Jersey Mikes Subs
870-B Blossom Hill Rd, San Jose, CA 95123, United States

Review №1

We met with friends at this restaurant for a meeting. we heard about this restaurant from many people. Well, it was very successful. The staff members were very polite and we had a fantastic feeling. The meal was delicious. We had a great time and we will visit this place again. Recommended.

Review №2

This places has gone way downhill. Food barely passable, service is garbage.

Review №3

Food was good. Original Italian was tasty & well seasoned. Cheese steak was also reported to be quite good. Also, app is well written and makes ordering and payment easy. Only reason for four stars was the delay in getting my order once I showed up. Will I go back? YES!

Review №4

I like the previous staff better. Now you have to repeat your order 2 times and they still mess it up. At the end, they are trying to over charge you. All with a "I don't give a damn" attitude. I could have gone to subway and save money.

Review №5

Called to place an order. Girl who answered the phone was rude , ill prepared and was obviousely not interested in being there. Food was good, price was good, but customer service could definitely use improvement at this location.

Review №6

Love their fresh subs with vinegar and oil. Just wish they had avocado to add to their club supreme.

Review №7

Busy. The wait wasn't long. Sandwich was good. The sauce made it kind-of mushy, not too much. They had outside seating.

Review №8

Great food. Not the best experience.

Review №9

It was so delicious juicy ran all over my scrubs napkins came with it just the paper wrap and bag it came in fault eating in the car on way back to worth ruining my clothes

Review №10

This Place is So Delicious! The sandwiches are so Fresh/Veggies and All! A+++++ Worth the Prices! So Good I went back 2x in 1 Day️️️️️️

Review №11

"The Mike's way; the only way!! 13 highly recommended.

Review №12

Sandwich quality is great. Service is so so.

Review №13

They are taking proper precautions for COVID. Staff is friendly.

Review №14

Only 3 choices of bread. My roast beef sandwich was ok, nothing special. Prices were above average. The "mini" size kinda a small joke. Only three chairs for outdoor seating. The pluses; good parking and fast friendly service.

Review №15

Philly was good. Staff did well... but the boys at the grill and the counter both need hairnets, the hats don't work for their hair length and they're preparing food.

Review №16

The manager is a extremely rude. I placed an order for pick up, arrived when Door Dash stated it was “ready.” When I show up to pick up my order, I waited another 10 minutes noticing my order had been sitting on their expo and kept getting skipped.When I mentioned that my sandwiches had been sitting there, I was yelled at by the employee prepping the sandwiches stating “she knows it's there and she doesn't need me to point it out.” When I asked for the manager, she stated she was the manager.I personally have worked in the service industry for over a decade and know never spoken to a client in that way. Extremely unsatisfied with her attitude and experience with this franchise.

Review №17

Great sammy's! Wish I visited sooner.

Review №18

Excellent subs but pricey

Review №19

Bomb cheese steak sub, that's all I ever get.

Review №20

If you do online order with jersey mike ! Be sure that you are not hungry ,because pick up time for this place are horrible ,they are always late don't matter if they are even slow in customer

Review №21

Not my type of sub kind of skimpy with the meat all bread

Review №22

Very good sandwich. It was my first visit. I choose the #13 and it was very good. They slice the meat and cheese to order. It felt like I was order a sub at a deli and it tasted fresh. I might go back to try one of their hot sandwiches or one of their cheese steak sandwich.

Review №23

Had a chicken wrap, very good fresh, and tasty. Restaurant was clean and staff was welcoming and courteous. Parking is a bit of a challenge but that is to be expected in these shopping centers.

Review №24

Great food. Expensive but so good!!!

Review №25

Very friendly staff. You feel like going back again because the place is do inviting.

Review №26

Decent tasting subs. A little on the pricey side. Union location makes better subs.

Review №27

First time in and we will be back! I ordered a #5 hubby had a 13 we did both “Mikes Way”. Very tasty, fresh soft sub rolls, meat and cheese sliced fresh for our sandwiches. Only downside, staff should not assume you're familiar with how it operates. Suggest roll options, explain mikes way (we had to ask what it was), Had the agave cream soda, so frickin good.

Review №28

I give this place double thumbs up. Looking forward to coming back with my coworkers. The place has a great atmosphere.

Review №29

Service is always prompt even when they have a full house. next time i'll be back with my coworkers. the bill was fair for the quality of food.

Review №30

The atmosphere was pleasant and greeted Customer with a smile

Review №31

Once you go here, you'll never go back to Subway!

