Armadillo Willys Texas BBQ
878 Blossom Hill Rd, San Jose, CA 95123, United States
Review №1

All items were done properly and I especially liked the corn muffin. Meat was great and pinto beans just right. Would recommend this restaurant.

Review №2

Great BBQ rib. I was totally full after eating the whole regular BBQ rib. Regular size costs about $20 which is little expensive for usual lunch. There are sandwich selections which cost about $10-12 and they looked great as well.

Review №3

I've eaten bbq from the Reno national cookoff to locally. I don't like Armadillo Willy's. Maybe they were having a bad day (which happens everywhere) but you have one shot with me on ribs. Famous Dave's has them beat!!! Hands down

Review №4

We came to this restaurant for lunch. my friend recommended this restaurant. Well, it was very nice. we were warmly welcomed by the staff and we felt good. The meal was fresh and delicious. We had a great time and we will visit this place again. Keep it up.

Review №5

Excellent BBQ, brisket is tender and delicious. The wait isn't long either. Currently during COVID, no indoor dining. Your order is packaged to go, but you do have the option to dine outdoors with outside seating arrangements.

Review №6

Great bar arcade .... where adults can play games like kids haha ... TONS OF BOARD GAMES what I call the rentals (give them your ID) just don't forget it.First time visitor and will becoming back. Good choices on beer and cans. Decent location (although I'm new to the city)Pretty decent size building odd layout they cramp the bar a little but people manage to move around.Few of the arcade games didn't work and there wasn't a sign to keep you from putting your money in.

Review №7

First time here service was polite and quick. Fair prices, I had the hickery burger with a side salad. Not the best burger in the bay but way better than any fast food chain. I'd give it a shot if you're in the area of one. I personally like The Counter more but this is a close second in terms of higher end chain burger/bbq places

Review №8

Today I was running late for an important appt. With 2 kiddos in the back that refuse to keep shoes on or a mask, I was trying to get lunch and get going fast. Hit up 2 other places that were drive through and the lines were outrageous. Driving around stressed I saw armadillo Willy's. On a whim I called and asked if I could order online and have it ran out to my car out front. And I was so happy to hear them say not only yes, but we would be happy. The staff was so kind and so quick. They were more than accommodating for me. And didn't make me feel bad for asking for such a request and were so sweet when bringing to my window. And the cherry on top was the outrageously delicious food. My kids could barely contain themselves the smell was so mouth watering! I will DEFINITELY be a repeat customer from now on. Thanks armadillo for turning my stressful afternoon to a pleasant and ON TIME one. ️️

Review №9

Commitment to excellence and quality food and consistently good service. Very Covid safe

Review №10

Delicious. Moist brisket is on point. Super friendly staff

Review №11

Not that many BBQ places around here and this one is pretty good.

Review №12

I highly recommend this place Never been ha I live close by so I thought I would give it a try the food is really really amazing to my surprise It was not as pricey as I thought it would be if you love chicken I really recommend you try this place out PS the staff is also really great

Review №13

It is good, but it was better before. It had very good ribs, but in my opinion, they dont taste the same. They are still good though. Same for everything else. It is good but it was better before.

Review №14

Very well organised and accessible place. They serve big portions and for reasonable prices. I liked the food a lot and the staff members were super welcoming and informative. Highly recommended.

Review №15

I celebrated my PhD today in this gorgeous place. happy to tell that we passed a fantastic evening and the restaurant was certainly one of the reasons for this strong gathering. The stuff collaborated in a lovely way, the food was tasty and my friends were so cheerful. We shall absolutely visit again for more joyful events. Thank you very much.

Review №16

Good BBQ restaurant. Have had many of the different meats and all of them are pretty good. Especially like the brisket. Sides are also pretty good. Decent amount of seating inside and a few tables outside. Not as good as a unique one off BBQ place...but good for something close.

Review №17

Good place for barbecue decent sides, friendly staff.

Review №18

Good service, good selection on menu

Review №19

There aren't a lot of mediterranean places around the area but this one hits the spot. I love their beef and chicken kabobs with rice. The staff is always friendly and make good recommendations.

