Malibu Grill BBQ
5735 Camden Ave, San Jose, CA 95124, United States
Review №1

The recently upgraded Malibu Grill & BBQ is off the chain with their barbecue!! There is no real barbecue in or near San Jose and now we have incredible bbq in our backyard. If you want to know what excellent bbq tastes like, come check it out.

Review №2

Fugin amayzin

Review №3

Sat at the bar in the back. Bartender was great and super helpful and fun to talk to. Food was great. I had chicken though I don't like chicken it was very well prepared. Everyone here was friend. Wish they had better beer selection.

Review №4

This restaurant is no doubt one of the tastiest place to eat in the neighborhood. Every time I come to this place I am extremely pleased. They keep their high standard service and the topmost level of food they serve. You surely will enjoy this this restaurant. Very recommended.

Review №5

I love this place! The food is amazing and the staff is great. I wish they had a little more room inside. Other than the space issue, A+. The Malibu Stix are fantastic and I think everyone should give them a try. We will continue to be loyal customers. Thank you!

Review №6

Wait Time: 10-20 Minutes for food.Unique Factor: 2/5 - The menu is not particularly unique to Malibu Grill & BBQ , I would say it is pretty similar to your typical burger joint. However, the ratio and the cook of their burger makes them different than your other burger places, one where you have to taste to understand.Service: Fast Food Style with a hip interior decor. Malibu Grill & BBQ

Review №7

Food was amazing! This place a has a wonderful atmosphere to it and the staff were incredibly friendly. Next time I come back to San Jose I'll be sure to stop here again!

Review №8

The place serves big dishes and for reasonable prices. super friendly staff members. Kudos.

Review №9

Great food. It's a little run down, but the food is good. If you like watching sports, there's always a game on.

Review №10

I've been going to Malibu Grill for a good couple of decades. They consistently serve up great burgers and I really enjoy the Philly cheese steak with jalapeños (Philly on Fire). It is also very casual and a comfortable environment with some classic arcade games and even a beer and wine bar in the back. I tried the place because it was close, and I've been going back ever since. Much recommend!

Review №11

Food took FOREVER to show up, however, it was a busy night so I can cut them some slack. Food was pretty good, and at least they had arcade machines and tvs for entertainment while we waited.

Review №12

Meat falls off the bone -you can eat ribs with a fork if you wanted- bbq sauce has a unique tang, side salad is pretty basic but it's a side salad. Can't hate on it very much.

Review №13

Go to neighborhood spot for viewing sports, excellent service, and best known for burgers and brews. Salads, chicken , sandwiches AND pizza fill out a great varied menu.The only reason I can't give 5 stars is the use of space. Definitely not ADA friendly, the location next to 7-Eleven in a tiny strip mall limits what they can do, but tables and chairs are completely crowded. Doesn't stop me from going back.

Review №14

Food is always awesome. Most of the time, we get onion rings and ribs, but everything is delicious. I like the atmosphere.. Nice and relaxing.

Review №15

Great location for quality BBQ. it was so fresh. the service was very welcoming and sociable. the prices are fair for the quality of food. feeling here is similar to a cafe in san jose i liked.

Review №16

Love the atmosphere here & the Hawaiian Philly Sandwiches! Great food, service, & Beer on tap. What more could you want?

Review №17

One of my favorite places to grab some food. good location, well organised, and very good service. A must try!

Review №18

Exellent place.Really good food

Review №19

Goddammn! Couldn't ask for a better owner and meal. Definitely don't miss this

Review №20

Ribs are very good. Burgers not so much

Review №21

Good food and good sized portions. A little pricey but that's how it is nowadays.

Review №22

Western burger is amazing . Be careful with the word combo though, as here it means you want half a chicken, half rack of ribs, and a side; Not fries and a drink

Review №23

Nice neighborhood joint. There is always a game on the TVs. Stella's are $4.00!As for food get the Philly on Fire!!!

Review №24

The food was fulfilling an not to mention excellent staff very comforting atmosphere I enjoyed myself

Review №25

Food is great, has a vintage like feel to place, staff is very curtious!

