New Seasons Market
5667 Silver Creek Valley Rd, San Jose, CA 95138, United States

Review №1

Great selection of fresh and organic food and even health items like lotions. Beautiful baked items and fresh fruits. It is a bit pricey, but great quality and fun to shop nice liquor and wine section that seems reasonably priced. It's worth a stop

Review №2

Fresh bakery and they have the best banana cake i have ever eaten!!!! We go there for the pastry... they also have wine tasting events there... cut little store...

Review №3

They're selling good and fresh products at a very low rate. I bought all I need here and I was so happy for it was not too pricy. Even my mother liked this place. The sales lady who helped me was so kind as well. Highly recommended!

Review №4

The staff truly does lives up to the store motto of having the friendliest people in town. And they're also very knowledgeable and they don't mind helping each other out as well. They work together like a very well organized team.

Review №5

Great place!

Review №6

The bakery here is small, but most items are tasty and fresh made. The hand pies, marion berry and good. Also good is their famous moist banana cake and homemade cookies. Like their deli also. Lots of fresh choices to customize a sandwich with. Their roast beef both tri tip and regular..yum!

Review №7

This is our neighborhood store and we visit here every weekend for ionized water and fresh ginger, shrimp and chicken. the vegetables are always fresh especially tomatoes and onions. the hand picked cherries are good and comes up to a week. the quality of the chicken is very good here.this place is a bit pricey but totally worth it. it is a very clean and organized store with social distancing being followed. staffs are always kind and helping.

Review №8

Employees are super friendly. Kathy is awesome! They also do a great job with sanitizing everything to keep everyone healthy.

Review №9

The wine taste was so good! The staff was very welcoming, engaging, charismatic, and knowledgeable about the wines. I could see also that he was very professional and expert. The noise level was not too loud and the place was very clean and organized. It was strongly recommended to everyone here in our area!

Review №10

Great local store that feels exactly like that - decent selection, super friendly staff and medium-to-high prices.

Review №11

Great little market to shop. Employess are super friendly. Kathy is awesome! They also do a great job with sanitizing everything to keep everyone healthy.

Review №12

Expensive but good quality. Usually pretty empty. Good juice bar. Not much vegan in the bakery

Review №13

Great smaller grocery store. Right in the neighborhood. Good selection of food, beer, and wine.

Review №14

Its great knowing the food are mostly organic and they have healthy choices.

Review №15

It's a nice place ,clean not crowded at all, looks good inside and out ,the associates are eager to help

Review №16

Great produce, Great meat, nice little deli, great beer selection. They have wine too if that's your thing. And a friendly staff it's a pleasure to work with every single time.

Review №17

Small, but lots of space to see products for new customers. Good variety of supplies for a smaller store.Produce not as big as I had hoped.Pleasant clerk checked me out with a pleasant attitude.

Review №18

Smaller market. Bit pricey. Has unique and quality brands. However, when I went the last time their produce was a bit aged.

Review №19

My go to place, clean well stocked. One line so no checkout guessing. Very clean, frequent sanitizing going on. Pricing in line with full service butcher and deli.

Review №20

Quality of produce and all other products are simply the best. Great neighborhood market. 5 stars

Review №21

Great local grocery store with pretty much everything you are looking for. Has a hot prepared food section, good meat/fish counter, nice deli that can make sandwiches, some baked good and your normal groceries. There is an eating area inside and outside.

Review №22

Market is applying Covid 19 regs...always feel safe and appreciate the 10% senior discount no matter what time I shop

Review №23

Great selection, great service, reasonable prices.

Review №24

Great health food store. Awesome COVID-19 protection procedures in place.

Review №25

Very nice store with expensive stuff in it. Unfortunately for me it's too expensive it's more for rich people.

