The Habit Burger Grill
1510 Monterey Rd #10, San Jose, CA 95110, United States
Review №1

Excellent food. Great service. Parking lot is usually full but I have always found a spot.

Review №2

The facility was clean and had hand sanitizers. The burger came out pretty fast and it was super delicious loved the caramelized onions on the charred burger! The classic charred burger can never disappoint! The ambiance was also great, large paintings portraying the California life fitting with the image of the brand

Review №3

Good burgers, lady behind register was very kind and helpful since this was only my 2nd time at a Habit burger (1st time was a year ago). Prices are fair, only sucks no eating inside but that's COVID rules and there isn't much space outside for them to have tables to counter that.

Review №4

If you think its "expensive" its not. You are getting what you pay for. High quality food in a generous portion. Delicious!

Review №5

The young lady (sorry her name escapes me) at the front counter was friendly both when we came in, while taking the order and even on our way out. Burgers we're good and as ordered and the restaurant was clean. About the only thing I might change would be the music. It wasn't quite what I would have expected but it also wasn't so loud that it would be a deal breaker either. All and all a good experience. Not our first time and certainly won't be our last.

Review №6

The burger tasted better than the typical fast food joint but the fries lacked flavor even after adding some salt and pepper to it. The cucumber drink they sell here is definitely a must get when coming here. My order arrived in under 5 minutes and the staff was friendly, the atmosphere here is chill and the lighting is little dimmer than other spots which is nice.

Review №7

One of the better burgers out there. The place was clean and the service was great. No complaints!

Review №8

This place is usually outstanding but this last time I went really messed up not only my stomach but my families stomach as well. I'm not going back

Review №9

Friendly service. Quick service. Good food.

Review №10

I am sorry but the only way for me to write my own review was to give 1 start and I take the start back since it doesn't deserve. I order a grill chicken sandwich and grill chicken salad and both were burn to charcoal the chicken that I didn't even tried to eat them all. I packed everything again in their bag to take both items back. It was shame that they were closed by the time I got home and open my dinner and saw how burn the chicken was.

Review №11

This was my first time here and the food was worth the wait. It was fresh and well prepared. The workers were friendly

Review №12

The food is good. Service is actually the TOPS. my veggie burger could have been cooked a little longer and the sandwich as a while could have been drier: It fell apart even with a toothpick in it. Flavor was a 4/5. Good place, I've had the meat products there and it's a good deal for excellent products.

Review №13

Everything was fresh and the service was friendly. The restaurant was clean and I love the pepper bar!The burgers were tasty, although next time I think I'll go for raw onions instead of caramelized. The fries were great but needed some salt.I would definitely suggest changing the POS system to require a pin number when using a debit card. My order was $13, and no pin or zip code were requested. Just made me a bit nervous for anyone who gets their card stolen.

Review №14

Best burger! I love the Onion Rings.

Review №15

I tried many veggie burgers and this is one of the best. You can customize it with onion, avacodo, and the works.

Review №16

Good meal served hot and cooked to orderVery pleasant staff. Lots of close parking.Very clean too!

Review №17

Management managed to fix things. We went in ordered our food. And this time everything was perfect. Love when a company can make things right. Especially when they have an excellent product. Thank you so much.Old review: Went in and the workers did not seem to be paying attention to their job. We ordered our food, specified we wanted no onions, and the worker repeated the order, we paid. they went back to talking. When we got our food, our burgers had lots of onion. We had to scrape it out, taking off some of the cheese as well as making a mess. terrible experience. I expect that from places like McDonalds, not the habit.

Review №18

Barry forgive my spelling. I worked for your location in Cupertino. I went to this location and they were busy chit chatting. I have worked for your company. 2 minute ticket times, handwash, you need to pass computer tests to work stations.Went to eat at the habit because I was craving a family char deal. Sad that we were the only ones there and had to wait too long

Review №19

I don't know who thought of the idea to make the char burgers the way they do but they're a genius. The beef is seasoned perfectly and the cheese just melts into it. I'm definitely coming back here quite often.

