Tink-A-Tako 12 Sandras Mexican Food
7507 Potranco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78251, United States
Review №1

I do not recommend this restaurant. The food is mediocre and the customer service is horrible along with the manager Belinda. What should have been a quick fix on her end turned into a very dissatisfied customer. Will never return. Great customer service is very important to me at any establishment I go to. This place definitely lacks it.

Review №2

OMG... Probably the fastest to go in the city. I walked in after seeing the line outside I took my luck in coming inside to order some tacos. I sat down and started to look at my social media and within two minutes my order was way ready. And they have very good tacos and very good tortillas. And the lady at the counter I think her name was Christina she was very smiley and great!!

Review №3

Ok food. Only reason I go there because of location and convenience, but every time I go there I'm reconsidering. Prices on menu in drive through (after they change price) still not matching price at register. So PLEASE CHECK PRICES SO WE CAN STOP IT.

Review №4

Very friendly staff very fast even when there's 20 people in the Drive-Thru they have the best lingua taco the best my tacos I have ever had and I've eaten at every Mexican food restaurant in San Antonio and lived in Mexico

Review №5

Hidden Gem amongst all the Tink-a-Taco's. This one has great food service and coffee. You won't be disappointed by price or quality.

Review №6

Delicious food and friendly service

Review №7

Love the cheese enchilada plate w/ beef. Good prices and friendly staff.

Review №8

Ordered some tacos to go. They were a bit salty (carne guisada) but good. Tortillas were average so we were a bit disappointing; a bit on the tough side as far as texture. Possibly we will try again.

Review №9

I don't like to write bad reports, but I had a bad experience with the manager Ms. Torres. I ordered a 2 cheese enchilada plate and she keeps arguing with me (with her broken english) that I said 2 cheese enchilada plates and now she has to throw them away. And next time I should know better when she told me it was $20. 1. It is a drive thru speaker 2. Her english is not that great. 3. Customer is always right. The food is great but she needs a new attitude.

Review №10

Went this morning for menudo and a taco.Menudo is usaully good.This is why i drive there cause service and food is usaully on point.Today menudo was terrible one taste and i told server that it did not taste right and i then ordered a taco in it place.The server was really rude about me not being satisfied with menudo she then brought me out a little sample of taco i ordered in its place. I was affended by this and just ask for my ticket....i know they have off days but i drive by many restaurants on my way over there.This is the second time service was bad.....Just so you all know

Review №11

Awesome food. LIZ GARCIA was awesome!!. The tacos are HUGE so bring your appetite.

Review №12

The food here was terrible. We had to send back 2 plates. The chicken was watery and processed.Had to keep asking for refills and condiments. You would think since they are at 50 percent they could be more attentive! Won't be back!

Review №13

So it saddens me to right this review because I visit this place often, but I feel I need to get this off my chest. I order my tacos to pickup and when I get home the 1 taco i ordered cheese on didn't have it. I called to let them know and the guy who took my order confirms they charged me for it. I ask if he wants a picture of it and he says no and next time he won't charge me the $.50 for the cheese. I'm sitting here wondering what about the tip I left for service and how am I guaranteed he will be there the next time I order? Forget about the the time and gas it took to get there and home. I get the fact that cheese is only $.50, but is this service? So annoying.So the update. I've gone back to the restaurant and they made it right, but not without some persistence. Like I said, I frequent this restaurant and the food is great. These are trying times. It should say a lot by me coming back. They're working on 5 stars but they're not there yet.

Review №14

My friends and family dined in and the service and food was amazing! Our server Edward was very tentative, friendly and made our visit so pleasant! We will definitely be going back!

Review №15

Customer service was excellent! Food was great also.

Review №16

Like this place but this morning in was waiting in the drive thru for about 10 minutes and nobody was taking orders and it was around 630 a.m so I called yo see if it was open and whomever answered was very rude.....not professionall at all

Review №17

Good food. Just had a margarita. Mmmmmm. Feeling g good.

Review №18

Mole plate was delicious! Nice friendly people

Review №19

Like their food but only 2 enchiladas verdes instead of 3..really..always 3 stop blaming covid n take care of your customers..

Review №20

Best Mexican restaurant ever.... Services are amazing , good prices , big plates , Juan Camacho and Juan Serrano best waiters I ever meet.

Review №21

The food is so delicious! And they give you a lot!! The staff friendly and professional.

