4600 Maccorkle Ave SW, South Charleston, WV 25309, United States
Review №1

Excellent sandwiches on fresh homemade bread. Maybe the best deli sandwiches in the valley! Fast friendly service. The Albuquerque turkey was my favorite, I would stop by and pick up one or two any time I was in the area.December 31, 2019 was the last day for this Schlotzsky's as we knew it.You will be missed!

Review №2

Service took forever and the item I ordered looked nothing like their online menu. Look at that bacon... Two measly little pieces of bacon and I ordered a medium.. I went through drive thru and the place was deserted yet it took almost 10 min from the time someone finally took my order at the speaker to actually pay and get my order.. Will not return

Review №3

I love this place! But this one never has what I can eat/order...5 visits later I've decided to give y'all a great rest. Hopefully it gets better with time!

Review №4

Food is good, but you feel like your a burdon to the staff. Not welcoming at all there. Evening of 7/ 16/ 2019. The boy who was cleaning was SUPER NICE! But he was being treated less than nice also.

Review №5

Love the sandwiches and soups! And the raspberry tea is the best!

Review №6

Walked up to the counter at 8:40 PM and they close at 9. "We close soon so we aren't making any more pizzas. All we have is a little kid pizza crust." I love this place for their food and usually timely service, but I was angry enough about this for a one star review. I drove 30 minutes to get here, now I'm leaving empty-handed.

Review №7

The lady at the counter was great! The sandwich she suggested was really good, however I am not a big fan of the bread. My daughter and father-in-law both raved about the bread - to each is own...

Review №8

Great sandwiches! You get what you pay for here. Fresh and tasty.

Review №9

Always good food, but service was truly lacking! Walked in and there were two tables of 2 sitting and eating. I walked up to the counter and proceeded to stand for close to 4 minutes. Then, an awkward apology that they, "did not see me" and an even worse exchange between the 2 employees when the guy came from, I assume the restroom.Again, the food was good. Always pricey, but it is what it is. Just hope that people that work here get better overall at service because it never feels friendly. People just seem to be time card punchers. Punch the card, get paid, and go home. Sad because with the right service, this place could be really special.

Review №10

The sandwiches are wonderful and so is the staff. The pizza is good also.

Review №11

This place is awesome,my daddy loved this place so much.....I love coming here because it makes me think of him!food is fantastic and the service is awwsome!

Review №12

Went out of my way on the way home from a trip for this! Worth it! I love schlotzsky's so much. The pizza is everything!

Review №13

Huge sandwich for a decent price. Friendly service

Review №14

Food is good when I get the right order.... Ordered the same sandwich 3 times from here and got 3 different results, once I received a totally different sandwich than what I ordered.... The manager is rude and has been every time I call, but at least she is somewhat nice in person.The only saving grace for this place is literally the food, nothing more.

Review №15

It was very good. The cashier was very nice and went out of her way to fix my order. Very pleasent

Review №16

Food is really good but service sucks. My first time there my [email protected] was horrible. She was on her cell phone through my order and 6+ orders; would not make tea or refill lemonade due to being on a call regarding a wedding! But the staff do make you feel like you're a burden to them. I don't care if you only have one person in the dining area, it takes forever to get your food. It's so slow that it is like the same person takes your order, has to go back and make the food then deliver it... but I don't think so.

Review №17

Food is good and fresh, although a little pricey. Service is slow and there is a 50/50 chance that they won't even acknowledge you at the drive thru.

Review №18

Best pep rolls I've had un awhile, crazy slow service though and burger was pure grease, egg uncooked, so very 50/50

Review №19

Girl put me on hold for 2 minutes in the drive through. Wasnt even anyone ahead of me. Then i pull to the eindow and the cook just looks at me and i throw my hands up and drive off june 9th 2019 12:05pm

Review №20

Love to get my Schlotzky's fix whenever in Charleston. Always get the original! Been getting it for 39 years!!

Review №21

The food is not very good and the price is high for what you get

Review №22

Sandwiches are great! The bread is delicious

Review №23

Hadn't been to a Schlotzskys since it was moved to South Charleston quite some time ago. I loved the new menu choices

Review №24

We go out of our way to get Schlotzsky's every time we travel to North Carolina.

Review №25

Great sandwiches and all but their app to order food for my area really needs improved, I had to call to order which was great but app needs improvement

Review №26

Never had French Onion Soup without cheese on it. Hope they figure out what French Onion Soup is.

