Cake Crumbs
28569 Northwestern Hwy, Southfield, MI 48034, United States
Review №1

So delicious oh my goodness I tried not eating the whole six! & people who complain about the prices. 1 this is a Small business you are not just paying for the product but everything that goes into making it & getting your desired outcome. Support your small and local business. Definitely will be back!

Review №2

For my fiances birthday each year, I special order a "giraffe" decorated cake. This year she's been on a cookie cake kick so I ordered one from Cake Crumbs.I showed them pics of previous years cake and gave them full artistic creativity to make something great, and it came out great! It was close to being the most expensive cake I've ordered through the years, but was her favorite so far

Review №3

WOW! They truly are artists. They did a phenomenal job for my sisters graduation cake. Not only was the cake so beautiful and perfect, it was seriously delicious. Worth every penny. This is the only place I'll be going to for desserts. Thank you!!

Review №4

I ordered my sons bday cake on the phone . The cake manager was very friendly and prompt. The cake was done on time and perfect. The owner who made the cake clearly loves her job and takes pride in her work. My son loved the cake and it was delicious Thank You! ️

Review №5

They did an amazing job on my daughter First Birthday Cake. So very happy thank u so much..

Review №6

I'm taking the time to give this 5 star review for my 50th birthday cake. It was a absolutely beautiful and it tasted so yummy.Thank you guys for making my birthday cake so very memorable and different. I wish I could show a picture of it.

Review №7

Was looking forward to working with these people because of the many flavors of cake they offer. Sadly, it won't happen. They will charge you a whole 50 dollars to sample, yes sample flavors. That's outrageous. Also they wanted to charge me 59 dollars to deliver to a place that is in Southfield, the same city they are located...No one charges that much! Even people that bake in Detroit do not. The first price for delivery was 109...yeah..I will find another baker who ain't smoking it.

Review №8

I only gave 3 stars because this cakes taste really good, especially since we get them vegan. However, I placed a specific order for my daughter's birthday and it was nothing of what I said. The color was totally wrong, I was supposed to have light green, light yellow and white. I received straight green, supposed to have flowers on the cake, it was small flowers everywhere. This isn't the 1st time this has happened either. The person even read back what I said and it's still wrong. Very upsetting, especially for the price that I paid for.

Review №9

My boyfriend picked up some of their cupcakes for my birthday yesterday. They were some of the best cupcakes we've ever had! The cake was soft and full of flavor and the frosting was light and delicious without being overwhelming. Would absolutely recommend!

Review №10

So happy to have taken a class! Lovely store with even lovelier staff/teachers. Can't wait to come back for the next one!

Review №11

Cake Crumbs did a FANTASTIC job mimicking the cakes I asked for! Their attention to detail is obvious and you can tell they put a lot of time into creating these cakes. They created cakes for my kids 1st birthdays (Charlotte's Web and Winnie the Pooh) and all of our guests were extremely impressed! I will go here again :)

Review №12

I've purchased sushi themed cupcakes for my youngest's bday and a college graduation cake for my oldest. They both were creatively and beautifully executed. Both exceeded our expectations visually. The cake flavors and consistency were wonderful! We got so many compliments and bakery requests for both. I will not say they were cheap but I do feel it was worth it and we will be going back for all future special order cakes especially.Great, friendly, patient service especially when deciding on concept/ design.

Review №13

I've purchased sushi themed cupcakes for my youngest's bday and a college graduation cake for my oldest. They both were creatively and beautifully executed. Both exceeded our expectations visually. The cake flavors and consistency were wonderful! We got so many compliments and bakery requests for both. I will not say they were inexpensive but I do feel it was worth it and we will be going back for all future special order cakes especially.Great, friendly, patient service especially when deciding on concept/ design.

Review №14

Will definitely be a continued customer. We've only had compliments from guests who've tasted her desserts.

Review №15

Dealing with the owner Chef Rene was a beautiful experience for my wife 50th birthday celebration cakes. She told me to trust her and I did look what she you done!