Review №22

Please update your hours. According to the website it says you close at 10pm but I went by at just after 9pm and the drive thru was closed. I'm okay with new hours due to covid-19 but please update the website so that myself and others, I was behind another person in line, don't wait for no reason. And what made it worse was when I drove off I saw someone in their car drive off who was clearly sitting in parking lot. Obviously an employee who could have let me know you weren't open. Again, I'm okay with different hours as I totally understand but please update the website please because I do love coming here. Thank you :)

Review №23

A little bit pricey compared to your average taqueria, but you get what you pay for. Great quality food, breakfast tacos are always packed, and the servers are always friendly

Review №24

Hello, you may want to consider having your customers at the drive thru NOT sign their receipts. Handing the same pen and clip board to customers at this time is not helping stop this virus. It should be a cause of concern for you. I stopped by the window today & refused to sign out of concern for my health. Just an idea. Love your food & have been a fan for years. Thank you for your time.

Review №25

Ok typicall texmex faer nothing great about it.

Review №26

Nice Cozy Place... Great service..No Hassle No Pressure Environment...Good Food...

Review №27

Awesome hot food!The best ice tea in Texas!

Review №28

You've never failed me but when you do it's good. I called to ask if the Caldo de Res (Beef soup) was ready around 10am because my 79 year old father recovering from COVID19 had his first request (which is an indicator he is getting better) the night before wanting your Caldo de Res. I called this morning and was yes it's available no problem. I got on the road. Everything was calculated because my father is home on oxygen, and scheduled prescriptions. Upon ordering I was told it's about 15 mins because the potatoes needed some cooking, no problem as that was probably how long it would take with the # of cars in front of me. I told the guy at the window which mind you was friendly, if the rice was in there? his reply yes. I get home and it's chicken soup :( I had ordered 2 tacos on corn a beef fajita with onions & a bean & cheese. My beef fajita was on flour :( Will I return? Yes because this is their first big (to me) mess up on the order. What hurt most was my father being disappointed. I wasn't going to call back to get it corrected. My father couldn't be left alone for that long and he had to eat. My advice: when someone orders 1 taco on corn ask about the others to double check.

Review №29

Breakfast was GREAT!!! Barbacoa plate was excellent.... And service was great!!!

Review №30

Terrible pictures of the menu items. Must not need the business. Ordering from somewhere else.

Review №31

Food was very good. Service was also good. Did notice that seconds on sodas and fresh made lemonade wasn't really offered. Tortillas weren't delivered either. Kitchen was super unusually slow. We will go back again, to give the kitchen one more chance. The food was worth it.

Review №32

Everything was so good and prices are . Only thing is the tortillas were not good. But overall a good place to eat

Review №33

Fast wait staff, great food, excellent service

Review №34

Surprised ...excellent food clean and comfortable.. puffy tacos are big

Review №35

The best puffy tacos I have had. The enchilada rancheras are pretty delish! Great ambiance. Good job. Like it better than the other Sandra's.

Review №36

Good food, service is quick always friendly. The place is clean. Great atmosphere and normally not so busy you can't get a seat right away. Overall a really good eating experience

Review №37

Always a thumbs up on the specials! The service is for the non hurried and relaxed.

Review №38

Takeout as fresh made to order!!!10/7/2020 - This Tink-A-Tako is probably the best one of San Antonio.The food is always great, whether you are having breakfast, lunch or dinner.With the pandemic affecting all of us for the last nine months, it is good to see, that they are taking the extra precautions to social distance their customers and applying cleanliness to the tables after a patron eats.Today's breakfast was excellent and delicious!!!!Our server took care of my wife and was very attentive in making sure our glasses were full and making us feel welcome!!Masks are required and social Distancing is practiced!!!Good Luck Tink-A-Tako!!!Happy Eating Folks!!!

Review №39

Busser used same towel for at least 3 tables without sanitizing in between tables. One server was wearing a mask over mouth but not nose so kind of defeats the purpose. Not doing any specials currently bc of the virus? Idk how that makes sense.

Review №40

The food was Great. All around taste, quality, price, quantity, cleanliness and presentation deserves a 5 star. I have to mention the service was top quality. Serrano our fantastic waiter took our order which consisted of 5 diff orders and he got it right without writing it down. I will definately return and I do Recommend this restaurant to one and all.

Review №41

The food was absolutely delicious the decor in here is beautiful and our waiter Jerry was very very polite

Review №42

Best Mexican food I have had for a comfortable price, friendly staff. Wait can be a bit long but that is understandable because they are worth the wait.During COVID 19 they are doing their best to keep the customers safe. Thank you!

Review №43

Food was good had the Mexican plate my mom had caldo de Rez she said it was good. Would love to have more chips and salsa. Also make sure you tip the waitress she made sure i did lol

Review №44

Very good food, large tacos, very clean and yet affordable prices. Will be back.

Review №45

I love the breakfast tacos and plates, and the spanish rice is amazing!

Review №46

The one on Culebra and Potranco is the best. Great chile relleno and Puffy Tacos.

