Super Duper Burgers
5399 Prospect Rd, San Jose, CA 95129, United States
Review №1

First time point of view of this place. Great environment and open eating space outside, spacious inside and friendly staff. The price is worth it for what you get and I can see why its rated in top 5 of the best burger places in San Jose. The garlic fries are a must, crispy and fresh, just like all the ingredients in the food, it tastes and feels fresh. Very enjoyable. Fresh lemonade, just an all around great experience comparing to most other burger chains. Definitely in my top 3 in burger chains thus far.

Review №2

I love all the new burger joints that are opening up in the Bay Area! We found this place a couple weeks ago when we went to Slap Fish. So this time we came for burgers instead. All the meats they sourced is sustainable and organic. We got one mini and one super burger (both with cheese), fries and the strawberry milkshake. The difference between a mini vs super was that they have two patties for the super. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the burgers! The buns were soft but slight toasted, and the patties were sooo juicy! All the patties are cooked to medium and yet they all retain the juiciness and flavor. The patties tastes beefy. The fries were fresh but the shake! Highly recommend getting their shakes — they weren't too sweet but they're definitely rich. There's also plenty of outdoor and indoor seating. Great place to come for a burger fix!

Review №3

You should go to Super Duper! The menu is small and perfect. Two beef, one chicken and one excellent vegetarian burger. With I interesting toppings, hamus, avocado, fresh cucumbers etc. Burgers are $7. The fries are warm and crispy each time. Our family loves the ice cream cone, $4.25.There are Foosball tables, giant jenga outside, to keep the kids busy. Service is attentive and prompt.

Review №4

The burgers have a good flavor, but a little too greasy for my taste. I like the potato peels on the fries. The pickles have a little kick to them. Customer service was great. Overall, pretty good, but I personally prefer habit, smash, or in n' out which are similar in quality.

Review №5

What a lovely place! Open, with lots of light and fantastic food. Must visit! My only regret is, I forgot to take a pic of my Veggie burger. I highly recommend it. The portion size was perfect and some play time for the kids. We also tried the tangerine beer and it was yumm!

Review №6

Great veggie patty. You can get it in a bunch or on a Great Salad.

Review №7

Okay. Let me tell you I just moved from Utah and I know we don't have a lot of burger places, but I really had high expectations of this place. It's an okay place, nothing super special about it, the hamburger felt like the meat was falling a part when I bit into it.I'm not hating on the place, just the quality of the burger. The french fries were too cripsy for my liking, and I wish they had more options for specialty burgers.I wouldn't be too excited if I got asked to eat here again. But that's just my personal taste.

Review №8

Dope Garlic fries. The double stack could use a little more work, but overall a great experience having the burger with fries. Apparently, they have great pickles too.

Review №9

All comes organic with their unique delicacies, taste and ingredients.Quicker services and friendly associates.

Review №10

Burgers at this spot - delicious. service is typically great. the bill was fair. this place has good reviews for a reason.

Review №11

Juicy meat burgerCrunchy breadDelicious double beef burger

Review №12

With COVID-19 still active in Bay Area, the store should employ contactless payment to reduce physical contact like signing with pen and paper!

Review №13

They only have super burgers on the menu, not super duper burgers. But they are yummy

Review №14

One of my favorites. How can you resist a juicy burger with bacon and a FRIED EGG!! It's like steak and eggs in the palm of your hands :). The fries were crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. It also serves soft serve on certain days.

Review №15

Yummy burgers! Garlic fries are so good! Donuts are adorable in their little sleeves.

Review №16

Vegetarian friendly (not Vegan). One of the few burger places that makes a great vegetarian Patty. Free pickles out of jars and other condiments. Fresh toppings. Bun was also quite good tasting unlike those at fast food places. Haven't tried the shake and other items on the menu. Will definitely be back for more.

Review №17

Social distancing is followed. Good, tasty burgers.

