Carls Jr.
1101 Branham Ln, San Jose, CA 95118, United States
Review №1

I appreciated their effort to make me a burrito earlier than the stated start time for lunch. Very nice gesture. Burrito was okay. Maybe it was a little early for m we to be in the mood for something as heavy as s burrito. I am willing to give it another try. Overall I have enjoyed Carl's jr.

Review №2

Thank you!! Service was nice and easy.

Review №3

Its in a visible location and I love their Santa Fe chicken sandwich AND... It is the only fast-food place that Zucchini.. Yummy

Review №4

Great tasting hamburger! Food was fresh and they are starting to allow some indoor seating.

Review №5

I feel like Carl's Jr. has really stepped up thier food game! I got a double bacon burger and it was so juicy and filling! The crisp cut fries are a must! I couldn't even finish my meal it was so much food! I will be going back!

Review №6

Thankful they are open. Very proud of the team. Be patient if they are busy. They will serve you as quickly as possible. They are very popular. That's why they are busy. Please be patient.

Review №7

The cook in that restaurant is well trained, I love a lot trying all their dishes. The food is always of high quantity, the service towards the guests is professional. I often eat in this place and I was never discontented. I recommend it to all.

Review №8

Good Steak Burrito. ! Employee's were friendly.

Review №9

Fries were refried you could tell they were sitting for a while ..there burgers were good but the fact I could enjoy with my fries with my burger didn't set well with my spirit

Review №10

Good, loved the cheese on the burger.

Review №11

Standard Carl's/Green Burrito location. Food is consistently very good. I really like the fresh salsa bar. Parking is OK with easy entry but traffic on Capitol can make exit difficult at times.

Review №12

It's ok, it's fast food. Nothing to write home about.

Review №13

Excellent place to get food when in a rush. The service is quick, rates are fair, excellent vibes. I highly recommend this spot.

Review №14

My vegan daughter swears by the meatless burger! Costing me alot but worth it!

Review №15

Good burgers. The number 16 is a good value. I also liked the chicken sandwiches. Superstar burger is yummy.

Review №16

Courteous, friendly, & fast. Food was exactly what I expected.

Review №17

Now service much better

Review №18

Food was cold cheese was not melted zucchini skin feel off dip was water.will not go again!

Review №19

All I have 2 say is Food good for price!! But JAVIER(Manager) needs 2 be trained on Customer Service...He acts like hes doing ME A FAVOR, Taking my order..Been in here many times,SAME OLE, Song and Dance with this Manager....pathetic

Review №20

Taste of. New veggie bbq burger was actually not too bad

Review №21

Great place for a burger!

Review №22

Always great service and awesome food (as far as fast food goes anyway)

Review №23

Three words...Guacamole. Thick Burger !!!

Review №24

Very clean, nice friendly employees, great beyond burger...had to try it

Review №25

This is the best Carl's Jr I have ever been to. The employees were so engaged with me while I placed my order and took the time to ensure it was entered correctly. For to go orders, they even offered customers a cup to get water to drink while they waited in the lobby! I have never experienced such caring, personable service at a fast food restaurant.

Review №26

I like this restaurant! They have delicious food, they have a rich menu, The cook in that restaurant is well trained, I love a lot trying all their dishes. The food is always of high qualtity, the service towards the guests is helpful. I often eat in this place and I was never discontended. I recommend it to all.

Review №27

Staff friendly and wear their PPE well

Review №28

Chicken club sandwich low carb is my favorite here.

Review №29

It's carl's jr

Review №30

Staff was very short not real friendly. Food was ok. They dont serve breakfest items in the evening.

Review №31

Got the double combo. I asked for just on paddy and to add bacon. They did charge for the bacon. I would also liked to have lettuce. The spicy chicken sandwich did have lettuce. You get a drink, a burger, drink, and cookie, for 6. Which is much better than their other combos. There other combos are over priced. But, the food is very good.

Review №32

Cheap food here - very tasty. I can say this place does it for me. The staff was very welcoming and sociable. Prices were appropriate.

