Torresitas Mexican Restaurant
3546 Culebra Rd, San Antonio, TX 78228, United States
Torresitas Mexican Restaurant
Review №1

A bit cramped seating wise but ok. Food came out quickly and all items tasted good. Rice a bit bland but palatable. Beans were very good. Tortillas were hot,fresh, and tasty. Prices were very good.

Review №2

It's a good small spot. Good Mexican music playing. Good tortillas de harina y maíz. Picoso salsa verde. Pedro Infante and some revolucionarios sitting on a train with a gabacho or güero of some sort in the picture with them which I thought was great. The waitress was alright and I have her a dollar.

Review №3

On my last visit I ate the lunch special puffy tacos. The tacos, rice, n beans were all good. I live far from the area now but I come to eat here when in the neighborhood.

Review №4

The breakfast it's good

Review №5

Tacos are HUGE and always fresh. Tortillas are homemade and soft and fluffy. Definitely my favorite spot for breakfast tacos! I will drive across town for these!!

Review №6

Went through drive thru today 11//7/2020 lady with glasses and black hair was rude, stating that I screamed in her ear and next time not to scream. I was like i didn't scream in your ear, but maybey you shoiud adjust the volume on your head set you idiotà!

Review №7

The owner here is extremely rude she asked me a question and when I answered her she made fun of me to her coworkers right in front of me tooo it was my first time there and never again !! On top of that I wrote about the situation on Facebook and everyone wrote saying she's a very flirty lady and likes to be disrespectful and flirt with the men right in front of the girlfriends!! Very very disrespectful lady I'll never go back again

Review №8

Not a bad place food was good prices were fair staff was friendly.

Review №9

I like it eating here,the tacos are really good you can tell the tortillas are home made and they put plenty of food into the tacos.

Review №10

Fresh and tasty food, great service at a reasonable price.

Review №11

The cashier is always rude when asking questions about the food. I want fresh tortillas and the last few times the tortillas were hard and old not fresh like they are saying.

Review №12

Good Food. Good Service.

Review №13

Good break fast tacos.

Review №14

Delicious food run by a family not expensive clean

Review №15

Good food sometimes there's a short wait

Review №16

The Tacos Were NOT Fresh ! ! Ordered Carne Guisada and Barbacoa. I have gotten Food here before and they have a good score with health department and Good Sweet Tea but its been a couple of times where the Meat is NOT Fresh. It tasted like it was from 1 day or 2 days ago. Sorry Toresitas, Shape Up.

Review №17

It was ok definitely not the best good tortillas the beans look like out of the can

Review №18

I come here everyday and these people mess up on three tacos and as a customer upset the way they took care of me was ridiculous I am so angry I have spent so much money at this restaurant and this is how they treat their customers. It is just not acceptable and I will be doing everything in my power to make y'all know who I am. I will be calling whoever and wherever I can to report y'all. I would like to speak with the owner of the restutant to Settle this.

Review №19

Food is always good. Tortillas fresh

Review №20

Great little "hole in the wall" restaurant of traditional Mexican food and friendly service

Review №21

Tortillas are good.. customer service awesome

Review №22

GROSS!!! Went through drive-through & placed my order, while waiting saw the cook touching food with his hands & touching face(no gloves on). Grabbing cheese from container that was place on table they had in the center with other toppings. Man cooking walking back and forth touching everything and touching tortillas with no gloves!!! Told lady isn't he supposed to have gloves on??? She told me to have a nice day in Spanish, when u spoke English when you told me total...No one were wearing gloves and refrigerated items left on table and no one wearing hair nets! You see all waiting for your order.

Review №23

It was ok prices were decent I give it another shot

Review №24

Best Westside taco place in San Antonio. I've been going here for years. Great service, delicious food. It gets busy fast. Customers are courteous and share table space if none available. To-go orders are busy too. Grab a Taco-Norteño, you won't be disappointed

Review №25

Another great mom and pop Mexican food joint in good ol San Antonio.Only open for breakfast and lunch.

Review №26

They are family to us. Ive been there all my life and they already know my order. They watch me grow up and everything. From kinder to elementary and now in middle school. Best Mexican Restaurant Ever!

Review №27

I have been coming here for about 2 years and they never disappoint. The food is excellent the service is excellent and I keep coming back.

Review №28

Home cookin!

Review №29

Best homemade tortillas in town, keep it up .

Review №30

Great tacos filled up

Review №31

Best breakfast tacos EVER. 3 big breakfast tacos are $2.99. Their flour tortillas taste homemade!

Review №32

I have passed this place a thousand plus times...I'll never pass it up again. AWESOME!!!! What every Mexican restaurant should be like.

Review №33

Small cozy restaurant great prices

Review №34

If your looking for some good refried beans and homemade corn tortillas this is the place to be. Reasonable price. Great tea and coffee.