Review №16

Renea is always pleasant to work with and is great at creating your dream desserts. I've sent her inspiration pictures and she has continued to create exactly what I've imagined. To top it off, each and every dessert is incredibly delicious. We've had macarons, chocolate/vanilla/carrot cake cupcakes, chocolate/vanilla cake pops, and sugar cookies for our baby shower and our son's baptism. Will definitely be a continued customer. We've only had compliments from guests who've tasted her desserts.

Review №17

Very delicious cake. Friendly owner and staff. Love the passion!

Review №18

The cake was fabulous and as requested. Delicious oreo mousse filling. Customer service was so so.

Review №19

Cake was over all nicely finished , deliciously made. I have got many compliments, and my son liked it.Design wise was 90% close to what I have sent.My only criticism will be that that I asked a cake with no. 2 on and I got three instead by duplicating the picture although I have emphasized on the age no .They did their best at the time of pick by fixing the no. up but it was not so cleanly made since they were rushing it to get it ready for me.

Review №20

My first visit to Cake Crumbs was delicious! I tried the banana pudding cupcake and loved it! It had a great flavor, and the frosting isn't too sweet, its just right!

Review №21

I am so grateful and happy with their customer service ....and the Cake!!! They did a wonderful job at delivering it on time, the cake looks wonderful beyond my expectations!!!! I did everything over the phone and I'm more than pleased with everything.Definitely recommend this bakery!Thank you so much Cake Crumbs

Review №22

Really good cake, fast service. We love their gluten free cakes!

Review №23

All I wanted for my 45th birthday was a cake. Didn't have to be fancy just vanilla with buttercream icing. To my surprise my husband bought home this beautiful cake and I was ecstatic... although beautiful I have to say the cake didn't taste good at all . It had absolutely no taste and I'm talking about the cake itself not the icing. My husband did call and explained the dilemma and was just simply offered a generic reason. Nevertheless I still I had a wonderful birthday but cake would have really made my day!

Review №24

Definitely 5 stars here! For my 25th wedding anniversary, Cake Crumbs took on a short notice request to bake 4 dozen/assorted flavors in the shape of (25). Customer service was excellent on phone and in person. My order was ready for pick up as promised. Cake Crumbs was a big hit, our guest loved them!

Review №25

The cupcakes are quite tasty and fresh. However I called literally five times to order a faux cake for my wedding and to order a series of cupcakes. I was quoted a price over the phone for the faux cake but never received a call back to go over details. I was told I would get a email regarding what kind of cake I would like. Never received a email or follow up called. Customer service is very bad.

Review №26

Cake Crumbs was one of the worst experiences I've had. I ordered cookies from them for a company event and they turned out to be a disaster. The cookies were hard as bricks when we received them and completely flavorless. After talking to them on the phone, I was even more shocked at their customer service. They did not care at all about our experience and the state in which we received the cookies. Please go with someone else for your cookies or cakes. Don't let it ruin your event.

Review №27

Love this bakery ! Any sweet treats I'm looking for they have. Rather I want Strawberry cupcakes or Peach cobbler they have it ! I frequent here often even tho I should be on a diet Those OMG Cookies are my weakness !

Review №28

Their cream brulee cupcakes is the bomb. I can't get enough of it. Coffee and banana pudding ones are awesome too.

Review №29

Used Groupon... found a gem!!!Omg, sort of wish.... I'd not found this place.Located next to a Tim Hortons.I just devoured a peanut butter everything cookie (no time for picture, it disappeared)The, iced Americao coffee was a perfect combo.Now, sitting in car with sugar & caffeine running through my blood!! Just the way I like it ️Now, these tasty looking cupcakes will be the next sugar overdose

Review №30

Good cakes and delicious, sometimes just too overly sweetened with sugars.

Review №31

I always have a positive experience with Cake Crumbs. A young lady named Mia is extremely helpful and attentive. Mia helped me figure out the type of cake I needed for my event and in the past she always makes sure that my children and I are well taken care of. Thank you for your service I will continue to spread nothing but good words to everyone about this amazing business!