Review №20

Stand Up "Stand By"I love to discover Mom & Pop, local gems. But sometimes the local chain is just too good to pass up. That's Armadillo Willy's. It's really good! Clean. Friendly service. Daily specials. Already craving my next brisket :)

Review №21

Really trying hard to make the best of covid lockdown. Manager brings his A game every time. Very attentive and polite about what they can and can't do. Food standards have not dropped, continue to get what you expect from AW... Take out Beer was a challenge when they had plastic pint cups but Mason jars were back so no issues now. The had outdoor seating and were quick to wipe it down thoroughly (manager actually took care of it). Very happy to support these guys. Make this a staple while living covida loca

Review №22

Always excellent. Love their bbq.

Review №23

Ordered on line delivered. Wait an hour. Call them and was told they dont deliver! Really?? Why are you advertising you do? Doesnt know. Why am I paying a tip ahead of time then? Then I go pick up cold food now and skinny punk handing my food I's a smart mouth about going out a side door. Not going here again. RIP off!

Review №24

Very neat and welcoming place. They provide generous portions and for fair rates. I loved the meals a lot and the waiters were very friendly and chatty. I recommend this place.

Review №25

Staff is always friendly and pro. If my orders matched those from the Camden shop, or the Los Altos shop it'd 5+ stars.Full rack baby backs + double Texas tots is a winning combo. This was second time, though that half the ribs were really dry.To be fair, I order ribs dry (with no sauce on them). I don't think that affects how moist they are (or should be) though, right? Bummer when you get home (35 minutes away), excited and hungry, to break into dry ribs.Tots save part of it, though. I could eat 2 or 3 orders of these alone, easily.Reckon I could break into the order to check. Maybe I'll do that next time, just to be safe.

Review №26

This place is excellent and spacious, the menu was delicious and the rates were very fair. fast, effective service and very amiable waiters. I recommend this place.

Review №27

They gave us the wrong order the was not okay my pork tasted like coal

Review №28

BBQ, yeah, super yummy. Got there about three, it wasn't crowded. This place has a cool feel to it. Menu is similar to a restaurant in Jacksonville I loved.

Review №29

Food is excellent and very good service. They have takeout, too.

Review №30

Armadillo Willy's is my comfort food! I have not been able to find beef brisket made as well as here anywhere in the San Jose area. The spicy cheddar sausage is always excellent, and the sides are always fresh and tasty. I particularly love their large cornbread muffins, although I am very sad that they have stopped using them to make their croutons. The restaurants are kept clean and nice, and the people are quick and efficient and generally have a smile for. Also, my housemate says their stuffed baked potatoes are fabulous!

Review №31

I was impressed. I walked in randomly because I saw it from the street. The young woman at the counter helped me with options. She was amazing & very friendly! I ordered the pulled pork plate with 2 sides. The beans are amazing. The menu doesnt describe them in full, they're like a chili bean of sorts with chunks of meats in them. Delish.Will be back soon to try the ribs/tri tip!

Review №32

This is good texas style bbq. The sides were pretty good as well. Fast service I will be back.

Review №33

Garlic parmesan cheese fries YUMMY plus ribs and chicken

Review №34

The staff was very friendly. Food was so good. Full of flavor

Review №35

They smoke the best brisket outside of Texas. Good thing there isn't one close to me otherwise they'd kick me out for living there.

Review №36

Good BBQ burgers and meats. I absolutely am crazy for their cajun fries

Review №37

No armadillos here. Total miss on expectations.

Review №38

Great tasting food!

Review №39

Met some friends here for lunch and tried the brisket. I was totally impressed. i had the potato salad and the beans and I was not disappointed. We all had different beers as well and enjoyed the variety.I would definitely recommend this place to others and will eat there again.The staff was very friendly and took good care of us.

Review №40

Armadillo Willy's BBQ is a good barbecue joint. I personally think, so long as you have good meat, it's hard to mess up barbecue. Some may disagree. But that's my opinion of it. That leaves only service, which was pleasant.

