A&W Restaurant
3144 S Bascom Ave, San Jose, CA 95124, United States
Review №1

Hot and crispy onion rings, yummy!

Review №2

What an amazing dinner. The food was delicious. The presentation of the dishes superb! The time between the dishes, the wines recommended and the service of everyone working there was all perfect.

Review №3

Papa burger meal is very tasty. You can buy one get one free one Tuesday's.

Review №4

Food was good. None of their doors were unlocked, even where the sign said "enter here". It was like they did not want any business. Really sad

Review №5

Ordered 4 items. Asked the cashier to confirm the order 3 separate times, and he did not repeat the order to me, just told me it was all there. 25 minutes later I get my order. One item was incredibly overcooked (kids corn dog order for my daughter) and the main sandwich I ordered for myself was entirely missing. Also, as the picture I included shows, the employees at this location don't even take the time to write out this corporate board (which is supposed to be updated every shift). Long line, ridiculous wait time for fast food, and poor, unprofessional service from disinterested employees.

Review №6

Chicken was semi warm and super greasy.

Review №7

Great service papa burgers delicious root beer mugs are classic

Review №8

Management is very rude and doesnt train her staff well... I

Review №9

Avoid the BBQ chicken wings! Should of ordered a burger instead!

Review №10

I often take my friends to this place with my highest recommendations. I go to this restaurant often. This recommendation is always successful. The the food there is flavorable and the stuff is efficient and cooperative. Whenever we eat in this place we enjoy a cheerful time. warmly recommended.

Review №11

Had the bacon burger the fries were a little over salt it the burger was okay no outside dining so you got to eat in your car

Review №12

I like this A&W because it is also a KFC. I can get a mix of bothenus and the cheese curds are the best in the area.

Review №13

Love the shakes

Review №14

The eating area could be cleaned more frequently. Love for pick up, the Buy one Get One free Papa Burger Meal on Tuesdays.

Review №15

Well, A&W has always been a favorite of mine, but, since the kfc merge with A&W, i guess it doesnt matter where the chicken is fried, it is always greasy. But the employees should be informed that the thigh and breast are completely different from one another.

Review №16

Workers were nice. Helpful. I never go here, but my 3 yr old Grandson wanted the minni cone. I didnt have a clue what to order for a meal. He was nice and even directed me to a coupon. I'll go back for that kind of customer service.

Review №17

Love the cheese curds! Oh and of course the root beer freezes.

Review №18

This A&W / KFC is a little slow, but it always gets my order right and that's why I keep going back. Not to mention that the Buy one/ get one Papa Burger on Tuesday is a great deal and the Root Beer is always on point. I'm glad this A&W is still around. The KFC food is good too, but I usually come only for Rootbeer floats and the Papa Burgers. YUMMY !

Review №19

Beats any burger restaurant I've been to when it comes to quality, quantity and price. Go if you want to find happiness ^_^

Review №20

Nice place. I was surprised there was no drive in! But the food is great and the customer service was very friendly. I intend on coming back.I ordered the 12 piece bucket of original chicken, all dark meat, and it was delicious.

Review №21

The fries were pretty good, like any other fries. It was hot and fresh

Review №22

Big papa burgers are great this place is awesome.

Review №23

The food is always good in the Customer service is always on point

Review №24

Fast service

Review №25

Went for breakfast. Loved the O'brien potatoes. Looking forward to trying lunch and dinner.Happy to be able to get a good meal close to

Review №26

Burger are decent if Patty's were warm or hot, cheese didnt melt at all, was cold

Review №27

The visit before was awesome. Last time not so much!

Review №28

I go there to attempt to get a taste of my childhood with a frosty mug of root beer and onion rings. The root beer is close to what I remember, the onion rings are fried from frozen and not close at all. Otherwise it's fast food and acceptable.

Review №29

Love A&W root beer. Reasonable priced with excellent quality

Review №30

The burgers really weren't that great. The fries were delicious though and root beer floats were as expected. The guy serving us at the counter was also friendly and helpful.

Review №31

I love root beer floats and this place makes good ones.

Review №32

Nice clean location. Cheese curds are awesome

Review №33

All I can say is there's a Kentucky fried chicken at this location. That allows for various options. The staff and location are pleasant food was good on A&W side of restaurant. Nothing stood out.

Review №34

3-wall Handball courts

Review №35

Food was as expected. The waiting was much too long.

Review №36

Remember every Tuesday bogo A.W burger buy 1get 1 free. If you want to save a couple bucks.

