the servers make up for the lack of English with there polite and good service. When in San Antonio we always look for one

Review №82

Great food and great price

Review №83

Also a good place to eat and wonderful service

Review №84

Pretty good, fairly priced meals

Review №85

Fresh tortillas great tacos and service!

Review №86

Service was bad at night during it's ok the food was cold never got my tortillas or my second chance to drink my coffee and the lady never checked up on us and it's expensive they don't give u receipt they charge u already for the tip and they don't tell u

Review №87

Ordered 3 bean & cheese tacos in drive-thru. Just my luck, my bean&cheese taco (the tortilla) was super hard to bite into!The server at the window was just plain rude and sarcastic...SMDH wifevandvi will not be returning here!

Review №88

Bad food and service over priced

Review №89

My food was pretty good. if I could give it three and a half Stars I would. It was better than 3 but less than 4

Review №90

Menudo was no good cut to big pieces hard to chew!

Review №91

The food is so good

Review №92

Good food with great prices. They also have a bakery & meat market next door.

Review №93

Delicious and affordable that's a great combination

Review №94

The food is good the people are friendly.

Review №95

Tort was great. Service good and restaurant was clean.

Review №96

I clearly see papas on those other plates why not on the chilaquiles plate puro frijoles..

Review №97

Kind of expensive 4 ppl $65 1st time there might try breakfast

Review №98

Great lunch specials, but my table was only visited twice " to take my order and to bring my food". The special was only 5.99 with 1 enchilada, 1 crispy taco , 1 chalupa, and rice and beans with tea included. Enchilada was nit good but the rest was .

Review №99

I use to LUV their tea. Not sure what they do or what. Their tea makes me sick. Not sure if they let it sit long hrs for all day serve but it's discussing tea.. Not fresh @ all!

Review №100

Do not go through the drive through on Thursday mornings... Maggie works the rest of the time, and we have never had any problems with our orders with her... But any time we go on a Thursday something in our order is wrong.

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  • Address:11060 US-181, San Antonio, TX 78223, United States
  • Phone:+1 210-598-9618
  • Mexican restaurant
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Service options
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health & safety
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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