Review №26

Great food. Good beer on tap. Good for families or adulting

Review №27

It was ok. Had the bacon burger. Nothing to write home about.

Review №28

Get the big combo Philly cheese steak yummy, great beers

Review №29

Reasonably priced food. Nice neighborhood restaurant.

Review №30

Fantastic little hole in the wall. Best ribs I've ever had at a restaurant!

Review №31

Has a very homey/ family-owned feeling to it. Great little store!

Review №32

I love this restaurant, the food is delicious the games are classic and it's part of my childhood

Review №33

Our association has had Malibu Grill provide Yummy Delicious food for us Many times. It is always Yummy.I have gone there several times myself and have always Loved it. They have excellent Pizzas as well. Their. Vegetarian Pizza is Wonderful.Try Malibu Grill for yourself, and see what you think!

Review №34

The fish was a little different then what I expected but my Client loved the Reuben

Review №35

Good food and good service!

Review №36

The burgers are great. Chicken philly really good. Ribs are the best.

Review №37

You get your bang for your buck. Huge burgers. Buffalo chicken salad was amazing.

Review №38

Malibu Grill & BBQ is a neighborhood joint where locals were sitting at the bar and at the tables. People were introducing themselves to each other and were quite friendly. This is a counter service restaurant that delivers food to your table after you order. I was a little put off by the fact that if you use a credit card, their point of sale system nags you for a tip with 15% being the least amount you can choose. I think I counter service restaurant should not ask for a 15% tip. I had a Philly tri-tip cheese-steak sandwich but the meat was cut into small pieces rather than prepared Philadelphia style. The food was okay but not spectacular. The food was somewhat expensive and I think they should be able to pay their servers rather than nag people for a tip at a counter service restaurant.

Review №39

A great place to relax have a beer watch the game and eat some really good food... For those who whine about the wait... Go to McDonald's.. a++

Review №40

Been stopping by here several times have i have had burger or pulled pork allways good. And is way better than kirks burger on bascom.

Review №41

Love their cheesesteak sandwiches. A great place for a delicious bite and to watch the game

Review №42

Nice neighborhood atmosphere. Great good and value.

Review №43

My first time coming into this tucked away spot. I ordered the Western Burger and nice cold Ipa from the mini bar. Western Burger was delicious and the IPA was alright. I hope that sometime in the near future they have rotating craft brews to compete with the other restaurants in the area. The food is there, now they just need some varietal beer choices and the place would be slammed daily.

Review №44

Great Philly on fire! Great ribs as well! Beer and wine bar! Little pricey!

Review №45

Decent food and nice location for a beer and watch the game. Hidden location but nice neighborhood locale

Review №46

Nice place for BBQ. i've had nothing but enjoyable experiences here and plan to keep visiting.

Review №47

I've had barbecue all across the country this is one of the best places I've ever had barbecue meat falls right off the bone!

Review №48

I still love Burger, but why take the cheese fries off the menu? :(Malibu Grill & BBQ

Review №49

Good place to eat and kick back, super chill

Review №50

Love love love this place

Review №51

Awesome food awesome staff. The phillly cheese steak is my favorite. If you haven't been here it is a jem.Cheers to the staff.

Review №52

My top spot for tasty BBQ. super tasty.

Review №53

Food's great! Bar is cozy. Clean and open floor plan. Neighborhood friendly staff. Take out available.

Review №54

My "Cheers" BEST ribs on the planet

Review №55

Very nice and local attention food serving place.

