Five Guys
5353 Almaden Expy, San Jose, CA 95118, United States
Review №1

(5 stars for food, 1 for customer care) So I went in yesterday to order a take-out and was surprised that the staff was not wearing masks. I realize it's not a requirement but if someone is preparing food, I sure as heck expect them to have a mask. I asked the nice cashier and he said that management wasn't requiring it unless the govt. makes it mandatory. I offered to make some for them. I could see others employees listening, but got the impression management didn't care. And then, as I was waiting, someone came in with their receipt because the order was wrong. The guy putting the orders together took the receipt from his hands, looked it over, and then continued to put orders together without changing his gloves. Until they get more conscientious about their protective gear, I won't be going back. That really saddens me as they have the best burgers and fries around. Hope they read this and take it to heart. ps-still willing to provide masks.

Review №2

Have you ever been to a Five Guys and were like, “meh....”?That is absolutely NOT this place. I was greeted and treated quite pleasantly. Nearing the end of their shift, everyone was happy and bursting with energy! Concerning the food, GOD DAMN, best Five Guys burger I have ever had (EVER).

Review №3

When we crave a simple fast burger this is the one, nothing even comes close. Their Cajun fries are to die for.

Review №4

I used to be in love with five guys! You'd walk in, and everybody was so cheerful. You file past the boxes and boxes of peanuts. In front, you had the boxes of potatoes. The whole atmosphere was fresh and fun.This time around, not so fresh and fun!The potato boxes are gone The peanuts, they have moved up front to the register (so that you don't take extra peanuts with you). The actual peanuts are smaller and broken for the most part!I ordered the typical bacon cheeseburger, double, all the way with raw onions instead of the grilled onions.I continued with two hot dogs all the way, and fries and sodas.I'm not sure if it was the whole change of the atmosphere that had thrown the food off, or if it's actually the food that had not performed to previous standards!Regardless it was off. Off enough that I'm writing this review.So, instead of my usual five stars for this place, I give five guys a four star review and I think it really should be a three stars! But since I love this place so much I'm going to go ahead and give it to four stars.

Review №5

Can actually taste the meat, not just sauce and lettuce like most other burger places. The strawberry & banana milkshake was the best I've had since I was a kid and ate ate the Pontiac Grill that used to be in Santa Cruz California.

Review №6

This restaurant is fantastic and broad, the menu was delicious and the prices were very affordable. quick, productive service and very amiable staff. I recommend this place.

Review №7

Clearly the best burgers in town! Especially, since In-N-Out has become the new McDonald's. The burgers are really juicy and they are offering a good variety of customization options. I also love their Cajun fries, but some folks might consider them too spicy. If you haven't checked out Five Guys yet, you should really give them a try. Enjoy!

Review №8

Good fast service and attentive to details. Ordered my food just like I like it and they brought it just like that. Something to be said for getting it right the first time. Great service

Review №9

First of all these burgers are just good old fashion delicious!I feel like they taste when your uncle would cook and you couldn't wait to get your hands on them Hot Dogs and Burgers when you where a kid cause you knew just going to be delicious!Would have got a 5 but they needed to keep dinninh room and restrooms a little cleaner despite being busy!!Pet Peeves of mine!

Review №10

Not a lot of other stores around, ample parking. Fast service

Review №11

This particular establishment is never as packed as their other locations.The burgers were great. Fries however be loaded with salt-- I mean, who really eats fries like that? Their employees are mostly teenage kids, so it's all good. I wish them all the best in finding and establishing themselves!Cheers

Review №12

One of my main spots to grab something to eat. excellent location, neat, and excellent service. Keep it up!

Review №13

First time visit at 5 guys today. Heard a lot about and had might higher expectations. Food was NOT good at all and is comparable to McDonald's, not more! Very disappointed. Fries have been very soggy and greasy and you can tell that they were sitting longer than 20 minutes already. Burgers are absolutely overpriced for what you get. Didn't taste fresh at all, like they advertise everywhere. And they forgot the onions i ordered on the little burger. No kids meals, didn't like that either. If i want fresh fries and a good burger i prefer going to Mooyah burger Los Gatos. The only reason why i give 2 stars is the very friendly stuff! My cashier Shelby was amazing, what i unfortunately can't say about the food.

Review №14

Great burger, great price and great attitude. We loved the too

Review №15

I used to avoid going to 5guys because there were always peanut shells everywhere. I appreciate the innovation of it as an option, however, I don't like the smell of crushed peanuts so I wouldn't go.Recently however, my friend dragged me here and I'm glad he did. There weren't peanuts everywhere and the burger and ESPECIALLY the Cajun fries were delicious. I would now come back to 5 guys any time I'm craving a "fast" food burger

Review №16

I always love a good five guys! Their little bacon cheeseburger never disappoints and their Cajun fries are just amazing. I would recommend this place to anyone who likes burgers and fries. They also have milkshakes(don't know if it's limited time) that have like 20 different flavors. Place is awesome and service is good and tables are relatively clean.

