Burger Bar
1101 S 1st St, San Jose, CA 95110, United States
Review №1

Impressed and I'll come back. Wasn't sure what to expect but pleasantly surprised to find out it's good. Lived here for 57 years, driven by since I was a kid wondering what it was like. Ordered a " bag of burgers" as much because we were hungry and fire the novelty... Impressed.

Review №2

Have been going here for years although different locations. Consistently great hamburgers. The staffs are always helpful and the prices are affordable.

Review №3

Best and only place to get a bbq steak sandwich and those milkshakes

Review №4

"Great bag of burgers" with some pickle relish The family size fries are a good deal also..

Review №5

Good service. Decent prices. Had a bit of everything....

Review №6

Always went past this place and never tried it out. But a friend invited me over and boy was it delicious. I'm definitely coming over again.

Review №7

Been going here since I was a little girl I lived it then and love it now they should do a flash bak "Bag of Burgers $0.99¢

Review №8

Always friendly service even if there's only two working. Prices haven't gone up. Still, after all these years, love their hamburger sauce. Fries still on soggy side but that's part of the "charm."

Review №9

I love this place. I loved it as a child. Now my adult children with their children come here. I hope it never closes... Old memories and new memories have been made at this wonderful place. GREAT BURGERS!!

Review №10

I like there tacos service a bit poor. Lady made me wait for10 min. Before she took my order cause she was cooking food ND serving it.

Review №11

Just stake sandwich very delicious the deluxe burger even better

Review №12

It's that placeYou just can't get out of your system . That burger and fries you've known your entire life and HAVE to keep going back . It's memories , good loving memories . Just got back from visiting my sister in San Jose and Burger Bar was a must for lunch . I miss it so much .

Review №13

If you go for nostalgia the building's change the bit but the burgers haven't my favorite is the fish burger always fresh never fishy um um good now go get some

Review №14

Burgers were cold cheese wasn't melted . the Raleigh was not the Original Hamburger relish. Big taste difference haven't been there in a while so I guess I won't be going back don't know when they change from the original but not good anymore I grew up in the area 62 years old been eating them all my life but no more I guess you can say another tradition gone

Review №15

Delicious burgers, reasonable prices, fast service.

Review №16

We have been going here for the past 2 years and it never disappoints. Today was the first time we tried ordering to go, since we cannot eat there. I ordered 8 rolls and 3 bowls. Order was complete and everything was delicious....my favorite roll there is spicy albacore chili roll & the best bowl is the pork belly miso . Highly recommend this restaurant.

Review №17

This place make me nostalgic! And the food is still super good too. Clean and made for these social distancing times since everyone usually orders to-go anyway.

Review №18

Great place for some down to earth burgers. They take credit cards here, just in case anyone was wondering (min purchase of $10).

Review №19

This is the best place for a real good hamburger, no bones about it, people who lived here, that have moved away always want to go get a bag full of burgers or a steak sandwich, THE BEST IN TOWN,,,,

Review №20

Good but not worth a drive out there a second time

Review №21

My kids in need love this place to buy milk shakes are awesome

Review №22

Brought old memories back. When were kids after church still as tasty.

Review №23

WOW I've been going there since I was a kid for a BAG of Burgers but All menu items are good Nachos are enough for two and chili cheese fries Dang whatcha out shacks ice cream cone with Chocolate is also a kid Favorite I'm telling you you need to go and try it for your self

Review №24

Insane. ofc prices have gone up since 1953 but a great deal regardless! stopped on a whim and left happy hope to come back soon.

Review №25

The food is good just sucks the neighborhood its in

Review №26

It's alway a special craving type of burger, Nothing like it !!

Review №27

I know this place for many years good food, like anything else prices went up a little but like it.

Review №28

Best place ever I been going since I was very young

Review №29

It is an old school burger joint I discovered in San Jose on my way somewhere else. Their prices, considering they're in San Jose, is relatively on the low end. They have all kinds of burgers, as well as chicken sandwiches, chicken piece meals, and other goodies.

Review №30

The burghers of Calais be the best burger bar nostalgic

Review №31

Great food at very extremely low prices

Review №32

My daughter and wife love this place. Food is good and made to order!

Review №33

Used to takes walks to this place with my grandfather when I was a kid. We would get a banana split. Good times!!

Review №34

I stopped coming here because over time the burgers shrunk in size and got so thin it sure wasnt the burger i grew up on any more so i stopped going here..one day my mom wanted these burgers i figured let her be her own judge..and to my surprise they were so good again the burger got thicker and they made them fresh to order they are definitely not the same people running it from when i last went i highly recommend it again .I found my happy place again

Review №35

Very good food always freshly made

Review №36

Burgers Bar beats Mark's Hot DogsLandmark Legend.

