Antipastos By De Rose
3454 McKee Rd, San Jose, CA 95127, United States

Review №1

I absolutely love this place! The food is fresh and delicious! The quality the taste the amount overall I give Antipastos by De Rose 5 stars! Not to mention the customer service i mean you feel comfortable and appreciated most importantly welcomed. Thanks Guys for a great experience! :-)

Review №2

Very nice family style resturant, great food, great service. Nice atmosphere, there's a deli for cold sandwiches and a diner food hot plates of great food. I had the ceasar smoked, great choice!!

Review №3

Prime rib dinner is to die for, paired with pliny elder. Veggie ravioli with marinara is amazing. Patio dine in is spacious! 5 out of 5 stars! Thanks guys for the delicacies and the amazing service! Shout out to Nick for always being welcoming, he is an awesome guy! Thank you!

Review №4

This place is a true hidden gem, cold/ hot sandwiches, fresh pasta, cured deli meats and much more.

Review №5

I finally had the opportunity to go to Antipasto's! It was really good. I went early and luckily missed the lunch crowd! Due to the COVID restrictions I thought it was great that someone was there to readily open the door for you. We got the following:*Meatball Sandwich - very good! The meatballs were big, they mash them down which is helpful for taking a bite.*Italian Sausage Sandwich: very good. I think the sausage could have been cooked a bit longer. They put 2 sausages cut in half with grill onions & green peppers. I really liked it!One thing to note is the sandwiches should be eaten quickly. Don't wait too long because the bread will get soggy. I would like to go back to try their pastas. Prices are not too bad, I got a sandwich & drink for under $15.

Review №6

This place is okay, came here cause someone told me that it was authentic Italian. Its not the greatest food, but it is some of the most expensive. They have alot of items that you cannot buy from a regular grocery store, and that's what makes this place good for some. But I will not come back here again, too pricey for okay food

Review №7

The hype is real. This place is a true diamond in the rough. With that said, its more than the food, its the vibe. Its authentic and unapologetically original.

Review №8

I love the idea of this place.But the manager was very dry and short.The cutting board behind the register lowboy has had better days.Its time for a new one.At the very least give it a bleach bath over night like your supposed to do.

Review №9

Love coming to this matter how busy they are they always have a great additude and take care of your order.great people and food is great.ill keep going for sure

Review №10

Wonderful people serving the best italian food around. They have, bar none, the Best Steak and Meatball sandwiches in California.

Review №11

There's a lot of hype surrounding this place. I would see it as I drove home from school in the 80s. I finally had it today in 2020, nearly 40 years later. It lived up to the hype. Closest comparison is La Villa on Lincoln. People rave about the ravioli at La Villa but I never had a taste for them. These ones though? Delicious. I tried the beef ravioli with meat sauce and I am definitely a fan. We also got some cheese tortellini in alfredo which is delicious. Tried the chili which has a little kick. I'm currently saving the rest to toss over some French fries tommorow which I think will be amazing. The crowning piece though, has to be the steak sandwich. A rib-eye cooked to order with a nice char to it was so good. As I ate it, I enjoyed it more and more. I nearly teared up realizing I was on my last bite.

Review №12

Excellent customer service! I appreciate the set up for ordering . Very efficient and effective . Food is amazing ! Very friendly staff and very attentive!

Review №13

It was really great! I had a meatball sandwich and it was absolutely delicious!

Review №14

Best Italian food and deli sandwiches in the Bay Area. We still drive back here (3 hours one way) just for the delicious food. The family owned deli is awesome. Our favorite place to eat.

Review №15

Hands down best food in my neighborhood Derniere best food in San Jose. My only complaint is because of the pandemic instead of closing at 7 they now close at 5. I don't get off of work until 5 so I don't get to eat here as often as I would like. Other than that I completely and totally recommend this place! It's worth the trip just make sure you get there before 5 or else you'll be hungry LOL.

Review №16

The great Deli store in the neighbourhood of San Jose. This Deli has all the delicious stuffs you're looking for when you're hungry. Their ribeye steak sandwich is the best you can get. They have great salads as well. They have great items that you can get from their little grocery store and some great wines and beers that come from worldwide! Sea food and special cut meats are also their specialty. It gets so busy during lunch and dinner time and so hard to get a table and even harder to get need to wait or just give up. But the wait is all worth it, I guarantee you, you'll come back for another try.