Review №41

I love the outdoor dining Experience

Review №42

Great ribs and tri-tip sandwiches! Love them

Review №43

Good ribs, patio dining.

Review №44

Lovely service and fantastic food! Amazing BBQ place! Absolutely would recommend!

Review №45

Best BBQ place in town a d they have corn muffins that r the best there is a large selection of food from small dishes to family the service at this location is great everyone on top of things and served fast I dont live close but I get out there as much as I can great team work!!!! Place a great place of service

Review №46

Not inexpensive, but the taste was even better than I hoped for. I enjoyed the pulled pork, and my wife had ribs. We are both looking forward to our next visit.

Review №47

It's got good food. But for the money the portions could be better

Review №48

A very good BBQ place. Great sauces and tasty cornbread muffins.

Review №49

Great burnt ends! Good to know it's just as good as 20 years ago.

Review №50

Good, delicious BBQ ribs and briskets at a fair price. Portions are generous.

Review №51

Fun atmosphere, and good food. Great slaw!

Review №52

Armadillo Willy's is a franchise chain. I believe that they have good control over their franchisees. Each of the Armadillo Willy's has the same high quality food. I'm a pretty big fan of barbecue food so Armadillo Willy's is right in my Lane. This Armadillo Willy's restaurant serves competent barbecue and I'm used to the menu. I like their chicken, baby back ribs, beef ribs, and brisket.

Review №53

Smoke good

Review №54

Man how we love this place. Best tried tip and brisket around. Add their fresh cooked fries with Habanero Ranch sauce and you will see why people come back time and time again for Willy's! Wanna know a little secret? Costco sells discounted gift cards that get you 20% off...Yum!

Review №55

Best beef brisket

Review №56

I've spent many years in Texas sooo im kinda picky when it comes to my brisket. Armadillo Willy's has the best Texas tasting brisket in San Jose.

Review №57

Great food, great service. Very "mom and pop" feeling interactions with staff. Knowledgeable staff as well! The young man taking our order was very specific with his information regarding brisket preparation.

Review №58

The food is wonderful!

Review №59

The Texas BBQ ribs had a good rub but no smoke flavor. The brisket was surprisingly pretty fatty, good bark (top black part), and moist--this is not the case at all Armadillo Willy's that I've been to. When we get take out from here, we always get the Flat Iron Cheeseburger which has a well seasoned patty and a great bun.

Review №60

I was going to leave my review after my first time here and then realized it's already a popular place so no need. Thing is, I want to address the excellent customer service. This place offers some of the greatest customer service. Everyone back to the cooks are even one more reason to be happy with everything this place offers. Me and my fiance are here minimal once a week for some smoked meat and beer.

Review №61

Quick Self service. Eat In or take out.

Review №62

Best everything I ever had on State for Graduation. Love love Love.....

Review №63

Very good brisket! Definitely a must stop for lunch!

Review №64

Its just ok...there wont be a next time thats for sure..was to get 2 extra side orders an never got it...thats fine..

Review №65

Tasty, and just about right amount of food on any order. Great place to chill and enjoy the great tasting food.

Review №66

My favorite spot for delicious BBQ. The service was friendly and sociable. Prices are fair.

Review №67

Delicious Chopped Carolina BBQ Salad! We enjoy a lot of things on the menu and we like the kick back atmosphere.

Review №68

Changed our mind last minute after ordering. Wasn't a problem for staff to get us a new order! Super polite great food.

Review №69

Had not gone in a while. Big changes in quality, super expensive, small quantity. I wanted to order the ultimate burger which have had before but it was now $13....for a burger.....I had a different burger for $10 ( should have gone next door to In and Out for a really good one) My daughter had Brisket. She ordered it combo which meant lean and juicy. That translated to 2 1/2 slices of mostly fat just laid on the tray, with the side that she ordered ( spicy peanut slaw, which was not spicy at all) and it was close to $11. I will not be back and will let all my friends know of this so that they will not also be disappointed. There are so many good places out there, this is not one of them.

Review №70

Good food nice staff.

Review №71

Good food and wonderful people.