Review №37

Still a very decent hamburger joint

Review №38

The beef patties were small with huge buns. I got the bag of cheeseburgers. It tasted good but I didn't like the sweet relish. The fries were soft and not crispy. The oreo milkshake was thick and delicious.

Review №39

Try the bbq sandwich always a hit.

Review №40

Not the Burger Bar I knew as a kid. Had the Colossal cheeseburger with fries, burger was a frozen patty you but at grocery store not a fresh patty from my youth. Overloaded with too much lettuce, onions. Fries were fresh cut but got cold very fast , I prefer my fries a little thicker and crisp.All in all it was ok but not worth $11 bucks

Review №41

Burgers and the setting at this location is excellent. Loved this place from the first taste. I've had nothing but pleasant experiences here and plan to keep coming back. It has a good atmosphere.

Review №42

This is one of my old time favorites. Used to come here when I was a kid They're fries are the bomb. Reasonable prices. Great place to take the kids and eat outside.

Review №43

Love burgers fries and grilled cheese sandwiches always delicious

Review №44

They let homeless people who don't buy food there sit and bother customer

Review №45

Yea I went went there when I was a kid (last week) ha ha we would stop there by the bag full of burgers with the family fries and head over to the jose theaters 3 movies for a dollar wow. I still go there but I always remember my mon and dad and us kids as kids good times good memories

Review №46

The best burgers ever

Review №47

It was good, will be back on our trip back.

Review №48

The stars are for the bag of burgers. Yum. Too many sketchy people hanging out in the eating area asking for money,and or walking by. Probably the last time I will go by in the early evening time. Stars would be higher if I wasnt so harrassed that night. In the day time i have not been bothered as much so stars for day is about 4. The burgers,nachos, and taquitos are yum! Food hot and fresh too everytime.

Review №49

Ok, so it's not a five star Restaraunt! But I have been going there for 51 years since I was five years old! The five stars are for memories and the fries! I moved about 30 miles away many years ago, but if I want my mooshy - gooshy fries( my absolute favorite) I drive to first street get my fries fix and go down memory lane! We use to get the bag of burgers of five for $2.00 way back when I was a kid.

Review №50

The only place where buy 5 burger for $7.95 cant beat that

Review №51

This place is a treasured memory for me coming here with my parents after we just left the JOSE THEATER......

Review №52

I've been going there since early 70 now my children go.i live the burger bar

Review №53

Iconic place with great food.

Review №54

Slow service, but worth the wait for classic meals like a bag a burgers and greasy fries.

Review №55

Some people don't like this place! Well I don't like some people. To each his own. All i can say is this place hasn't changed in 30 plus years. And that's why it's great!

Review №56

Nice location for Burgers. excellent spot to spend time alone or talk business. the staff was sociable and attentive. this place has a great design.

Review №57

Food service was good. Very polite. The serve was fast but there were only 2 of us there. The fries were a little on the cool side. But all in all the dining experience was good.

Review №58

In A Nutshell:-Burger Bar has been around since 1953.-So after all these years of driving by it whenever I'm on Keyes and 1st St, my buddy and I decided to give it a try.-I remember when the sign used to used say, "5 Burgers for $4.99", obviously it's 2018 and we live in the most expensive county in America and inflation has kicked up the price to $7.99 for 5 burgers.-The burgers were actually a normal size patty, which is a plus.-The negative is all the butter on the buns.-As a matter of fact, we tossed out all the buns and created our own 5 patty burger.-On top of that, the onion rings are LEGIT.-They are the old school big, puffy onion rings, which we added on the super burger we just created.Overall, when you do what we did, the burger is very good. I'm sure once those brand new apartment/condos are finished building right across the street busy may spike back up a bit.

Review №59

Cheap and good cheeseburgers

Review №60

I've been going to this place since my childhood. Used to hit this place up before going to the old speedway. Love that steak sandwich. A true gem

Review №61

Classic fast lots of great choices not healthy so if u ain't into that stay away love the location can't get enuf ️

Review №62

Good food at a reasonable price. Friendly staff, place is nice and clean. Its been around since i was a kid, im 50 yrs old. Historical landmark i think if not it should be... Go ahead experience it yourself. You wont be dissapointed....

Review №63

Wait was kinda long, but the burgers were worth it

Review №64

If people are eating outside and there is a sign that says no smoking why are people still smoking around the fence area there should be somebody out there telling them to get away from here while they smoke so people can eat.

Review №65

French fries were burned alittle would of went back but I was on my way home in Modesto but I grow up eating burgers

Review №66

The same deliciousness as when I was a kid in the 80's

Review №67

I been going since i was a lil girl my mom use to take me there with her to get burgers and fries she would always get her a steak sandwich love that place..

