7 Stars Bar & Grill
398 S Bascom Ave, San Jose, CA 95128, United States
Review №1

My preferred spot for quality Bar food. I love going here. The staff was very welcoming and sociable. Menu is similar to a restaurant in Jacksonville I liked.

Review №2

Cool them for a bar. I think the owner might be a Star Wars fan

Review №3

This place is amazing. Great food, great drinks, great music, and great service. Stephanie is one of the owners/proprietors that we met at their other spot and has never failed to just blow us away with her amazingly positive attitude and service.

Review №4

One of the very few bars I'll go to. The owners and staff are freaking awesome people. Fun little spot. Good food. Fun karaoke (mostly). Neat decor

Review №5

Fun, divey Star Wars themed hang out spot.Parking in the attached private lot was easy. Yummy selection of traditional bar-food and fun Star Wars themed cocktails. I enjoyed checking out their memorabilia collection displayed throughout the bar and movies on the multiple TVs. We played a few games of pool (there are 2 tables) and some of our favorite music on the AMI juke box. The photo boot and darts boards were cool and are probably well used on busy nights.

Review №6

Found this place by accident. But loved it ever since. They have good good and the Bartenders are really nice. But the main thing they have are two pool tables and they arent too shabby. The star wars theme is an awesome idea I thought never seen anything like it.

Review №7

First off let me say this place went above and beyond for us tonight. We arrived with a party of 10+ shortly after they closed the kitchen. We were really hoping to get food with our night. The owner approached us and opened the kitchen back and served us all. This really made our night! We had a ton of fun singing some songs and drinking. Thank you so much for your above and beyond customer service ! We'll definitely be back very soon!

Review №8

It's a very cool place to visit. I like all the star wars memorabilia it's fun. The drinks are not cheap and the special mixed drinks are way too sweet for my taste and contain low amounts of alcohol for the price. This would be a placed I'd go back to if three drink prices were lower. I don't much care to spend 10 dollars on one shot of booze and a bunch of sugary synthetic fruit juices.

Review №9

Beers good, food's good, and its star wars themed. What else do you want? The line for karaoke night can get really long though. Signed up to sing one song and had to wait over an hour before it was our turn.

Review №10

Great tasting BBQ bacon burger! Fries were excellent too! Nest atmosphere with star wars themed interior. Cocktails are star wars themed. Will be coming back

Review №11

We attended a privately hosted Harry Potter Trivia event here. The bar staff were fully on-board with the event, even creating some custom cocktails in the theme. Three different Harry Potter movies were playing on the televisions around the bar. Overall it was a really positive experience, although the kitchen was a bit overwhelmed with the number of orders, and the bar was short 1 staff member. Despite this, the staff were able to stay on top of drinks orders and kept up high spirits!The whole venue is richly decorated with Star Wars merchandise and memorabilia, which is seriously worth checking out, if you're a fan. If I lived closer, I'd be happy if this was my local.

Review №12

Came with a group outing -- love, love the decor and over all bar theme. I'd say the majority of the cocktails we loved. One cocktail was still good, but not what I expected. The bar and bathrooms are all a little divey, but not in the way where you fear some creep or tetanus. Just a kind of comfortable, low maintenance, "don't puke in the sink" kind of way

Review №13

Awesome set up they got here. Excellent, chill, positive crew, management (owners). I WAS greeted with smiling comforting faces and great energy and worm ethic. The facilities and kitchen was clean and well kept up. Nice and cool air conditioned bar and sitting area. Tables cleared and product stocked. Thanks you guys for well needed turn around moment for me. Thank u for welcoming me with open thoughts and arms. I am grateful!! - Jake J.

Review №14

Karaoke night is awesome, til you get kicked off the mic. This bar is really cool. I got a little tipsy one karaoke night (it's a bar), and purposely made a little feedback on purpose as I was really getting into the song. Unfortunately they didn't like that and I didn't get to finish the song. My fault, I think, oh well. Cool bar though. Check it out.

Review №15

They make good strong drinks and the food is good and the staff was very friendly

Review №16

Darth Vader cocktail will choke you clean out plus three karaoke is super fun

Review №17

The food is amazeballz!! Paul (the owner) is a super cool guy, always makes you feel welcomed at his bar. Travis is the best looking dude with a beard I know in a not gay way! All around great staff, great themed star wars bar. Don't miss out!