Review №17

I know a lot of people love this place but, for me, the burgers are not dense enough and two patties (a regular as opposed to the single patty little burger). This means a loss of flavor. The fries are good, though, and the shakes are excellent. And I LOVE the peanuts! All of which is why I'm giving this 4 stars rather than 2Not sure, maybe my condiment selection isn't great... Mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, and raw onion carries me thru everywhere else but here

Review №18

Cajun fries are gods gift to man. Their burgers are great too.

Review №19

Good burgers and I would give them 5 stars if it wasn't so cold in the place that it makes it hard to enjoy the meal.

Review №20

Burgers are great and made to order.The fries, although they give you so much of them, are hit or miss on quality.Great for a quick bite and want a step up from most fast burger joints.

Review №21

Great. burgers

Review №22

Way better than In and out. Burger's your way.

Review №23

My preferred location for tasty cheap food. went there on a saturday. the bill was well within reason for the quality. mood here is similar to fresno's scene.

Review №24

This location has great food and fast service and is very the restaurant is very well taken care of, which is welcomed. Also the staff is just great. I'll be back again the next time I'm in this area. Thanks for a good meal. Cheers!!

Review №25

The bacon cheeseburger is my favorite burger not named "Double Double". Its a tad pricey for a burger but it's well worth it to me. The fries are fresh and good! Free peanuts that are delicious. I fill my bag full of em and take em home. Their milkshakes are good also. A solid burger joint that offers hot dogs and good service to with it as well.

Review №26

Some of the best burgers, fries and shakes anywhere (oh, can't forget the peanuts). This one has Coke Freestyle, which for my non-Coke / caffeine liking self is a great thing (much more selection than just Coke, like Fanta, etc.). A little expensive, but I'll pay more for this level of awesome!

Review №27

Great burgers and fries. You can add a ton of toppings to your burger or hotdogs. And they are all free. The fries are super good. They have shakes that are really tasty as well. It is always clean inside and the staff is friendly. I like the double patty bacon cheese burger with A1 sauce and grilled onions the best.

Review №28

I love the burgers they are so good but the fries kind of taste like eggs

Review №29

Forget ordering To-go or or over the phone. I work in the same plaza next to this business daily. When I go I notice they do not pay attention to detail. They forgot to add jalapenos I asked for twice and today when I ordered to go they forgot about me and left me to ask for the food. Horrible when ur on a time schedule . I MEAN WHY EVEN HAVE TO GO CALL IN OPTION?

Review №30

Currently open for take out only.

Review №31

Five Guys has top notch burgers. And if you don't want a bun, you get it wrapped up in lettuce.

Review №32

First and last time coming here. I don't do greasy fries or greasy burgers.

Review №33

Great experience once again. Love the hustle in the kitchen.

Review №34

Casual environment, kid friendly. Pretty decent burgers and you can throw your peanut shells on the floor. Not a place to go for food if you are on a budget or trying to save money. A meal was almost$16 bucks. So, there ya go.

Review №35

Great burgers with all the toppings. Yum

Review №36

Great place for a burger with as many fixings on it as you like, plus free roasted peanuts to hold you over until the order is ready.

Review №37

My favorite five guys in San Jose. Love the fresh fries. Very friendly welcoming vibes.

Review №38

Very good food but also extra oily. The endless supply of peanuts and red/ white checkered walls give this place a very comfortable environment and the service is good. A little pricey though relative to other fast food shops.

Review №39

Great burgers. Lots of extras that you can have put on the burger without paying extra. Lots of fries and always hot. Great service

Review №40

Always great service, & friendly people there. Love that they give you extra fries with each order, & the peanuts are great also! Burgers with your toppings & extras, you can't beat that! I also love the fact that you can pick the shake flavors yourself. Try the Chocolate/ Banana, yummy, just wish it was a bigger size... Overall outstanding place to grab a burger, fries, & shake...

Review №41

Good burgers, fries. Lots of ways to customize your burger.

Review №42

Five Guys is a great place to eat when you're in the mood for a hamburger. They have great toppings to put on your hamburger such as mushrooms, grilled onions, cheese, bacon, etc. I am a huge fan of the quality of the food at Five Guys. Unfortunately Five Guys prices are pretty high so you have to be willing to part with fair amount of money to get their high quality food. Five Guys is busy but In-n-Out a few blocks away is extremely busy. On a Friday evening I think In-n-Out is not worth waiting for. Five guys got us in and out in a short period of time.

Review №43

Clean and quick service. One of the best fast food burgers in the area.

Review №44

Super friendly, clean, and the food is fast n fresh

Review №45

Quick service, standard five guys food quality (good), clean bathroom, easy to get parking even during lunch time

Review №46

Great quality hamburgers with like 25 topping options! Great shakes and soda selection. Also, very generous portions. For fries, they put the fries in a cup, and then put another huge scoop in the bag so you basically have a medium when you get a small. All in all, great food, great service, good music, and free salted peanuts. Yum!

Review №47

The burgers taste fresh and the fries are natural cut, which is good. One medium size fries can feed three people. I would and have gone back several times.