Review №32

I was looking for vegan cakes or dairy, sugar free. So, I tried this spot. Upon entering 1 customer was i . I made the 2nd. The server was on the phone. She began to assist the customer in front of me until I assume a regular walked in. She immediately took his order and disregarded us. He took his order an left. Then she proceeded to the 1st customer then myself. She wasn't the most pleasant but She was knowledgeable about the ingredients in each cake I asked. I purchased 3 sliced cakes. My total was $25. I was very impressed with the chocolate raspberry. Delicious lite and moist and flavorful. I also have pink champagne and carrot. Yummy

Review №33

Signed up for one of their classes. They asked for a credit card number to hold the spot, gave them the number and my name, phone number, ect. My husband turned down some work so that he could watch the baby and I could attend, then when I arrive that day they were super confused I was there. Turns out they cancelled the class and never bothered to check if anyone signed up or call them to let them know it was canceled. Very unprofessional.

Review №34

Great customer service. Beautifully designed cake. I will pay coinz for cake so their pricing wasn't a deal breaker. The taste of the cake, however, is. The buttercream takes just that, butter. No sugar flavor at all. So while i was able to get my kodac moment cake, in the process i also got the aftermath of a castor oil effect.

Review №35

The cake was absolutely phenomenal...strawberry crunch cake but the portion size is ridiculously small for $8 per slice for that I was extremely disappointed and probably won't return for that reason alone

Review №36

This has been my go to bakery every since the first opened! Always moist and the designs the always seem to come up with are truly amazing. Not once have I been disappointed. The staff os also welcoming and ready to help. Keep up the good work you guys!

Review №37

The people here are amazing! They accommodated all my needs made my wedsing cake beautiful! Literally everything i asked for and more. I've been coming here for the past few years and they've changed my view on what a quality cake is. They're all so kind and professional.

Review №38

Made the most awesome car cake for my boyfriends 50th. Everyone loved it! Wish i could show a pic. It was so cool. And very delicious too.

Review №39

Ive just got my baby first birthday cake from thereIt's absolutely beautiful those people r so talented am speechless it worth every cent ive spendThank you guys for making it a good memory

Review №40

I passed by this bakery on Northwestern Highway in Southfield, for 3 years and I regret never stopping until last week. They are so delicious and creative. I thought I was going to have cake left over, yet, my guests were taking cake home in their purses because it was so good! I grabbed the Bourbon bread pudding-and sampled it in my car, only to go right back in and grab another piece. Give them a try, go early in the day, at close there are not many cupcakes left.. BUSY -yet, very cute bakery.

Review №41

I'm so upset. I ordered a cake for my birthday for 10 people. I pod 95 dollars for it and sent a pic of what I wanted. I went to get the cake... it was SO SMALL. It looks like a mini baby cake. I was so shocked. I asked her about it and she showed me a way to cut it to get more pieces out of it but it's not presentable at all it is very embarrassing. As for the pic it looked a little like what I wanted but she used dollar store flowers instead of edible flowers.. I'm just so unhappy I called and asked if I Can exchange it anything even any Cake They had sitting there and she said no. She wasn't very accommodating she just kept insisting that this mini tiny 95 dollar cakeWill Feed 10 people.. be carful I feel so ripped off.

Review №42

Just wanna day you Rock,,, had Cake Crumbs cupcakes for my daughters shower people are still call where's this place located again

Review №43

They seem like good folks; may be this was a miss, cake ordered was not what I expected...Birthday Cake for a kid .. wanted it left simple chocolate cake, ended with hard frosting... They are absolutely pleasant and professional but again we all have days as such

Review №44

This place has awesome food and service. It just seems like everytime I go there is a note on the door during normal business hours that says they are closed for various reasons. I dont get it?

Review №45

Great for custom cakes and to grab ready made walk in treats.

Review №46

This is by far the best bakery for vegan cupcakes. Everyone whom I have given them to has loved them.

Review №47

Was hoping to try this place out for the first time. Sadly, phone etiquette goes a long way for me. I called to inquire about pre-made cakes, nothing fancy, just whatever was already inside the bakery. Unfortunately, the individual who answered was short, borderline rude, and not helpful. As a result, I'll be going to a bakery I've frequented before that was more than friendly, helpful, and polite. First impressions go a long way.