Review №17

Today was my first time eating food at Antipastos. I cant believe I lived in San Jose all my life and never visited this restaurant. I've been missing out.All I can say is their meatball sandwich is the best. I will never ever eat another Subway or Togos meatball sandwich ever again.The pasta is great too.

Review №18

Prime rib is very tender and high quality. The eggplant sandwich is very dry and plain. Pistachio cake is too sweet.

Review №19

My my family has been going here since it opened. Lots of good deli meat, cuts of meat, cheese and hot prepared food. Staff is friendly and goes above and beyond! Meat sauce and raviolis are also awesome. I've used then for catering as well as for specialty cuts of meat. They never disappoint! Everything is good! Great craft beer selection, too. You may need to wait in line, but totally worth it.

Review №20

I really loved this place. This shop somehow lets you transport through time. I feel like this timeless shop has been the same since the first opened their doors. They carry many of my favorite fine foods brands. Spices, grains, sauces, fine wine, excellent beer selection. We came here to have their BBQ ribs. These folks don't mess around. Their meals come with salad, pasta, bread and large amounts of water main dish you select. They have a handful of great beers on tap in addition to those you can carry out. Im looking forward to having one of their deli sandwiches, or maybe even have them cook up a steak next time we go in for dinnerI can't wait for my next visit

Review №21

Social distancing and masks are practiced here. Plan on waiting in line because it's such a popular place: the food is top notch. Staff is friendly.

Review №22

First off, I've been in San Jose since 1963 and I'd never heard of Antipasto's. My hubby heard about this place from a co-worker who ate there for the very first time too and she raved about the Rib-eye steak she had.We made an "attempt" to have lunch here Friday at 12:00...yeah I know, ridiculous mistake, too say that they were busy was a HUGE understatement. no parking, no sitting and a long azz line to boot. We decided to try again around 2:00pm Tues. The parking lot is small BUT one spot was open when we arrived, happy campers we were.Let me say that I really had no idea what I was going to order, however when we walked in, the intoxicating smell of "ITALIAN GRAVY" hit me like a ton of bricks and all I knew was I wanted a loaf of bread and that gravy and I would be set, I ended up with a bowl of penne with meat sauce(the gravy), a salad and say yes to the question, "would you like tomatoes and bacon on our salad?" My husband of course wanted the rib-eye and for the first timers that read this, order your steak FIRST at the deli side to pick out your steak, they charge you the per pound price and $5.00 to cook it. Then you move to the big ORDER HERE sign to add to your lunch or dinner and you pay there. It is time consuming so if you only have 30min for lunch you may be late getting back BUT....our lunch was FANTASTIC, I want that gravy and the recipe...yeah good luck with that...lolThe staff are friendly, helpful and down to earth people, I even got a tad more gravy after using the bread to sop up most of it. The steak was perfect, charred well in the outside and med. rare throughout, and it had a buttery smell, OMG it was delicious. Even the customers are friendly and made conversation with us as we all ate.Will we be back, oh hell yeah. We even bought some frozen raviolis and gravy to take home, 96 raviolis for $19.99...we got a double gravy so I'm not sure what the price was.Try Antipasto' won't regret it.

Review №23

This is a family owned business run by the nicest people ever. The steaks and food are phenomenal!! Best restaurant and deli!!! Excellent variety of wine and beer! If you enjoy quality food and beverage with casual atmosphere for adults and bring your kids too. This is a must try! We love it!!!

Review №24

Freah food, friendly staff and quick service. I loved how quickly everything came out

Review №25

Italian delicatessens are getting harder and harder to come bye.I stopped in today to get some Deli meats, the place is cozy and humble. The people behind the counter are super nice and I can tell that this place has a lot of repeat customers because they seemed too know everyone by name.As I was picking out the Italian meats I wanted, I looked behind me and saw some beautiful loaves of bread. I asked the person behind the counter if they were fresh? He said yes we make them here every morning, “wow!!” And they had no less then 3 different kinds too. So of corse I had to get me some of that. They have a lot of cured meats as well as fresh beef and sausages I was impressed that they actually had pancetta (got me 3/4 lbs of that, great for cooking with) I ended up leaving there with 1/2 lb. of prosciutto di Parma, 1/4 lb. of suprasetta and 1/2 lb. of roast beef.This place has home made Ravioli and I hear they make a mean meatball sandwich at their sandwich counter. they also have hard to come bye Italian candy called Turròne. One last note...they do. Catering. “Next time I'm giving the meatball Sammy a try, and maybe some Ravioli's too C;”