Review №27

We eat here quit often and it's usually pretty good! Except this visit wasn't very good.1st of all the lady who was in charge, a skinny, dark haired girl with a lot of tattoos wore gloves to the register to ring us up and then back to making food (without) changing gloves.2nd we ordered double meat and got regular meat and was charged the extra $2 each sandwich.3rd my son downloaded the app and got a free sandwich. When my wife handed the same girl the coupon on the phone she grabbed the phone and was trying I guess to see if it was real and acted very unprofessional and slightly rude that we were getting a free sandwich. Not to mention we just spent almost $40.And 4th thing she seemed very perturbed that she had to make a sandwich and it was taking time away from her talking to a guy the whole time we were in there standing at the counter.She also never called for us to grab the sandwich after we sat back down waiting on the sandwich to go. I just happened to walk back up there because it was taking longer than usual and there it was just sitting there!!We eat here a lot but the girl is very unprofessional and will probably be our last time here and I will spread the word.

Review №28

Awful. Wrong order again. 2 times in a row. It's always filthy. At least that part is consistent.

Review №29

The sanswishes use to be good not so much anymore.

Review №30

Service was meh and the salad tasted funny

Review №31

Always good always clean and great customer service.

Review №32

Great for a quick lunch.

Review №33

Not satisfied with our visit. We ordered grilled cheese and they had a hard time with it. Too simple for their big menu. Service was okay.

Review №34

Kind of expensive and VERY slow. Good food and large portions.

Review №35

Second visit at this location with a much more positive experience.

Review №36

On July 20, 2018 I gave the restaurant 5 stars. Food was great and so was the service. And every other time always got 5 stars before September 25, 2018 tonight was the worst both on service and food quality that I have ever had at any Schlotzskys. Mind you I have been eating at Schlotzskys for over 40 years. Always order same thing. Never have I had food quality like this or service. It is just a shame, I go in there every couple of weeks.

Review №37

The food is good but the wait time is too long. It's a little to pricey for soup and sandwiches too.

Review №38

Very nice and polite staff. Food is delicious only thing restrooms some what small, hard for w/c.

Review №39

A favorite lunch spot. They still make an Albuquerque Turkey even though it's not been in the menu for a few years. Much better than fast food and it's fast.

Review №40

I don't know where some of the people rating this location eat on a regular basis, but the food, the prices and the service here have been great for me every time! The pizza is incredible and so are the flatbreads. I highly recommend!

Review №41

I love this restaurant and the sour dough bread sandwich. They have catering too.

Review №42

I havent been in Schlotzsky's for quite a while. I'm glad I went! I had an excellent salad. The menu looked nice. I'll be going back to try more on it.

Review №43

I recommend this place to everyone because they have great people that work there

Review №44

Very average tasting sandwiches. Service was alright and the interior was dreary.

Review №45

Unique sandwiches.

Review №46

They gave me the wrong salad, it was served on a pizza pan? The sandwich wasn't that great.

Review №47

Haven't been there in years. As good as I remember. Service was great and food exceptional.

Review №48

We love love love Schlotzskys. We are never disappointed. We get Original sandwiches in a couple of sizes. Some stores give you a pickle spear and some don't.

Review №49

The food isn't cheap, but it is very good.

Review №50

Always great original.

Review №51

Kids meal: ham & cheese, cookie and drink for $4.99

Review №52

I give it one not because of food. The food and pricing is great. The employee's are the most unprofessional people I have ever met. I have never been through the drive Thru in less than 20mins. Im currently in the drive thru and 1 hour and 20 minutes have passed. When I pulled up to the window they completely forgot half my order that I repeated 4 times at the speaker. Neededs better Management

Review №53

A great sandwich shop. All sandwiches and pizzas are served on Jewish soda bread. They also have salads, soups, chips, fresh cookies and brownies. They also have catering. Try "the Original" sandwich.

Review №54

I love their sandwiches and their cookies!

Review №55

I love the soups!! Very convenient

Review №56

Delicious food and choices that can't be found at other restaurants with a drive through using ingredients like pesto and goat cheese.

Review №57

I love the ruben sandwich

Review №58

The place is a great place for the family and they serve one of the best tuna sandwiches in town.

Review №59

Wonderful soup, good sandwiches, a little pricey.

Review №60

Food is good but staff can be kind of grouchy. The lady who was cooking with the tattoo on her neck just seem like she was mad at the world. But I have been coming here for years. I get it everyone has a bad day but you should really not bring it to your work place because customers can see.

Review №61

Fantastic Basil Tomato Soup! Although busy, took time to help me select my choice.

Review №62

Schlotzsky's always has great sandwiches

Review №63

Imagining olives on the Sicilian can make it even more pleasant.

Review №64

Always a great place to eat!!

Review №65

Love their original sandwich !!!

Review №66

Fresh breads, fresh ingredients, and a delightful staff.

Review №67

Terrific food and great service!

Review №68

Love, Love , Love this place easy to get in and of , there is traffic light by it.