Review №32

Their sandwiches have meat that is cut to order so everything is super fresh! Plus their Roast Beef and Chipotle Pepper Steak are amazing. as if all this isn't enough are also a huge supporter for kids local sports including Santa Teresa Little league. Love businesses that stay involved with their local community!

Review №33

Visited sat afternoon. the staff was very friendly and kind. prices were fair. menu is like a cafe in indianapolis i liked.

Review №34

Good food. Sandwich to go was almost a soup only 5 minutes after leaving.

Review №35

Love the cold subs done Mike's way. Philly steak was great. The chicken philly was really dry. Kinda on the expensive side.

Review №36

Great food.. if you want a good sub... this place is it..

Review №37

Like this place. Great go to at any time. There staff there day and night is very good, courteous, attentive and know what they are doing! Even when super busy they manage to smile. Good on them!

Review №38

Pricey, but really good sandwiches

Review №39

The best, delicious, reasonably priced. Great hard working staff.

Review №40

There is no better feeling in the world than devouring a chipotle cheese steak in span of 30 seconds from this heavenly place. If I could, I would live strictly off of sandwiches from here. I would happily give the entire left side of my body in exchange for a lifetime supply of chipotle cheese steaks.

Review №41

Jersey Mike's Subs was a little busy the day I went there. one thing I don't like about Jersey Mike's is that you cannot get a lettuce wrap instead of bread. I think their food is fresh but their bread is only white bread without any whole wheat choices. I think that there are healthier sandwich places to eat. In spite of these negatives, I still gave them four stars because the sandwich was tasty.

Review №42

This is the second time someone has answered the phone and has been rude to me. I don't get where customer service means disrespect and for someone to be disrespectful over the phone when someone just wanted to place an order for pick up is not good for a business.The first time I called I was on my way home and in a little traffic on the 87 so I decided to call and place an order so it would be ready by the time I get over there I was asked to be placed on hold which I did not mind and waited on the phone for eight minutes nobody picked up the phone so I ended up hanging up because I already exited at that moment and proceeded to make my way to the shop. When I got there I ordered and sat down and one of the seats. The first time I called I was on my way home and in a little traffic on the 87 so I decided to call and place an order so it would be ready by the time I get over there I was asked to be placed on hold which I did not mind and waited on the phone for eight minutes nobody picked up the phone so I ended up hanging up because I already exited at that moment and proceeded to make my way to the shop. When I got there I ordered and sat down and one of the seats, after sitting down I heard the girl who put me on hold start to laugh and say she forgot that she put someone on hold as they all started to laugh about it I got up and I told her it was me that she put on hold and she then became apologetic. She didn't seem too apologetic as she was laughing about it with her coworker . And yes I'm talking about you girl with the pink hair ! The manager is really nice and so is the Asian girl that usually makes my sandwich whenever I go I've never had a problem before but for some reason lately it's been nothing but attitude over the phone hate to say it but I will be going to a Nother location farther away from my house because of the poor service I have been receiving lately .

Review №43

AWESOME sandwiches, service and price. We always get the family size with double meet mikes way. Best sandwich ever. Used to be a Togo's lover but their prices have gone up and for the price you get more bread than meat! If one wants a great healthy sandwich this is the place to go. Plus each time you buy a sandwich points are added towards a free one. Great customer service.

Review №44

So fresh. So good.

Review №45

Nice food but the choice of bread was only 2

Review №46

Girl working the register was very rude and didn't seem to know how Doordash works. When walking in one of the employees got yelled at for not wearing gloves and one of the managers said outloud that something was leaking in the back. Rude service. Gross environment. There's plenty of other Jersey Mike's to go to

Review №47

First time eating @ Jersey Mike's and we tried the reg. #56- The BIG KAHUNA Cheesesteak and it definitely hit the spot!The steak was grilled with onions, jalapenos and mushrooms immediately after I ordered and then topped with lots of cheese. It was lightly seasoned and dripping with lots of juicy flavor.A word of caution,before you take a huge bite. Let it cool off. Because you will burn your tongue!The service was quick, there was only a family of 4 ahead of us and it took maybe 12-15 mins to receive our order.

Review №48

Decent subs with fresh sliced meats

Review №49

Some excellent choices one of better sub places

Review №50

One out of 2 subs ain't bad. Cheesesteak hit, pastrami was a miss. Big miss.

Review №51

Great sandwich spot!!! Great customer service and very clean. I will be returning.

Review №52

We got three different subs and they were all great.I'm definitely coming back again.

Review №53

Really good food and coustemer servise is amazing

Review №54

Tub was great! Keto friendly

Review №55

Always friendly and reminds me of the subs I loved as a kid from MD

Review №56

Great chain, clean, fast, and friendly location!

