Rubios Coastal Grill
81 Curtner Ave STE 90, San Jose, CA 95125, United States

Review №1

Absolutely delicious and fresh.Ordered family burritos plate. It's huge)))Loved shrimp and grill stake burrito with rice, beans and sauce are so yami. The workers are fast and friendly! Thank you so much!

Review №2

Really good salads, tacos & Tex-mex meals. Seem to be making nod to sustainability as they promote sustainable seafood in their fish tacos. Vegan options are hard to find, but available if you ask.To-go orders in biodegradable containers but with plastic containers for salsas, plastic bag and lids and straws also plastic. I asked staff if the plastic was bio-plastic or biodegradable & they said they didn't think so. There's also nothing written on the bag about it being compostable.Food for here is on reusable plates and bottle pecan drinks are available (easily recyclable).Waste area mixes the leftover food, plastics and paper cups and napkins so maybe it is all compostable.The Burrito especial with grilled veggies was delicious, fresh and tasty. It came with tortilla chips. I like that you can choose your own salsas and toppings (for here just put it straight on your plate to reduce waste).

Review №3

Great and somewhat health-conscious tex mex / seafood chain. They are a little more expensive than, say, chipotle, but I would definitely come here again and try some more fish tacos.

Review №4

This place is very good and inexpensive, if it's a hot sunday try some fish tacos and a cold beer, you'll enjoy it.

Review №5

One of my favourite tacos chain. I really love the quality of food here and the wide and unique range of meats provided. Definitely worth a try!

Review №6

First time, they had a vegan burrito for my vegan daughter. I ordered a regular steak burrito. Got home it was white rice!!!! Not yellow, Spanish, or Mexican rice. Not a lot of meat at all. Super taqueria wins!!!! We will not go back to Rubio's.

Review №7

Nice place to grab a quick bite. People that work there are nice and friendly..The place is kept clean,

Review №8

As always love this place.. Classic batter fried fish burrito is amazing, N orange and fish salad is also superb..

Review №9

This is clearly one of the coolest place to eat in the area. Always when I come there I am awfully glad. They maintain their high level service and the topmost level of dishes they give. You always win with this place. Very recommended.

Review №10

Seafood and service at this spot is great. food was so appetizing. the staff was very helpful and welcoming. the bill was reasonable i would say. they have a lot of good reviews for a reason.

Review №11

I don't know what it is about Rubio's that I love so much but their seafood tacos are delicious! The only thing that would make it more perfect is probably a better salsa bar but regardless, the shrimp or fish tacos always hit the spot.

Review №12

Wow! Didn't know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food and the friendliness of the staff. The fish tacos, both grilled and fried (lightly battered), were delicious. The sauce and salsa were tasty and did not overwhelm. Definitely added to the list of places for a quick bite.

Review №13

This place sure knows how to serve their clients. Always with a very welcoming mindset. The food is conveniently priced, constantly tasty and neat.

Review №14

One of my favorite places for Mexican food. If you like seafood, then you will love the seafood options. They are known for the fish tacos but I think everything is good. I love the fresh ingredients and the salsa bar. Come check it out!

Review №15

Certainly a place worth trying, the food is great and well prepared, the pricing is reasonable and it is regularly clean here. 5 stars.

Review №16

Veggie burrito was excellent! Little pricey but good food.

Review №17

Seafood, super good. The food was amazing. Looking forward to a return visit. The bill was appropriate.

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Review №19

Fine location for Seafood. service is typically above par. mood here reminds me of colorado springs area.

Review №20

Had the fish tacos. Awesome. Nice clean place at The Plant. Great service.

Review №21

Beware drivers! Waist of time at this place the kids here will waist ur time by forgetting to put the order In until u get there on a busy night for me but slow for them. Thanks SO MUCH FOR WAISTING MY TIME!

Review №22

Loved the Salmon burrito!. I declined rice so they gave me more beans and a side of salad because I also declined the side of chips.I ordered a shrimp taco with avocado as well, absolutely delicious. The service is fast and inside the restaurant clean.

Review №23

Surprisingly good. I've never eaten at a Rubio's before, but after visiting - I left impressed, and have a craving for delicious fish tacos. The restaurant is clean and comfortable, and the food is good. Only thing keep me from going a full 5 stars, is that all lunch specials should come with rice and beans. two tacos and a drink for 6.99 is a good deal, but lacking in completeness for a lunch combo.

Review №24

Great fresh tasting food. Especially the fish plates. But cashiers need more traing.

Review №25

A top spot for Seafood. Staff is always timely even when they have a full house. Looking forward to a return visit. Bring your appetite because portions are large.

Review №26

Had the burrito especial with chix - fresh and tasty but make sure to add lots of salsa. Wife had chix tortilla soup - sucked and they forgot the chix - served odd also. My youngest loved his bean burrito with cheese though. My oldest added tomatillo sauce to his tortilla soup to give it flavor. Moral of the story, the salsa bar is your friend - load up!