Review №26

Found what I was shopping for.Beautiful store, clean, organized, checkout was great

Review №27

I arrive in this parking lot at 7:30 AM November 15 2019. After grabbing my coffee from Starbucks next door I was sitting in my car enjoying my coffee for about 15 minutes waiting for my job site to open up to go to work. The security officer came up and harassed me asking me what was I doing there. After telling him that I was enjoying my coffee and waiting for my job site to open, he then told me that I cannot park in that plaza and that I needed to move my truck out of there or he will call the police on me. Little did he know I also called San Jose community service officer and made a police report with them about the harassment. This plaza and business have a lost valuable customers and I can assure you that 15 of my construction workers will never come to this plaza for coffee or lunch ever again. If the business owner of this plaza feel like I was in the wrong you can contact me anytime and review your security camera.

Review №28

This place legit has the best prepared Thanksgiving meals. For about $110 you can get a GLUTEN FREE package of ready-to-go turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, rolls, and mashed potatoes!!Love this market!

Review №29

Organic market much like Whole foods. Prices are at a higher end though. They also have a small food bar in evenings with soups.

Review №30

When i approached the checkout i paid for groceries but cashier never asked me if i was a member and input my phone number when i inquired about it, it was to late he said that sucks big time cus any amount for me would be helpful cus i don't shop here often

Review №31

Nice and always has what we need. A little pricey but what do you expect when you live in a great area!

Review №32

Best place in evergreen area for grocery shopping.. love the organic variety. They have good meat selection too.

Review №33

Best neighborhood market ever

Review №34

Clean, uncrowded, good selection, friendly helpful staff.

Review №35

One of the few small chain grocery stores still in our area. The store offers high quality products, it has a very nice butcher counter and very good produce. Only complaint is that the store is too small but we will continue to support it and maybe it will grow.

Review №36

This is a very nice health food store. It's enjoyable just to walk through the store and browse. The aisles are well stocked and organized. I especially like the produce section. Customer service and the overall shopping experience is very pleasant. Prices are higher than you would pay elsewhere, and parking can be challenging depending on the time of day.

Review №37

Love the prices real nice and clean great customer service new store..

Review №38

Trendy supermarket with name brand but also local products. Great vitamin/body care section.

Review №39

Love getting produce at New Seasons! They have pretty much all organic fruits and vegetables and they're reasonably priced. The store is new and clean, check out lines are generally pretty quick, and staff are sweet! Only thing is the parking lot close to the store isn't very big so when it's busy; finding a parking spot is hard.

Review №40

Always fresh, locally harvested and very tasty produce, plenty of organic food options and impressive variety of gourmet and hard to find healthy food, drinks, cosmetics... Very friendly and pleasant staff. Prices are on the high side, but fair as reflective of the quality of the products.

Review №41

Shop here everyday and can't even give me a mask since they've seen me wearing one previous day I come here almost every other day...

Review №42

So far so good

Review №43

Very good - but expensive - supermarket

Review №44

Good selection of groceries, mostly organic (aka pricey, a small box of blueberries cost about $6 ). Amazing and helpful staff!

Review №45

Super kind and helpful group of people. The usual natural food diggs. Not the best vegan selection at the hot bar, some good items. The best is their produce.

Review №46

Clean and great service

Review №47

Great local store with lots of organic products!

Review №48

Excellent. I ordered something special from the seafood department. They told me when it was due to arrive, took my name and # and when I picked it up it was there all ready to go. I was and am EXTREMELY pleased! Thank you.

Review №49

Overly expensive groceries and carry the same items as whole foods but marked up at least 30% more. They take advantage of being the only nearby organic grocery store. I would rather drive to whole foods to get my groceries at a much better price than this place.

Review №50

Lots of parking ,never wait in lines , allways stocked and clean, best grocery store on eastside!

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Review №52

New Seasons is an awesome "Whole Foods" style place that's located right next to our neighborhood. Literally only 2 min drive down my street. They have a large selection of high quality health and food products, which makes it real easy to find some of those really specific foods and supplements.The staff is always friendly and helpful. The entire environment is very clean and chill. I could spend hours checking out all the random food and products. They have a cooked food bar where you can fill up a plate or box to purchase by weight, along with a Sandwich bar to purchase sandwiches. They also have an amazing juice and smoothie bar, where they have my favorite Fire-something shot ;)Important note: Their homemade Banana Creme Cake from the bakery is ridiculously mindblowing...!!!! They only sell slices in-store. You gotta order 48 hours in advance for a full cake. It's that epic.Every so often, New Seasons holds events for the community where people are welcome to try free samples of food and WINE. Multiple types and samples as well. These guys really do a great job of getting people social and involved.New Seasons Market is the store to buy all your produce and health needs, especially if you live in the Evergreen area. It's seriously the perfect replacement for Whole Foods, because it has all the same products...and their signature banana cake!