Review №35

Good service great food and coffee is the best keep up the great service ladies

Review №36

Breakfast and lunch only. Had the chorizo and egg tacos. Very good and flavorful.

Review №37

I love it. My kid's love it especially the staff.

Review №38

Generous portions even with lunch specials. Ordered beef fajita plate and chicken quesadillas plate.

Review №39

First time in this place.Sweet tea and tacos were awesome.

Review №40

Was very good always eat there

Review №41

I have been coming here for about 2 years, The food is god, the service is excellent , But the OWNWER she its a person with no education, bad manners, don't listen to the customer when you have a complaint ,

Review №42

Love the food and service! The employees are fast and very polite!

Review №43

Love how the food taste,when you order your food you dont wait not even the 5 min.the tortillas are sooo great,I'll be going back good service.

Review №44

The place was dirty. I understand they just had their breakfast rush but I've been in the business so I know better. I did not care for the barbacoa (dry, hard) or the carne guisada & it's hard to mess up bean & cheese but they found a way. The beans tasted burnt like they scraped the bottom of the pan. Probably won't be back.

Review №45

Food was good and you can order anything you want from the menu at anytime. I have had puffy tacos for breakfast at this place. They have a great breakfast taco special until 11:00 am the only problem is they close early everyday. No dinner here.

Review №46

Great as always good service good people

Review №47

Love their food it is delicious

Review №48

This place is amazing, the breakfast tacos are good and the salsa is also pretty good. Been coming here for almost a year now and the staff is fantastic.

Review №49

Excellent service! Authentic Mexican Food! Great lunch Specials!

Review №50

Great place great food

Review №51

Little Mom & Pop restaurant serving for years the St Mary University area. Hot fresh food well served portions great value. Friendly staff and owners. A San Antonio little secret.

Review №52

Torresitas is our favorite restaurant in San Antonio good food good environment. The owner, waitresses r very friendly. When ur in town drop by.

Review №53

The tortillas are and the tea and the caldo and the Menudo and the enchiladas and the rice and the staff

Review №54

Always good food, the norteno beef fajita taco is out of this world good. Highly recommend it

Review №55

Food is good. Fast service.

Review №56

Food was good but inside is to small we had to separate the family cuz they don't have any big tables

Review №57

Favorite place to eat classic Mexican dishes!

Review №58

Great staff ...when you're a regular the lady's know what you like.... food is always hot and freshly made Mrs. Torres always says hi to us..been coming for years ...hopefully longer.Thank you Torresitas!

Review №59

Food is good. Fast friendly service.

Review №60

Too expensive.. Think i got overcharged !

Review №61

I agree good food love the BBQ tocos

Review №62

Great food. Awesome corn tortillas...

Review №63

Breakfast tacos are awesome and very cheap as well

Review №64

Been coming here for the last 14 years. Our family loves it here.

Review №65

Good food. Friendly staff. Too bad they close at 2:00 sharp.

Review №66

Good food,

Review №67

Very good tacos

Review №68

Great restaurant, TX-MEX type of food

Review №69

Great service

Review №70

Great Tacos. Everything is very fresh and the tea is very tasty. The chorizo and egg tastes very smooth with lots of flavor and the flour tortillas are nice and fluffy. The plates are a good price and you really can't go wrong with anything here.It's a great place to stop for breakfast tacos, or any time of day really.

Review №71

This is wonderful place to eat, good good and service.

Review №72

Excellent food and good homemade tortillas. Very busy place. Has plenty of parking.

Review №73

Tried ordering through drive tru in spanish. Lady who took order read order back in english. Told her she had it wrong and responded very nasty "go somewhere else". I then waited at window to speak to manager and said "I'm the manager" why are you even here, go somewhere else and shut window on me. Talk about horrible customer service & refusing service!

Review №74

Garbage experience. Lady at drive thru window slammed the window on me today because I wanted to cancel out one of the tacos. Garbage customer service. Don't come here

Review №75

Great customer service delicious food

Review №76

The food is always awesome and great customer service and very reasonable prices.

Review №77

Love their breakfast tacos!!! Friendly staff. I go here on the regular.

Review №78

Service and food were very good. Priced for my budget.

Review №79

Its cozy. waiters are friendly. The second time you go you become a reg. Customer they acknowledge you as you come in.

Review №80

I just ate there for the 1st time and I am not going to lye i was enjoying my food it is good but the only thing is when I was eating the beans there was a rock in it . So if I don't mind surprises when u eat there I only say this because when I ask the staff why there are rocks in there beans and apparently there answer is they can't control what other substance come with the prewashed beans and Don't expect any them to have remorse I not only has to pay full price for my plate of beans with rocks I have to pay for my dentist visit as well because obviously when I chew down on beans u are expecting to bite on something rock hard literally!!!! So bottom line this is one expensive meal for a hole in the wall restaurant. But please by all means everyone enjoy your meals with a surprise compliment foreign substance in your plate. Not to worry it on the house your rocks are free but your plate is full price. Let's see if the owner responds back.