Review №20

Horrible food stay away from this place. The fries and onion rings had so much grease it was spilling out of the container. My mother got food poisoning eating Santa Barbara Burger. I had the Veggie Burger and as I well got bad stomach ache. I will never come to this Habit Burger off Monterey Road again.

Review №21

Not bad place. Quiet filling. Typical fast food burger taste. The garlic fries were amazing.

Review №22

Best burgers ever! Also their fries are good and they have many healthy options for sides if you don't want to go for the fries. Place is clean. Service is good.

Review №23

My favorite franchise burger place in town! They have strawberry lemonade and peach ginger beverage that I really like as well.

Review №24

Customer service is great! Food is definitely delicious. I had a Charburger meal and a shake, and it was so good. Definitely will be coming back. Prices are not bad at all.

Review №25

If your ice machine is broken then don't feed us drinks with out ice, your drinks are not cold and you dropped the ball on that one and still took my money i felt robbed

Review №26

Food was great and very clean place to sit and eat. Plenty of sitting.

Review №27

The food was good and service was great. Felt they went a little light on the half fries/onion rings order.

Review №28

Burgers and the setting here is quality. I love this place, great food & service. I'll return with my relatives. The place has an awesome feel to it. I see why this place has so many good reviews.

Review №29

This was a really tasty burger. My friend got the Santa Barbara and man did that double burger and avocado on sourdough look delicious. I'll have to come back and try it myself. Clean restaurant with fast and friendly service.

Review №30

Good Food ,Fair Prices ,Fast Service

Review №31

Great burgers. I love the tempura green beans.

Review №32

Great service and like always the food is very good quality.

Review №33

Me and my family visited this restaurant for the first time and we were all satisfied with the food. Restaurant is clean and nice

Review №34

Its was a good burger very tasty and service good. Nice and clean restaurant girl at counter very efficient in taking order and friendly.

Review №35

I already ate here a few times. The burgers are pretty good (I like the teriyaki char), but their other offerings (grilled chicken, char grilled tuna) are quite tasty as well. Overall good stuff.

Review №36

I honestly like the dishes and customer service, excellent location close to my home. The staff members are always very friendly. Will come back again.

Review №37

Loved it! Great burger and sides. The Habit does not dissapoint.

Review №38

Always awesome unique authentic flavor you can count on without it being ridiculously priced

Review №39

The food is consistently well prepared and delightful, employees hands out excellent service. I like how neat it is and ambience. Keep up the good work.

Review №40

Just okay this time. Burger was soggy. Too much sauce for my preference.

Review №41

Good burgers. I eat gluten free so I get the lettuce wrap burger. I've had that style from many places, but so far Habit has the best tasting lettuce wrapped burger. Delicious. Good menu. Clean restaurant. Fast service. Friendly staff. A+.

Review №42

The Chicken Club with a beef patty added.. mmmm delicious!!!

Review №43

My favorite place for delicious Burgers. next time i'll be back with my relatives. the prices are good for what you get.

Review №44

Outstanding scene for quality burgers. I love it here. Like a restaurant in Washington I liked.

Review №45

Burgers and the setting at this location is great. Had a sister come into town and asked me to take her here again. The bill was well within reason for the quality. Feeling here is similar to a place in Columbus I liked.

Review №46

The two ladies that work the front counter are very happy and friendly and the burgers are one of my favorites.

Review №47

Above average customer service. Great food and friendly staff. Clean environment and excellent scenery. I was serviced by Zeidy and Mocte excellent cashiers.

Review №48

Delicious! The establishment had a good vibe but it was too cold, the AC was working very well. The onion rings are the best.

Review №49

Service was as fast as they could be considering the rush of people that came in. Super friendly staff. The best part was watching who I assume was the manager. The way she communicated with the people in the kitchen and behind the counter. THAT is how a successful business is run. Every single thing she did she stated it and she was constantly asking other staff things to make sure everything was running smoothly. I will definitely be back

Review №50

Decently tasty food. Too darned cold every time I go. Got our order wrong, but fixed it quickly. Most of the tables are messy, and they were not tended while we were there.

Review №51

Always love the grilled chicken on grilled sourdough! Service is always really great here as well!