Review №18

This is the best spot in the neighborhood, I hand out here a lot with my friends, it's great. Best burgers in the world, their fries are great and I live their pickles. Even their ketchup is great! I normally get a Super Burger with fries, a shake, and tons of pickles! Can be packed on Friday, tho. Their veggie burgers are great, too and their doughnuts are delicious. All around, the best restaurant I've ever been to, and I recommend for everyone.

Review №19

Love their burgers and fries. You have to eat the fries!!!

Review №20

Pretty good burger. Good fries. Good shakes. Nice personnel and nice store design. And what amazed me the most: compostable cups and straws made of corn and looking and feeling like plastic! Way to go Super Duper!! 5 stars for this itself!

Review №21

I love they they opened one easy to get to (vs Valley Fair). This place is awesome, all the food is great. Fantastic burgers, best in the valley. And the service was top notch. My son dropped his burger on the ground, and they without hesitation replaced it, no questions asked. Would come back here in a heartbeat.

Review №22

Customer service was on point helpful n didnt felt rush n food was good... clean place

Review №23

We really like Super Duper! Their burgers are juicy and have great flavor. The chicken sandwich is also very good! The fries are always really fresh and if you like garlic you can add that on top. We keep coming back.

Review №24

Tania, the manager, runs a great burger place. Always good service and product. Outdoor picnic tables available.

Review №25

I was impressed by the quality of the ingredients, from the burger down to the condiments. The only complaint is they left out the special sauce on my burger. It was too delicious to stop eating though.

Review №26

Fantastic atmosphere and super amiable service. The food was fresh and yummy. Will surely recommend this spot to anyone. Convenient rates and generous meals. Keep it up.

Review №27

Mini burger (no cheese). Juicy, fat, and crispy beef patty Got a free sample for their chocolate donuts!

Review №28

Brand new opened on December 26th. Served breakfast from 7am - 11am, breakfast sandwich and homemade donuts only. Super burger was juicy and cooked medium well on a fluffy seasme bun. Comes with free lettuce, tomatoes, red onions. You can add jalapeno or grilled onions for free as well. Pickles are also free to grab by the fountain drink area. You can add eggs, avocado or cheese with $$. Fries were just ok as I was hoping my garlic fries was filled with minced garlic. There were only a few chunk of garlic stick to the cheese. Personal preference: I like my pickles chilled so it would be nice if the pickle jar was on a bed of ice.

Review №29

I know my way around this business and in the kitchen, I travel the country TX KS CO UT ID OR WA for work and always looking for new better best dishes. Listen absolutley best burger I ever had (had Harris, InNout, Smash Burger, Five Guys, independent stores like the Counter and similar) the egg on muffin w avocado is so damn good. The pickles amazing. This is my fav burger right now. So fresh and well cooked.

Review №30

Nice organic burger. Tasty flavour.

Review №31

Garlic fries were super greasy which left the fries soggy.Mini burger was okay but the patty lacked seasoning and juicy beef flavor.Okay for a quick bite but definitely not my go to for a burger. Looks and smells good but YMMV.

Review №32

Tried for first time - super burger and garlic fries. Not the best. I personally prefer In&Out and Five Guys.

Review №33

Delicious!! One of the best burgers I've ever had! Fast service and clean. I order the mini and it was enough. My Husband had the double meat and it was not enough for him so he needed to order another.

Review №34

Home made pickles, crispy burgers, shakes and fries. Really good vegetarian burgers with hummus.

Review №35

Great price, great tasting burgers and great service!

Review №36

Wow this place is slow. I ordered at 6:58 and didn't get my food until 7:36. Burger and fries take that long?

Review №37

I think it's not fare to post till they are fully open No beer taps forget it

Review №38

Super Duper Burgers is one of my favorite Bay Area chains. I'm hoping some day they open a location in Sacramento!They have an open kitchen so you can see the workers making everything after you order. I order the mini burger and think it's the perfect size. Their lettuce, tomato, raw onion, and grilled onion are delicious and fresh. The burgers are juicy and flavorful. My boyfriend likes to get bacon on his burger. Their fries are crispy and perfect. Their garlic fries are a little greasy, but the garlic flavor is superb.