Review №81

Their breakfast tacos consists of a very fluffy tortilla that's very flavorless on meat and eggs that tastes okay.

Review №82

Their tortillas are the best in town hands down!!!

Review №83


Review №84

This restaurant is so poor service they don't listen to the customer order and take to damn long

Review №85

Food is good but you have to track someone down for your refills or they take forever.

Review №86

Very good breakfast and fast service.

Review №87

Love this place .

Review №88

Pretty good food, but very slow service. When we were ready to go although we were the only people in the restaurant it took the staff a good 10-15 minutes to figure out the bill and take our money.

Review №89

I remembered why I didn't like going there this last visit. The service is great but the food is not.

Review №90

Love the food and the staff

Review №91

Old fashioned comfort food. Mostly Tex-Mex thought.

Review №92

Great quesadellas and corn tortillas

Review №93

We stopped in to have breakfast and coffee. They were not busy so we were able to sit down right away. The waitress came and brought us a menu and asked us what we would like to drink ( coffee) and water. As the waitress returned back with the coffee and water she also brought back a coffee jug just like you would get at IHOP for your coffee . I like that because I'm a big coffee drinker and I would not have to wait on the waitress to refill my coffee , she took our order. We ordered one taco , potato & egg add bacon and cheese. An one order of oatmeal with toast. We did not have to wait long for her order. As I was about to bit into my taco I notice that my taco was cold the only thing that was warm was my tortilla, everything inside my taco was cold not warm or hot just cold. An when they brought the order of oatmeal and toast the oatmeal was so watered down it was like a soup. The service we got was ok. But the food was not that good, it was not like they were busy or short-handed they could have taken their time to make sure it was prepared right. I probably might not stop again but some places do have the right to get a second chance to prove that their food is good till next time we will see .

Review №94

I ate here several times in 2014.Ask for pure avocado on your stuff, not guacamole. These guys were watering down their guac with dairy back in 2014. I do not recommend that you try to eat here if you are a vegetarian. The staff is polite and will try to work with you but they ultimately fail. I was informed that the cooks often throw bacon grease back into the pinto beans. I was assured the beans were vegetarian but I found out later about the bacon grease, after I had eaten the beans many times. I wonder how many Muslims or vegetarians from nearby St. Mary's have stopped by and been fed pork.This place needs to have better clarity as to what ingredients are used in their food. Little places like this are usually terrible at that though.

Review №95

Very very good place good food great service

Review №96

It's great coming here once in a while but don't make a habit out of it. this place has had their windows broken and had been either attempted to rob the place or at least had their place vandalized. I've had more bad experiences here than good ones. I'll start with the bad first. One bad experience was sitting at the table in the middle directly beside the wall with the restroom in the back and kitchen in the front. the tacos I ordered were hot but I made the mistake of sitting underneath the A/C with the vent aimed directly at me which was great at first but when the tacos I ordered came the A/C also made my tacos cold very fast. the waitress also didn't give me enough napkins and having been there several times before I saw a brown bag in the counter unattended. I assumed that the bag was empty from previous experiences of watching them put napkins into the brown bags for future orders. I didn't need the foil just the napkin. the small brown bag had tacos in it and I let go of after I felt the weight of the tacos. one of the male cooks overreacts in Spanish accusing me of trying to steal the tacos when all I wanted was a napkin. I don't know Spanish very well but I understood most of what he said. another bad experience is old tortillas or old food inside the tortillas. one of the biggest problems here is they don't always know when the place will be busy or not and sometimes prepare too much in advanced and you may end up eating the food from yesterday or the day before which may lead to serious health problems including food poison. the food and drinks are great on a good day. don't get me wrong. just don't expect that good day to come around just because you want it to. the owner wanted to sell the place because of its robbery, lack of business, bad service and the same daily routine everyday with nothing to show for it.

Review №97

Never have had any problems . have waited some but staff is attentive and worth the wait .food very good .

Review №98

The BEST menudo in the "WESTSIDE"! Not to mention the atmosphere of it being family owned! Very welcoming environment!

Review №99

I love eatin here they have really great food & the owner is a really awesome plus all the waitresses r very nice

Review №100

Service is average but food is real good!I'm A drive thru person..for some reason the service is faster there than seated

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  • Address:3546 Culebra Rd, San Antonio, TX 78228, United States
  • Phone:+1 210-434-9928
  • Mexican restaurant
  • Latin American restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:6AM–2PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–2PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–2PM
  • Thursday:8AM–2PM
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:6AM–2PM
  • Sunday:6AM–2PM
Service options
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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