Review №18

Always fun and delightful place to go. The servers are a fun and enjoyable. The food is good too. Treat them well they'll treat you extremely well. Make sure to stand in the right place for drinks tho. Lol

Review №19

Went there with friends to view Picard.Despite a slight problem with th streaming everything was good. Had a beer from the tap; nice and cold went down real easy. Had the meatloaf sandwich without the spicy sauce; purty good, just a bit too many sweet onions, possibly due to the missing spicy sauce. Also had the clam chowder; nice, lotsa clams and thyme flavor, although a bit too much cheese for my liking. If I knew...next time hold the cheese.While program streaming, noise level was low; I could actually hear the show. However, after the show the noise level got rather loud. Did someone say Karaoke night? Music was so loud we couldn't hear each other talk, so, we left.This place does trivia night and I love 'em.That's the best time to go

Review №20

Had no idea this place was star wars themed, haha. But we loved it. Greasy bar food included. Not a place to go if your looking for a healthy meal, definitely a fun place to go to let loose and have fun. There's pool tables and karaoke sometimes. Parking lot in the back. Goat cheese burger was delicious!

Review №21

Found this place and fell in love. So happy to find a Star Wars bar in a strange town for my birthday. The bartender was so nice to us and we loved the arcade games and picture booth.

Review №22

Randomly found this place while looking for a place to get a drink and a little bit of food. Tuesday evening it was almost empty and had plenty of time to talk to the barista. She was cool, didn't get her name though. Drinks were great, ordered Darth Vader, stormtrooper, and lightsabers. Burgers were great! Wings were great! We will be stopping by next time we pass through San Jose for sure!! Fun Star Wars theme and collectibles everywhere made it stand out from the rest of your average bars you find.

Review №23

I love this place. The people are great ,really friendly. The staff is awesome. Great bar comfort food especially the chicken wings and the tater tots. And for the Sci-Fi fan, it's a Star Wars theme bar and grill so there is tons of Star Wars memorabilia everywhere. Come check it out

Review №24

Meatloaf melt was delicious after being re-made--the first was served room temperature. Drinks were okay. However, we couldn't leave fast enough when Karaoke song was full of F bombs and the C word at very high volume. The singer had told us this was his best song so we stayed specifically to hear it. Highly offensive.

Review №25

The owners are amazing, and habitually draw the greatest crowd! Everytime I go I have a great experience! This is my nerdy paradise that I wouldn't trade in for the world!

Review №26

7 Stars is an awesome place. The staff is great, very friendly and personable. I love coming here. The decòr is awesome, and the house specialty drinks are pretty good. If I was gonna call any bar "a home away from home", it'd be here.

Review №27

Bar food and the atmosphere at this place is excellent. cool place to meet and catch up with coworkers. the service was very friendly and attentive. i see why this place has a lot of great reviews.

Review №28

If you dont generally go to this area of town..i suggest going when it is still light out side.. dont get me wrong ..(the area is easier to get parking ..some in tje back!!!sshhhh!!!& less intimidating during the daytime...it is dark in there, but friendly!) its a great place ..people..food.pool..darts..trivia..and of course..signature drinks...for what? STAR WARS FANS..even trivia night.

Review №29

Had a wonderful reception for my son's Star Wars wedding.

Review №30

Good prices, and if you're a Star Wars fan you'll love this place

Review №31

Good trivia on Monday night and excellent bar food. Highly recommend anything from the kitchen. Drinks are good too, many unique homemade cocktails.

Review №32

Great food. best gay bar in san jose

Review №33

7 Stars Bar & Grill awesome bar with food and yummy drinks. best gay bar in south bay =) many trans on friday nights

Review №34

7 stars is the kind of place you go to when you need to take a little break from your day and relax.Nice people work here, they have tasty treats & fancy drinks! Do yourself a favor check this place out.