Review №39

Best burger in town!! Not much else I can say about it. I like to get the mini burger with cheese and avocado. The garlic fries are first rate too.

Review №40

Beautiful location! By far the best one I've came across!

Review №41

There was no meat in my burger - found out when I got home. All condiments. Tried to call to resolve this. No one picked up. Disappointed. Sad. Can someone please get back to me? I don't feel super and/or duper about this meat heist.Update. They gave me my meat justice. All is right in the world.

Review №42

My sons favorite hamburger place! My daughter orders her burger protein style with leaf lettuce instead of the bun. Make sure you sample the free home made pickles! Their breakfast sandwich and donuts are also a great morning option.

Review №43

Burger was good. Garlic fries were a 6.

Review №44

Love, love, love. Always a great choice for a burger. Also a great Choi for vegetarian.

Review №45

I love the Veggie Burger here. It's all fresh and organic. It tastes so good, the veggie pattie is crisp and the bun is fresh too.

Review №46

The place is nice, bright with its corner location, industrial decor, good amount of seatings. Had a mini burger combo (one slice of patty). The patty tasted okay, a bit dry. The artisanal bun though was also kind of dry, lacked a bit on the flavor. The fries were hot, crispy, ok. Service was good!

Review №47

The best burgers and fries I've ever tasted! Love their milkshakes too!!! Definitely recommend!

Review №48

Strawberry shakes are great

Review №49

Excellent burgers and fries. Great customer service

Review №50

Good tasting burgers as you would expect from a place touting organic ingredients. Best of all, fries that actually taste like traditional fries and not those flat bland things that pass as fries at In N Out.

Review №51

Tasty, fresh,and juicy burgers. Very good garlic french fries. Also quite good vegetarian burgers.

Review №52

This place has great burgers and fries. Clean, low key, friendly staff. Can't ask for anything more.

Review №53

Excellent food! Very clean and people friendly! Great customer service... I would highly recommend a bite over here! Thanks Jesse Lopez

Review №54

Solid burgers and fries, cooked perfectly. great homemade pickles. shakes are pretty good too. quick turnaround. no real kids menu. only major downside is the priciness. would come back again and again! wish they were in So Cal.

Review №55

Decent burgers. Free mild spicy pickles. Nothing bad, nothing great. Very middle of the road. Better than fast food, but still not a diner type burger. Bland "sauces" and garlic fries. Nice staff.

Review №56

Burgers and the atmosphere at this location is great. The service here is better than most. The place has an awesome feel to it.

Review №57

Loved the veggie burger. Great service. Need to go back and try their shakes. Tried the garlic fries. Was ok. Will try their regular fries next time.

Review №58

No attention to detail. Don't be suprised if they forget a topping you ask for

Review №59

Our burgers were very greasy and my garlic fries were cold and greasy. My burger was not delivered as ordered. It was also quite loud. I think I'll find a better dining experience elsewhere.

Review №60

My Dad took me here tonight. We weren't sure if they'd have a veggie burger but we took a chance and they did! He's from Lubbock, TX but became a vegetarian 50+ years ago. He's not easy to please when it comes to his veggie burgers but they prepared his order PERFECTLY! Buns were extra toasty and tasty, onions were grilled, extra tomatoes, (not too) ripe avocado, lettuce, perfectly placed jalapenos and cucumber slices with the specialest of sauces. Homemade pickles (WAY better than store bought) were by the condiments and we got free ice cream cause we went during happy hour. He's a non drinker so this was the happiest hour he's had in a LONG time! We did get organic orange juices though, and they were large and delicious! I don't try new places very often because I hate to be disappointed but I'm glad my Dad got me to go there. I was pleasantly surprised and I'll certainly be back (most likely with him).

Review №61

I love the Super Burgers in this store. The meat in the burger is juicy and delicious. Their servers are energetic and nice.The environment of the restaurant is good and warm. I also like the atmosphere.

Review №62

They handle their meat well. Could be a contender for burger of the year if they would offer American Cheese. What are you trying to prove? Other than that annoyance, the burger is near perfection.Got samples of doughnuts that were hella good too.