Review №37

Cheese curds and root beer floats are the unique products here when compared with other burger places. Everything else seems to be similar to other burger places.

Review №38

Came on free float day. Super busy but the staff held it down.

Review №39

Beyond burger (plant based) has arrived! Yummy

Review №40

The A&W soda here is amazing, so delicious, always fresh. The papa burger buy one get one on Tuesdays is a great deal. Staff is super nice as well

Review №41

Got chicken and tasty as usual with mashed potatoes and biscuit.

Review №42

Good 2pcs chicken meal right price

Review №43

5 Stars for accepting Samsung pay. Thank you guys.

Review №44

Food is fine. The root beer is no longer "made fresh" on site, but is dispensed with the other sodas. False advertising? You can tell it's just the syrup mix, not brew.

Review №45

Food and service as expected.

Review №46

Love their Papa burgers and fries. Chris and Michael are always friendly and helpful. I don't know the managers name but she is always spot on target with the orders, we always have special orders. Clean, friendly, quick and good taste for the money.

Review №47

It's good, not the best, not the worst, root beer is threw soda machine (boo) food is ok. Service is great!

Review №48

This is a KFC and A & W combination restaurant. On Tuesdays they have a buy a Papa Burger combo get one Free. Not the best burger but a good value. KFC has the $5 Value Meals. I had the best juiciest, plump, greasy (in a good way!) $5 Original Breast Value Meal here. It's not always like that, but it did happen.

Review №49

Went in at lunch time promptly orderd took 20 min for food. Buger was hot frys were warm. No longer frosted glasses. Aw root beer was still good. Tables were dirty. Bathroom needed service.

Review №50

Service was good. Employees was nice. Food is Deeelicious.

Review №51

Well lol and behold, stopped here for a quick meal and ordered the papa burger combo with onion rings and a side of wings because there's a KFC here as well.I give 2 stars because the cashier wasn't very pleasant, wouldn't even look me in the eye when he took order. And didn't offer me a receipt.With that said the Papa burger was ok Fosters Freeze around the corner 1000 times better, onion rings were tasty though.Now for the wings you would think because this is also a KFC they would get them right not so, wings were dried out and not even hot ( temp wise ) so would I recommend this place in short NO.Service should be pleasant I mean that's a customers first impression about an establishment.I get it he's stuck in some dead end thankless job because he was too busy hanging with his buddies in H.S. To get a proper education so this is what he was able to take due to lack of an education.Heads up Dude no ones fault but your own, try City College for a better education and future employment opportunities.Also as with other reviews, restaurant was cold inside and tables were dirty as well as water or spills throughout the restaurants floor.

Review №52

Well it was actually a KFC/A&W. A&W is long gone but this is all we got and the toot beer is still good. Also ask for a cold mug they give you a chilled glass mug.

Review №53

Very good and easy for you to make it for the family dinner and party and you'll enjoy your meal

Review №54

Good ice creams and burgers

Review №55

Does not honor advertised specials seen on TV

Review №56

Food is what I expected. Was easy to get something for everyone since this is an A&W and KFC. It could've been cleaner and I didn't see anyone come out to clean while we were there. The furniture/upholstery is visibly old/used. We had to go back twice for things that were missing from our order - didn't go back for the third thing we realized was missing.

Review №57

Food was barely OK, dirty and smelly for some reason. Looked like they were training new people which is OK, but wasn't a good experience.

Review №58

This is a KFC/A&W. It's ok, looks like you can't get A&W root beer anymore. Only for shakes the guy says.

Review №59

Papa Burger Tuesday is the best

Review №60

I go there because it's A&W + KFC. And just in case u didn't know A&W r celebrating their 100th anniversary.

Review №61

Friendly staff, food was prepared quickly, and tasted good! Also has a KFC attached.

Review №62

A little understaffed the day I visited. And extra crispy was overly cooked

Review №63

Has the hamburger hamburger joint like in the passe nothing like that the food don't taste as good as it did back in the day

Review №64

I did not hate the place

Review №65

Reasonable for the price. The root beer tastes like it's made from real sugar, not high fructose corn syrup.

Review №66

We love to go on Tuesday when they have the Papa Burger special. 2 for the price of 1. Papa burger, fries and a drink.

Review №67

I would give this place a negative 5 . Bathroom looked disgusting and unclean, I just left the place.

Review №68

New and used guitars. Responsive staff. Wide assortment.