Review №53

Great store quality products very helpful staff

Review №54

Deli items are good, fruits and fresh vegetables not as much.

Review №55

The food is very fresh .

Review №56

My favorite store by far! I love the staff, who are always so friendly and helpful. The produce is amazing, bakery is dangerous and the meat counter consistently has top quality product. Their pre-seasoned selections make meals a breeze. And the music they play takes me back to simpler times!!

Review №57

From organic fresh turmeric to multiple options of vegan cheese n yogurt I've replaced Whole Foods completely and successfully! Yay!!!!! Even whole body! And they email you ur receipt!!! Woohoo!

Review №58

A great source for some hard to find quality ingredients. For ingredients that can be found elsewhere, you will pay more here. Overall, you will spend more here than Whole Foods. However, with a smaller chain, they can source ingredients and producers that bigger chains cannot.

Review №59

The fruits and vegetables are very fresh

Review №60

Some of the produce is actually pretty cheap, and they're all pretty fresh. They carry some products I simply can't get at other stores, and the variety is just enough. Deli has good sandwiches, salad bar, and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember. It all looks good though. I'm usually not here cuz I'm too poor, but they got good quality and some good value.

Review №61

Great selection of organic foods, friendly staff, fair prices relative to the neighborhood it's in. It's a B Corporation meaning they're very transparent about their practices and sources. I wish there were more of these in Silicon Valley.

Review №62

Nice place to shop for whole foods. They even have a deli to shop for fresh cuts of deli meat.

Review №63

Expensive but great cashiers and produce is fresh

Review №64

I love this place! Wine tastings with cheese pairings on Friday's make shopping so much fun. Great selection of organics and other specialty foods and a good selection of the staples. Better prices then other specialty stores and super friendly service.

Review №65

Very good, conscious employees. Good food selection. Neat and clean.

Review №66

I live in Portland, OR and was really excited to hear about New Seasons opening in my hometown!I'm not sure but I believe they're affiliated but not exactly part of the same parent company. A lot of the same high quality products are offered here, and the store looks the same, but there are a few differences.I think the store is a bit on the small side and the customer service and knowledge of the staff in the Pacific Northwest is better.Exciting nonetheless!

Review №67

Good deli and weekly wine events right in the market. Gives it a small boutique feel. Market carries fair selection of product offering, mainly lesser known organic brands as well as limited national brands, for most foods.

Review №68

Lots of great choices here and extremely convenient.

Review №69

Good place to go if you got a lot of extra cash the Ribeyes that I got there were expensive and not as good as advertised for being naturally fed beef or whatever but I guess it's a good place

Review №70

Has a similar design to sprouts or a mini whole foods. Bakery/deli is clean and has a good selection of food.

Review №71

I wish I could give this store 5 stars. I like the fact that New Seasons supports local farmers/ranchers. Too much focus on Non-GMO for me. New construction in the center eliminated parking, making it difficult to find parking. New Seasons appears to have discontinued support of local charitable groups. Overall, still a good place to shop, and some of the negatives are getting their control, but they still impact the shopper.

Review №72

Pretty small grocery store. Plenty of gluten-, dairy-, and vegan-free products, but was expecting more organic fruit & veggie items available.

Review №73

Hidden gem in a evergreen neighborhood. Lots of great quality food.