Review №47

Our waitress Maya made our visit an exceptional experience. We ate breakfast with my parents and she found us a table away from the cold wind. Maya spent extra time with my Mom to help her select her order. Maya is patient and a true professional.

Review №48

The best place for happy hour and food. amazing friendly waitresses drinks are affordable beer 1.99 liquor drinks $7 to $8

Review №49

I like the atmosphere of Mexico as you walk in the staff is glad to see you. When you are seated they quickly get your drink order. When they come back they take your food order and rush it on. You can see other people, young and old alike enjoying there meals. It leaves you thinking NEXT TIME I WILL HAVE THAT PLATE. I think a place that leaves you with that impression, has to be fantastic. And the aroma of fresh food lingers in the mind each time your appitight burns.

Review №50

Too expensive on taco, asada $4.25 and guisa taco $ 3.25.

Review №51

Best place friendly staff best food good tacos

Review №52

I had a caldo for my boy an he was choking with a pice of clothe material I call to let them know assistant manager was rude never again is not the money the fact is it could be worst thank god I was eating next to him

Review №53

Four stars because that's what I chose and I will be honest I do not go here enough to have a real honest opinion, but i know they have serving time restrictions on certain dishes and only serve them after certain hours. But very nice inside.

Review №54

Great food and you get lots of it for the price... Edward our server was great as were all the staff members

Review №55

Loved the tacos! Tortillas were big.

Review №56

Food is good, wait is too long and it wasn't that busy when I went maybe half the restaurant was occupied with guests.

Review №57

Horrible service every time Ive gone, I refuse to spend any money here.

Review №58

Drive was packed and worker came starting taking orders and got us going. Food was great.

Review №59

Customer service great until you got your food then it was like looking for attention and had to get up for extras.Potatoes looked too greasy.

Review №60

Refused our service cause we had 6 children in our party ! Bad service

Review №61

Very good service. Food is always good. Whole family went for my Mom & Dad's Anniversary. We had a great time.

Review №62

Delicious Mexican food at reasonable prices and not expensive at all. Service is great too! Everything on the menu is delicious and you can't go wrong. I have never had a bad experience. Give them a try.

Review №63

Came out to have a few drinks with my best friend after a long days work. Our waitress Mayra, was excellent! She recommended the Cucumber Vodka Martinis and House Special Margaritas. Excellent drinks! We are definitely coming back!

Review №64

Most Days amazing some days okay depends how busy they are, but just like every other business. BEST BREAKFAST TACOS served all day to.

Review №65

Great service! Food is fresh even when you arrive before closing. Friendly atmosphere. Great for a date night and got even some quality dinner time with the family. Favorite player would be the Brianna's special!

Review №66

Came for lunch. very nice restaurant. tiny restrooms. clean lobby. big parking lot. see from street. friendly staff. reasonable price for food. you should visit. ok, that's all folks.

Review №67

Not all that it's ok when your in a hurry but prices vat high

Review №68

It was a great family party night but also a sad time cuz we actually were having a memorial wake for my cousin's wife/passed from cancer! RIP !

Review №69

The food super greasy, the chips and crispy taco she'll were stale, the taco actually dripped grease steadily as I picked it up. The waiter forgot to bring utensils, even after he brought us the food, we had to ask for it!!! It was freezing inside, guess they have to keep their meat (patrons) fresh!!! First n last time... Nastiest place for any kind of food. Oh, BTW, the salsa for chips had to be squeezed out of a ketchup bottle that was stopped up. So when I tried to squirt salsa into the bowl, it exploded out all over the table.

Review №70

Good service and food is super delicious

Review №71

Large portions good service great food

Review №72

Our waiter was awesome I didn't get his name but when I go back I'm looking for him.

Review №73

I ordered two Mexican plates and 1 al la carte puffy taco. The enchiladas were okay, they just didn't taste as good as I anticipated. On top of that, I waited 10 minutes before my order was taken. I know it's not fast food. I just think somebody should have at least taken my order sooner. The puffy taco was good.

Review №74

Went Saturday evening and our waitress YVONNE was courteous and delightful. I had the cucumber martini,my husband had a mango margarita. Both drinks were FABULOUS and the price was fantastic.Food was great and priced great. Had a good experience and will return again.

Review №75

Was going every week but they can sometimes treat people of color different then the rest. Foods good most the time

Review №76

Well to off with the waiter was friendly and professional and was very courteous and understanding about my diet and the food was excellent. I couldn't have been happier

Review №77

I come here with my friends and family. I order to go. They are always quick, food is always good. It's always clean and employees are nice. :)

Review №78

Food was cold! Place is so loud.

Review №79

If y'all can y'all should get Jerry. He's the best and he's super funny. Service is always A1 and very representing of the environment tink a taco offers. He's always getting everything right and never hesitates to go above and beyond for you.

