Torchys Tacos
999 E Basse Rd #183, San Antonio, TX 78209, United States
Review №1

This place is AWESOME. I love that they have outdoor seating that is also covered, so its my go-to place when its raining outside. They keep the place very clean and are enforcing mask wearing and social distancing at this time. I always have their Democrat tacos and the beef fajita tacos are an amazing choice as well. I like their coffee but would recommend more flavor choices. Overall GREAT place!

Review №2

This Food truck turned into gourmet taco joint chain offers from traditional beef fajita to salmon and shrimp taco. They fusion the typical taco with some “modern” touch.Love all their flavors. Never disappointed!

Review №3

The food is freaking awesome. Fried avocados I'd give it a five star but getting the attention of the staff should not be so difficult, the girl played on her phone for a good 3min and her fellow staff had to get her attention when all I needed was a togo bag.

Review №4

I'm not sure if they are good or not. Yet I get a lot of delivery request through Favor App. They have a few locations.

Review №5

This place is very clean and the food is delicious no complaints. I would definitely recommend this place!

Review №6

Mary was amazing! I can't say enough good things. She helped me locate a receipt I needed and went over and beyond. She called to follow up and never once complained. She is a big asset to your company and because of her I will continue going there! MaryYou are amazing !

Review №7

Really good food, but the prices are a little more than they should be. The drink I ordered from the bar was amazing. If this were the only place for tacos, I would pay the extra price and come again. But being in San Antonio and having a multitide of options with just as good quality for better price, I probably won't return.

Review №8

This is still good! Even got a to-go margarita.Chips an guac were great! Waaarm chips!!!

Review №9

Great service, great food, pretty good prices. One taco is about 5 dollars, but they are really good!

Review №10

45 minute wait for curbside but it's understandable given our current circumstances. Torchy's had a set up outside the bar area for quick pick up. Safe and efficient. The food was great as always. I had a large order and they didn't miss anything. Definitely going back soon.

Review №11

Their queso dip is simply amazing; it's the best that I have ever had in a restaurant. I would come here solely for the dip. But their tacos are pretty darn good; even their vegan tacos. The service is very good and the staff is very friendly. The seating is very comfortable, too. They have so many taco options to choose from; even your pickiest eaters will find something good to try here.

Review №12

Absolutely delicious food and amazing margaritas. The service is fast and welcoming. I will be back without question, maybe even tonight!

Review №13

The food was good clean lobby not to many people, so recived my order timely.

Review №14

Really good food! Will definitely go back. Service was fairly fast and the food was still nicely warm when I got it home. My wife agrees this place is a do over.

Review №15

Solid taco spot, good prices, good bar. Great for brunch tacos with 3.50 mimosas. Always consistent on service, quality, and speed. Highly recommend.

Review №16

The tacos were great! The chips and queso wasn't worth $7, though. The staff is very inattentive.

Review №17

I went to the Torchy's on E.Basse Rd. I placed my to go order for a beef fajita bowl at 11:02am. I finally got it at 11:20am making me late going back to work. To top it off I paid $9 for 2 bites of beef and some cheese. The best thing was my drink that I made myself. I wish you could post pics so I could show the lack of food I received. I would not recommend this location.

Review №18

Didn't think there was anything special about this place. The green chile queso was good, but that's about it. I had the Democrat (barbacoa) and the Crossroads (brisket). The Democrat seemed overly mushy and flavor was off compared to barbacoa you get at any taqueria in SA. The brisket had a nice smoked flavor, but wasn't better than what you could get elsewhere for cheaper. A lot of the food looked delicious, but seemed underwhelming. Might have been an off-night and will try a second time to see if it's always like this.

Review №19

OMG just love the tacos here. They are not what you'd expect but delicious and unique. Get there early; there will be a line.

Review №20

Sadly disappointed. This was my Birthday Lunch. The Democrat was slightly warm and the Guacamole was unseasoned at best. I normally "LOVE" Torchy's but this visit was disappointing.

Review №21

Food was fantastic, as always, and the service was super quick.

Review №22

I was so excited to realize I was by Torchy's after a doctors appointment. My taco and Hillbilly Queso were the perfect lunch! The line looked long but I got to place my order pretty quick. The whole menu looks so good, it was hard to pick only two things. Will definitely be returning!