Review №35

A star wars bar? in san jose? with karaoke? and a grill? the least divey dive-bar I've been to. every inch of this place brings nostalgia to the OG trilogy fans and excitement to the new disneyesqe trilogy peeps. food is American with a slight SW twist. could use some more clever names for some foods. their specialty drink list is themed appropriately. wishing there was some lime slices next to my berry garnish to complete the Tie-in. The SW collection adorning the walls is impressive ; most impressive. could use a pair of Battle Pods for some arcade action. Is SW not your bag? fear not. other sci-fi movies play on the screens, and trivia night is star trek themed this month. if scifi makes you cringe steer clear of these 7 stars. this place is a safe-haven for nerds and geeks who like their drinks strong and their quips about JJ Abrams flared.

Review №36

Gotta love a local nerd bar. Good drinks, good food, good service and some awesome decor. Thanks for the great night guys!

Review №37

Many good quality cocktails and high quality foods. Highly recommended. Good owner and friendly environment.

Review №38

It's a cool place to chill out,hear music,and watch the tube but the evening I was ther unfortunately the food service never showed up so I had to leave extra hungry. Will return to try the food because some food items sounded good.

Review №39

Good drinks with good kick back people great karaoke on Friday

Review №40

Funky. Friendly crowd.Tasty bar food. Needs a wider selection of beer on tap.

Review №41

I came for buffalo wings, and was told there were only 6 left after I paid for my order. They let me sub chicken tenders (after asking) for the remaining wings. The six dollar "basket" of tater tots was actually just 10 tater tots on the side of my wings. $32 for chicken wings, tater tots and a beer.

Review №42

Bar food and service at this place is great. Got there near six, it wasn't packed at all.

Review №43

Great drinks, and staff! The music is great too.

Review №44

Love this place. great food . awesome theme. packed all week long. lgbt trans gay friendly

Review №45

Somewhat divey and seemingly comfortable place. I had no complaints until I tried to pay my tab.They're working over customers for $42/pitcher for pliny the ELDER (not the younger). Fourty-two dollars. One pitcher I don't even recall ordering. No warning on the price either when you order it.I'm never coming back after I got that tab. Plenty of places to drink and sing that won't grossly overcharge you for beer. That's almost a dollar per fluid ounce, and no pitcher discount. That's an $8 beer, not a $13 beer.As a bay area first, this is the first bar tab that completely ruined my night. Congrats 7 Stars grill and it's campy Star wars props on disappointing me to this level. Absolutely ridiculous level of greed.

Review №46

Had a little too much fun there. Staff is efficient as it can get busy.

Review №47

Good Food and just love the Star Wars theme of the place.

Review №48

I always enjoy a visit to 7 Stars! The staff are friendly and the ambiance isn't snobby. This is a place to enjoy a drink, watch a cool movie and celebrate fandom. Hell yes!

Review №49

One of my fav locations for quality Bar food. cool place to meet and catch up with coworkers. i will be bringing friends next time. the bill was fair for the quality of food. food is like a place in baltimore i loved.

Review №50

Lots of fun, bartender was very attractive. Place is full of Star Wars loot. Two pool tables, darts and pretty decent grill. Had a great time here!

Review №51

Place has so much character and great employees and a good vibe.

Review №52

Great bar, really friendly. Game of Thrones. Constant Star Wars in the background to fuel conversations not necessarily related to Star Wars.

Review №53

Great atmosphere! Karaoke on Fri and Sat. Bummer they close at midnight. Will definitely return!

Review №54

I got a kylo ren which i dont honestly remember what was in it but it good and thats what matters. Staff was really nice and friendly. Decor is awesome we were geeking out. We were there the night infinity wars came out and they were playing different marvel movies on 4 tvs. It was great. Food was good but a bit pricey, thats expected at a bar though.

Review №55

1st time here, cool spot to hang out and listen to Karaoke. They also have a pool table and serve food.

Review №56

A nice themed place to enjoy yourself, solo or with company. I liked the blue milk and the food.

Review №57

A good friend of mine had her 30th bday here. Pretty cool spot .

Review №58

This place is amazing. The owners Paul and Marya are so welcoming. If your looking for your bar, the one you are considered a "regular" at, this is your place. Amazing beer selection, with rotating craft taps, great food and a nerdy ambience. Just go ready!!

Review №59

The owner, the manager, and the bar staff here are great. They don't tolerate sexual harassment nor touching people without their permission. If you speak up about it at all they're with you. *They say this is a safe zone for anyone of any gender, so live and let live.*

Review №60

Great atmosphere and drinks. A bit loud, but the crowd were chill. Not trendy in a good way. Awesome decorations. Staff was friendly and competent. LGBTQQI friendly.