Review №26

Great food with a great retro look that's a experience worth experiencing

Review №27

Great food! Great people! Always a nice hazy on tap! Awesome place to grab your fresh meat and fish!

Review №28

This deli has the best steaks and Ravioli in town... we purchased the rib eye steak from the counter and they season and cook them really good .. plus the customer service Is amazing specially Fernando he went beyond his work to make us like home... really recommend this place 5 ☆

Review №29

If you have never been there, and are reading this, then get over there and experience it for yourself. Great food, great selection of drinks, and great service.

Review №30

Best sandwiches. Best tortellini. Best Deli goods.

Review №31

Really good deli. Serves great Italian dishes and sandwiches.EDIT : After coming here for a few months. A pattern is emerging. The owners/employees are really nice but speed of service is not in their playbook. If you come here at a really busy time, the staff makes no serious attempt to speed things up like ask the people who are up next what they want so they can prepare the food in advance. They wait until you are at the counter then ask you what you want. I love the food but will probably skip this place due to this aggravating practice. The owners are entitled run their business anyway they want. I would rather give my money to a business that does not aggravate me so much.

Review №32

Nice place. We ordered hot pastrami sandwiches and they are very good. Wish they offered Dutch crunch.

Review №33

Ordered the ravioli with a side salad... what I got was a meal fit for a king! Excellent meat sauce on the ravioli, and ravioli so tender they just melt in your mouth. Perfectly cooked. The Caesar salad was topped with tomatoes and bacon, perfect amount of salad dressing served in ratio to the lettuce. Clean place, a line to stand in but tons of staff working diligently to make sure you don't feel like this is taking forever. Staff is well established within their community as it was obvious many customers were regulars. I will definitely be back for more from this place!

Review №34

I ordered the veal, and hands down, one of the best steaks I've ever had. My wife had the raviolis, and I had a couple...they were amazing. The staff was super friendly and helpful. Absolutely recommend here.

Review №35

Everything I've tried is great!

Review №36

Great family restaurant, amazing service. Everything I've tried has been very fresh and absolutely delicious. Great beer selection as well.

Review №37

I love this place! Though you may have to wait an hour in line,; you get an opportunity to chat with locals, meet new people, smell the delicious food, and enjoy the authentic and genuine friendliness of the staff and owners. This place is a GEM!

Review №38

This is always the place my Mother wants to eat. As it was the lunch rush we ordered out. The ravioli and basil cream sauce was a great choice and dont forget the bread... yummy!

Review №39

People are friendly the food awesome Friday they have calamari

Review №40

East side staple and a must if you are in the area. From different beer, great meat, and amazing food!

Review №41

One of my favorite restaurants. They have the best ravioli ever. I love ordering their cheese ravioli with TBC sauce. So yummy! The line can get long but it's always worth the wait.

Review №42

Always great food and great people. Always meet family and friends here for their raviolis! Spectacular.

Review №43

Best local deli in town. Great people and good food.

Review №44

Good food, good service, lots of selection from of pastry, past, meat and bread.

Review №45

Great atmosphere and GREAT FOOD!!

Review №46

The deli sandwiches are amazing! They also have hot pasta dishes that you can eat right there if you want.The wait is amazing too, but not in a good way! It's worth the wait though.

Review №47

First time and I really enjoyed my food. Place is small but service and food are very good. I ordered the lasagna and a side salad. They also have sandwiches, meatballs, salads and other stuff. I recommend this place

Review №48

YUMMY YUMMY!!Every time I have some serious craving for Italian food I go there. Ravioli with tomato basil cream sauce is super delicious. Sandwiches are great too. Friendly staff and tasty food

Review №49

Antipasto's is the BEST hot cold delicatessen in the Bay Area!!! Superb service and food!!