Review №63

A top scene for quality Burgers. It's so tasty. I've had nothing but pleasant experiences here and plan to keep coming back. Bring your hunger - portions are large. Food is like a place in Baltimore I liked.

Review №64

I like the simple menu and I think serving libation with your hamburger has to be the smartest recipe for new comings

Review №65

Garlic fries

Review №66

We are closer to the Valley Fair Super Duper but prefer coming to this location. The manager is so sweet and she is always on top of things. The fries are so fresh and hot! Burgers are so tasty and seasoned well...even better than the Valley Fair location. The men's bathroom sink was broken but hopefully it gets fixed soon for sanitary purposes for customers and employees. We even came on a Sunday for breakfast and let me tell you it was FANTASTIC! Anything you pick is going to be a winner.

Review №67

Burger was great and staff were nice.

Review №68

Love the Garlic Fries! Cheeseburger was delicious too! They also have a vegan burger, which is next on my list to try. Staff was fun and energetic, great customer service! Now go get you some Super Duper Burgers you won't be disappointed!

Review №69

My daughter loved the table soccer games. Hamburgers were excellent. Service was good.

Review №70

I was really disappointed. The burgers were completely ordinary, with almost no interesting options. Their "special sauce" is thousand island dressing. The burgers are, however, cooked well. The default is "medium", which they did nicely.I much prefer Main Street Burgers in Willow Glen or "The Habit".

Review №71

The quality of the meet is very good and the garlic fries are good but they have very limited selection of toppings so I cant give them 5 stars.

Review №72

Nice place to have casual lunch or dinner

Review №73

Beefy, flavorful flat-top smashburgers in a relaxed, modern-chic atmosphere. Lots of outdoor seating for nice days. The homemade pickles are a nice touch but on the sweet side for my tastes. Ketchup also seems either homemade or a more 'artisan' brand and has a bit of a different flavor.I'd come back

Review №74

No salt , too oily, not cooked enough, wet bread! Not recommended

Review №75

We are vegetarian and here you get real vegetarian patty ( not the plant based meat type) which is tasty. Burgers are correctly sized and not too expensive. We were there on a weeknight when you get free icecream (small cone which is enough). Enjoyed outside sitting as well. Reason for taking away one star is it took quite some time for burgers to be ready and they were out of ketchup.... Maybe because they were overwhelmed as it was quite crowded as it was evening before schools started.... Will go here again for sure.

Review №76

Flavorful patties and fresh ingredients. Even tastes great on a lettuce wrap. Organic soft serve ice cream and shakes too.

Review №77

I hope Super Duper joins the long list of burger chains. Their quality of ingredients is top notch, and their burgers aren't too greasy like In & Out or 5 Guys. This location is especially spacious, as they bought out an old Boston Market. I normally get their chicken sandwich and garlic fries

Review №78

Mmmm this is a tasty burger, for those of you who didn't get the reference, it's not Big Kahuna Burger from the hit movie Pulp Fiction, but I suspect Samuel L Jackson would approve. The burger is juicy and flavorful, the pickles, sweet, sour, spicy and delectable. The fries crispy and crunchy, the milkshake cold and succulent. Would 9/10 would eat again

Review №79

This is a recently opened location so we stopped in to try it out. They seem to use quality ingredients and the food was good. They state they cook the burgers medium so we were pleasantly surprised to find no pink in our burgers. Burgers were juicy but not overly so. We like the fries. The homemade pickles were good but do have a kick to them. Plentiful staff with friendly, efficient service.

Review №80

The place offers a nice range of fresh food. I enjoyed eating here. The employees are always super friendly, rates are reasonable and the spot is always neat.

Review №81

14$ for a burger that was bland as hell, couldnt taste any salt or pepper. Quick and friendly service. Might need to clean the ice maker as well, the ice smelled kinda funky.