Review №69

Place smelled like a dirty mop bucket mixed with a greese trap that had not been cleaned in over a month. Hotdog looked like an asteroid! Returned for refund. Never going back

Review №70

A&W is fire!! I wish they were like those bigger fast food chains that have a place every couple miles or so from each Other I.E. McDonalds, Jack. Or at least mix every KFC and/or Taco Bell with A&W cause then those franchises would make bank!!

Review №71

First off nobody at register. One girl washing tables and another guy drinking a soda behind the counter, but nobody helping like 6 people in line. Finally she says something to him and he comes, but that wasn't until I said something. Then we get our cups and no root beer and nobody replaces it. Bathrooms stunk like bad mold and who knows what else. My burger tasted like they poured a ton of salt on one end of it.. Never again will I go to this location.. Very bad!!

Review №72

The didn't have the keg of root beer last time I was there. That was why I used to come here. Now its more for the KFC chicken options. Good burgers, but there are better in my opinion.

Review №73

Awesome food and customer service.

Review №74

Upside: good food, friendly staff. Downside: sewage smelling restrooms.

Review №75

Cant get enough root beer freezes

Review №76

It was good

Review №77

Always so very friendly, and food is served hot and we never have to wait very long.

Review №78

Took forever to get our food but it was hot and fresh

Review №79

I eat here often. It's cheap and filling and the Diet Root beer is awesome.

Review №80

Third time in a row this store did not have chicken ready and asks to substitute or wait 15-35 minutes. It was about 15-20 minutes this time. Btw, the registers were not overly busy. Also, the portion sizes of chicken and sides are aproaching theft. Sorry, no longer a place to go without a serious discount. You should monitor this store closely.

Review №81

Busy during normal meal times but a quick and efficient staff keeps things moving along. Great daily specials!

Review №82

I love the milkshakes

Review №83

Always understaffed. Tables always dirty. Love the food though. That's what keeps me coming back. You gotta love the food to deal with poor service. Open more restaurants in the bay please.

Review №84

Friendly guy at counter, good food

Review №85

Ok foodSometimes hard to park in the lotStaff can be slow at timesI really do like the root beer floats

Review №86

I appreciate this A&W and KFC location for its food variety, along with patient professional employees!!

Review №87

Dinning room was freezing and tables were dirty. They were not busy at all. Even the cashier was wearing a heavy sweatshirt and kept her hands in her pockets as much as possible. We will never go back

Review №88

Always wanted to go, was everything I thought it would be

Review №89

Foods ok I just come here for KFC and a ice cold mug of A&W

Review №90

Good food, great service, and really rancid dumpster since it is so close to restaurant it is overwhelming. Not much you can do about it but, for those with a sensitive sense of smell you might want to avoid.

Review №91

My daughter and I came here on a Tuesday at 6 p.m. there was a long line waiting we ordered and tried to get soft drinks but they were all spraying foam except the root beer. So diet root beer it was and it was quite good. Our food arrived and my A&W Burger was quite good. But my daughters popcorn chicken was Dreadful period most pieces did not even contain chicken but we're just fried flour. Gross! The tables were all dirty and the restaurant was freezing cold inside not welcoming at all. We will not be back as one of the meals they gave us was not even really food! The people who work there however were quite nice. A manager looking lady person stuck their head out of the kitchen area once in the hour we spent there and then went back to whatever they were doing instead of running the restaurant. It really appears as if the manager should be fired and standard should be put in place that Ensure really good food comes out of the kitchen

Review №92

Great food and service !

Review №93

The root beer floats are good, the place could be a lil cleaner though.

Review №94

The new updates have made KFC/A&W a must visit on Bascom Avenue!! 5 Star!!

Review №95

Service is absolutely horrible I am waiting in line now. When I get here there was only one person in front of me. 8 mins later and there is still 1 person in front of me.It is the day before the Fourth of July but still if you are open you should have decent service this is pathetic

Review №96

Good enough,KFC and A+W

Review №97

The service is good and the food is well priced. I have a weakness for the frosted mug floats.

Review №98

Good food great deal Tuesday, 2 double patties cheese tomato sliced onion 2 fries 2 chili dogs and to Frosty A&W root beers! All for $10.96 WOW

Review №99

We all ordered hamburgers, one of the hamburgers that my seven-year-old grandson had had curly gray hair in it the Buns literally fell apart from being old and dry reordered fresh french fries because we thought they were stale. the new ones that they cook for us we're stale too so it's obviously the brand name of the frys I'll never eat there again ever!

Review №100

I found out you can get a refill of a root beer float for 30 cents! Not a bad price, a real bargain. Fountain drinks are free.

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  • Kids' menu:Yes
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  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
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