98 E San Salvador St, San Jose, CA 95112, United States

Review №1

If you want an authentic Vietnamese sandwich this is your place. A large variety of Banh mi is offered at a very reasonable price. You can see plenty of Vietnamese customers here. A very unassuming place, but the sandwiches are excellent. If you are not afraid try durian shake, my favorite

Review №2

I love the chao long here. Very affordable and good. Only $7.25.

Review №3

Amazing food and pretty cheap too! Service is very fast with sandwiches. The spring rolls alone are very filling.

Review №4

The Banh-mi at this place is legit @ their $. I love their Op la and Dau hau :)

Review №5

Awesome place for affordable food. Can't ever leave without 2 sandwiches minimum. And unlike the flashier Vietnamese sandwich shops, you can easily get in and out in 5 to 10 minutes with 2 sandwiches and an iced coffee for 10 to 12 dollars. Keep doing what you do dakao! Also has tons of interesting snacks and convenience items, including some really tasty beef jerky that has an unexpected but welcome fruitiness to the flavor.

Review №6

Beautiful Vietnamese food.

Review №7

Broken rice was regular rice, not textured. Vermicelli was not cooked and still in sheet form. Black milk tea was half liquid sugar. Boba was old - granular mush. Quality was overall disappointing as heck :(

Review №8

My favorite vietnamese restaurant in the past 31 years

Review №9

This place is a classic. It has great food for decent prices and the location is not hard to find parking near. It is family run and they are all very sweet. Their sandwiches are excellent.

Review №10

Delicious & Fast! Ordered banh mi sandwiches for lunch meetings today. All the ingredients are fresh and tasty. The also have a variety of hot items, a few Asian groceries and pre made stuff!!!

Review №11

Been coming here from back in uni days. Still have the same owners and workers. Friendly, quick, simple and affordable. Will always be my favorite.

Review №12

Service here is awesome. The food here is delicious and would recommend to everyone. Owner works with his employees that shows he is a hard and smart working man and all have great character.

Review №13

Always the best taste, according to my wife and kids. Nice staff!

Review №14

Awesome sandwiches. Don't pass up an opportunity to get a delicious, affordable meal.

Review №15

I had the grilled pork with shredded pork and an egg over rice. The grilled pork was a pretty thin but everything was pretty good. They also have the desert drinks that you can get with different combinations of beans and jellies with coconut milk. Really good value for what you get.

Review №16

Good food good prices

Review №17

My favorite bahn mi shop. And the sit-down restaurant offerings ate also excellent.

Review №18

Amazing selection of fresh made traditional Vietnamese and Chinese foods. Delicious.

Review №19

Used to eat here about 2-3 times a week. Came back recently and it was still great. Old school non-pricey Vietnamese sandwiches, great snacks, didn't get any entrees this time because I was in a hurry.

Review №20

I was recommended this place for banh mi, and it didn't fail me. Although it's in a sketchier part of town, the food here is great! Although the meat was a bit gristly, the sandwich was legit. They sell all sorts of items from pre-made rolls and cakes to sandwiches to a full on hot menu with pho noodle soups. If you love vietnamese food, you're sure to find something that will strike your fancy here.

Review №21

They fail health code inspections often.The store in Milpitas averages a score of 71 out of 100 and the downtown location skates by with "conditional pass" exceptions last year.I use to eat here in my college years but after reading an article that they are in the top 5 SJ restaurants to fail health code inspections, I stopped.So many good options in SJ. I wouldn't risk it.

Review №22

This my go-to lunch spot in San Jose when I'm working down there. I usually get 66, rice noodles with shrimp and crab rolls and an iced coffee. Staff is nice, food is great. They have two registers, one for takeout and one for eating in, so even if there is a big line and you need to pay your check they get you out in a timely fashion. Sometimes, when I feel like a treat, I get their flan: it is incredible. Recommend!

Review №23

Vietnamese food and service here is excellent. Filled me up in no time. Food is similar to a cafe in Portland I loved.

Review №24

Love their soups, those people run the business as a mom and pop did and their food is very, very good. Is hard to find an authentic ethnic restaurant. Keep it the same way please and I will see you this year in August like every year ♡

Review №25

Delicious every time. Highly recommended.

Review №26

Dessert drink was good. Banh mi was not great at all. The pate had no taste and the overall sandwich was not what I expected in banh mis.

Review №27

Despite being in a big group they took care of us and made sure we got what we needed

Review №28

My preferred place for Vietnamese food. The service here is great. The bill was good for how much you get.

Review №29

Food is inexpensive, but decent. You can get a good lunch here

Review №30

I ordered takeout and the food was good. Friendly staff. Affordable price.

Review №31

Food is good attendance need English but is ok

Review №32

They have the best bbq pork sandwich!!