Review №33

The really big Carl is really delicious and really feeling with a Cherry Coke that's a tough act to follow

Review №34

Underwhelming service and food was decent

Review №35

A couple of days ago I had the Famous star burger combo meal. Just a notch above other fast food burgers. Very juicy burger due to the condiments on it (not the meat). The french fries were the standard that you find at most fast food places. I find them to be low in flavor. It was the basic fast food quality of food one has grown to expect. Service was good and the place was kept clean. This locaton is never crowded so the noise level is low.

Review №36

Fries were good. Order was way off. Sad.

Review №37

Great burgers and great service. The Six-Dollar Burger is really worth that, with a good amount of meat and a fresh bun and toppings. The Jalapeño Thick Burger is also good and spicy. The zucchini fries are tasty as always, too.

Review №38

Super clean place, very friendly staff, and very fresh food!!

Review №39

The cashier is always super friendly and gives great service

Review №40

Hands down the best fast food hamburgers. The Beyond Burger (plant-based) tasted just like a beef burgerThis particular Carl's Jr is clean, the staff is very friendly and I have never had them get an order wrong, and my orders always have special requests

Review №41

It's Carl's... Not sure why I let it happen when the family requests it.

Review №42

Horrible food and waaaaay too expensive for what you get. We paid more then 20.00 for two cheeseburgers and fries. Wth.. and it was not good either. We only forced it down because of what we just paid.

Review №43

Great Carl's Jr experience. Burgers the way Carl's Jr is suppose to be like

Review №44

One of hamburger chains.hamburgerAre better than Macdonalds.

Review №45

Great place for lunch. Fast service!

Review №46

We have been there a few times and the last visit there service and food quality got so much better.

Review №47

If I have a choice this is the best fast food. Freshest and service is good...

Review №48

Always good except, I wish the prices were not so high, I would eat here or at any Carl's Jr. More if the prices weren't as high as going to a real sit down restaurant, the food is always yummy

Review №49

Carls got a mean burger

Review №50

The chicken strips are amazing. I will go back also there is a server there named Sergio, he is SUPER helpful and kind. Great hire!

Review №51

This Particular Carl's Jr location is consistently the worst one in the entire South Bay Area in terms of cleanliness. Twice this year (2018), they've been cited by the County Health Department for having cockroaches inside the facility. Do yourself a favor and eat anywhere else around here.

Review №52

6 dollar burgers are the best. milkshakes are a great value for the price. No drive through at this particular one or I'd give it 5 stars

Review №53

Better than other fastfood shops

Review №54

This review is based on my Charbroiled Chicken sandwich. I'm not a fast food person, but my bf and his son wanted something quick. I chose the salad because I had to find something that I could eat. My salad, (lettuce, tomatoes, onion, chicken and croutons), was fresh and the broiled chicken had a nicely marinated flavor. Top it with their Balsamic vinaigrette and you won't have to blow a full day of calories!

Review №55

Staff is friendly, food is good, I tried the new "beyond" was drive through... and not as fast as other fast food restaurants.

Review №56

#18 is definitely the best bang for your buck

Review №57

Lovely French fries n excelent service. Quite place.

Review №58

Not terrible. Had worse. Food was hot

Review №59

The new Beyond Burger for vegans and vegetarians is great. But you must ask for no mayo and no cheese. One star less for no vegan cheese

Review №60

This Carl's Juniors is okay it could be better if the employees and the managers were too show a little interest in to their clients in the lobby and the dining room by going up to them and saying how is everything everything okay checking up on the tables to make sure the tables and the floors clean but otherwise it's not a bad place

Review №61

Burgers are huge compared to all the other companies out there.

Review №62

"We do not Participate In that Advertised offer" that you drove here for.

Review №63

Place is extremely clean and has friendly workers. Food is still good as it was when Inwas in high school many many many many many galaxies ago.

Review №64

It was really good. The salsa bar inside made it wonderful 111--

Review №65

Always great burgers

Review №66

Wow! What a pleasant experience! My sandwich was delivered to my table by a pleasant young lady. Let's keep this team, OK?