Review №74

Went in just to get cash back which ended up being awesome because they have a limit of $100 and then decided to walk around and check it out it was pretty cool nice Cafe inside kinda pricey on groceries tho

Review №75

Great products but pricy

Review №76

I have been shopping here since late 2012 and back then they were known as New Leaf. The quality and variety of food is excellent. They have a superb selection of locally sourced food, much of their food is organic, hormone free and non-GMO. I have to remain 100% gluten-free and the variety of certified GF food here is rivaled only by Whole Foods. The store is always clean and in good shape, the staff are friendly and knowledgeable and I have built a relationship with the store over the years. When I was going through a major surgery and recovery, the staff would do all the shopping for me and pack everything up into bags with the weight per bag no more than a few pounds. Sometimes they do special orders for me, too. They also have a few different charity categories that you can donate your reusable bag refund to.Parking is a little limited during busy periods, but sufficient otherwise. There are 4 disabled parking spots, two near each entrance. The prices can be a bit hefty, so if you're on a budget then this might not be the best place to go. They're not big on major brands, which is my preference, but they do carry a few of them here and there.

Review №77

I ordered a green juice and there was legit pieces of cardboard in my drink. Another time i went, slipped on some water and the girl working laughed at me . I used to hold this place in high reguards but theyre just as average as any other place . Kinda over priced . Theyre really only good for their specialty items (what makes them b-corp certified) .

Review №78

Small grocery store, but most of what you need.. nice meat department.

Review №79

Great organic community Market. I go here weekly. There's barely ever a line. Customer service is great. If they don't have your stuff, just tell the staff and they will order it for you.

Review №80

Great selection and service. They have some products I can't find anywhere else in San Jose. Some prices seem a little high but you pay for quality and a really nice shopping experience. Great local business!

Review №81

I love everything about this market! The produce may cost a little more, but when you bite into one of their sweet and delicious strawberries, you wont mind a bit. They also have an awesome array of delicious cheeses, a fantastic olive bar, and just about the nicest staff you will ever meet.

Review №82

Great variety of organics and vegan food. Produce is top quality. Price is higher than Trader Joe's and Safeway but variety is a lot better. It's like mini Whole Foods.

Review №83

Great store, it's clean and spacious. The staff was friendly. They had the great selection of different products.

Review №84

Good shopping experience

Review №85

Definitely not a one stop shop. It's also more expensive than any other store. Stick to Farmer's Markets and Sprouts.

Review №86

Good small business no cellphone reception

Review №87

Worst customer service at the sandwich counter. The girl was super rude. My family and I went to the sandwich counter and were treated poorly. The counter person stood as far away from us at the deli meat counter and asked in a rude tone if she could help us. She then proceeded to tell us from afar to file out the sandwich order sheets. She made her way over and looked at the sheets and started to get the rolls. She looked up at us and said that it was going to take her a while and that we shouldn't stand there and wait rather we should look around. Again this wasn't in a friendly tone. We did that and when we returned she was talking to another employee and hadn't even started the condiments. We waited over 10 mins and then decided to leave without getting the sandwiches. The worst customer service from this person we have ever received.

Review №88

Great store with great selection.

Review №89

This place used to be called New Leaf, now New Season. It is the only "natural" food store in the area. Great for finding organic foods, some local, and a bit of bulk.They do not have very many sales. However, prices are consistent and somewhat reasonable.

Review №90

This market offers the best produce market, ever! It's clean, well-organized, and the fruits and vegetables are beautifully displayed. I also love the unique and variety of flowers.

Review №91

High quality meat and produce.

Review №92

Really good and really fresh food. Our only quality market on this side of town.

Review №93

New Seasons is pricey but the quality of their products is higher than other grocers. Love all the great Oregon brands to be found here.

Review №94

Great meat, pastry, bread, so so produce and no hard liquor

Review №95

Freindly service and easy to find EVERYTHING

Review №96

Wonderful grocery store similar to Whole paycheck. Great salad bar, deli and cheese selections. Expansive wines selection.

Review №97

Quality produce excellent service

Review №98

Similar to a Whole foods. Great produce and meat counter. Guys at the meat counter are always really nice, cahiers are not usually that friendly. Pretty location in the hills.

Review №99

Quaint store. Very clean. Employees super nice and helpful!

Review №100

Gr8 sandwiches, and very friendly staff..

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  • Address:5667 Silver Creek Valley Rd, San Jose, CA 95138, United States
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  • Phone:+1 408-513-8200
  • Bakery
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Service options
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Organic products:Yes
  • Prepared foods:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
  • Public restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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