Review №69

Customer service is terrible. It is a lot of drama in this establishment this place has good food but terrible management

Review №70

Friendly staff and good schlotzsky's sandwiches.

Review №71

Pretty good food but a bit pricey for the serving sizes and slower service

Review №72

My husband and I had craved a Original sandwich for days! His mother was in the hospital across the street! We tried twice to get a sandwich to find they were closed before closing time posted! We finally got our sandwich today only for it to make us sick! We literally had to stop 3 times to use restroom within a 15 mile radius!! It tasted great but something isn't right!!! I DEFINITLY won't be back there... Ever!

Review №73

Good food but bring your wallet. Lol

Review №74

Had drove out of my way just to find that there closing times are not correct! Call before you go they like to shut down early. Don't know if this is a staff or management problems.

Review №75

2 many mistakes on orders. Dinning room dirty

Review №76

Food is good, but regularly out of mushrooms. also takes forever in the drive thru. at least 15-20min and worry i cant make it on my 30min lunch.

Review №77

Friendly woman at the register but the woman making food was very rude! We had non of the sides we ordered and our daughters Mac and cheese was gross. When I went back up to the desk to ask for our sides she stared at me for a solid 10 seconds annoyed before asking with an attitude "what sides"? She got them with no apology and an attitude. The food was just okay. Deffinataly skimpy on he meat!

Review №78

Great food and great staff

Review №79

We don't have one of these in my home town, so we stopped here on vacation. It took about 3 minutes before anyone acknowledged or presence. There was hardly any business and almost every table was dirty. Maybe this is why so many are shutting down?

Review №80

Good food. Clean lobby. Friendly staff.

Review №81

Fast service & a hot, delicious Bbq Chicken Pizza!

Review №82

The owner is wonderful always poliet and very sweet! Food is always going to eat there! The only problem i have that makes me think twice about ever eating there again is the bald man employee he is very rude and cusses alot becuz i have sat in that dining room and heard his filthy mouth. Also have heard him talk bad about other empoyees he makes that place look bad! He seems like hes on drugs..think the ownwer should find better employees!! The only employees i like there are the two brown hair ladies that constantly work in the kitchen.

Review №83

A friend of mine and myself LOVE to eat here but have not been able to for a while due to her having knee surgery. We we excited to finally get to go back and took my daughter for her first time. We were extremely disappointed! We were the very 1st customers into the store. We placed our usual orders. While we waited for our food my daughter needed to use the restroom. It had not been cleaned in who knows how long. There was soap all over the sink. Barely any toilet paper. We used kleenex to dry our hands as the dryer was aimed right at us and throwing water on us. I went to throw the kleenex in the trash and it was full. Again no other customers had been there and I am sure the few employees there did not fill the trash can up and use nearly all the toilet paper and all.Then we came out and our food was ready. The crust of our pizza was overdone and seriously lacked toppings! No lie each piece had 1 piece of chicken, 1 small slice of purple onion and 1 slice of jalapeno pepper on it! Yes, there was plenty of bbq sauce. We were in shock. The crust used to be twice as thick and the toppings were so loaded they would fall off! No worry of that this time. Shoot the jalapenos used to be so many our nose would run! No worry this time was not enough to even taste. My daughter got the pepperoni kids meal. Her pizza had 1 slice of pepperoni on each piece with exception of 2 slices shared a piece of pepperoni due to being cut in half when sliced. Needless to say we will not return. We are bummed out! She introduced that pizza to me when I was pregnant with my daughter and I craved it all the time! My daughter is now 8 if that tells you how long we have eaten there! Oh well looking for a new place to enjoy I guess! I had to give 1 star otherwise I could not post :(

Review №84

Permanently closed.

Review №85

Ordered a salad and it was rotten. it was all brown and wilted. went to get my money back no apologies the manager never even came over to the window the cashier was left to hand me my money and didn't even ask what was wrong with it. they need the health department

Review №86

Great food great service

Review №87

Great place too eat

Review №88

The food is good but I personally feel it's expensive. For two of us to eat lunch it was over 20 bucks and we didn't order anything special

Review №89

Great food , great owner, better during daytime hours.

Review №90

I like the menu choices and the food is delicious!

Review №91

I love the warm bread and The Toasted sandwich.

Review №92

I like this Schlotsky. Sometimes it's busy, but it's worth it. If you've never had a sandwich there, give it a try.

Review №93

Sandwich bread was dry. To expensive 3 meals was 32 dollars

Review №94

They serve the best salads.

Review №95

Love the pizza.

Review №96

Awsome as always

Review №97

Ok place.

Review №98

Great sandwiches but can't seem to get any service in the drive thru. They just ignore and walk on by......

Review №99

Food was great but a bit pricey.

Review №100

Mmmmmmm roast beast sammich

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  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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