Taqueria Vallarta
3219 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78212, United States
Taqueria Vallarta

Review №1

They tell you a certain amount of time and your order won't be ready till like 20 minutes later. Drive thru is supposed be “faster” but nope. You still have to park and wait for your order.Chicken fajita taco is very bland, no flavor at all, had to dose it salsa to give some kind of flavor. They forgot our extra order of tortillas, and not just one time, several times.... save your money.

Review №2

Is the 4th. time that I have been there but, this time the service was bad.Lady never came back to offer me more coffee.They brought to table my plate first then later, my 11 yrs old daughter.The rule is that waitress should bring at tables plates at the same time.Food always is good.

Review №3

Ordered our food thru drive thru the girl in the window couldn't understand what we were asking for & had to have someone else take the order then after 15 minutes later we finally get our order get home & we are missing tacos & the ones we have aren't even what we asked for talked to Dona Rosa & she tells me to come back so they can fix the order & then when I return she argues that the order was given properly & that I needed to pay to have it fixed! highly unsatisfied with their service don't recommend them at ALL!

Review №4

I just eat the tacos Carne a la Mexicans. That's as close to Mexican food that they serve. Everything else is TexMex

Review №5

Gorditas were terrible...cook didn't put any care into preparing our food. Corn masa (dough) was so thick and falling apart,just tossed and wrapped in foil.

Review №6

Just left.. The lady in drive thru was picking her nose with her long finger nails and rubbing her face. I should have asked for a refund but was so disgusted i just left. It's too bad, this is our usual place to eat.

Review №7

The best customer service ever!!! The food is just as great!!! I recommend this place to you, your friends, family and everyone in-between. Fast and friendly. Food taste like your Grandma's or your Momma's home cooking

Review №8

Great food! Always do the drive through; and I am greeted by their friendly staff.

Review №9

The food is so-so, at times the food can be over salted, the beans taste from a can.

Review №10

I always have their tripa tacos. Always good.

Review №11

Wow , it's been over 12 years I visited this place and Lord and behold still have the same taste and awesome flavor . Yeah . Loved it . Thanks .

Review №12

"Food was decent for the money, service was good."

Review №13

Doesnt taste good.

Review №14

Fresh good food but they take long

Review №15

Good food and good service. Check them out, dine in take out or drive thru.

Review №16

They like their food seasoned with salt the salsa was good though

Review №17

Good food and quick service. All around good experience.

Review №18

Chicken xoft tacos are!

Review №19

I love there tortilla soup...

Review №20

Good food depending what you order.

Review №21

Great food and great service very spacious and perfect restraunt for social distancing

Review №22

Okay.... Nice ladies..... Good food

Review №23

Great service, great atmosphere, friendly staff.

Review №24

Excellent service and delicious food!

Review №25

Food was good, pleasant atmosphere.

Review №26

Food and service is good priced very reasonable. One servicer was not wearing a mask until asked to put it on.

Review №27

Food is always fresh & good at a great price

Review №28

Good food great service parking is not the greatest....

Review №29

Bad experance. Beans were cold, eggs over cooked

Review №30

Good food and good prices

Review №31

Our waitress was pleasant..

Review №32

Good Mexican food. Good price.

Review №33

Great food...very attentive service️

Review №34

Omg top notch!!! It was a mouth-gasm

Review №35

Fast and great service. Friendly staff. Food is good. I'm always on the lookout for good Taqueria's. This definitely sets itself aprt from others.

Review №36

Good food and the margarita real good as end spent less then 40.00 dollars for three people

Review №37

Came to try out this place for the first time today,even though i live nearby,I've never been.Only went there because it was open on NEW YEAR S DAY,and now i know why I've never tried it.The worst tasting food in San Antonio hands down.i had the Tejas Plate and my girlfriend had the pastor plate.I ate my food out of extreme hunger,as i hadnt eaten all day,but i didnt eat the beans,there were too much beans on my plate,my gf lied to me and told me the pastor was good,but she hardly ate any.I went to taste the pastor,and it was DISGUSTING,anyways,i took all the left overs,which was practically all my girls plate,my leftover beans,chips,and left over tortillas and brought them home,worst 28 dollars I've ever spent on dinner.