Review №50

If you've never been here, stop reading and go! Fresh home-style pasta made by a family who actually owns the restaurant. The food is delicious every single time and you'll not regret a stop for a sandwich or a pasta plate.

Review №51

This is by far the best Deli in the Vay are

Review №52

This is a great, local, homey place with good food and great value. There are tables to dine in, with counter service. The great thing is that you can order a beer or glass of wine while waiting in line to order and they'll run you a tab. You meet lots of friendly locals to chat with while waiting in line. It's always a fun experience with lots of yummy, simple, Italian staple menu items in a no frills enviornment. The staff is friendly and efficient. This is one of our regular haunts. You'll only be disappointed if you're stuffy and uncool!

Review №53

This place is great and has been around for ages. Try to get here early it gets busy! Even if there's a wait it's worth it.

Review №54

The best ravioli and meat sauce in Silicon Valley! Whenever I have the opportunity to come to San Jose, CA, this is must-stop to eat.

Review №55

This place I had never been too and in 63 years old, the best italian deli to eat at, a well ran and beautiful place to eat

Review №56

The best pastrami sandwiches and THE BEST RAVIOLIS!!!

Review №57

Awesome service and really good food. It's usually pretty busy for dinner but the line moves relatively quick.

Review №58

Meatball sandwiches are great. Can't wait to try the other items on the menu.

Review №59

The steak sandwiches were perfect cooked well done. All the food and sandwiches taste very good. It's the best place to have lunch with friends and parents.

Review №60

Very nice Service

Review №61

Decent ravioli, reviews little overrated for the dish, but the serve fresh sandwich and steak.

Review №62

My Mom took Me there, great people great food. Will go there again.

Review №63

Long line on a Saturday at 12:15, but my food was delicious! I had the Meatballs and pasta meal which came with house salad & creamy salad dressing, bacon & tomatoes as well as warm bread with butter. I couldn't finish all of it I maybe ate half of it. Definitely will return if in the area.

Review №64

Eastside jem. Hours are limited since it's a family run business, but food is great and ambiance one of a kind. Gets a bit busy for dinner so buy a drink before you get on line.

Review №65

Love getting marinated tri tip from here, sealed and ready for next day grilling or alternatively dry rub for last minute buys. Lunch and dinner plates are very good and very popular. Great wine and beer selection.

Review №66

Quick and easy lick your dish place with indoor and outdoor seating.

Review №67

It didn't take long for this family run establishment to recognize and acknowledge my repeat business, making me feel welcome. The menu is varietal enough to find something different daily. My favorite is the prime rib on Thursday evenings. I've sampled the deli counter and found good quality attractively priced. Good food offered by good people.

Review №68

Great food, courteous professional service

Review №69

Staff is always friendly. Steak sandwich was great as always!!

Review №70

Very nice and cozy place!

Review №71

Hands down. The best steak I've had in years.

Review №72

Best food ever

Review №73

Casual dining Italian Delicatessen great quality homemade style food.

Review №74

Have been coming for years and will continue! The best raviolis in town!

Review №75

Based on *my experience* today, food is good. However staff was dull and rude towards people of color (with exception of woman who takes orders). They only treated the white ppl in line super sweet and friendly.

Review №76

Been coming here my whole life, can't believe I haven't reviewed. The meatball sub is the best in the business and the pasta is one of my favorites too.This is a family owned operation so don't expect efficiency to be top priority. Sometimes the place can get really backed up, so if you're not a person who likes to pull up a chair and have a beer with your neighbors while you wait, this might not be the spot for you during prime hours. But for the rest of us, you can't beat Antipastos. This is the type of family establishment where they know your name and have watched you grow up (Mary was literally the first person to hold me after I was born outside of my parents because my mom stopped in for lunch after being released from the delivery ward ). She still asks in about the family when I'm in to grab food and they always spoil my brother when he comes back to town.Great family and great food. It's a place you can't help but love.

Review №77

Beast Italian food one of my favorite spots to eat

Review №78

The owners/staff are great and very welcoming. The food is on point and priced perfectly and i can drink a beer while i wait in line to order my food. Beer and wine selection is amazing. Over all a great place. Theres typically a wait because of all of this so be ready but totally worth it.