Review №23

Trendy taco chain that is standing the test of time!! Tasty variety of tacos mixed with various other options aaaand adult beverages! Thats right! a taco stand with a full bar!! yay!

Review №24

Pretty good no standard taco joint. The Trailer Park, trashy style, was an ok fried chicken taco, but the Independent, that was a really good taco of fried mushrooms, which I've never had before as the main taco ingredient. Lots of other appealing tacos on the menu as well, and a full service bar

Review №25

Great customer service, great food. BRING BACK THE INDEPENDENT!! There are so few vegetarian options now, which is why I won't be returning unfortunately.

Review №26

Wonderfully delicious. Seriously can't go wrong with ANYTHING on the menu. The cheese dip and chips are a must.

Review №27

Good a little pricey but good overall. friendly service.

Review №28

You order at the counter and then they bring your food to your table. The tacos were very good, but kind of small for the price you pay. It's great if you're not super hungry and only want something small to eat, but if your really hungry I wouldn't really recommend it unless you're ready to spend a lot. Also, the place is called Torchy's and decorated like they serve very spicy food, but even getting the spiciest taco on the menu it wasn't very spicy in my opinion.

Review №29

This place was disgusting. We came in and took a minute to look over the menu and told the cashier it was our first time. She made no recommendations so we ordered brisket, bake shrimp and beef fajita with 2 drinks and nachos at $36! RIP off. The brisket tasted thick and fattening plus the fajitas were stringy and hard. Overrated place with for over price tacos. Not a fan I was pretty disappointed and still hungry!

Review №30

Had a fancy/indie vibe? Not in a bad way at all. Upscale feel with upscale tacos at great prices. They take a unique spin on some of their tacos, but also have a few classic flavors. The only negatives were that it could have been a bit cleaner in the dining room (granted, we visited just after the lunch rush) and although their tacos are great, it seems like a bit much on a few. I love a loaded taco, but sometimes the flavors muddle each other and don't have a clear focus. Yeah, the ingredients complement each other, but they get a bit too busy.

Review №31

I was not impressed with this restaurant and I had high expectations that it would be wonderful based on the reviews. How does one forget to put beans on a bean and cheese taco? That takes talent! Why was the bean and cheese taco hot? I did not ask for jalapenos. Look at the photos ... those are not very attractive tacos. Torchy's needs to take lessons from Tomatillos on food presentation. Should have went to Florio's for pizza instead.

Review №32

I love this airstream salad!! Fresh ingredients and a hearty serving. It comes with a small champagne vinaigrette and chipotle sauce and it surprisingly coats everything well.I originally ordered from DoorDash. On the app, I also added chocolate brownies(which are really awesome) to the order, but it wasn't in the bag. On the slip from Torchy's it just had the salads on there. No biggy, but must be a hiccup on someone's end.Overall, great tacos and sauces. Don't sleep on this salad if you ever crave one.

Review №33

Loved the menu! There was something for everyone...even my picky children.

Review №34

Great food!! The cashier was nice and patient with our family and we were patient with him training a new employee. However, the blonde girl who brought our food was quite rude. We asked for red salsa and she picked up one of our container of green salsa rolled her eyes and dropped it back down. My sister ordered something else and she wanted to get some limes and this girl rolled her eyes again? We were all very nice so this was uncalled for.June 29 around 8pm.

Review №35

Definitely a must eatAll tourist check this place outTry the chips and salsaAndThe rice and beans

Review №36

Food was good but only three vegetarian options. Decent prices for a nice dining in, restaurant ambience.

Review №37

This was my first time getting food from here and it was not good. I ordered through Door dash and they arrived cold. Tacos were sloppy and the bacon and egg was so greasy that I didn't even finish and and just threw it away. Tortillas are only cooked on one side and super thin. I don't recommend this place.

Review №38

The street corn and most of the tacos were delicious with the exception of the hipster which was a little dry. The Tokyo drift (taco of the month) was the star!

Review №39

Always great! Im sad that they no longer have the 'tipsy chick,' it was vastly underrated, but anything you gef will be good.

Review №40

Very tasty tacos and queso! The brushfire was actually hot and left my mouth burning and happy!