Review №72

The pulled pork sandwich was a little dry. Otherwise the meal was good. The garlic parmesan fries, .

Review №73

Really good BBQ spot. I would prefer this over others. Good flavor!

Review №74

I had a craving for ribs so I came here and ordered the Texas pork rib small plate which is 4 or 5 ribs with a side. The meaty ribs were delicious! It was tender with lots of flavor. I chose the salad. It was tangy, creamy, and had chunky pieces of potatoes.I came here about 745pm and waited about 20 mins for my order. There was a few people ahead of me too.The staff was friendly and helpful.

Review №75

The very best BBQ in the Bay Area! Their tri tip, on-the-bone chicken, and ribs are perfect!

Review №76

.Just miss their onion rings. The best pull pork sandwich

Review №77

Been there a few times and it's always good, tender and not over done.

Review №78

I loved the portions and the food. Very flavorfully. Right now I rated it a three and would not recommend my friends unless the following issue is dealt with. I would of rated Armadillo Willy's a 5 star but my husband's potato salad was directly served on the carry tray (no paper tray in sight) but mine was. Made eating it funky to him and I, because my BBQ chicken was served directly on the carry tray as well. I was wondering if the carry tray is intentionally used as a plate in your establishment or do you expect your employees to use it as it is intended for, the customer to carry all his food at once to his table. It appears your either cheap, undecided, untrained or just ran low on paper food trays? Which is it? I would love to eat there again but not if the above problem isn't rectified. Ceramic plates or individual paper serving trays are the only acceptable dishes restaraunt food should ever be served on. Carry Trays feel pouris, unsterilized and a little ghetto. Thanks.

Review №79

When hungry for brisket, Armadillo's Willy never disappoints.....

Review №80

Excellent Meats but too costly for the portions

Review №81

Brisket is the only thing good here but damn it's good

Review №82

I love this placeGreat bbq!!!

Review №83

Great food. Fast service. First visit impressed

Review №84

Closest to Texas BBQ in Cali. Very good brisket, beans, and potato salad. They need yeast rolls and peach cobbler to be perfect, but very suitable for Californians. No sweet tea either, but they do have Dr. Pepper. This location has decent outdoor seating, so you can bring your pups.

Review №85

Went there for lunch. It was taco Tuesday. Ordered one Brisket and one fish taco. Although the fish taco was delicious, I regretted not ordering 2 Brisket Tacos. They were the BOMB!. Cane with black beans and some chips. Just the right amount of food and it was under $10!

Review №86

Best BBQ, Great Staff, I Believe we order the biggest meal on the menu, ribs, chicken, hot links, tri tip and sides, their sauce is to die for, and the cornbread muffins Love it

Review №87

This place is delicious. My husband and I love the small brisket plate (juicy) and are also huge fans of their burgers. My son, a burger kind of guy, thinks this might be his favorite burger in South San Jose. The patty melt is my favorite. My husband swears by their fries.

Review №88

Oily oily oliyyyy food, you can smell the meat fat in the restaurant easily.

Review №89

Great taste, nice place

Review №90

Solid barbeque, but their sides are weak. My tots were over done the past 2 times and the salad was only lettuce with a small amount of dressing. But I have never been disappointed with their burgers, ribs, and brisket.

Review №91

Great BBQ. I like the new small plates, meat of your choice and one side.

Review №92

It's decent food,but the meals are smaller now!

Review №93

Yummy and great service!

Review №94

We love this place!

Review №95

Good food, we get the tri-tip with extra garlic butter, moist and tasty.

Review №96

Super bbq and sides. Shredded pork perfect, no fat. Bbq sauce yummy and they sell it bottled to take home. all 5 of us including two teens loved our meals.

Review №97

Restaurant was very clean, the service was excellent

Review №98

I had the chophouse salad. Amazing.

Review №99

Great pork sandwiches and beans are very good

Review №100

Good bbq chain

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  • Address:878 Blossom Hill Rd, San Jose, CA 95123, United States
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  • Phone:+1 408-224-7427
  • Barbecue restaurant
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Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–8:30PM
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Sports:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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