Review №57

Delicious cheessteaks, I like the Big Kahuna.

Review №58

Always a good sandwich at jersey mikes!

Review №59

Great sandwich place, friendly service, and reasonable prices. I will be going back soon!!

Review №60

I was transported back to high school. Playing music from the class of 81. The subs are even better than the ones we used to grab on a Fri night while cruising down Main Street. Really needed that pick me up today.

Review №61

Love Jersey Mike's. Go mike's way. Lol

Review №62

Great sandwich shop/chain. Like the sandwiches Mike's way with oil and red wine vinegar. Bread is good though it is flakey crust and can make a mess. One of my favorites.

Review №63

Food good...noisy...seems a little dirty....but could be its just small and old.

Review №64

Wow! Great subs and friendly service. Watch for coupons in the mail. Join their sandwich club and earn free sandwiches. Love the oil they add to the sandwiches and freshly sliced meat and cheese makes a difference.

Review №65

GREAT CUSTOMER Service, sandwiches were good as well!!However, aware that the pricing DISPLAYED on the takeout menu's (btw...that were all over the place), was LOWER than what is Displayed on the Overhead Menu. Mentioned it to the workers, and the owner apparently doesn't want to "waste" all of the OLD MIS-PRICED Menu's, so for over 8 months now they've been just playing stupid I guess? FYI

Review №66

Very friendly and personable service. The manager actually makes all my sandwiches and has a real conversation with me while doing so.

Review №67

I love the #7 which is turkey and provolone. I get it on wheat because it isnt as heavy. Gotta get a chocolate tasty cake too.

Review №68

The crew I interacted with on Saturday was totally unprofessional, with the exception of one. Mistakes, over rings, rudeness, it will be a while before I go back, maybe the KIDS that work there now will have moved on and adults with manners, common sense and professionalism will take their place.

Review №69

Good sandwitches with a nice classic variety. Basic atmosphere but friendly staff.

Review №70

Always good. Love the red wine vinegar on the subs. This place is clean and friendly.

Review №71

Great food and fast HAVE to order the sub Mike's way!!

Review №72

Great food and service

Review №73

Great variety of subs and cheesesteak sandwiches. Staff is always upbeat and quick to prepare a fresh sandwich for us. Join their frequent guest program...lots of nice promos.

Review №74

Lovely sandwiches as always

Review №75

Who serves a ruben on white?

Review №76

Very quick. Super friendly. Always good!

Review №77

The sandwiches here are pretty good, but not a fan of establishment that ask for tips when paying while no waiting on customer is being offered.

Review №78

The sandwiches are really tasty here, but they're pricy and the assortment of produce is pretty limited.

Review №79

Great Sandwiches!!! We all enjoyed them here at Capitol Toyota. Keep up the quality work.

Review №80

Love their classic cheesesteak

Review №81

Great sandwich. Friendly staff. Way better than Subway. A little pricey but worth it.

Review №82

Was loyal to this location but staff now acts immature 8pm no wheat bread just wheat mini which they just had sitting on the counter so it was hard not fresh will not be back left a email comment never got response back guess they don't need by business will be going to the Rivermark location or firehouse subs

Review №83

Pricey but worth every penny, yum

Review №84

It is cosy place, thier food is good and lot of local people

Review №85

Great fresh sliced meat. Bread is always nice and soft. Be sure to order on the app to avoid lines!

Review №86

Jersey Mike's is a decent sandwich shop, but what makes this spot better is the always friendly, helpful, and kind owner.

Review №87

Great food, excellent service, well worth the price

Review №88

Great place the owner is great very friendly

Review №89

Very good, delicious cookies! I loved the chipotle tri-tip!

Review №90

Fresh sandwiches with friendly staff. Pastrami is good.

Review №91

Great sandwiches. Reminds me of the sandwiches I would get from the Italian delis when I was growing up. Not many places in the Bay Area like this one.

Review №92

I ordered the philly cheese steak.... Awesome!

Review №93

I ate here when they first opened... I thought their subs were pretty good, but they were a little more expensive than some of the other places.

Review №94

In California great, not so much here

Review №95

It's a bit slow when they are busy but they make some seriously tasty sandwiches!

Review №96

Great Sandwichs!

Review №97

Pretty close to an Italian deli in New Jersey.

Review №98

My favorite subs ever. This place is crowded during lunch time but order on the app and you might save time waiting in the line

Review №99

Good service good food

Review №100

Yum yum yum is all I can say!!!!

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  • Address:870-B Blossom Hill Rd, San Jose, CA 95123, United States
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  • Phone:+1 408-629-3450
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  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible elevator:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Catering:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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