Review №27

One of my favorite places for Mexican food. If you like seafood, then you will love the seafood options. They are known for the fish tacos but I think everything is good. I love the fresh ingredients and the salsa bar. Come check it out!

Review №28

I go here once a week and get the coastal trio. Food quality is top notch and the staff is very friendly. 3months of visiting this store weekly, and they keep getting my order right. When i order online, its a quick in and out visit. Perfect for someone on a sort lunch break.

Review №29

A preferred place for quality seafood. Do yourself a favor and try this place. I will be bringing family next time. This place has a great design. I can see why they have a lot of good reviews.

Review №30

A good rubios with friendly staff and ample parking.

Review №31

Rubio's doesn't disclosevall that makes up their burritos, 4example their bacon and shrimp one, was rathervruined by the addition of minced jalapeno poppers thruout & as someone who has tummy issues when it comes to overly spiced foods, Rubio's will be a pass for myself, they do provide small dishes of salsa & tortilla chips with your meal & don't serve desserts ,which is another minus for them

Review №32

We always love Rubios and visit at least once a month. At this particular rubios the customer service was horrible, I mean the lady who took our order made such a grumpy face and dint provide the order number card till we asked.And the food wasn't good either.Very disappointing, would never go to this particular branch again

Review №33

I got the especial burrito, man that was probably the best burrito I've had in long time.Food is really good, just can't go wrong with their burrito.

Review №34

Mahi mahi tacos and the salads were great. Good fresh salsa too!

Review №35

Great customer service. There is no spicy salsa. The chicken tortilla soup is worse than Campbell's. The fish taco especial and mango shrimp tacos are great. Haven't had the chance to try their land tacos yet. Ask for them to grill the tortilla.

Review №36

Not the best chips but the fish taco's are awesome and the beans are very flavorful

Review №37

Good tacos, really liked the shrimp and the mahi mahi, the original was good, but I preferred the grilled over the fried.

Review №38

Really happy with the new rice and quinoa bowls. Fresh ingredients made to order and tastes great. Even the 6 year loved them!

Review №39

Tuesday half price Fish Taco

Review №40

Fresh, quality ingredients at a nice price. Casual dining with a friendly staff.

Review №41

Great gourmet steak tacos. Yummy

Review №42

Mediocre at best. Food was beautifully presented and the seafood was fresh but overall everything was bland. The yellow rice was bright orange, a clear indicator of overcompensation for lack of flavor. Spicy hot sauce was also disappointing, it may as well been ketchup. Nothing spicy about it. Also, the salsa verde was a layer of mint green mucus on the bottom of my taco. Salsa verde is not cream based.The food is clearly watered down either because the owner mistakingly believes that flavorful tacos taste this way or watered down for Silicon Valley palettes, hence the many positive reviews. Don't be fooled by the appearance and the positive reviews. Food here tastes exactly how you would expect from a chain restaurant.You can get a more flavorful meal at Panera Bread.

Review №43

I would have to say best burritos and tacos I have had in awhile highly recommend gone there three or four weekends in a row love it

Review №44

Yummy! Shrimp tacos were great! Grilled shrimp bacon avacado burrito was bomb dot com with a bit of heat! Chips were fresh as always and the guacamole was to die for! Definitely going back!

Review №45

My favorite place me and my family love this place never disappoint us

Review №46

The food is 5 stars, which is typical for any Rubios. They also have lunch specials that are easier on the wallet. However minus 1 star for the slow service, especially during the lunch rush. It seems like they're always understaffed. There are at least 2 people in back making the food. Then there is one person taking orders, answering phone calls, and serving the food.

Review №47

Bland not worth your money might as well get a fish fillet sandwich at McDonald's it's the same thing...

Review №48

Went during down time on a Tuesday for their special. The service was fast and friendly. The only problem I have that occurs with all Rubio's I go to is that parts of the fish in the original fish tacos is just fried batter.

Review №49

My daughter and I Love coming here they have the best fish tacos Ever!!The service here is Great!!

Review №50

Very disappointed, is was first time going in, and I was starving.I order the special seafood trio and a steak burrito.Steak burrito wasn't bad, good flavors, and pretty big.( That's why they got rated a 3 )The taco trio was very upsetting, the shrimp and mango taco had only 3 pieces of shrimp, which were very dry!!They also put so much shredded lettuce (I didn't order lettuce)I won't be going back.

Review №51

Service & cleanliness wasn't too great, BUT, the food was fantastic 5 months pregnant & the Coastal Trio fasho hit the spot

Review №52

Decent food. Lobby dirty

Review №53

The restaurant has great food, great decor, and helpful employees! I will definitely come back.

Review №54

Great place for fish tacos and Tijuana/San Diego style Mexican food. You can get burritos that come standard without rice and beans here! Plus their shrimp burritos and fish tacos are always on point.

Review №55

Always delicious, Clean, and great service!