Review №33

Ordered combo sandwich and Vietnamese iced coffee today. The quality was below average in terms of taste and freshness of the meats. Will not try again.

Review №34

Always delicious. Very authentic!

Review №35

Haven't been here since I was in college. Owners look to be the same. Prices are higher which is to be expected. Very nostalgic. Still a go to spot for me when I'm in the area for quick food or Vietnamese sandwiches.

Review №36

Super selection and all good stuff

Review №37

The food is good and cheap. My favorite is ca nuong very good

Review №38

Always have friendly people. Their banh mi was a little off today in freshness taste. Still would come back. Maybe today was an off day

Review №39

Always great value for the banh mi and their famous crab& shrimp egg rolls.

Review №40

Dakao is now managing Downtown Poki but the menu remains the same.

Review №41

Great sandwiches

Review №42

The best fry fish in San Jose and good price

Review №43

I loved my inexpensive sandwich! I'll definitely go again!

Review №44

Good is quite good here. They make this shredded chicken jelly that's the bomb

Review №45

Banh mi with pate and banh cay are always yummy

Review №46

I mean this place is cheap. So if you are looking for a eatery within budget, do go to this place and enjoy your meal. But if you are looking for a good eatery and don't mind spending $5-6 more, then this is not your place.We went there based on the reviews, and were disappointed.

Review №47

I've always loved their shrimp rolls, but they've got a GREAT mix of dishes. Great value.

Review №48

Love their banh bao! lots of lap xuong and egg inside. i'm slowly trying their other things. their xoi ngoc is great - soft, warm, fresh xoi with lots of peanut salt and they include sweet dau xanh paste on top, too! the cơm rượu is meh, just ok. i really like their small cha gio - the ones that are wrinkly and about half the size of a regular cha gio.

Review №49

Nice place. Great sandwiches.

Review №50

Incredible selection. The prepared foods are awesome for the go, but they're fast to prepare too. I always stop by for something when I'm near, even when I'm not hungry; I just save it for later!

Review №51

One of the best places to Vietnam food.

Review №52

Best Rice paper salad for sure! And cheapest!! In good portion. I'm a fan!Other items here are pretty cheap I must say. Affordable for college student who just needs some snack for lunch. You can get a decent meal for $2-$3

Review №53

This place has been her forever (15 + years) and hasn't changed much. For good reason too! Very good lunch place with Bhan Mi sandwiches and lots of other Vietnamese food for takeout. There's is a sit down portion as well as a mini store full of Vietnamese food/snacks.

Review №54

OMG! This place is Da Bomb. Super delicious. Super inexpensive!

Review №55

Nice quick Asian food, excellent flavors, super fresh. Both food ready to go and cooked to order. Spring rolls, sandwiches, great soups, highly recommended.

Review №56

This is the worst place you want to buy foods. Better watch out the cashier, they like to cheat 'over charge" you, when you are in the hurry, busy or don't know the price.I order the sandwich which on the menu is $3 but they charge me $4 when I ask where is the price list on the menu for $4, the cashier was point out #31 on the menu, which is the special croissant not what I got (regular sandwich). When I mention to the owner, he cover up their scam.Bottom line if you buy anything from this place, make sure you know the price, added them up before you pay. I think the IRS should come to monitor and visit this shop.

Review №57

Rat droppings all over the bathroom, that's a place that they clean. Think about the rest of the place.

Review №58

The spring rolls were perfect, and for 4$ the banh mi was a great delicious deal

Review №59

Very authentic and delicious.

Review №60

Food is great and affordable. My family loves it here.

Review №61

Tasty Bahn Mi, very cheap. Great for quick lunchs.

Review №62

This is one of my favorite places to go for lunch. The bahn mi are super cheap and are made quickly. There's a great selection of food, including a hot bar, bentos, and bubble tea. There is now a poke restaurant inside and it is definitely the best place to get poke downtown. I won't go anywhere else.

Review №63

Love their soups. Everybody is so friendly

Review №64

Great place for Vietnamese food!

Review №65

It is fairly good food to go.

Review №66

Good foods and reasonable prices.

Review №67

Very authentic but not so clean

Review №68

I love the place.

Review №69

Their food is really well priced. Bahn Mi's are $3.75 and rice plates and pho start around $7.50. They accept debit cards (minimum $5) and cash.

Review №70

Great sandwiches!

Review №71

Best home made Vietnamese food there is.

Review №72

Great place for pho and sandwiches

Review №73

Great place to cheap Vietnamese food. Sandwiches and rice plates are good and try also have snacks.

Review №74

Great value. Great food. Wide selection. I love the spicy curry chicken sandwich and the special beef sandwich.

Review №75

Decent pho for $7, can't complain. No frills setting, the staff doesn't speak English.

Review №76

Good place for a sit-down meal, carry-out, or catered party trays.