Review №80

Great food, great drinks(adult) and great service. And....great prices. Say hello to jerry. He's a great waiter

Review №81

Food is great and service is fantastic! Best margaritas in town

Review №82

A little pricey but you get what you pay for. The quality of the meats and amounts they put in each taco are well worth the prices. I have never had any problems with this establishment. The only way I could complain would be that they dont honor their buy 5 tacos get 1 free or the other special if it's a holiday. The sheer number of customers that go to their business on holidays is huge, they make much more money if they trick and get people to pay full price for something they should get getting at a discount. They do provide good food but it really is a shame that money means more to them than providing affordable food. Each time I go I spend between 30 and 70 each time, it would really help out a hard working man trying to provide for his family if you honored your specials all the time not just when it behooves you. If I cant afford it I shouldn't go there, but mac and cheese and rice and beans gets really tiring day after day. I like to treat my family, I'm just adding my opinion and only my opinion. At the end of the day I end up in their drive through sonit must not be to bad.

Review №83

Waitstaff are always helpful and in good moods. The food is hot in temperature and delicious!

Review №84

Great food prices and drinks

Review №85

I enjoy the restaurant. Nice friendly people the food was delicious.

Review №86

Always on point, large servings. Always leave satisfied.

Review №87

I pride myself to be a connoisseur of Mexican food and your eatery is now on the top of my families favorite places to eat list. I had never eaten "Shrimp enchiladas" before and I must say it was a delight to my taste buds... my beloved wife thoroughly enjoyed the Tortilla soup... and my daughter had to bring left overs home from her fajita platter... the serving sizes were most generous... Your wait staff and cashier were delightful... most attentive and great people skills... we pray GOD's blessings on your business and we will be back often. Dr. Jim

Review №88

Really great food, super nice and friendly staff. Reasonably priced. The drive thru is a bit slow, so I just go there when I want to go eat out with my family.

Review №89

Pretty good tacos here. Other locations cook the food much better

Review №90

My go-to place for great food and margaritas. Serrano our waiter is the best!

Review №91

Don't know what happened if it was there were not enough waiter's or there was only one cook. But this place has lost all stars as our party waited for an hour to get our food plus when we asked for soup there was mone but then other people got soup. Not a happy customer.

Review №92

Good tacos

Review №93

Great breakfast tacos! Also, they were fast, especially important for getting to work in time And their location on the corner of Potranco and Culebra makes for a quick in and out transit.

Review №94

I must say the food was very good they made a grand attempt to serve but a lot of people were coming in because of the good food and the good pricing got the order in a gentleman was nice enough to help verify and make sure our order was correct it appeared that the young lady that was first helping us was new but what was not a five-star was when we were wanting to leave there was a couple of people in line then myself and my wife and a Gentleman behind us nobody was at the register the lady in front of the line appear to just walk off and the man in front of us said he was here waiting for table so he got seated then we were next in line and then a lady walks up and takes the gentleman behind us I don't understand why maybe there was something we didn't know it was just kind of strange that we got passed up for the gentleman behind us when we were waiting in line first to pay to leave and no explanation and my wife's would have mentioned it to another lady who walked up who we thought might be a manager and I guess you didn't hear my wife with all the noise and appear to ignore her I just told her don't worry about it let's just leave so that was a little bit of a discouragement other than that it's a fun place to go eat good food

Review №95

Great food! Huge tacos! Great crispy tripa tacos. The reason I gave a 4 out of 5 they don't have half and half cream for your coffee. Some cheap creamer non dairy.

Review №96

Great breakfast offerings, especially the generously stuffed breakfast tacos. Also great for lunch and dinner.

Review №97

Order bbq taco and it didn't smell good ( I hate microwave bbq) so I ask mgr if I can switch taco fo something else and she said no because she " said we lose money on that taco and we have to throw away" never had a mgr say no and.they didn't take it back either so I paid for it and I will never go back, so in short make sure u make sure u order what u want because they will take back!

Review №98

Foods always great. Service is excellent

Review №99

Tink a taco..... I've eaten at a couple of them, some are better than others, this one was definitely a better one, I had the eggs with fajitas, comes with papa's and beans.The portion was very generous, and very well seasoned, only con... Food was served warm, eggs not so much. I like my food hot as if it came off the stove... It was kinda busy so I will give it another shot, and review this original review...

Review №100

Went for brunch server was all good and attentive but as soon as others come in they forget to refill drinks bring out our order completely always missing food and ready to clear your table when your not done

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  • Address:7507 Potranco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78251, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 210-680-2300
  • Mexican restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:6AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–9PM
  • Thursday:8AM–3PM
  • Friday:6AM–9PM
  • Saturday:6AM–9PM
  • Sunday:6AM–9PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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