Review №41

I came here with my aunt this morning because we were looking for a restaurant with an outdoor seating area to eat at. Kind of difficult! But Torchy's does have this! We actually opted to eat inside though because the dining area was absolutely empty. I also picked this place because I'm a #vegan and so I wanted to find somewhere with food I could eat as my aunt eats whatever. I got the fried avocado taco and asked for no cheese. It does come with a poblano ranch sauce but since I asked the cashier if it was dairy, she offered to swap it out for their tomatillo sauce instead! Amazing customer service! I wish there were more options but there seemed to only be two tacos marked vegetarian, this one and the migas one. I thought removing cheese and egg might be too difficult on the migas to make that vegan. But the fried avocado tacos were amazing! I hope they choose to add more options soon!

Review №42

Ate with a co-worker and his food was delivered about 15 minutes before my tacos. When my food was delivered I found a long black hair in my taco. I didn't have time to return it so just left and emailed the company. Never heard back from anyone. This was about a year ago. Unlikely to return.

Review №43

The layout is awesome, in and then out, we got our tacos relatively quick, and the service is super fast! The tacos are AMAZING!!! HAVE TO TRY FOR YOURSELF!Love the outdoor seating! And the bar area as well, definitely worth a visit!

Review №44

Try the Democrat with Queso on top, such good food!

Review №45

Great food, friendly service. Disappointing that we were the only ones dining in at the time, but two tables still had trash and trays on them. Need to step up the cleaning especially during these times to get a 5 star.

Review №46

Place is nice, a little pricey but you won't find many other places with these types of tacos. Cool experience but probably not going to make it a place that I would frequent often. Tacos are loaded but not a wow factor of flavor.

Review №47

Fun and fast taco location. Has a great menu with lots of creative taco options. Good kids meal menu as well. Tacos are reasonably priced and sold individually. There is a bar and this location has outdoor seating as well. Add some of their delicious Queso for a real treat!

Review №48

My experience here was decent for sure. It was crowded and my food was a bit too salty and lightyly warm. Overall, I admire their crafty taco ideas and would definitely have to try again at a later time of the day when they're not to busy.

Review №49

Great tacos! Interesting options. Good prices.

Review №50

Torchy's is a great place to go sit and relax and gave a drink. The Margarita's are amazing. I ate their salad and loved it!

Review №51

Friendly staff. A bit overly priced, in my opinion. The taco's were really stuffed good, tasted alright. Not real sure if I'd go back. The drink prices were way to expensive.

Review №52

Seriously amazing! Huge TACOS. Like honestly, I should have stopped at 1. The staff was amazing and super sweet! The only drawback was the bathroom was a bit dirty.

Review №53

Tacos were delicious. Service was quick and everyone was very friendly. I got the Mr. Orange with corn tortilla and the Democrat with flour. Both were delicious and flavorful.

Review №54

Fun, unique taco joint. If not from the area this place is a must

Review №55

Omg, their food is delicious. The chip and queso is amazing. Gotta try the street tacos.

Review №56

Great tacos and good service. Thank you!

Review №57

I love this place , I never ate at one in San Antonio only Austin. I order under majesty, I informed them and when the lady walked in she rolled her eyes she was light skin the only reason I knew is because my friend was waiting by the drinks inside and saw her. I ordered outside cause my order was to go and also the lady up front inside was very rude. The light skin was nice but think it's unprofessional to roll her eyes when they messed up on my order especially when I was super nice about telling them. I hate to complain ! other than that the food was great and the manager was very nice and didn't get mad when I asked for sauce and cup holders. I went there around 2

Review №58

Love me some Torchy's! Hands down the best gourmet tacos in town and honestly they're not that expensive. The republican is something I could eat all day every day. They can also add crumbled up jalapeño sausage to almost anything and I highly recommend you try that. I hope they add more locations to SA soon.

Review №59

I've enjoyed Torchy's Tacos since they opened. Food: My favorite taco is the Mr. Orange. You can never go wrong with the chips and queso either. They have a half portion of it if you're just going by yourself. It's not on the menu, but if you ask for it, you will get it. It will save you about $1.75. Some might think that $5.25 for a salmon taco is a bit much. However, the tortillas are LOADED with food, so you're definitely getting your money's worth.Service: The line and wait time for your food can sometimes be long at this location, but it is definitely worth the wait. San Antonio could use another one of these, but that might not happen since there are about 5-6 restaurants an hour and half away in the Austin area, where they're headquartered.Environment: It can be a little noisy at times, but the eclectic design and decor of the establishment makes up for it.