Review №67

#18 light ok the wallet, heavy on the tummy. Super good value

Review №68

That BFC goes too hard

Review №69

Good burgers but they really need to update the sinks in the bathrooms.

Review №70

This is a pretty decent Carl's Jr. I've never had a problem with the staff or the food. They make a mean Western Cheeseburger that's so tasty!

Review №71

The Beyond burger is much better than I expected. Jalapenño poppers were kinda gross.

Review №72

Best crisscut fries. Clean and fast friendly service

Review №73

They are very friendly, and considerate

Review №74

The chicken burgers were all hard, chewy and rubbery. The chicken patties looked like meat tendons and ligaments! Returned the burger for another one but once again the exact same issues with the burgers. The washrooms were disgusting to use. A total lack of upkeep and maintenance. Will never go back again to eat here.

Review №75

This one is very good, might not have the best customer service but they take the time to make sure your order is perfect

Review №76

Their only vegan option was disgusting at best, the fries were cold, the service unhelpful, and the burgers and taters my friends ordered left so much to be desired. There are so many other better places to choose from nearby... I will not be back again.

Review №77

We like this place

Review №78

Carl's jr. Go to Carl's Junior they have the best food fries their fries are freshly baked and their sandwiches are so soft and delicious and there mayonnaise is so creamy

Review №79

Not bad for fast food. Service was quick and breakfast burger was good. This place is clean and well maintained.

Review №80

Love thos place as a teen needs a remodel

Review №81

It's fast food, a bit higher on the quality scale than it's neighbor. Plus side is that they have a "Green Burrito Mexican food" within, if you want that instead/also. They bring your food to your table.

Review №82

Good burger and I'm liking the new value combos. Best fast food burger compared to McDs / BK / Jack. The mexican food is not worth it. This location is super slow . Never see any urgency or concern about it either. I've expected it because the location gets interesting clientele. Always double check before leaving items they miss items on a regular. Besides that it's a good burger

Review №83

Favorite fast food burger. Get the double Western cheeseburger. It's honestly the best burger at a fast food place.

Review №84

I try to come here at 720am and it's never open

Review №85

Best place for sandwiches and a really cozy place

Review №86

I love the Beyond famous burger it's to die for

Review №87

Good. Variety. Open. Late

Review №88

Great customer service!

Review №89

I tried the chicken quesadilla for the first time and it was really good..

Review №90

Its never too busy and some insane woman came in just to yell at me about someone ive never met or hea r d of and somthing about a motorcycle. By the time everyone knew what was going on the woman was back outside litterally yelling at trafic.As f or the food. Its like any other carls j. Delicious and a huge selection t o choose fromthe menue has somthing for everyone

Review №91

Very clean dining area and the food was served fast and fresh.

Review №92

I had the guacamole burger and it was DELICIOUS and the service is great.

Review №93

Since I was a teenager I've been getting Double Western Bacon Cheeseburgers here. I'm almost 50 now. Had one last night. Ecstasy in food form.

Review №94

It was hot and good

Review №95

Quiet, quick, bathroom dirty.

Review №96

One of best fast-food restaurants. Better in quality of food than the others.No meat burger is very good which I would really recommend for vegetarians and vegans.

Review №97

Food nothing like the commercials.

Review №98

The food was prepared right. Even the ketchup looked like it had been water down. I felt like I was getting not what I paid for. C.S. was fine.

Review №99

Excellent customer service!

Review №100

I tried The Green Burrito menu for the first time. It was really good!

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  • Address:1101 Branham Ln, San Jose, CA 95118, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 408-978-3562
  • Hamburger restaurant
  • Fast food restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:6AM–12AM
  • Tuesday:6AM–12AM
  • Wednesday:6AM–12AM
  • Thursday:6AM–12AM
  • Friday:6AM–12AM
  • Saturday:6AM–12AM
  • Sunday:6AM–12AM
Service options
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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