Patxis Pizza
3350 Zanker Rd #30, San Jose, CA 95134, United States

Review №1

Very good pizza staff was super nice and helpful the pizza so good u can't go wrong

Review №2

I am 100% satisfied customer here! This pasta place was awesome. They never fail me on my high expectations. They strive to provide us the best service that exceeds our expectations. Highly recommended for both meetings and friends as well for having an excellent atmosphere. Job well done for everything guys!

Review №3

Would give zero stars if I could. Do not eat here if you value your time and money! The service was the worst I've ever experienced in my life. The food took an hour and a half to come out. That was after waiting 30 minutes just to order. I was one of two tables who were seated at the restaurant. They should give priority to those eating at their establishment. Also emailed the company to tell them about the experience and they completely ignored my concerns. No response ever. Don't waste your life and your hunger.

Review №4

Excellent service from Sadi! Food was better than expected!

Review №5

This is the best breakfast I've had it's so amazing the food was cooked to perfection mimosas were delicious and cheesecake was home made straight fire I love it!!!! I'd definitely recommend it to any and all try it you won't regret it

Review №6

Pizza was fine, but service was terrible! The girl at the counter was very rude and had no patience at all! She is trying to communicate to both people collecting/making orders and on the phone, and she completely fails. If she's not ready to work with people-she shouldn't be working at the restaurant!And if you decide to order pizza anyway-be prepared to wait for at least 40 minutes, even if she promises you it will be faster.

Review №7

Had service from this place 2 times. First was dine in, liked the freshness but service was too slow (It was slow afternoon and still order was on the table afer 40 minutes). Second time was take out (Aug 20, covid). It was late by 40 minutes. Which can be still looked over given that restaurants are working with less manpower. BUT... the pizza was so soggy that it I just couldn't figure out how to consume it. 5/5 for ingredients, 1/5 for service.

Review №8

I like the interior of the restaurant. Though it's just 15 years old it have successfully portrayed the old charm with brick adornments and wooden decor. This is the restaurant where I tried my first deep dish pizza and I loved it.I and my wife visited this restaurant on a Friday evening around 8 pm and there were sufficient empty tables. There are a few 2 hour parking spots just outside the restaurant and enough spots in the nearby retail parking lot. We got seated after waiting for a few minutes since there were a few takeout parties that were getting attended. We ordered a 14" BBQ chicken deep dish pizza and got a garlic bread for Yelp check-in. The service was a little slow for my taste and we have to ask a few times for placing our order. However, Rachel was our server and was very courteous. We loved the garlic bread that we got. The pizza was absolutely delicious, full of cheese and tomato sauce. The chicken pieces and bacon were plentiful and the crust was perfectly baked. This pizza place is a good one for trying deep dish pizza and we will definitely try out more.

Review №9

Just a warning - every time I order here they get the order wrong. Not sure if they just hate me or if it's widespread. The food is delicious even when it's wrong, but be forewarned if you are picky about your order - it may be wrong when you get home and bite into that first slice. Super pissing off.

Review №10

Last time I was here it was great . But went today and the pizza wasn't as good as before it had a hint of meat and was overloaded with sauce. Just not the same. Won't be returning.

Review №11

Pizza and Piadina were amazing! Will come back but had to wait 90min+ after giving order(30min above their promised time) for 2 Pizzas + 4 Piadina. Plan your takeout order accordingly..

Review №12

Drove from Fremont to have some deep dish Chicago style pizza and the 16 miles (although it may not sound too far) was well worth it.Be warned that when you order a deep dish it takes close to half an hour to make and bake. But folks, it is well worth the wait! Cheesy, gooey, flavorful and HOT!My husband and I decided to customize our pie rather than select from the menu. Stuffed ours with sausage, mushroom and pepperoni. Great combo in my opinion. Their sausage wasn't too salty or overpowering either. We much enjoyed the leftovers all the way through the following day.We first discovered Patxi's years ago during a trip to Santa Barbara so we're pretty glad there's one out here in the bay. This one has the perfect location as well placed within Crescent Village apts rather than some overcrowded shopping area. It's a bonus that they're also next to Starbucks.Great pizza, equally great service too.

Review №13

I had an issue with ordering from this location over Uber eats. The pizza I ordered was the wrong size (I'd ordered a large and had been given a small) and strangely enough the BBQ chicken pizza had been perfectly cooked but was missing the BBQ Chicken!I figured this was an error and received a full refund from Uber, but felt the need to call the store to let them know what happened. I had already received my refund and wasn't upset in any way, nor was I expecting anything from the employees there. Since I'd ordered from them before with no issue, I thought this was a weird enough situation that they might want to be made aware.Well, I called the store and spoke with a wonderful, wonderful employee named Sadie. I don't know if she's the manager or anything but when I explained the situation she offered to replace the pizza for free. I was in no way hoping for a replacement (and honestly didn't think I would get one since it had been refunded/ordered through a mobile order app). She was kind, courteous, and genuinely apologetic. She completely turned my impression around and I'll be looking forward to coming back soon. Thanks Sadie!