Review №60

Doordash delivery, they didn't give me my tomatillo sauce they still charged me $2.90 for! Will take my business elsewhere since a simple, but important item like hot sauce can't be provided. Ripped off, never again here.

Review №61

Absolutely LOVE it! So happy Torchy's finally made it to SA! The tacos are fresh...with funny names!

Review №62

Had to pick up an order here- ordered in thru doordash. Waited over 50 min for my food. Had to remake cause it was sitting for so long. Watched over 15 customers served in front of me. By far worst torchy experience to date and I've dined and ordered out with friends at the one in Austin and la cantera. Do not recommend if your expecting even super slow experience cause they will find a way to disappoint.

Review №63

Loved the tacos and their Quesa-diablo dip...Absolutely amazing place to dine if you love tex-mex tacos

Review №64

Wish I could give Torchy's 6 stars actually. Food is always fantastic and great tasting, always like to come here.

Review №65

Wish there was one in Alamo Ranch area. Great tacos at a reasonable price. Will continue to come back when we are in the area.

Review №66

2nd time here and I've tried over half the tacos to include the secret menu. Be sure to ask, it's worth it. Madison was tending bar this time and was not only on it with drinks and menu referrals but she also handled a drink that my date didn't care for. Love this place!

Review №67

Heard the hype about this place smelt up with an old friend there to give it a try. Honestly, the tacos were mediocre to me. The quest was very good. The wait for our food was substantial, long enough that a worker passing by noticed quizzically that we still hadn't received our food. I'm going to give it another shot, but first results were underwhelming.

Review №68

Torchys tacos was pretty darn tasty. A very cool spot with modern them inspired tacos, Super good queso and from what I can see an open bar (but I didn't drink). Can be a tad on the price side of you are extremely hungry.

Review №69

Their carnitas verde are the best!!

Review №70

Only had tacos here, they were ok but not amazing - was expecting more based on the reviews. The corn tortillas are not that great either - they break apart too easily so I'd recommend going with flour ones. The guacamole and quesos were good and worth trying if you're there. Didn't try the drinks which also seem to be a major draw. They have a decent amount of TVs so would be a good spot to watch a game.

Review №71

Amazing tacos!! I'm from California and tacos over there are mainly street tacos so these were very different but definitely in a good way! Will be coming back again soon to try more items! Queso and chips are

Review №72

Must have been an off night. Meat was definitely overcooked.

Review №73

We really enjoyed our food. My husband goes there all the time with his friends and ranted about their queso. We got a vegetarian taco, one childs taco and a chicken burrito. The food tasted good and was very healthy and fresh. They did run out of queso, which is the only reason we went but we still enjoyed it.

Review №74

First time here. Food was good. Wish i had longer to try all the hot sauces.

Review №75

Bistro taco joint with a hipster vibe, unique taco combinations & usually great flavor & service. But, we've been visiting for two years & honestly this place can occasionally misfire. Getting more chips can be a true inconvenience (on the workers) & about 40% of the time they miss on our special requests. Breakfast tacos are available all day. I like the monk - eggs, bacon, cheese & green chilis with tomatillo salsa. Queso is great. Recipe includes green chilis & roasted corn & it comes topped with salsa, guacamole & cojita cheese. Would recommend the jerk chicken taco as well & the fried avocado ! Restaurant offers bar drinks.

Review №76

Favorite taco joint in San Antonio! Upbeat environment, the staff is always friendly, and food always on point and delicious. Been here many times and not one bad experience. The matador is a secret menu taco and the best!

Review №77

We really loved the queso. It tasted really good. The employees were very nice.

Review №78

Walked in during mid afternoon on a Texas summer day. It was hotter inside the restaurant if you can believe that. Stood behind two other people in line for almost 10 minutes. Between the extremely slow moving, although short, line and ridiculously hot indoor temp we left and walked to another restaurant.