Review №48

Great customer service, half the order though was not done causing a delay in me delivering a doordash order timely.

Review №49

I'm usually a BIG fan of 5 Guys but Sunday, March 25 was not good. Little Bacon Burger had burnt, small chunks of bacon and the fries were very undercooked yet dark in color. Maybe the oil was too dirty. The cashier was not that familiar with the menu, needed more training. Almaden San Jose location gets 1 star today.

Review №50

Should be a 3 1/2. A step above the fast food burger joints.

Review №51

Five guys burgers see always fresh and cooked well too my liking. And all the toppings are included in the price so it's a great deal too we come here regularly and are never disappointed!

Review №52

Getting little pricey but great burger

Review №53

2ed time going here, quick service with a smile, and my burger and fries were awesome.

Review №54

It's five guys what's not to love best french fries ever

Review №55

They need to start carying gluten free burger buns from Canyon Bakehouse.

Review №56

Hamburgers are very good and you get a lot of fries with your meal.

Review №57

Excellant fresh fast food and amazing service. Friendly staff and the fries are so good!

Review №58

I got sick an hour after eating there, and felt horrible all day. I was shocked to say the least.

Review №59

I love the burgers and fries at Five Guys. They taste great and the prices are great too! Service was very quick and accurate.

Review №60

Took my husband here for his first time after taking him to In N Out for his first time. Hands down he chose five guys. The service is amazing and the food is delicious. The serving portion of fries is fabulous and I love being able to customize my own burger.

Review №61

I liked the bag your own peanuts be while you wait! Lovely dahling!!

Review №62

The staff here is absolutely great! They always get my order I think it's a little pricey but they are consistent. They have milkshakes now too, haven't had a chance to try one yet. Great customer service!!!

Review №63

Tasty burgers. You can customize them. They are on the higher price range and you do not get fries you have to order separate.

Review №64

Great burgers but the music is too loud makes visit not relaxing. Why is music so loud?

Review №65

Awesome burger

Review №66

The burger is extremely tasty. Don't forget the peanuts.

Review №67

Great love the hamburgers

Review №68

Fries are good and burgers are ok but small. They have lettuce wrap as an option but no gluten free bread.

Review №69

Love the burger in a bowl!

Review №70

My wife and I went to there around 6;30pmIt was not crowded . We ordered grilled cheeses withe the works and fries . The food was tasty and arrived fairly quick That staff was nice and friendly.

Review №71

Good hamburgers.

Review №72

Friendly staff good burger outstanding coffee shake.

Review №73

Great burgers and awesome peanuts. A little on the pricier side though.

Review №74

I don't like using plastic cups for water - so they gave me their paper cup they use for fries :)

Review №75

Good food, pretty clean restaurant. Love the free peanuts.

Review №76

Pretty good burgers!

Review №77

Fries with extra cajun.. awesome.. chocolate shake mind blowing.. free peanuts? priceless :)

Review №78

Great place to have a hamburger, Kind and courteous staff. And if you are a nut love there is plenty of peanuts...

Review №79

Love the custom burgers and really nice people working the cashiers

Review №80

Higher quality franchise Burger chain. The fresh meat, variety of toppings, real milkshakes, and tasty fries, make this establishment a cut above the usual fare. Near Trader Joe's and Costco off Blossom Hill.

Review №81

This is probably the biggest five guys have ever been in. You cannot beat those free peanuts they have. I'm not sure they have free Wi-Fi though. I think they do don't quote me.

Review №82

Oh my goodness! Best burger I have ever had, hands down!!!!

Review №83

Definitely trying to appeal more to people who want their food "fresh and clean" rather than people who want their food to be tasty. The burgers were kinda generic. If you're looking for some spicy and unique fries though, check this place out.

Review №84

Variety, quality, and delicious

Review №85

Little cheeseburger all the way + mushrooms + jalapenos and medium fries YOU WON'T REGRET IT.

Review №86

Great burger joint!!

Review №87

It was Ok if you prefer meaty burgers. Fries were excellent.

Review №88

Love there burgers, fries, and especially the shakes!

Review №89

Love having a delicious burger made MY way.

Review №90

One of my favorite burgers everything is fresh, meet, veggies and buns

Review №91

I always love me some quality burgers from Five Guys.

Review №92

A+ Food and Vibe, nothing more I can say !

Review №93

One of the best burgers I have ever had !

Review №94

Went to Five Guys and In-N-Out in the same day. Both are good. Five Guys fries are way better. Their burger is a little better. The bun is better at In-N-Out. Burger is better at Five Guys.

Review №95

Great burgers, they do need to get fresh peanuts though. Doh

Review №96

It was Great for our 1st time. Service was fast & friendly, They offer plenty of food and it tasted really good

Review №97

Fresh produce, top quality beef.

Review №98

Best burgers in town

Review №99

Love this place great hamburgers, friendly service.

Review №100

This place is great! The the cheese burgers are delicious with a lot of flavor. And you even get free peanuts!

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  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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