Review №14

Delicious pizza, our favorite in the area. Over the weekend the server handling our order was a sweetheart.

Review №15

The patxis in campbell is great! The patxis in north san jose is not! Service is terrible and their patio umbrellas are transparent. If i have to go inside to order another round thats fine. Let me know. Dont leave me hanging outside waiting for a server.

Review №16

5 stars for the food, but order your deep dish in advance so you don't have to wait!Even though we ordered in advance, it took a while for the food to get to us since they were unstaffed due to the holidays. The staff was extra friendly, which made the wait tolerable.The crust on the deep dish was thick and crispy (definitely not soggy). The thin crust was decent, but the deep dish had so much more flavor!

Review №17

The deep dish pizzas are the best! The other appetizers are not that great. Be prepared to wait because the service is a bit slow.

Review №18

Doing their best with what they can during Covid19. Pizza is always delicious.

Review №19

5/2/2020: Update: After talking to the manager I decided to try Patxi's again. Let me say the pizza was everything I was told it was. Delicious, seasoned well, crust tasted great. Customer service was super. I really appreciate the redo. I will return.I ordered the Pizza and the time said delivery in 120 minutes.No delivery. I called the woman who answered informed me that my pizza was ready. I said has it been sitting for 2 hours. She asked did I want the order cancelled or did I want a new pizza. I said a new pizza. I picked it up it was ice cold.

Review №20

We ordered half meat and half cheese. All of it was meat which my partner can't eat. The order was also 10 minutes late. And I tried to call 3 times and no one answers. I don't recommend this place at all. This was an awful experience.

Review №21

Go here. It's delicious! I've never had anything other than the deep dish pies, and I've never been disappointed. I have been to this particular location many times, and this most recent time my boyfriend and I were the amazed recipients of someone doing a kind deed. A man named Brian paid our check (which was almost $70) because he wanted to do something nice. The waitress was just as taken aback as we were. Goes to show that good food makes people happy. Now, on to follow in Brian's footsteps and pay it forward to others!

Review №22

Nice decor, nice outdoor seating, friendly people, good variety of delicious food. Their deep dish pizza is great, full of flavor, crisp crust, very filling.It is pricy.

Review №23

Best meatball sandwich I ever had.

Review №24

A great atmosphere that's not too loud and has a very warming wood & brick deckor.I really like this specific location because it's never too packed and that's no line if you come on a weekday evening. Parking is ample as well.The food takes a while to cook but its absolutely delicious. I keep coming back again and again.

Review №25

Their pizza is delicious. Would definitely recommend their deep dish pizza. They seem to use fresh ingredients. A bit overpriced for the quantity though. The staff is very friendly. Parking can be tight.

Review №26

Probably the best service from the bartender I've had he had a huge section and was taking care of everyone also the drinks were good atmosphere was really nice and the pizza hands down was the best for gluten-free I will go back again love the place hope you like the pictures

Review №27

Ordered whole hog piedina, it was very good. The service was somewhat slow

Review №28

Pizza with prosciutto and arugula was really burned out! And arugula comes separately. Don't recommend!

Review №29

Everything was subpar. Stale crust, croutons and even the lettuce.

Review №30

An awesome choice for Bay Area deep-dish pizza. My favorite is the special, with sausage and green pepper, topped with lots of their homemade sauce. The thin crust options are ok too, but deep dish is clearly their specialty. Salads and other sides are also high quality.

Review №31

Awesome pizza closest to Gioradanox in Chicago!

Review №32

Wings and the special pizza is what we ordered. Eveything was great from the staff to the food. Although my kids preferred traditional pizza over the deep dish.

Review №33

Ordered pizza to pick up, two gluten free 10” and it came to just shy of $50! We order Spinacinni and Prosciutto & Arugula with added red peppers. Prosciutto & Arugula has three core ingredients as toppings; Prosciutto, arugula and cheese. We didn't get the arugula which kind of defeats the whole purpose of the pizza. I rang to complain and the host and the ops manager said they'd refund the pizza. I looked this morning and saw only a $10 refund. Rude.Besides the arugula issue, both pizzas were greasy, salty and tasted like salty cheese on soggy cardboard. I won't order from this overpriced, low quality restaurant again. A year ago it was great and it's gone downhill fast.