Review №68

Delicious food great prices

Review №69

A Local Hamburger spot, with walk up window. A few outdoor tables. No drivethru!! Been here for years, it's seen better days regarding its food & Service.

Review №70

Been going there since Sam and his wife ran the one on Jackson and Alum Rock. Loved the steak sandwiches since I was a kid and they haven't changed in.all these years. I remember when they were $1.49 compared to the $4 that they cost now...well worth the money, but damn I feel old now. Lol! Anyways, if you want a good steak sandwich at a reasonable price, go check them out and tell them Sam sent you! ;-)

Review №71

Been going to this San Jose establishment since I was 6 years old. Absolutely love getting a bag of burgers and a shake

Review №72

Always get large fries nothing else cause u can feed 4 ppl on one large fries (420)

Review №73

I love this place been coming since i was 3 an im 58 now an now live in Stockton Ca

Review №74

Old-time hamburger with that flavor that can't be duplicated. This place has been here a hell of a long time and I hope it never closes. Good for once or twice a month meal.

Review №75

Bag of burgers for 7.99 can't beat that

Review №76

I usually get a bacon cheeseburger and lemme just say its the finest bacon ever, just everything about it, the smokeyness and crispiness are INTENSE

Review №77

My lil family love Burger Bar Thanks

Review №78

Tried the jalapeño poppers and chicken sandwich. The jalapeños are awesome the sandwich not all that but still good. Service was friendly and place looks clean.

Review №79

Love me some Burger Bar. Food changed a tad and prices increased of course

Review №80

Ok food.could make the same burger at home alot cheaper butI guess your paying for convenience. Over not a bad place but speedy people.welcome to San Jose Ca.

Review №81

Burgers and the feeling here is super good. I was super full. Service is consistently above par. This place has a great atmosphere. Food is similar to a cafe in Indianapolis I loved.

Review №82

First time eating here so to start I'd say 3 stars. I got a bag of burgers, I actually liked them. Old fashioned style nothing fancy. The fries however, I'll make sure to pass on those next time. Looking forward to try something different next time.

Review №83

Fine scene for delicious burgers. entered near ten, it was not crowded. had a sister come into town and asked me to take her here again. the bill was reasonable i would say.

Review №84


Review №85

Old school burgers and fries!!!If you try them, then you'll know

Review №86

There was a few of these back in the days. I remember my first bite of the Steak sandwich and have been hooked ever since, got to stop by and get my fix when in the area. Bag of burgers grease fries and a steak sandwich.

Review №87

Been way to long since we've had. Still awesome.

Review №88

Food was ok but my problem was the churros it says nothing about them being strawberry my son is allergic to stawberrys he broke out in hives i called to speak to the manager and the kid working told me he aint in n he cant help with my problem.

Review №89

Great burger and a shake. Simple and old school. Avoid the chains and eat good days.

Review №90

Decent place to eat, the chicken sandwich tasted very fishy, so that is why 4 of 5 stars. The jalapeno poppers were tasty, but be very careful they come piping-hot and you will most likely burn your mouth if you eat them right away.Please note that this is not a lunch spot, it does take a while to make the food because it's made fresh. That's a good thing, but when you're on a time restraint not the best.I would try this location again, hopefully the chicken has a better taste next time.

Review №91

Awesome steak sandwich and frys

Review №92

Have been here a lot and always had an amazing experience the food is amazing the customer service is exceptional, I cant wait to come back again and eat that amazing Silverlake burger.

Review №93

I remember going there with my parents back in the early 80's. Still a good spot.

Review №94

Good spot for quality Burgers. One of the best spots in the area. It has a nice atmosphere.

Review №95

Burgers, mmm, so good. I love this place. I will be back with my coworkers.

Review №96

Super good fries and cheeseburgers reccomend going there

Review №97

If you like soggy unsalted wilted fries this is your place! Though the burger was good..fries were not. Service was just OK. They forgot a few of our items but it was big enough to share. I would go back just wouldn't get fries, and try to get there before it's busy.

Review №98

Been coming here since we were kids, sloppy burgers but when you eat them they are good. They have their own way of making them and 5 burgers for 7.99 is not a bad deal tho..lol

Review №99

Good place to buy burgers, good deal and good taste ,excellent customer service.

Review №100

Nice place to get cheap and tasty burger even though it's in the hood. Remember to wear hoodie.

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  • Address:1101 S 1st St, San Jose, CA 95110, United States
  • Phone:+1 408-293-0900
  • Hamburger restaurant
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  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
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  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Historic:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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