Review №56

We came to Malibu Grill for dinner tonight and had a bad experience. The cashier was super friendly and made sure our order was correct and that's was the only good part of our service tonight. Our order took a long time to come out, and when it did, they only brought us 3 entrees instead of the 4 we ordered. They had forgotten to make the last burger. The cashier said she would have them make the other burger right away. I had ordered a honey mustard chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries. Both came out cold. I would prefer a hot meal but I was okay eating a cold sandwich because I was hungry. I was not okay with the cold fries especially since they charge $3 more for the upgrade to sweet potato fries. I asked her for new fries because they were cold and she said that they would be out in a few minutes. I took a bite of my sandwich and realized that there was no honey mustard on the sandwich at all. I waited a few minutes for thr cashier to come back then took it up to the kitchen and explained what was wrong. The cook took the plate from me. When he brought my sandwich back out, they had just slopped some honey mustard on the old sandwich. He said he'd make me a new one and asked if I wanted to keep the old one. I said I could give it to my dog. He gave me an new order of fries and never came back. They brought the missing burger about 5 minutes later and it was made with mayo although that's not how it was ordered; my dad just decided to scrape it off. I waited and waited for the new chicken sandwich and it never came. My mom went to the kitchen and asked about it and the cook said that they weren't making a new one but she could pay for another sandwich. My mom asked why she would pay for another sandwich when she had already purchased one and they screwed it up and had said they would make a new one for messing up. He said he was only going to redo the fries. The cook in the background was laughing about the situation. Super unprofessional! We have been coming here for years and have recommended it to many people. Now we won't be coming back!

Review №57

Hidden gem! Always great burgers, salads, pizza and nice vibe.

Review №58

The Malibu Grill & BBQ (MGB) is a small family-run sports bar and grill that's been serving up quality grub since 1989. MGB is a little difficult to find, as it's tucked away in a decrepit strip mall deep in the Almaden Valley cuts. I have actually been coming here since before the Yelp mobile days, and the only way I found it was through a co-worker's word-of-mouth--ancient technology, I know, but still pretty reliable. However, with that being said, MGB is definitely worth seeking out if you're anywhere in the vicinity, as it has become my "go-to" spot for lunch when I'm nearby. They have a pretty extensive menu that ranges from BBQ and Pizza, to Burgers and Pasta. I usually stick with their burgers and hot sandwiches because they do those really well. Here are my Top 3:Patty Melt- MGB has a terrific version of this classic Sammy; they serve it up with grilled onions, Swiss cheese, and Thousand Island dressing on traditional grilled Rye bread. This sandwich can be a bit heavy, but well worth it. This is my wife's favorite, and it has quickly become one of mine. 4.5*Burgers- MGB has more burgers than you can shake a stick at. I've tried quite a few, and you really can't go wrong with any of them; it just depends on what you like, but you can't go wrong with a Bacon Avocado. Word of warning on The Big Kahuna: it really is massive--even I couldn't finish it. 4*Philly on Fire Steak- This is not your classic Philly Cheesesteak, but a souped up Cali-version; they take Tri-Tip and serve it up with sauteed onions, red bell peppers and jalapeños on a garlic roll and top it with Swiss cheese. It's an ooey gooey meaty, spicy slice of heaven. They also serve up a non-spicy and chicken version (spicy and non) of this, so there's one to suite everyone's taste. 5*Fries- All of MGB's sandwiches and burgers come with a heaping helping of their freshly made fries. Unfortunately, they're frozen, but they always fry them up fresh and they might be the best frozen fries I've had. Pro Tip: Parmesan and pepper shakers are readily available at the condiment bar. So what I like to do is shake them up over my fries and transform them into Parmesan-Chili fries. 4*Service & Ambiance- The employees at MGB are always really nice, extremely helpful and will give you a good helping of Ranch, if you want it for dipping your fries. MGB has your classic neighborhood sports bar decor, as all the walls are adorned with local sports teams paraphernalia and memorabilia. It's also a terrific place to come catch a game because there's tons of TVs, everywhere. I was fortunate enough to catch a few World Cup games here during my lunch break, and I really had a hard time leaving--and not getting a beer. 4.5*Value- Overall, MGB is a little on the pricier side, as a sandwich/burger with a drink will usually run you just shy of $15, but it's hard to complain about quality. 3.5*So, in summation, if you're in south San José and are looking for a great place to eat, get a beer and/or watch a game, then MGB is what you want. It's an awesome little neighborhood spot, that gets my seal of approval. Highly, highly recommended!

Review №59

Best burgers in town, Simpsons pinball and TMNT original 4 player!!

Review №60

Great burgers and a solid beer selection. Come on game day.