Review №38

One of my favorite places to eat. I have eaten a lot of Tex-Mex food and non of the other places compare to this one. Your food always comes out nice and hot and fast. They always give you pleasure to eat too. My family always enjoys it, and when I have family from out of town come in, this is the place we always go too.

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Review №40

Best place hands down. Love going here with my family!

Review №41

Enjoy the food. First time more portions of food was given. Now it was less food given

Review №42

The food was very flavorful and prepared wonderfully. Waitresses were nice.

Review №43

This is a Mexican restaurant in my old neighbourhood... and missed it... price was good and the food was great.

Review №44

Awesome place to eat

Review №45

Placing our order through the drive through was a nightmare. The guy taking our order couldn't hear us to save his life. We had to repeat everything several times and they still messed up our order even after reviewing it face to face at the window. Also a homeless man came by and stood directly beside our car for a while which was just unsettling. The food wasn't bad but just trying to order was stressful enough that we're never going back.

Review №46

Excellent food would recommend to a friend...

Review №47

Food was absolutely delicious,definitely coming back to try other dishes.

Review №48

The service was great the waiters very professional

Review №49

Food and drinks were great. Service was beyond slow.

Review №50

Got breakfast tacos in drive thru. Service was quick and easy. Food was delicious

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Review №52

We went for my granddaughter birthday and just excellent service! And food.

Review №53

This place is probably the best taqueria in 210. Beer was cheap. Food was on point. Tea wasnt in the diabetes range. Salsa was just hot enough. Birria quesadillas were so on point. I literally cant describe my taste bud high right now.

Review №54

Love this place!! Staff is always friendly and food is great! I've been coming here for year. You get great services.

Review №55

Great food clean and wonderful staff

Review №56

Great food

Review №57

Food always good and fast service

Review №58

Good food at a good price

Review №59

Very good customer service

Review №60

The food is delicious i loved it and will go again

Review №61

I have been going here for 10 years and my husband even longer. The waitresses are nice and recognize my face. The food is good and always hot when you dine in. I have maybe 3 or 4 bad experience here that I can remember. The last two was on fathers day they gave me bacon and egg tacos instead of barbacoa tacos and I had to drive back just to get my dad the right tacos. The most recent was 11/14/19 my family and I were pressed for time and had to be somewhere on the dot within 30 mins so we wanted to make sure our kids were fed since we were not sure when we were going to go back home. We waited about 10 mins in the drive thru, got our food and quickly parked and sorted out the tacos. The first was cold and had a soggy gooey part on the flour tortilla, I tore it off and gave it to my 3 year old. I kept going and all the tacos were cold! I ask for two bean and cheese on corn and 2 bean chorizo on corn and they gave me flour tortillas. Due to a gluten sensitivity I had to eat the cold two bean and cheese on corn and my husband had to to eat the two cold chorizo and bean on flour and my kids had to eat their cold tacos. When I called they asked me to bring it back but I didn't have the time to wait for them to redo the order. She told me to come after 3 the next day so I did and they didnt want to remake the entire order only the chorizo and bean tacos. I was very disappointed and a little hurt because I like it there and the people but they served me really cold food and then didnt want to remake my order. I told them its okay I didnt need the tacos, Im not trying to score free tacos its not about that its the fact that I didnt get what I paid for. And to add the drive thru speaker is in fact terrible they can barely hear you and you have to keep trying to tell them what you want. All the seats in the booths are really torn and the high chairs feel really dirty.

Review №62

Good service good food

Review №63

Mehh its half decent. I go there cause its conviently located not for quality

Review №64

Give it a minus one... my so called soup was an cold soup... send it back to get rewarm... came back cold... that was my food... husband like his dinner... went go back...

Review №65

Good food

Review №66

Me and my family absolutely love this place, friendly service.

Review №67

Great food great service! Even in drive thru.

Review №68

I eat here often. The waitresses are good servers and ample food. Breakfast tacos are a good buy. Occasionally food is not as good as usual but usually very good.

Review №69

The food is delicious and they have great lunch specials but the service leaves alot to be desired...

Review №70

Food is not bad but waiters are horrible i would tell one to bring me something and he never showed up .so i told the other one guy and i guess he also forgot i also told the lady that they didnt bring the tortillas and they never showed up .very bad service .wont be going back ever.

