Firehouse Subs Almaden Ranch
5130 Cherry Ave, San Jose, CA 95118, United States

Review №1

This is our go to Sandwich shop when we are in Almaden. Great Sandwiches and nice staff. Covid has not crimped their style and service. One of the few places I have gone during SIP!

Review №2

Very tasty sandwich! I loved that place

Review №3

Yesterday my wife went to pick up two Sandwiches from here. She ordered two Large Sandwiches on Wheat roll, a Italian and a Hook & Latter. When she got home the Hook & Latter sandwich was fine but my sandwich, the Italian was a Mediam on white roll. She called Firehouse and talk to Manager named Juan. He stated that it was her fault that she didn't clearly tell his staff the order with her mask on. And that she should have checked her receipt before she had left the place. Then Juan said with a bit of a altitude, you Got what you paid for so what do you expect me to do about it, then hung up on my wife. We will not be going back to Firehouse Subs again. There are other Sandwich Shops closer to our place and we do not recommend to our family and friends to go here.

Review №4

Excellent sandwich, great flavor and meaty. I have taken a few people whom never tried Firehouse subs and they loved the sandwich. They replied they would never go to Togo's again! If its your first time make sure you add the oil&vinegar sauce, double yummy.

Review №5

One of the best places to eat extremely good sandwiches a little pricey but it's worth it

Review №6

Waited about 10 minutes for a employees family member to stop complaining about her job. Ordered my food. Serve time was good but im allergic to pickles and tomatoes. Asked them to remove them from my order. Drove home about 20 minutes away to find pickles and tomatoes in my tuna sandwhich. Had to throw it away. Waste of time and money. Usually have no problems here but not sure i will return after tonights visit.

Review №7

I love Firehouse. Their subs have so much flavor! The best!

Review №8

Always good and always ready on time.

Review №9

I just heard the manager or assistant manager verbally berate an employee in front of customers and co-workers because he wasn't saying “Welcome to Firehouse” loud enough. She threatened to write him up if he wasn't loud enough. Maybe this employee is shy, maybe there's underlying issues? I refuse to support a business that treats its employees like this. Last visit to this firehouse for me!

Review №10

I finally had a Firehouse was so good REALLY i thought Subway was better ...if you haven't been to will be satisfied.

Review №11

It's so delicious. I had a cousin come into town and asked me to take him back here. Prices were fair. If it was closer to my home I would be here often.

Review №12

This place is different but super good sandwiches I have tried a couple so far the all been super good

Review №13

Wonderful place to eat at OMG this was huge. I'm not eating at Subway anymore.

Review №14

Very respectful staff. I really appreciated the customer experience. Food was great also!

Review №15

Really good sandwiches, but sometimes the wait is a bit much after placing your order.

Review №16

They don't give you a that much meat

Review №17

I love coming here, good selection of sandwiches, they got salads and several deserts. A bit pricey for a sandwich meal over $15 but they are huge, I can eat a full foot long if I am very hungry otherwise I will eat just half and take the other half home.They also got a huge selection of hot sauces some of them are very spicy so be careful! They also have very friendly staff that can suggest which hot sauce you might like.

Review №18

Was very good, it's a nice change from Togos or Subway

Review №19

Awesome food! Nice atmosphere. Polite employees.

Review №20

Awesome people and amazing subs made everytime.

Review №21

Ordered the brisket with cheddar (medium), tasty but portion size of meat was small for a 10 inch sub (bad value) . Ordered chili with cheese, had to wait 10 minutes, no problem, when ready it was barely warm with no cheese. Had to go back to the counter to ask for it. Place was just about empty while i was there. This particular location needs attention, I won't be going back to this one any time soon.

Review №22

Food is great and service is great as well

Review №23

Subs are really fresh and tasty.

Review №24

How long can it possibly take to make two simple sandwiches when you are the only person in the store? Come to Firehouse subs and find out. So far it's taken 25 minutes...

Review №25

Needed a change of pace for sandwiches and glad I found this place. Bread is soft and fresh. Price is a little high for the portions, but well worth it because the taste and service. The meatball sub had just the right spice, hot and melted cheese. Will have to go back to try the other subs and soups.

Review №26

I call this place the anti-Subway. They pack everything to the brim with meat and every other ingredient as opposed to just filling it with a pound of lettuce. If you're looking for a hearty and filling option then this is the sandwich place to go.