Review №52

Enjoyed The Burger After Ueber Delivered Well Done Good Portion Onion Rings

Review №53

These burgers are insanely good! I thought that maybe the ratings were more over the creativity of the burger (I.e. the tower burger), but NOPE, the burger from beginning to end is insanely good!

Review №54

Nice spot for burgers. nice place to relax, people watch, eat good, etc. certainly worth a return trip. prices are decent for the quality.

Review №55

Great food great prices freindly staff ans fast seevice.

Review №56

I bought food for my sister and she loved it.She simply explained to me that The Habit Burger Grill is a lot better than any fast food place that she has been too.She would give them 6 stars and then some.

Review №57

Burgers here - delicious. great place to meet and catch up with friends. it has a great interior.

Review №58

Very tasty food & very affordable. Friendly workers. My first time & I will definitely be going back.

Review №59

The burgers were huge with decent looking buns, but they were just the meat and bun, no toppings...and first few bites were weird, somewhere between hmmyumm and oops rats as there were more than a few pockets inside that were so bone dry is was almost dangerous! The side of fries was plain and small, and did NOT include a topping such as ranch or butter or even salt...again lifeless and dry. But the soda was greatly amazing...again lot like those county fair or theatre sodas....but face it there's probably more than a few people who just hang around trying to introduce even these drinks to just the right amount of dryness...but after all that I had to turn to my accompanying parent and ask her how much something like what I had was costing.....and I couldn't believe it $47 just for my plate?!?! I've never been back there since!

Review №60

Char grilled goodness for those cheat days. Crispy onion rings.

Review №61

Yo I slept on this place for a minute, I went in there after some long time Bay Area folks said they were legit. They were right, the burgers were great, Cesar salad was yummy and the coffee shake was gone before I got to my car. #dontsleep

Review №62

I have one of them best experience I will highly recommend this place unbelievably clean people's are extremely nice food is very tasty and reasonable price

Review №63

Very good place to eat burgers and thier tri-tip sandwich is delicious.There's not a burger here I dont like.

Review №64

Best burgers On San Jose

Review №65

Burgers and the atmosphere here is super good. Great place to chill, get away, eat some good food. The staff was very welcoming and observant. It has a good feel to it.

Review №66

Fresh and great service, if you are in the aria I definitely recommend you go here for a quick bite

Review №67

Pretty much the best burgers around unless I make one myself.

Review №68

This place definitely exceeded my expectations. The girl who took our order was standard fast food quality, however every single other employee was exceptional! Im talking about proactive, knowing what I am looking for, being helpful and super friendly and keeping everything around them super clean!Food5/5 there are a ton of burger places that have come out in the last few years, and somehow everything on their menu looked great! My party got a range of items regular burger, pineapple burger, kale salad, chicken sandwich onion rings and green beans. Literally everything was great! We will not only be back but will surely have this place in heavy rotationLocation is a new build and when we went it was super dead (like 2 other cars in the lot) even on a Saturday night. So that was kinda nice actually. Easy to locate and park.

Review №69

I have made this my place my go to when I want a burger. Fast enough to not keep your hunger waiting. Food has a good presentation. What you see on the picture is what you get. Not like the other hamburger joints that look like your food was passed through a press. The place is always clean. The people that work there are very helpful and friendly. For those who have never been, the experience is a bit different. Order at the counter. Pay (of course), then they give you what looks to be a pager. Find a seat to get comfortable and wait for the pager to go off. Go to the counter and pick up food. Sit down or take out and enjoy. They have two signature burgers. I have not been able to pass those two burgers to enjoy the rest of the menu options. They do have choices of fries, onion rings sweet potato fries, and one more option that goes with siracha sauce. I will leave that as a mystery to atleast spark you curiosity to try this place out, if you have not done so yet.

Review №70

Great burger place. Adequate place to get food and maybe sit-down with some friends. Higher quality than fast food chains but a little more expensive. I would say it's worth it though. Go there whenever you want a decent burger.

Review №71

This is the next fast-food chain in the world! They actually make good food fast. Although Tri-Tip Steak can me overcooked sometimes. Today the meat wasn't medium-rare , but more of a well done. Could do better

Review №72

A favorite spot for quality burgers. Prices were appropriate. Menu is like a cafe in Indianapolis I loved.