Review №34

Great place for Chocago style pizza!

Review №35

On the plus side, the service is good. Parking sucks because it's in a housing complex. And the food has zero flavor. Everything lacks salt! I thought it was me not being able to taste well, but no one at the table tasted much flavor.

Review №36

Nice thin crust pizza. We went for an early dinner and had a few drinks and ordered 2 pizzas. When they came out they were a little burnt on the edges. Without us even asking, they had started new pizzas and left the slightly crispy ones for us to eat in the meantime. Great to see this type of service. Meal ended up being great and service was outstanding

Review №37

This place is just horrible! I came to this location because its closer to home and i certainly regret it. I came up to pick up an order and the gentlemen was just rude, no greeting or details about if he was getting my order or so, just glanced at me as i said my name and walked off. Then, he hands me my pizza but no even a thank you or a smile, just left it on the table and walked away! Im just shocked! How can a customer that is coming for service during this shutdown time be treated this way! Oh and lets not forget, my order was wrong.

Review №38

Nice ambience, good service, good cocktails and food. It was a little bummer that were out of food / drink items on Friday evening. Their artichoke dip is pretty good, it has nice spicy aftertaste.

Review №39

Love the chicago style pies. I get the Favorite and add sausage.

Review №40

While the food is good, nearly every single time I order here they massively screw up my order. Literally the last 5 times in a row I've called in an order I've arrive after the 45 minutes they said the pizza will be ready within, then they say 10 more minutes. So I sit and wait for 10 minutes, then someone comes out and says they forgot to put it in the oven and it will be another 25 minutes until it's ready. I've even had this happen when I've ordered and paid for food for clients to be ready when they arrive which is quite embarrassing. This will literally be the last time I or my company ever orders a pizza here which is sad since it is good pizza. If you care to have your food within 2 hours of ordering, don't bother coming here.

Review №41

My last pizza order was a disgrace for Patxi's at Zanker Road. The 10 inch pizza was only half covered with mozarella cheese and toppings. (Spinacini) and did not come close to the picture shown on the website. Other half just dough. Never seen anything alike, as I frequented Patxi's almost every two weeks for dine-in. Also the roasted garlic was missing. And found out I was charged $2 more on my credit card than I authorized!!!My last visit (in July), the pizza was again above standard. I have increased my rating. I am glad the service has significantly improved.Take-out 04/18/20 & 7/25/20

Review №42

The vegan deep dish pizza is delicious.

Review №43

Very nice menu. I had the uptown Piadina and it was really delicious. I would recommend this place to anyone anytime. I will definitely want to come back here next time I visit San Jose

Review №44

If you're looking for a frozen pizza reheated to a rubbery state and deivered to you - look no more. I generally write only positive reviews for things I do like and want to help businesses to thrive and also have pretty low standard on pizza overall. This one was definitely one of the worst pizzas I had in my life, to the point when it's better to buy frozen pizza and reheat yourself.PS: Their box even has defrost/reheating instructions.

Review №45

Best damn deep dish pizza in town and wings

Review №46

Take out service was cordial and quick.

Review №47

The Ceasar salad was extra not tasty (yellow and white lettuce primarily. Croutons were rock hard). Waited way too long to be acknowledged or seated. Service was so/so. For the price, I believe I would have enjoyed dinner more at a different restaurant. It was close to where we were so we chose for location.

Review №48

I come here all the time with my friends, but seems like the management has changed. Pizza did not taste the same. They also put paper underneath the deep dish pizza which became very soggy; paper was getting into the pizza. The cardboard was just fine, don't cheap out!

Review №49

Pizza places have a natural advantage during the lockdown since people think of them as takeout/delivery already.So, I've been trying to support other types of restaurants that may not be getting as much business. But, I knew I'd eventually break down and get some real Chicago style deep dish pizza. (Lots of thick dough pizzas out there falsely claiming to be "deep dish".) I love their Old Chicago Special. Excited to see they have flavor I've never tried before: Chicken Tikka Masala but they were out the day I ordered.

Review №50

We have given this place so many chances and I'm so fed up!!! We ordered our pizza delivery through their website over TWO HOURS AGO. We called 2 hrs 15 min later and our order was still not even picked up by a delivery driver. It is sitting there getting cold. The person on the phone made it seem like it was ok and we should either be ok with it or “come pick it up ourself”. I asked if I would be notified if our food was not picked up (by the delivery person that they coordinated) and I was told “I can see that through my app when my order is picked up” even though I never ordered through the door dash app, they outsourced it to them. This is about the 5th time this has happened to us. Not only that we were told that a refund couldn't be processed until a manager calls us tomorrow. There is NO EXCUSE for this poor level of service. I'm so done with this place! If I could give this place 0 stars, I would.