Review №82

Very good hamburgers with a pleasant, hipster-gourmet vibe. I had the 8oz burger with cheese and bacon so I could focus on the taste of the burger. They cook medium, but very juicy. It was impressive. My wife had a mini (4oz) with avocado, tomato, and onion -- enjoyed it very much. Total bill with one order of fries and two fountain sodas was $26.77. Atmosphere -- concrete floor, not polished and the chairs tend to stick. Overall kind of stark and very bright at 2:30 in the afternoon. No shades on the windows, so it's tough to not have sun in your eyes or on your back. Community table seating in the middle with some 2x and 4x tables on the perimeter. Picnic tables outside.Two small nits -- for the price, it would be nice if they brought the food to your table rather than counter order and pick-up. Even Carl's Jr brings your food to you. Also, no barbeque sauce, either as a alternative to their Super Sauce on the burger, or as a condiment. To close on a positive note, the fries were excellent and we'll try their specialty garlic/cheddar fries next time.

Review №83

Good Burger. Nice atmosphere. Convenient location next to yogurtland, happy lemon and other grocery stores, and eateries.

Review №84

Their burgers are simple, tasty and done just right without exotic additions/toppings, the way a classic burger should be. They also are a good size but not heavy and greasy like most other burger places. Their fries are salted nicely, Sir Kensington's ketchup and their shakes are amazing. What more do you need from a burger place. I've been to most of their locations so its great to finally have one close to home.

Review №85

Love their juicy burger and friendly atmosphere.

Review №86

First time here, went in for breakfast (place was empty). Ordered the breakfast sandwhich. Fresh ingredients & tasty, everything is organic (if you're in to that). Definitely be back to try burgers.

Review №87

Oh my!!! These burgers are so juicy and yummy and the pickles at their pickle bar were amazing (and I don't really like pickles!)! Plus if you go around 11 when they are switching from breakfast to lunch you can sometimes score free donuts. THEY ARE AMAZING!

Review №88

Great experience. The day was nice so we could eat outside. Quick service. Staff is polite. And the Milkshake was perfect.

Review №89

Beef taste fresh. First time I went here, burgers were cooked medium by default. They were really juicy/greasy. I tried this place again and asked for well done per the owner's suggestion. Much better!

Review №90

Delicious delicious hamburgers and garlic fries Had their double cheeseburger with an egg on it it was delicious their garlic fries were out of this world I would definitely eat there again when I'm in the Bay area

Review №91

Juicy burgers, fries were good, shakes were good. Ketchup tasted weird, people were friendly! Would go back!

Review №92

Good Burgers but not In-n-out or 5 guys good

Review №93

Burgers are juicy,tasty and cooked to order. 3 of us had lunch there, 2 had the mini burger combo. Burgers,fries,and soft drinks came to $38, so it's a bit pricey for a simple lunch.

Review №94

New spot, fast service, food is on point! I love fries of all varieties, and I was impressed by these fries. The dipping sauces are great and they even pickle their own pickles, and they're good (it's a semi sweet little pickle). There's no wheelchair ramp, and if the parking lot is full, you'll have to walk through parked cars since their is not a direct cement pathway into the restaurant since they used that entire front space for an outside eating area. My friend said it was the juicest burger he's had in a while (I'm a vegetarian so I'll have to take his word for it).

Review №95

My favotire hamburger. Soooo good. But garlic fries isn't that good for me. I'd rather get a regulat fries.

Review №96

Miniburgers were perfect. Shakes were great

Review №97

Delicious food and great atmosphere. Burger was juicy and tasty.

Review №98

Great, fresh, savory burgers. Delicious garlic fries, and everything else I've tried.

Review №99

Their burger's patty was so good.The ice cream was okay like McDonald.They had free lemon and water.So crowded.

Review №100

Best veggie burger in the Bay Area! The garlic fries are delicious too! And free all-you-can-eat pickles!

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:5399 Prospect Rd, San Jose, CA 95129, United States
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  • Phone:+1 408-343-9000
  • Hamburger restaurant
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  • Wednesday:11AM–8PM
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  • Sunday:11AM–8PM
Service options
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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