Review №61

Been here a few times. The draft selection is absolutely great and they take card which isn't common in the area. Pool table and equipment is well maintained. Not a HUGE Star Wars fan, but feel like the theme could be better placed or make for a better Star Wars vibe. Service is ok, but geared towards the regulars. Haven't tried the food.

Review №62

Good drinks, surprisingly good food, and an owner that's super attentive and caring when people have too much or look like they might have trouble. Come for the drinks and geeky ambiance, stay for the people

Review №63

Great Star Wars themed bar! It's low key and super funky.

Review №64

Star wars themed Bar and grill, it's a must see and the crowd at this place is so cool, highly recommend!

Review №65

Great vibe and excellent service!

Review №66

The best geek bar in the South Bay!

Review №67

Drinks were expensive (normal for downtown). Awesome environment, very diverse and welcoming. Fun place to hang out with lots of entertainment. The karaoke dj will even find you death metal songs to do which is new and very exciting for me.

Review №68

No fuss karaoke bar. Clean, spacious, good drinks.

Review №69

Nice young crowd. Employees were gracious. Pool table and occassional trivia games make it a fun place to go with friends and the cheesburgers are worth every penny.

Review №70

I'm not a huge star wars fan or a karaoke fan, but Ive been here a couple times for friends birthdays etc and I was impressed by how much fun it was! The staff clearly cares about making their birthday people feel special. The DJ was great and karaoke was surprisingly good.I love how they will allow you to make 'signature drinks' for your event. Also a big thank you to the bartenders. I'm actually pregnant right now and they had no problem making me some of the signature drinks without alcohol. Considering I was completely sober and still had a great time, that's a good sign for a nice bar.The only downside was the smell. My pregnancy nose is pretty sensitive right now, but there was a pretty bad odor going on later in the night that made it a little less enjoyable.

Review №71

These folks at least _try_ to make a bar work for people who aren't in that "yelling uncontrollably at each other" mode of drunkenness.Plus, it has a pool table, and for those who prefer the aforementioned "yelling uncontrollably" mode, there's always Karaoke night.

Review №72

Love all the Star wars memorabilia and decor!

Review №73

Awesome spot .. On of the best in San Jose CA baby

Review №74

Great place! Amazing owners. Their star wars cocktails are to die for and the grilled cheese is my favorite

Review №75

It's a star wars themed bar with a great staff. Not much else needs to be said.P.S. I was not taken by Jesus

Review №76

Karaoke is fun, but the singer rotation isn't really managed in a way to be fair to all singers. Drinks are good and not too pricey, and the tvs are always showing cool movies!

Review №77

My second time to this bar celebrated the imenent wedding of two desert friends. I had brought some celebratory pie, and was lacking plates to serve the celebrants. The folks running the bar found me plates, forks and a knife to cut the pie with. All that desired we're pious and the drinks were great to boot.Fun Star Wars vibe and drinks, juke box app reauired Advanced Technological Sync to work, so be prepared to hum a few bars...sometimes to yourself. Some nights there is karaoke, and it is pretty choice. On a previous visit, I saw a person rap eminem at peer with the original slim shady, so I never know what might happen. This party was full of love and friendship, and the helpful 7 Stars staff saved the day!

Review №78

The service was nice and the drinks were delicious

Review №79

I live less than 3 blocks away but haven't come before this week... what a mistake. Great friendly staff. Brandi was good convo, fast with and served strong drinks. The food was decent too. They take credit card.

Review №80

I can't believe I've never done a review.Bar owners here most timesBartenders and everyone who works here are amazing people2 Pool tablesDartsKaraoke on Friday and Saturday starting at 8 PM.Special trivia once a month on a WednesdayWeekly trivia on mondays at 8 PMRotating beersStar wars decor galore

Review №81

Great people, great drinks, great food, and the best theme.

Review №82

Smelled bad...for sure low level even for dive bar

Review №83

As far as atmosphere goes, you couldn't ask for more. A drinking geek's paradise. Some really tasty and creative cocktails as well.

Review №84

Great place to come have a drink meet some great people, all the bartenders are great and the kitchen makes great food.

Review №85

It would be popular, if they actually tried.

