2275 McKee Rd, San Jose, CA 95116, United States
Review №1

Never go to this place anymore! The cashier is absolutely unprofessional. She didn't let us finish our order and just stop listening to us.And when we picked up our order we found out that we purchase completely another items! When we tried to explain that she was wrong and it's not our order she just didn't want to listen to us again and didn't do ANYTHING to fix that.

Review №2

Food good, bathroom ok, service ok. Teenager at the register seemed confused when multiple people entered the room.

Review №3

Was in a drive through of 15 people or more but they were able to get us through in 15 mins. Wow how's that for service. Good job

Review №4

I really like this place you can spend $5.00 for 2 spacy chicken burgers and are delicious

Review №5

Good good breakfast. Need to carry throughout day.

Review №6

I love Wendy's Chili's. It's the best chili other than what my mother made years ago. Also, the chili is freezable and it's quite tasty once thawe and heated. I frequently stop by Wendy's to get a dozen large Chili's, putting most of them in the freezer minus what I ate on the way home.

Review №7

Outstanding place for quality cheap food. Good place to hang and eat some good food. Nothing but pleasant experiences here. It has a cool interior. Similar to a cafe in Las Vegas I liked.

Review №8

I ordered the chicken nugget meal and lemonade which in my opinion was kind of it cost $9 Plus for 10 nuggets, french fries and a lemonade. their nuggets are actually flavorful, they taste much better than McDonald's nuggets. the only reason I give four stars to Wendy's is because they need to upgrade the restaurant on McKee road in San Jose, the building looks old

Review №9

Lines way to long most cashiers don't know what their doing and normally only two cashiers only.They are also throwing prices sky hi at the worst time . most people can't offered food so its like Wal-Mart is ripping people of almost 10% OFF

Review №10

I only been here once I have no complaints and the food is good and the service is really good

Review №11

The food was good but the language barrier was somewhat less palatable, however they got the order correct on the second attemp.

Review №12

I ordered a baked potato and chili and I didn't even think about the Big Potato when I discovered the sour cream and I squeezed it into my chili they really need to give you two packages but this place is great

Review №13

Very well run drive thru, efficient and friendly. Names might by Oscar and Marlen

Review №14

Fine location for tasty cheap food. Prices that won't shock you. Similar to a cafe in Las Vegas I loved.

Review №15

The drive thru was fast but they were out of lettuce

Review №16

Asked for a bacanator got a potato...language barrior

Review №17

Their burgers are extremely amazing. It's delicious and tasty.

Review №18

Ordered a spicy chicken sandwich that was not cooked properly & the fries tasted super plain. Not ordering from here again

Review №19

Went there last night looking to try the Frosty Chocolate iced coffee. Instead found rude and very poor service! Very rude gentleman, named Oscar if I'm not mistaken. I worked fast food for years, I know how it is sometimes. We were not being unreasonable, there was a misunderstanding with our order that we were trying to resolve. Obviously, if we're overcharged and missing an item we ordered we would ask for it to be fixed. He insisted he gave us something for "free" then when I explained how he actually owed us money he said "it's only like 80 cents" (not accurate) the amount shouldn't have mattered a mistake is a mistake. Won't return to this location.

Review №20

The gentleman kind of had a bad attitude, and the patties on the bacon baconator didn't have much flavor, they usually do. My experience was okay. The food is fresh the majority of the time, hit or miss with the spicy nuggets.

Review №21

They and selling cheeseburger frys and Nugents

Review №22

It's fast food. Ok, but justly ... meh.

Review №23

Love there baked potatoes and killer Chile beans

Review №24

Delish finally tried there breakfast mmmm ugh it was good

Review №25

Basic burger joint with salad options too.

Review №26

Got home and the chicken sandwich was so over cooked it was leather like

Review №27

Delish as always even there breakfast uh yum

Review №28

All good, just forgot my sauce

Review №29

The Food is by far great!The only thing I would really have to say is the Drive Thru Speaker isn't 100% functional and its hard to hear the people on the other side. They always make sure to give you your food hot and ready!

Review №30

This place is worth a try. They serve large portions for fair rates. Consistently well kept and with fantastic character. I highly recommend this place.

Review №31

Frosties are the key to life

Review №32

Kiddos loved their special lemonades

Review №33

Food was pretty good

Review №34

Very good with Excellent Customer Service.

Review №35

Cheap food at this location - super tasty. Stopped in on a Monday I think. I think I might become a regular. The bill was well within reason for the quality. Feels like a place in Charlotte that I enjoyed visiting.