Review №27

The sandwich was pretty good but very expensive for what it was. I got a medium which was still a little small and didn't have very much meat on it. The sandwich alone was ten bucks and then chips and drink another four with tax I was in it for 15 bucks and left not very pleased....took longer than expected to make the sandwich as well

Review №28

Excellent Subs but, just wish they had more than chips to go with it! Would be great with some coleslaw or potato salad or ????

Review №29

Great salad, but not nearly enough dressing for a serving of that size. Also several points deducted for getting orders wrong. Up sold mushrooms on sandwich, but they were missing. Salad was supposed to include salami with the chicken (it didn't) and lastly, mayo wasn't listed as an ingrediant on one sandwich, but was included. All relatively minor items which the staff were happy to rectify, but higher marks are earned if we don't have to fix issues with everything we ordered.

Review №30

Great tasting sandwich ! I believe it was the club s! Sooo soo good!

Review №31

Add to BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich which ended up being good. Prices are a little on the high side but reasonable. I like the fact that you can customize your sandwich including wheat bread. They have a fancy soda machine that allows you about 40 different choices. Environment is reasonably nice but nothing fancy.

Review №32

Fantastic! Love the BBQ brisket sandwich, great flavor and good amount of meat ! Staff is friendly enough. Great AC conditioning. Moderate interior seating with much more seating outside. There are a few high chairs but no baby changing tables in the bathroom, what?! Process not too bad for good quality meat. If this was helpful ️

Review №33

Really good food and much better than Subway.

Review №34

I'm from India , I just saw your shop on one prank video ...your shop service, look and feel is good.

Review №35

Very good service ! I will take a pic soon cause I be back !! Where have heard that before ? Sandwiches are very food ! Try the chili yum!

Review №36

Awesome place. First time there. Very nice people. Great service !!

Review №37

Found a gem! Came in and the counter guy helped us parse the menu. Made his suggestions, and we ordered two of them. Bf ordered smokehouse beef & cheddar brisket. I got the turkey bacon ranch. Both sandwiches we got on white bread. DELICIOUS, both of them. We scarfed them so quickly I didn't have time to take a picture. Love their concept of supporting the public safety foundation as well.

Review №38

All Firehouse subs are good. This one is better than most. Good staff. Good parking too.

Review №39

I have yet to eat at a bad firehouse subs. People are great subs are great its always clean . Need i say more.

Review №40

Great sandwiches... if you can get them. The staff at this location need some serious customer service training. Slow, rude, inattentive, did I say rude?

Review №41

One of my top 3 places for sandwiches. Always fresh tasting and have such a variety of hot sauces available to suit any taste.

Review №42

There was barely any meat in the brisket and cheddar sandwich, also skip the desserts (brownie was old and crusty).

Review №43

Delicious but a bit pricey

Review №44

Went in with family. Had an Italian meatball sub and grilled chicken sandwich. Meatball sub tasted really good. Chicken lacked the grilled taste, it barely had any grill marks on it. They have an amazing sauce selection. I would say at least 20-25 different sauces all numbered from 1 to 10 based on its heat level.

Review №45

Their service is good and the food is fantastic. You have to wait for your food for a little bit but it is worth it.

Review №46

A step above the competition, the food dosen't disappoint , the service could use some help, (not very friendly) at the location I stopped by. But otherwise the food is fast and fresh

Review №47

Service is great! Everyone is so friendly! The subs are delicious, but some may be too cheesy. If you don't like cheese to take over the entire sub, ask for less cheese. The cookies are delicious!

Review №48

More times then not when I come my order is slow to come, wrong and/ or they run out of soda's that I drink. Food is great. Service is why I give 2 stars.

Review №49

I had the club on a sub and it was excellent. Good flavor band lots of meat. Service was fast too. I got the combo and it was about $14

Review №50

Like the sub. Bread is soft and fresh. Can get small that a few bits and is just the right size for snack.

Review №51

Amazing sandwiches and is owned and run by two of the kindest people that I know. I recommend that you stop in and enjoy their food and warm hospitality.

Review №52

A great first time experience. Very tasty food and friendly atmosphere. Definitely will be back.

Review №53

Good food and service. Some outdoor seating but not much

Review №54

Clean, nice place with three big–ass HD TV here so you can watch sports while eating. Staff are super friendly.