Review №86

Custom mixed drinks. I enjoyed a Chicago hot dog. There is a lot of Star Wars props.

Review №87

This is a dive bar if ever I've been to one. Only difference is the theme isn't entirely depression loneliness and alcohol.Seems like they just put a coat of black paint over that and then hung Star Wars paraphernalia all around.It's not a bad thing if that's what you're looking for but cheesy drinks and mediocre-at-best food makes this a fun one nighter but I probably won't ever go back.

Review №88

If this was able to be rated on a 1-5 star rating I would totally give this place 7 stars. The people at this bar are nice, the bartenders are friendly; and it has a local crowd who just have a feel of the Bay area scene. They go out of the way to make you feel right at home. Their food is good and the drinks are always served quickly; plus you don't want to miss their trivia night. Great bar, great people, great drinks!

Review №89

Stopped in for their Monday Trivia night. It was AWESOME. Expected a grimy dive, but it was very cool inside. Star Wars action figures around. Walking dead on one TV, Sports on two others, and the live trivia show on 3 other TVs.Service was great. They did drink specials each round of Trivia and had fun music playing in the background.Will definitely be back.I had a good ole bacon cheeseburger plus guac with sweet potato fries. It was excellent. Beer selection was very good for it not being a beer snobby type of place.

Review №90

The sewage smell that permeates. Please address it.

Review №91

Drinks were good and the decor was great. It's no hive of scum and villainy, but it's a pretty good little v cantina.

Review №92

This place been my third home. Lowkey, chilled and Star Wars theme!

Review №93

Smelled like cat pee...Terrible serviceLast weekend my girlfriend and I walked in looking to have a pitcher or two of beer and a late lunch. When we walked in we were both hit with this awful smell. This bar absolutely stinks! We thought we'd at least grab a drink and try to ignore the smell. After sitting at the bar for 5 minutes, we still hadn't been greeted or helped by the bartender who was aimlessly standing there. There is no reason we shouldn't have been acknowledged considering there were only three other patrons in this horrid place.

Review №94

Fantastic fandom/sci-fi bar with a definite Star Wars influence. Great selection of craft beers and premium spirits with a Star Wars themed drink menu. They also have a great pub-style food menu that includes tasty options like burgers, wings, nachos, fries, hot dogs, and much more. They recently added a healthy eating section to the menu that features minimally processed, house-made selections like hummus, protein style lamb burger, and warm roasted nuts. 7 Stars is also a great location for birthday parties and events. They offer custom themed drink menus, roped-off reserved seating, and karaoke & DJ services on weekends. Most importantly they are a designated Safe Zone for the LGBTQI community, so there's always a great mix of friendly people from all walks of life.

Review №95

The pictures make this place look awesome but it's really just a depressing bar with star wars memorabilia tacked to the wall. The food was tolerable.

Review №96

Great place!!! Suprises on every surface.

Review №97

Fun atmosphere, bartenders are really nice and friendly. Awesome decor with the figurines and cutouts all over, and the overall feel is comfortable. Music gets a bit loud later in the night. Nerdssss. :)

Review №98

Great Star Wars themed bar. It's a bit of a dive in a neighborhood surrounded by strip clubs and sex shops but the service was quick and friendly, and the patronage was quite friendly as well. We will definitely be back here again soon.

Review №99

If you are a Star Wars fan in the Santa Clara area you NEED to check this place out. Fairly priced drinks, pool tables, and more Star Wars memorabilia than I have ever seen! I feel lucky to have chanced into this bar. I hope I can make it back soon.

Review №100

Star Wars theming is neat. Good selection of food and drink. Karaoke is available. Prices a bit high.

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:398 S Bascom Ave, San Jose, CA 95128, United States
  • Site:http://www.7starsbar.com/
  • Phone:+1 408-292-7827
  • American restaurant
  • Bar & grill
  • Bar
  • Hamburger restaurant
  • Karaoke bar
  • Lounge
Working hours
  • Monday:Closed
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:12–8PM
  • Thursday:12–8PM
  • Friday:12–8PM
  • Saturday:12–8PM
  • Sunday:Closed
Service options
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Dine-in:No
  • Bar games:Yes
  • Karaoke:Yes
  • Trivia night:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Transgender safespace:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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