Review №56

I stop by here about once a week, usually for the $1.50 fish tacos on Tuesday evenings. I've tried a few different items, and they've all been delicious. The shrimp is some of the best I've eaten. The service is impeccable, and the store is clean and welcoming. I can't recommend this Rubio's enough.

Review №57

Good food, great price, and fast

Review №58

Great food. Nice place. Courteous crew.

Review №59

I really like Rubio's in general, especially the shrimp tacos. I haven't been able to find a local takorea that can beat Rubio's shrimp tacos.

Review №60

Rubios at the plan was great food was fresh faster services the dining area was very clean and also restrooms the only thing I would recommend that quesadilla plate and chips to add more sour cream and guacamole because the portion was to small and not enough to eat my chips other than that everything was delicious.

Review №61

Great food, great service. Definitely will be back.

Review №62

I love the tacos in Tuesday. It is inexpensive and tasty. I can eat 7-10 tacos if I wasn't watching my calories.

Review №63

Friendly staff, nice portions, and good food

Review №64

These fish tacos are my favorite!

Review №65

Rubios is an endangered spieces. Please save this dying restaurant. Like the panda this beautiful creature need to thrive for years.

Review №66

Good food, good service and clean. Taco Tuesday is the best!

Review №67

Rubio's has a unique, satisfying flavor that you'll crave after to try it.

Review №68

I like this place. They're shrimp burritos are amazing

Review №69

Food and service at this location (in The Plant) is outstanding .. I never had a negative experience here ..

Review №70

Really good food and service. Unfortunately, the ice dispensers at the soda fountain were filthy, and the station where you pick up straws and napkins was really dirty and starting to rust. If this is visible to the customer, the things you can't see (i.e. kitchen) are probably worse. Really turned me off.

Review №71

I wish they would bring back the blackened cod bowl! It was so delicious! Used to frequent this location at least 2-3/week. Deb is the store manager, she's friendly and professional. The quinoa in my burrito was over cooked and she remade one without question. Thank you!

Review №72

Great staffs, service is on point, at least for all the times I been there.

Review №73

Yummy food, always clean, chicken is bomb

Review №74

Great food ,great service, and unexpensive i'd been coming ti this place for years

Review №75

Excellent fish tacos, always stop by when I'm near one!

Review №76

Great Mexican food and good service.

Review №77

Friendly staff good food

Review №78

Decent food pretty quick place to grab lunch

Review №79

Awesome fish tacos. My personal favorite.

Review №80

The new menu is really healthy and tasty

Review №81

Great fish tacos...prices reasonable.

Review №82

Have been here 3 times. First 2 times were very enjoyable. Third time, we were unfortunate enough to meet, shift leader, German. He has no customer service skills and should never be allowed to interact with customers. He continuously spoke over my wife while she was trying to place an order. Did not get our order right after repeatedly trying to explain it to him. Apparently he does not understand English, in the US... after getting our salads, with no dressing, it took over 5 min before bringing dressing out. Paid for double chicken, apparently that means barely any chicken at all.

Review №83

I have been coming here for a while and there seem to be a small difference in flavor. The overall taste is better than most Rubios restaurants. definitely a good place for nachos

Review №84

Pricey and spicy. $8 for two VEGETARIAN tacos!! No meat. No fish. My receipt says no bacon? What did I actually pay for??? Tasty. Not at all worth $8.

Review №85

I always ask for the mahi mahi 2 taco plate, and my wife likes the shrimp burrito. Their ice tea is really good, and the black sauce is also very good. We go for lunch very frequently.

Review №86

Great food, free sauce/guac for chips

Review №87

Great fish tacos and veggie with quinoa bowl. Excellent customer service!

Review №88

Quiet but the lobster in the lobster tacos was still frozen.

Review №89

Food was expensive and not very good, the two for $9 tacos were covered in a spicy sauce, making it impossible to taste the meat or any other ingredients. The ice tea was old. Poor experience.

Review №90

Amazing new added menu.

Review №91

Great fast food alternative.

Review №92

Good service and fast food.

Review №93

Amazing service and a bit more of a fresh take, on some classics

Review №94

Great food

Review №95

Great vegi choices good food

Review №96

Great food & service!

Review №97

Great staff, helpful and accomodating

Review №98

Reminds me of my college days in SoCal; the best gourmet fresh Mexican food you can find. They have won quality and health awards down south.

Review №99

We are always happy with the food. A little pricy, but worth it. The avacado corn tacos are great. ( ask for grilled talapia instead of fried) My husband likes the burritos & tortilla soup.I have not been that pleased with the counter staff until tonight. Andrea was friendly, knowledgable, & attentive. She was great. No one expects someone making minimum wage to love being there. I feel if you are paid to be there, it is your job to ACT like you want to be there. Stop frowning, mumbling, & acting bored!! Smile & act like I am the one paying your salary, because I am!

Review №100

Always good, wholesome food. No problem with staff...

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  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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