Review №61

Always great food. The bacon burger and Philly on Fire are my favorites. But I have yet to be let down by this place.Edit: I'd just like to report some interesting developments about this local eatery. In their basement, they are traff... wait no, wrong pizza place.Edit2: I just ordered a bacon cheeseburger with sauteed onions and BBQ sauce, sub onion rings instead of the fries. This is the high point of my day, although there's forecasted improvements thanks to my burger/day consumption rate predicted to increase within the next fifteen minutes.

Review №62

I always get the grilled chicken sandwich-Never dissapointed, so juicy and lots of flame grilled flavor. Plus the Shark's is always on.

Review №63

Great neighborhood bar and grill. We go there often.

Review №64

Great veggie burger and fries.

Review №65

Nice local place to grab some food and a beer

Review №66

Great food! Family atmosphere!

Review №67

Great Ribs! Fall off the bone delicious! Good garlic bread and potato salad too!

Review №68

Very good place for I sandwich

Review №69

Have called to place to go order twice when open, both times told, sorry... We're about to close.... Good food, but really? If I told my customers I wasn't available I would probably not be very successful.

Review №70

Chicken Philly on Fire! Great big sandwich...great flavor!

Review №71

Arrive to the store at 230 pm to pick up for customer for doordash order. Cashier told me would be 15-20 minute wait. So i contact customer service for support .they call the store and said would be 5-7 minute wait. I then come back to the store the same cashier saw me came in thenn start having converstation with their coworker said that do we have any soy sauce rught i throw up when i ate them. Very terrible customer service and racial discrimination. Is now 250 and order still not ready

Review №72

The Best Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich,... outside of Philadelphia!

Review №73

Food is good. Wait for hamburger so long???? Takes a long time to get your food.

Review №74

Great food & great service. love the Philly on Fire!

Review №75

Get here early the line can get long but the food is always great A little pricey for everyday lunch but great for pay days.

Review №76

Best ever I love it here. Everything is great, but try their homemade chips. They are to die for.

Review №77

Yummy. Great ribs! Pricey though for what it is. Local crowd. Totally casual place

Review №78

Great little neighborhood hidden gem! Excellent hand crafted Pizza, Tri-Tip sandwiches, Patty - Melt "to die for", salads that are a meal for two, and on, and on, and on...Beer, Wine and soda...VERY FRIENDLY Servers!

Review №79

Pricey but awesome and worth every penny

Review №80

Not as good as before, I think they are trying to cut corners,my patty melt wasn't as good as I thought it should be! I think they also gave me turkey hamburger instead of has a different taste to it.

Review №81

Best BLT I go extra miles to get one

Review №82

Ribs were very good. Chicken was dry. Will be back.

Review №83

Love their ribs. Hard to find a good rib place.

Review №84

Awesome portions, great food, friendly service.

Review №85

Food is awesome and staff is great. Add a bar, TV's and old video games and you got something for everyone!

Review №86

Great staff..And amazing food. You gotta try the BLT. Straight fire.

Review №87

I'm not sure what the problem is..but they take soo long to have your order ready. I've been there 2 times and I've had to wait both times.

Review №88

This burger was Amazing! Thank you for the great service.

Review №89

Great ribs. Great sports atmosphere!

Review №90

Love the place staff is so friendly food is great!!

Review №91

We live nearby and will walk over for a game, some burgers or ribs. Nice clean place with a good setup. It's right next to a 7-11, so you can always grab a Slushee on your way out.

Review №92

Super chill, place good food, good service, and sports!!!

Review №93

Great local bar and restaurant

Review №94

Good quick food at a decent price. Great place to hang out with a group of guys.

Review №95

Great ambiance, great place to bring the family and watch a game , the ribs are finger licking good too.

Review №96


Review №97

Really good burgers, odd location.

Review №98

Best ribs ive ever had in my life

Review №99

The food is great and it's a fantastic place to watch a Sharks game at!

Review №100

The food is all amazing and big portions! I always go home with leftovers.

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  • Address:5735 Camden Ave, San Jose, CA 95124, United States
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  • Phone:+1 408-448-7300
  • Hamburger restaurant
  • Bar & grill
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  • Pizza restaurant
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  • Takeout:Yes
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  • Good for kids:Yes
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