Review №79

This place is like disneyland for foodies! Amazing staff and such a homey atmosphere!

Review №80

· the sTeak sandwich wAs delicious·

Review №81

Best place ever

Review №82

I've been going to Antipasto's for roughly 18 years and I personally know the DeRose family. I absolutely LOVE their restaurant, staff, deli, beer selection, steaks, and wonderful menu. Literally everything is delicious. Their award-winning ravioli is my personal favorite, hand crafted on an antique, old-school ravioli machine! Other restaurants can't even compete with the love and tradition that goes into each delectable globule that is Antipasto ravioli. Pure bliss! Also available frozen to take home and enjoy any time.You walk into Antipasto's, and you're immediately treated like family. Come sit, eat, I promise and guarantee you will not be disappointed.Love you, Antipasto's!!

Review №83

Really good BBQ tri-tip sandwich. The layout is a little confusing the first time you go, two cash registers in different places of the store and both of them are taking food orders; I think one is for deli and the other BBQ, but still not sure. But great service and the place is spotless.

Review №84

Oh my Lord. Some of the best food I've ever had. Don't question this place, just go!!! You'll fall in love.

Review №85

Family run fast food/restaurant, I had the tri tip sandwich and my wife had the tortillini with cream sauce. I could barely finish the sandwich through the chunky beef slices but kept going as it tasted so good. If you are hungry and in a rush its a good place to stop for lunch and a drink.

Review №86

Very friendly staff, good food, good beer

Review №87

This place is like your Italian neighbors are having a cookout. Order a steak from the counter and get it cooked the way you want it.

Review №88

This place is awesome! Food is EXCELLENT! Service is great! Family owned business that makes you feel apart of the family. Go to spot for just about anything. High grade Fresh meat! Probably about 100 different beers. Very cool environment. I highly recommend this place for lunch dinner

Review №89

Take their homemade italian sausage, smoke with hickory to internal 150 F and you have some of the best italian sausage I have ever had. WOW.

Review №90

Best ribeye I have had in years and killer atmosphere.

Review №91

Whoever is on the answering machine,sounds likes he's miserable

Review №92

Awesome, Authentic, Austere. My favorite place to eat in San Jose.

Review №93

Have driven by here many times and never stopped before today. This may be my new favorite place! Fresh Italian dishes, sandwiches, a full meat dept, TOP QUALITY food, family atmosphere.. is also a country style market. Some common and rare beers & wine that can be bought and drank onsite with the meal or taken home for later. Give them a try for a quick meal, a fine beer/wine, cheese & crackers, or just a great, relaxing, family atmosphere. Staff is great. So helpful! A real treat to come here.

Review №94

Very cute Italian deli. They even cook you up a slice of steak while you wait. Have daily specials for take out or sit down and a great sandwich bar. They also offer artisan craft beer and wines whilst you wait!

Review №95

Yummmmmy.....get there early tho...shrimp salad is jammmmin!!

Review №96

Let me tell you about the superb bacon and tomato salad it's the best with the homemade blue cheese salad dressing. Just thinking about it makes me want to smile. The cashier always finds it quite funny that I'm so excited about it. Next up you have the raviolis which are super tasty and scrumptious with the tomato basil cream my favorite. The raviolis stuffed with chicken chicken my favorite however, they have vegetable, cheese and beef. Next up you have the funniest older gentleman whose worked there for years. I remember him when I was a little kid and even though he was a bit grumpy he now actually kind of smiles at me. The only hard part is parking some sometimes could be a bit bothersome you can try parking around the neighborhood and walking up. They also have a large selection of beers wines find Cheese's Breads and basically anything that you would ever want in a deli . If you just need to go in for a quick bite the sandwiches are very nice they have little blue papers that you could fill out bring them to the front cashier and you'll be all set . If you're going to get the hot foods then you go into another line which always seems to be quite long when I go and then I look behind me and there's no one there. They just keep getting better. If you never been here you should try it. If is been awhile give it another go.

Review №97

Good as always !

Review №98

Wonderful Community, yummy food especially their ravioli veggie.

Review №99

The best store in the world.

Review №100

45+ minute wait for dinner but the line never stopped growing it must be summer solstice. I come here for their safe and their homemade pastas as well as Quality local beer choices

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