Review №71

This place has decent food, but horrible drive thru service. The orders are usually wrong. I went there today and received half of my order incorrect. Maybe it has something to do with the drive thru intercom system or the person inside receiving the orders doesn't know what they are doing. I will not be going back there was the last straw with this place.

Review №72

Love this place!! Staff is always friendly and food is great! I've been coming here for years.

Review №73

As soon as you walk into the restaurant you het the smell of fabioloso cleaning product, but other than that the good and service was okay.

Review №74

Love this restaurant the foods always good and the waiters are always nice

Review №75

Excellent food!Cheap prices!Big Servings!Great Customer Service!!**The Menudo is is very Good!

Review №76

It was good

Review №77

Very tex mex

Review №78

Good food decent prices. A lot to chose from the menu

Review №79

Tryd to order over the phone.gave me attitude n when i asked her to repeat my order she gave me attitude n told me are you ready to order or not when i asked her to repeat my order she them told me again.Well I'm really busy.n hung up.she thought if she told her manager In Spanish i wouldn't understand so she wheres glasses n charges ppl in the front for any 1 make sure u get treated with respect.n that they talk to you right.

Review №80

This is my mothers favorite mexican restaurant. I can see why in about three visits I've had the Fajita skillet meal for two with my momma. The two other times I had the green chicken enchilada plate. Food was delicious and piping hot. Also I'm not a big fan of pina colada margaritas but the way it was made here, amazing. Could be the mexican restaurant my wife and I can call our favorite. Already wanting to go back. Moms knows...

Review №81

I paid $30 & didnt even eat. I picked on my food cause it taste very bad. Than i wanted to wash down that horrible taste with a sweet tea. My the tea was just as bad. I don't know how people could like this place apparently they probably aren't used to or never have eaten REAL FOOD. That taste great! The service was great the people were nice but the food was horrible. Never Again. Mind u that was all the money i had so i stayed hungry that whole day. very sad and pathetic.

Review №82

No so good food. They got a big problem with the restrooms, there a strong smell coming from it

Review №83

Good food but the waitresses take long to serve

Review №84

Budget friendly, good Mexican food, great atmosphere

Review №85

Better now then before, great tasting Mexican food.. Home made tortillas is a plus. Good specials in the weekend morning.

Review №86

The food is always good but the service is terrible. Bring back the old crew you sent to the new location!

Review №87

Food was not good wait staff.didnt come until we called them.floor was dirty restroom.smelled bad.please becareful if you come....

Review №88

They're real lazy on making their food and didn't inform me on lack of product like my nachos

Review №89

I had the parriada with shrimp, beef fajitas and chicken fajitas, it tasted good. For the price it was worth it.

Review №90

Great coffee was good and so was the huevos ranchero plate an pancakes

Review №91

Waitress was good, but food was mediocre, it looked like it had the clients from the neighborhood. I was expecting more. Had 10 people inside and 4 in drive thru ( wierd lane for drive thru).

Review №92

Good Mon-Fri breakfast taco specials.

Review №93

Clean place, the food was good, except that the potatoes were served cold. The service left much to be desired. Had to flag waitresses down for coffee refills.

Review №94

Excellent beef fajita nacho plate! Very big, I couldn't even put a dent in it, had to take the rest home! Sweet tea is also delicious. Would love to try the tres leches next time.

Review №95

Good food. Reasonable price. Large servings.

Review №96

Food's always good and quickly brought out.

Review №97

Bad place food cold

Review №98

My tortilla soup was cold and tortilla were hard

Review №99

We've been long time customers. But the food was off today. The torta my husband ordered was not good. The meat was way overcooked. The chicken quesadilla we ordered came our as a chicken fajita taco. The strawberry margarita was good as was the carne asada I ordered but over salted.

Review №100

Nice,decent food

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  • Address:3219 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78212, United States
  • Phone:+1 210-737-0797
  • Mexican restaurant
  • Latin American restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–11PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–12AM
  • Wednesday:7AM–12AM
  • Thursday:7AM–11PM
  • Friday:7AM–11PM
  • Saturday:7AM–11PM
  • Sunday:7AM–11PM
Service options
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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