Review №73

Great sandwiches, I had the steak sandwich, with fried and a drink. Great service and great prices.

Review №74

Awesome burgers A+

Review №75

Food was good but the dinning room was freezing. Everybody was complaining about the temp and they didn't do anything about it.

Review №76

Charbroiled burgers if you like them cooked that way.

Review №77

Food is always on point here! They haven't let me down!

Review №78

Great place, food and service.

Review №79

Very good ,also nice place good service and clean very import good personal

Review №80

Food was good

Review №81

My top place for delicious Burgers. Nothing to complain about. Service is consistently great.

Review №82

Mmmmm, good burgers, fast service

Review №83

OK, so this is my breakdown of The Habit vs Five Guys vs In-N-Out. Just my personal preference for a burger and fries#1 burger In-N-out double double. #3 fries#2 The Habit double char, #2 fries#3 is Five guys. #1 friesThe burger is good, the fries are good. It's a good compromise between the 3 chains. I love Five guys fries, crispy soft, with or without the seasoning huge portions. Really don't like In-N-Out fries, but love the double burger. Habit is right in the middle and there is nothing wrong with that.

Review №84

This place is ok, if you like gossip. The service here is good, but they love to talk. It has the local feel, which is ok. It was clean and typically priced and parking is free.

Review №85

Excellent burgers, even better fries.

Review №86

Good food and fast service

Review №87

It wasn't busy and got service quick. People were really nice too.

Review №88

Really good food. The wait feels long but it is worth it.

Review №89

Workers are there just for the check each week and friend had tri tip sandwich and meat was so over cooked and dry out and all you got on it was bread and meat. Forgot what I had just know was like eating at McDonald's and paying for a lobster dinner

Review №90

Good price. In my opinion way to salty. After 3 times I stopped going.

Review №91

Surprisingly reasonable prices. Delicious, charbroiled flavor. They don't call their burgers charburgers for nothing.

Review №92

Food is great, as is custom in The Habit. However, their customer service is awful. The gentleman that took my order was mumbling while helping us and talking way too fast to be able to understand, making both my wife and I feel uncomfortable. I asked for a specific meal and the gentleman charged me for each item individually. When I approached the manager with a question about my order she proceeded to tell me I was wrong, without having even seen the receipt first. She did not apologize for the confusion, or tried to break it down item by item. She showed me I was wrong and added that cheese is extra, and that is why he charged me the way he did. The total did not add up, so I just went with it. If they want to steal 50 cents from me, they probably need it more than I do. The manager also let a group in with a dog, without letting them know their policy on animals.

Review №93

Great food. Made fresh, so a small wait.

Review №94

Love, Love Love!!! The food is always delicious and fresh .. I recommend their Superfood Salad for anyone monitoring their calorie intake .. Portion size is huge so eating just half of this tasty salad fills you up ... Customer service is outstanding!!

Review №95

I went in to Habit burger today on Monterey and I ordered a #1 combo with no tomatoes. I even told someone else to make sure there's no tomatoes. When I got back to work with my lunch the burger had tomatoes, and I don't eat tomatoes because of the acid. Two people I told and that still wasn't enough. I got sick. Wasn't happy. I'm done.

Review №96

Good food! Healthier options for fast food.

Review №97

Good spot for quality burgers. the service was very welcoming and sociable.

Review №98

Very clean, all condiments are well stocked, nice ambient dining room, burger is cooked perfectly and well wrapped, very pleasant hosts plenty of parking. I would surely come back.

Review №99

My favorite burger place

Review №100

Burgers and the setting at this location is excellent. the bill was decent.

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4.4 Rating
  • Address:1510 Monterey Rd #10, San Jose, CA 95110, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 408-288-5604
  • Hamburger restaurant
  • Fast food restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:10:30AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:10:30AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:10:30AM–9PM
  • Thursday:10:30AM–9PM
  • Friday:10:30AM–10PM
  • Saturday:10:30AM–10PM
  • Sunday:10:30AM–9PM
Service options
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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