Review №77

The employees are super nice and helpful. Literally the BEST egg rolls I have ever had!!

Review №78

Yummy sandwiches and cheap too! Recommend those for wanting a quick bite pay lite!

Review №79

VERY tasty and AUTHENTIC Vietnamese snack foods and more at VERY Reasonable prices with NO WAIT WHATSOEVER! cool beans!

Review №80

On my trip to San Jose I had the flu and I was so grateful to have this place nearby. I ate the pho everyday and it was a lifesaver! I also enjoyed the ready made meals and sandwiches, I took some dumplings and meat and veggies back to my room and it was a welcome treat. If you are picky about atmosphere then go pay more elsewhere. The food is authentic and you can't beat the price.

Review №81

Family run cheap eats. Competitive on price and flavor. It's small but tables run together so you can have two or four or even ten people eat together.

Review №82

Amazing deserts and sandwiches

Review №83

I've been to this place since I was in elementary school. The prices have only slightly increased and it's very authentic Vietnamese food. I always love their "Banh Day" since is still $1 each! Keep in mind - ATM or Cash only.

Review №84

Great pho

Review №85

I have known this quaint little joint since it opened as one of the first Vietnamese sandwich and variety fingers food places in San Jose.It was in the late 70's.It is not little no longer.Through the four decades that follow, Dakap is much bigger, better to remain one of my favorite local restaurants.1) Good, convenient, safe location2) Good parking3) Clean and bright4) Many choices of take out foods and authentic Vietnamese dishes for a sit down experience.5) The food quality is good to very good for the price. I had bake catfish in a bowl today. It remains hot, fresh and tasty (a bit too salty...) after 30 minutes.6) Good service by a friendly, healthy, slim, polite and pleasant lady waitress, with a slightly broken English!7) I paid with my Visa debit card with no problems. The bottom line damage comes to $10 (including tip). In other joints I have shelled out $12 to $17.8) The only suggestion I would like to offer here to the owners and their clients is to upgrade the bathroom to match that of McDonald's. (The very top prize winner belongs to that of the Fairmont Hotel!).I hope this comment is helpfulChris

Review №86

Good and standard Bahn Mis at a good price.

Review №87

Been going there since I was a kid. Recently, I brought cha home and when I opened it, it had already gone bad. Another time I brought banh mi home and it smelled funny. Two issues in 20 years is not so bad I guess but I don't think I'll go there again unless I just want prepackaged foods.

Review №88

The cheapest Banh Mi place you can ever get. And so so so good! This was my go-to spot for satisfying any Banh Mi cravings! Even though Lee's Sandwiches is actually closer to the SJSU campus, I still have a soft spot for Dakao. You definitely can't beat the prices here!

Review №89

In A Nutshell:-Dakao, which is named after an area in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is what I consider Vietnamese street-food.-It's cheap and seems to cater to SJSU students who live/study nearby.-It's actually a blessing to have this store in downtown San Jose, very convenient w/ an expansive Vietnamese menu to choose from.-I go there mostly for the Fried Spring Rolls, but sometimes I'll pick up other items from their cafeteria style hot-food selection.-The only drawback I find is the lack of customer-service. Everyone just doesn't seem very happy and usually on their iPad or phones.Overall, parking is narrow, but I rarely find it packed and like I mentioned before, the prices are very friendly to your bank account.

Review №90

Great place for some cheap viet food: banh mi and rice plates. Good student-friendly prices, but the prices have been slowly creeping up. $3 for a banh mi is still pretty reasonable.

Review №91

Cheap and pretty good. Pretty much have everything especially now that they merged with the frozen yogurt place next door.

Review №92

I been coming here for the past 10 years. I love Pho and They have the best Pho !

Review №93

Amazing selection, awesome tasting foods, reasonably priced although having come here for some time and actually noticing the price increase it makes my heart a little sad.. Very flexible, doesn't mind changing a to-go order into a dine-in or vice versa after the food's already started to be made, also doesn't mind switching out an ingredient or two when I inquired which I really appreciate! A lot of places can be a real butt about it ya know!Another cool plus about this place is that it feels very homie. Never any hassle, customers to this place always seem very chill, quiet and respectful, and the owners/workers are always friendly, you just have to forgive them on the slightly broken English ;) Dakao is definitely one of my boyfriend and I's favourite go to place whenever we pass by downtown!

Review №94

Very economical choices of food

Review №95

Good affordable Vietnamese food. Parking is difficult to find.

Review №96

Homey Vietnamese cafe and small grocery

Review №97

Good Vietnamese food and sandwiches at really cheap prices :))

Review №98

Haven't been there yet, but they only have been open a couple of months. And the one time I stopped by too check it out, it was Packed!.

Review №99

Quick foods & low price

Review №100

Really good and the prices are great

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  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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