Review №51

Just because of the show if you like deep dish or burrata cheese this is the place to be!!

Review №52

Worse pizza I ever had also most expensive. It was a tomatoe sauce pie practically I was not happy bcus it was far from what it sounded like

Review №53

Nice ambience, bar is really good. I love their house wine. Also have tried the pizza and deep dish, it's decent. Overall good time to spend a night with your bf or gf or friends

Review №54

Take too long. 25 minutes for the order. And top of that they forgot I was waiting for it. I work for UBER EATS. I wont accepts orders from here any more. Sorry

Review №55

Unprofessional service, long waiting time. One waiter for the 6 tables. Definitely Not coming back. Used to be a great place 4 years ago. Food is just fine

Review №56

Not a lot of parking. Staff was okay. Took a long time for food and close the check. Not bad considering it was a very large group (reserved ahead of time, including food ordering) of 30+ people. Will not return, even for group event.

Review №57

5 stars... what else can I say? best Chicago style deep dish pizza in the Bay Area. It's a must visit for deep dish lovers. They do a good job with the crusty crust and the fillings too. A bit more marinara sauce would be good to have in the pizza. Until my next visit...

Review №58

Amazing deep dish pizza!

Review №59

The deep dish Pizza is cheeeezzzy. So if you're not a fan of too much cheese, have the thin crust. 10" deep dish would be enough for 2-3 people.The garlic bread is okay.

Review №60

Good Pizza. Quiet place. We like this place. Come here from Fremont.

Review №61

After eating pizza here both my girlfriend and I had a stomach upset. Food didn't taste good either. Not recommended.

Review №62

Food quality is horrible compared to what it once was. They changed the dough, the salad dressing, the salad prep who grated chicken for a chicken caesar salad. Where did the signature honey on tables go. Where did the managers go. Or how about customer service this company wont be around for more than another year. Blue line now is the bay area go to for deep dish unless you're close to a Zachary's.

Review №63

They take forever to make their pizza (1 hour for ours). Next time I would try calling ahead if possible. However, it is a good representation of Chicago deep dish. Too bad I don't think I like Chicago deep dish, so I only gave it 3 stars.

Review №64

Fresh pizza. Poor parking space, no where to park..after driving around for 8min I noticed parking available in parking garage

Review №65

Pizza's taste good but the prices are too high.

Review №66

The pizza was great. My team got deep dish and thin crust. Both were delicious.Unfortunately, the garlic bread wasn't very good.I was disappointed in the beer selection.

Review №67

5 stars.. what can I say? best costumer service love your style deep dish pizza is the best in the Bay Area. It's a must visit for deep dish lovers. lovee the crusty crust and the fillings too. see you next time

Review №68

This place is tiny and adorable -- if you can find it, it is a great date spot. Be sure to get there before they run out of dough (it's happened to me). Thin crust "fancy" pizzas, both classic and nouveau (eg. butternut squash). YUM.

Review №69

This spot simply knows how to serve their clients. Constantly with a kind mindset. The food is conveniently priced, constantly flavorful and clean.

Review №70

We moved to the Bay Area from Chicago and immediately missed deep dish pizza. This is the best, most authentic Chicago style pizza in the area.

Review №71

Pizza 40 min delayed compared to appetizers leaving them cold and soggy. Would recommend the other locations over this one.

Review №72

We had the Capricciosa, we also ordered the lasagna, and we also had a couple of orders of focaccia too! We also had a me as t cb all or polpette side order. You will have buon apetitto here.

Review №73

This place is great! Reasonable pricing, big portions and the staff members are constantly super friendly.

Review №74

Food is good but the service was pretty poor for a takeout order. 2 items were done 15 minutes before the other one so obviously they sat there getting cold, the staff clearly didnt care. Eat in if you can, otherwise stay away.

Review №75

This place is nice and offers very good service it's just very hard to recollect the name of the place to suggest to friends. They should rename it as River Oaks Patxi's Pizza Or ROP Pizza something like that. Just saying...

Review №76

Had the deep dish meat lovers, and deep dish supreme. Wow!!! Fabulously made. Incredible flavor and size.Ordered whiskey sour and strawberry margarita, both were very tasty.Waiter was very disinterested in any of us at the table. Begged for water, napkins, silverware. He was a pill. Love to go back, if he's my waiter, I'm leaving.

Review №77

Best thin crust pizza I think I've ever had! But, be prepared to probably take the pizza "to go". There's only seating for about 6-8 people so on a busy night you're not likely to get to eat in. We had the suppressant with Patxi's Pizza chilis. Superb! It was even good cold the next day.