Review №55

This place is fantastic, you get a huge sandwich for a reasonable price. Everyone is friendly and the place is clean. We live in Gilroy and when we are in San Jose we have lunch there.

Review №56

Everyone at our table was glad to be there.

Review №57

Good sandwiches with a great selection of hot sauces

Review №58

Spendy but delicious

Review №59

Dont ever come here unless you want to wait 20 minutes for a sandwich. Wasn't that busy either. Total fail.

Review №60

Had a great 1st time experience there. Great sandwiches. Will be back for sure

Review №61

Great meatball sub. Good balance of meat, cheese, and sauce. Cashier seemed new or just generally confused.

Review №62

Good Subs. The also have a great selection of Hot Sauces. be sure to look / ask for Mike and Diane's Garden sauce, it is awesome on the Steak and Cheese.

Review №63

The food is really good, the service is very slow.

Review №64

Awesome place to dine, great prices and delicous food

Review №65

Great subs! Love their meatball sub combo and they have very sweet southern tea.

Review №66

Really good sandwiches, great place to eat with a lot of fire engine decor. Cool place to eat and watch a sporting event.

Review №67

Been here a couple times. everything has been delicious. I particularly liked the meatball sub.

Review №68

Great sandwiches and if you love to add hot sauce this is the place to go they have 30+ bottles of hot sauce rated 5 to 10.

Review №69

Delicious food, excellent decor, fun stuff. Really cool!

Review №70

Tasty sandwiches but a little pricey. But a % goes to local emergency services so it makes it worth it.

Review №71

Great sandwiches!! I recommend the BBQ cheddar brisket.

Review №72

Food & service were great.

Review №73

Best sub in town. Had the Philly cheese steak. Amazing.

Review №74

Best subs in town

Review №75

My online order didn't print, ok fare enough. The employee grabbed the ticket and I thought he was quickly going to get it done...well 20 min as I watch all the employees chat and laugh and look completely distracted the same employee had forgotten about it and asked for my receipt. He then lied to the manager in front of me saying it was just a misunderstanding.... The manager appologised tried to offer me a free sub, but why bother when I will not be returning to that circus.

Review №76

Went there for lunch with my daughter subs for awesome with definitely go back

Review №77

Wasted 45 minutes of my life. I said something a half hour after ordering and they hadn't even started, this was after watching 5 more sandwiches after me get served. After 45 minutes of waiting for them to complete my order, they give my sandwich to the wrong person. I ended up just getting a refund. Worst food experience I've ever had.

Review №78

Parking can be difficult at times, and the subs are not cheap, but they are loaded with meat and the staff working here are usually pretty good. I recommend.

Review №79

I went there on friday night it was awesome my sandwich was very good and hot they were all very friendly to me especially this guy that did my sandwich i forgot his name but he was friendly if i described him he was kinda chubby young

Review №80

Came here for the first time because I had heard so much about it from friends. Ordered an Engineer Sandwich on white and the girl forgot the melted Swiss cheese and the dill pickle on the side (crucial). Of course I didn't realize it until I got home. Won't be coming back.

Review №81

Literally the best sandwich in the area. The meat is incredibly tender, the bread is toasted perfectly, it's sandwich heaven.

Review №82

Very friendly staff, good food, good service.

Review №83

The sandwiches are my favorite!

Review №84

Love their sandwiches. Good location near a lot of family shopping.

Review №85

Turkey bacon ranch is my go to for this place. I visit this spot at least once a month now. Wish there was a location closer to my work.

Review №86

Large portions, good food, excellent service, BOGO coupon definitely worth it, adequate parking

Review №87

Great place! Food is awesome!

Review №88

Great food people are nice and place is clean.

Review №89

Good subs!

Review №90

Love the food. Good service

Review №91

Not too bad with tje sandwhiches. The employees seem tobe on their game.

Review №92

Good stuff, make any difference into a salad.

Review №93

Cool staff.

Review №94

Food was had flavor good portion great service

Review №95

Great sandwiches

Review №96

If you're looking for a hefty loaded sandwich then this is the place for you. No vegan bs here!

Review №97

Best Subs in town hands down....chili is really good!

Review №98

Liked the sandwich selection and friendly service.

Review №99

Great Subs and the service is excellent!

Review №100

Good Subs, great flavor

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  • Solo dining:Yes
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  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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