Review №79

Food was great. Staff was fun and upbeat. Outside dinning was very nice.

Review №80

Great tacos not tex mex tacos but they were good

Review №81

Pretty good tacos in this town. The price is a bit up there but the food is very delicious nevertheless. Would definitely recommend to friends and family

Review №82

It was greatCan't wait to go back!Waited like 30 mins for tacos

Review №83

Excellent craft tacos! Walk-up ordering and quick delivery to your table. Nice draft selection as well.

Review №84

Great food but a bit pricey for tacos. Great atmosphere and they have a bar too!

Review №85

Great fajita tacos and amazing green salsa

Review №86

First time eating at Torchy's. I must say the tacos are so "Darn" good. They are filled with flavorful meats and all sorts of fresh ingredients. I was very impressed and can't wait to try the other ones. Highly recommend!!

Review №87

Amazing tacos and a great atmosphere. Great place to meet for lunch or take the family out for a little get away

Review №88

The best tacos in town. I've never had a bad experience here. Even during their busy times the food always comes out fast. Many people don't know but they have a secret menu! Just google it. My favorite is the matador!

Review №89

Good food and service, but pricey.. I ordered tacos, 2 sodas and chips. The total was $31 And tip.

Review №90

It's a great place for small groups or some decent sized ones. The lighting isn't too bright and music isn't too loud which is good because it gives the place a good atmosphere. Prices are cheap and bar is cheap too, I would recommend anyone to try the beef fajitas they have because me as a Hispanic enjoyed every bite. It's a great place to hang out with friends and have a nice chat.

Review №91

Service was Great !! Pricing was a bit over priced , and food was not bad and not the best ever... I dont believe I would be a repeat customer..

Review №92

Unable to rate half star. Very poor svc. Poor management. Ordered at pick up. Was told 1 hour wait. No problem. After 2 hours, yeah I waited. they could not tell me if my order was cooking or not. And they had over 20 bags of food , orders that had been sitting outside, outdoors bagged for over 1 hour, Bacteria city.So I asked for a refund . That was quicker than the svc.There comes a time when managing time and a business to say stop. No more orders. I wonder how much they really lost$$. Not that it matters. I will not return to this business.

Review №93

I used to live in ATX, so I've had Torchy's many times. Still happy we have one in SA. I had my tried and true Baja shrimp and tried the crossroads for the first time. Brisket was tender and overall tasty. Will be returning again soon!

Review №94

First time so I had to learn about ordering

Review №95

I really wish I could give this place a 5 stars. I love their tacos and would go to the Austin location all the time when visiting. We ordered a pick up order through Doordash and went all the way across town to pick it up. Got it home, and they had only packed not even half of our order. Also, no straws. We spent $60 and got 3 tacos. We had some crying kids and hungry adults. I requested a refund via Doordash, and was told that this location does not process refunds for any reason. I wrote to corporate and have received zero response. It's a shame. We were so excited to find out that they had opened a location in San Antonio, but this location does not have it together and the company does not care to correct their mistake.

Review №96

Be prepared to wait. Great tacos and drinks but the line can be 15+ minutes. I love their house margarita and street corn

Review №97

Love torchy's! It's a chain but I am happy whenever I find one. They have a secret menu - google it, the missionary style pork is the best. The queso is always a good way to start your meal. Food comes out fast but sometimes it's painful to find seating if it isn't patio weather and the line cans be super long (you order at the counter or at the bar).

Review №98

Placed my order online 45 minutes early, got here on time and 30 minutes later I'm still waiting on this order. Not even an apology from the server. Zero sense of urgency.

Review №99

Ordered baja shrimp & the Orange (salmon). Clearly you can see the salmon taco is RAW! They will be getting this back sometime this week! This location has gone downhill since they first arrived in town. #Overrated #OverPriced #TooSlow & speaking of too slow it took ONE HOUR from the moment I placed my order to the point I received it. Y'all couldn't thoroughly cook my fish in an hour?! Smh.Update: Mary (the manager) rectified the situation & I was able to get another taco 2 days later.

Review №100

Great selection of tacos, guacamoles and quesos. Drinks are well made and cheap. Delicious food and nice atmosphere outside seating with space heater for winter times.

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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
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  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Usually a wait:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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