Review №78

Horrible service. Don't count on your order to be on time ever. Also there's a good chance they won't make it correctly if you order a pizza your way.

Review №79

Yummy pizza, lunch special deep dish slice plus salad is the way to go, only $10 vs $20 small deep dish pizza. Lunch special got salads right away and pizza slice came 17 min after ordering. Yummy and nice decor makes a great lunch spot. Fyi can connect to free Wi-Fi from Starbucks next door.

Review №80

My husband missed our favorite deep dish from back home in Ohio. A friend suggested Patxi's and I'm so happy he did! We ordered the Matt Cain deep dish and loved it. Definitely going back!!

Review №81

My first deep dish pizza.. And I loved it. The staff were helpful and took real good care of us! Loved it! Will definitely be back. And they also have a happy hour from 3-6 pm EVERYDAY!

Review №82

Nice site for quality Pizza. Will surely make a return trip. Bring your appetite because portions are large. Mood here reminds me of Colorado Springs area.

Review №83

As a pizza fanatic I rate the pizza a solid 4/5. The deep dish is pretty close to the real deal but not exactly what you would get in Chicago. Still, it's worth trying if you're a fan of deep dish. The daily lunch special is a nice deal with the salad and slice of pizza. Great service. Shout out to Jesus (the waiter).

Review №84

Good food and actual service.They always take care to make sure you understand that this pizza is not quick to make. The dinner salads are interesting and make a good appetizers.The servers at this place actually check on you to make sure everything is okay, a sign of real service that seems forgotten in this area.This remains my go to place for good pizza.

Review №85

After waiting ~50 minutes for our pizza they said they lost our order and that we could either leave or keep waiting. We left.

Review №86

Very unorganized. They like to finish their conversations in front of you and avoid eye contact before greeting people who walk through the door. Once you are seated, you aren't informed about who your server will be and multiple servers may walk by your table long before you are even acknowledged. The servers aren't aware that half of the wines and beers are not available and the bar staff doesn't seem to care to inform them of what is available, leading them to come to your table over and again. The food tastes good and they have an interesting menu (to be expected of the chain). Although I've been made sick eating here twice in a row (perhaps to do with the included pictures of the state of the restrooms). I hope they read this review and use it as incentive to improve. They have little competition in this neighborhood and as such they can slack. But the food tastes great and they are convenient, but it feels like taking a huge risk every time I'd like to get something other than Curry Up Now (which is very consistent and well run).

Review №87

Deep dish pizza was nothing special, prices are on the higher side

Review №88

First of all the Pizza is Incredible!! Especially the wings. The ranch has nuggets of blue cheese that make it very addicting. Ordered delivery twice and door dash ruined my pizza twice. Stephen went above and beyond service both instances and got another pizza delivered promptly. Can't say enough about the customer service. I'm a HUGE fan of paxtis!

Review №89

Overpriced for a very salty and otherwise a very poorly made pizza. Ordered 6-7 different toppings each worth $2-3, got little molecule worth of those. Too bad they did not give an electron microscope. The washroom smelled so bad the flies and insects in it had died from its toxicity. If you do not faint when you use the washroom, you will definitely faint when you see the bill. Good luck!

Review №90

It's ok. The pizza is decent, starters are pretty good but get a bit repetitive if you go multiple times. They are kind of slow so factor that in if you go.

Review №91

Good pizza not good service

Review №92

I am not a deep dish pizza fan but this place has really good deep dish pizzas.

Review №93

Absolutely delicious. We had an order of the garlic bread followed by a 10" pizza split between two of us. A perfect amount of food. The deep dish pizza was so very good. Highly recommended.

Review №94

Awesome deep dish pizza. Very clean place. Friendly crew. Just that pizza prep time is super long. Its worth the wait!

Review №95

Closest to true Chicago style deep dish pizza in the Bay Area.

Review №96

I had the kale n brussel sprouts salad which was very good, with a slice of deep dish vegetarian pizza . Good ambience n fast service.

Review №97

It's closer to Chicago style than most, totally worth the wait

Review №98

You wait long for pizza but it's worth it. Try honey on the crust. Perfection

Review №99

Best Chicago deep dish I've had since Giordano's

Review №100

Friendly service. Great pizza. I make sure to eat here each time I'm in town.

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  • Address:3350 Zanker Rd #30, San Jose, CA 95134, United States
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  • Phone:+1 408-526-1999
  • Pizza restaurant
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  • Monday:11AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–8PM
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Service options
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
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  • Mask required:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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