Review №36

That good old five-for- 4

Review №37

This place is for the most part spectacular for a fast food restaurant the customer service could use a little work but the food is usually always done perfectly I have asked hundreds of restaurants for extra pickles and this place actually gets what that means they actually put more than two pickles other than the staff being a little un enthusiastic this place is great clean and the food is delicious

Review №38

The food is the best on the bay area !!!

Review №39

Cheap food and the setting at this spot is very good. This place is absolutely one of my favorites. The prices are fair for the quality of food.

Review №40

It's good with all the grandkids! They chose the 4 items for $4.00 menu. They got choose from a small range of burgers- and comes with s drink too. It made me happy they knew what they liked and my wallet was very happy too!

Review №41

Wendy's burgers are very subpar. The buns are flat and stale and the meat patties are tiny. The chicken nuggets are ok and the fries are bland most of the time. I think Wendy's is only good for a cheap meal like the 4 for $4 otherwise I wouldn't pay full price for anything.

Review №42

Quick drive thru

Review №43

I like the sandwiches here.

Review №44

This Wendy's is clean and the service is fast. Overall one of the better Wendy's.

Review №45

Great burgers

Review №46

Food was hot and fresh! Even on a cold, rainy day, a chocolate frosty hits the spot!

Review №47

This place is always good, unfortunately my breakfast this morning was a different story I'm sure it was because of them just rolling out the new breakfast menu. Hope they get the problem fixed

Review №48

This is our favorite Wendy's. Quite, clean, and staff is nice. My only issue is that they always forget something in my orders.

Review №49

Great salad options

Review №50

Really nice service at the drive-thru. This was the first time my daughter, now 19, has eaten at Wendy's. She was so surprised and said it was the best fast food hamburger she's ever had. She seemed to enjoy it even more than in and out. Of course we all love the frosties, although the recipe seems different, it was still as thick as ever.

Review №51

Nice clean place

Review №52

This Wendy's always has done a great job form me. What else can I say? The people who work here have been her for decades. They are really friendly and they always smile.

Review №53

Wrong order at the drive thru, when I told them, they had me give back the bags instead of helping. The order was three sandwiches short and I only got two when complaining.

Review №54

Wendy's food is always great...i always base my reviews of this restaurant on cleanliness and speed, and this restaurant will be right up there with the best wendy's i'vee been too...Highly recommended...

Review №55

I think they could do better on the ice cream

Review №56

They were fast and efficient, considering the trainee, that was working the register. She stayed pretty calm with the Manager looking over her shoulder and the flood of people that came in all at once. Food was also good and hot.

Review №57

Delicious. I was always enjoy the 4 for 4. Cheap and filling!

Review №58

Went through the drive thru and it was a mediocre experience. Drive thru was nice and quick but had a decent pothole after the pick up window. Food was all correct but I got a taco salad and the container of the lettuce was two quarters full at most.

Review №59

The deals they have are perfect for large families, we're a family of 6 and we walk out full for $32.00, you can say that for many other FF restaurants.

Review №60

Good location!

Review №61

Ok small burgers for big price

Review №62

Chocolate frosty's are the best

Review №63

The bread was cold. Order 8 things everything tasted bad. Not recommended. The cashier was nice. Great customer service.

Review №64

I stopped in my local Wendy's for a quick bite. I got a hamburger and they have a deal of any size french fries for a dollar I couldn't pass up. The fries tasted great. But I'm so used to hamburgers from McDonald's with their bread like buns that I thought the taste of the fluffy bun was a bit dry. I will have to try the burger again.

Review №65

Wendy's still the top tasting beef patty and meat quality used in the past food genre hamburger restaurants. Dave would be proud

Review №66

One of my preferred locations for quality Cheap food. The fool was super appetizing. Nothing but great experiences here. This place has an awesome feel to it. Food is similar to a place in San Francisco I loved.

Review №67

Their breakfast sandwiches are the bomb !!

Review №68

I tried new sandwich

Review №69

Fast service.

Review №70

I haven't you been to Wendy's in About 10 years it was delicious and haven't change much

Review №71

Wendy's is... well it is fast food. It is really hard to rate a fast food place because it is not culinary brilliance. But it is consistency to a set expectation. This particular location does a good job keeping a clean facility with a neighborhood feel even though the surroundings can sometimes be challenging. Dont expect a Michelin star here but if you are out and about, jonesing for a Wendy's experience, this is a good location to get it.

Review №72

Chocolate frosty are always a good dessert.

Review №73

Good food and good ambient. Courtesy , smile staff.

Review №74

Good food munchie meal is the best

Review №75

The frosty, 4 for 4, baked potatoWow, of the fast food places your dollar goes far here. You can get 4 for 4 with jr bacon cheeseburger or crispy chicken , you can swap out the fries for side salad same price, or Cesar salad for a little more. Wendy's rock's. Why get processed Burgers, chicken at some other places just come here, baked potatoes, & frosties yumm!

Review №76

Wendy's is just enough different from the other fast food joints that it makes a good change. Thet have decent fast food salad.

Review №77

Order 2 full salads charged for full salads get 2 half salads. Good job dip sticks.

Review №78

Cheap food, yeah, so tasty. It's so appetizing. The bill won't break you.

Review №79

Fast service , though the only flaw would be that the ice machine is not often that refilled so you'll have to ask the front sometimes .

Review №80

The service is always great. But I feel bad for the employees because everyone is always mad them because the ICE MACHINE has not worked in 3 years . Get your stuff together Wendy's. You can afford a machine or atleast a technition to repair existing

Review №81

They need to do something about the awkward and clunky drive thru line and expand it or make renovations on the lot. I've already seen a few “altercations” between customers especially late at night because of this mess of a drive thru entrance which is just depreciating this place much more. Only a matter of time before something big happens here honestly.

Review №82

The fries taste kinda weird but I mean it is a fast food place

Review №83

This Wendy's has always been either great or terrible, depending on the people that work there. If you are using coupons, they make their own rules, "one per family". Nowhere on the coupons does it say that. I went with a friend and they didn't let them use one, me use the other. The food was good, but being that it was more expensive because the cashier made the decision to not use coupons, like they were going to make less money, made this visit a complete fail.

Review №84

Wendy's always has excellent fast food wherever you go (I'd say it's the best quality fast food chain out there), but this one is outstanding even amongst other Wendy's restaurants: the food here (particularly the buns) felt particularly fresh, and best of all, they had Strawberry Fanta at the soda fountain!! This happens to be my favorite soda, you see, and it is only rarely on tap at soda fountains. Definitely would recommend this location!

Review №85

Really quick service not the friendliest but was in and on my way in mins flat!! All the little hold this and extra thats that my family are so good at trying to confuse with all perfectly done as asked. Well done!!

Review №86

Wendy's is pretty good can't complain

Review №87

The man at drive thru window was very rude and had a bad attitude.

Review №88

The service here is horrible. Apparently chicken nugget kids meals dont come with 1 sauce?!? ordered 2 kids meals and they REFUSED to give me a sauce for each meal. I understand extra sauces for items that dont require sauce, but a chicken nugget kids meal? Really guys. Ended up buying them .30 per sauce. And they were rude about it. If possible would give 0 stars.

Review №89

I really like the people that work here every day but Weds. The only day my friends all take the same day off

Review №90

Not a big fast food fan but I really like Wendy's when I visit and they have never gotten my order wrong.

Review №91

These people never get your order right, they don't speak English and look at us like we don't make any sence. I've always chose Wendy's over all other chains but I'm going to start looking for a better place. I know their out their. Got to get out of comfort zone.

Review №92


Review №93

Food is usually decent. Tends to take awhile for drivethru

Review №94

A really nice customer service and chill was ok

Review №95

Stop to hear the other day to get a burger fries and frosty and quite pleased to Steph's nice as quick and efficient nice shooting bathrooms are clean the prices are fair and their burgers are better than most burger joints

Review №96

I'm Not Sure Why They Are So Stingy With Their Salad Dressing's, We Charge For Extra Dressing! That's Fine, They Give Them To You One At A Time!!

Review №97

The worst Wendy's I have been to. 5 minutes waiting in line without any acknowledgement

Review №98

It was good but a double cheeseburger regular size combo was nine bucks which seems a little high to me

Review №99

Polite crew, clear store. The food was quickly prepared.

Review №100

Pretzel pub!

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3.9 Rating
  • Address:2275 McKee Rd, San Jose, CA 95116, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 408-923-3502
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Hamburger restaurant
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:6:30AM–3AM
  • Tuesday:6:30AM–2AM
  • Wednesday:6:30AM–2AM
  • Thursday:6:30AM–2AM
  • Friday:6:30AM–2AM
  • Saturday:6:30AM–2AM
  • Sunday:6:30AM–3AM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Takeout:No
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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