Review №48

I remembered this small bakery when I was employed on Northwestern Hwy so it was easy to locate. I dropped in for two cupcakes for gifts for coworkers. I was delighted by the array of flavors and menu options to choose from. The clunter clerk was pleasant. The storefront is extremely adorable. I was in awe that I forgot to snap images. I would have given them 5 stars if my cupcakes were placed in a festive package for a gift as requested. I would definitely return for future purchases.

Review №49

These cupcakes are the real deal. Delicious!

Review №50

Thank you so much for the beautiful and delicious birthday cake!

Review №51

Amazing cupcakes! They have a good assortment of desserts including cupcakes, cake pops, cake slices and rice krispy pops. They also have vegan options. I tried the oreo cheesecake and creme brulee cupcakes. They oreo was so moist and filled with delicious cream inside. It was even topped with a piece of cheesecake on top. The creme brulee cupcake was a little dry and did not have much filling However it was topped with delicious frosting with sugar that was caramelized. It created a crunchy texture that was so satisfying.

Review №52

This isn't just a wedding cake bakery--it's a treasure trove of delightful cupcakes and more for everyone one and every special occasion--or to make any day a special one. Flavors that will delight your mouth, heart and soul! Gift certificates available (It's what I'd want!) Sooooooo good!!

Review №53

Cup cakes were amazing...the owners demeanor a whole another story almost made me want to walk back out the door very dry and unwelcoming....why do we as black people act like that when we make it and/or we know we got a good thing...never the less the cup cakes were amazing I would go back..

Review №54

We bought my son's bug themed birthday cake and a couple dozen cupcakes from here. Wow! They did such an amazing job. The detailing of the bugs which were made of fondant, frosting, and paint was so great. Lots of ooohs and aahhhs at the party. Moreover, everything tasted really good, too! Highly recommend for special events.

Review №55

I had the bourbon bread pudding. Wow, delicious! A bit pricey, but I'll gladly pay for quality like that in the future.

Review №56

Perfect location off Northwestern Highway. The staff Is very friendly and more than accommodating. My son loves their strawberry and lemon gluten free cupcakes. They have amazing flavor and it makes me so happy to be able to offer him tasty treats with his food allergies. I would absolutely recommend the bakery to anyone with or without food allergies I have tried several sweets and I am never disappointed.

Review №57

This is hands-down the best cake place around! My Wedding cake was GORGEOUS and delicious. They made my cake exactly to my specifications! My guests are still asking me where I got my cake from! I also ordered their macaroons for my bridal shower. There are no words to describe just how TASTY and AMAZING they were. I will always use cake crumbs for my desserts. This company comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Oh, the buttercream icing tastes like a cloud from heaven it is so soft and creamy!

Review №58

We come at least once a year for some vegan cakes and cupcakes! Always tasty and quality ingredients. Our go-to for our vegan birthday parties!

Review №59

Amazing customer service experience plus vegan treats!!!! Yes definitely recommend this place cake was super moist, full of flavor and vegan. I definitely recommend and will be back to try all the creative flavors. Did I mention how beautiful the desserts are?!?!

Review №60

My sister had a cake made from them and it was amazing ! I absolutely love this place ! Everyone needs to try them and their prices are perfect ! I'm so excited I found cake crumbs !

Review №61

I had such an amazing experience at this bakery! I would definitely recommend to friends and family, the entire staff is just amazing.

Review №62

Signed up for the cupcakes making class for my daughters. They informed me that they would call and inform me if the class had enough registered students. I Did not receive phone call from them, I called them the day before the class. They told me that the class will take place. I am showing up at their shop for the class with my daughter, then they acted like I am crazy. We were turned away because no class. So, unprofessional! Don't waste time and money on this place!

Review №63

Great cupcakes!! I have a friend who is vegan and wanted to get her a cupcake for her birthday. Lots of choices! And sooooooooooo delicious! Super friendly and helpful staff too!

Review №64

Not only were the cupcakes delicious and moist, but Renae was a pleasure to work with and the set up was beautiful! Renae made the cupcakes for my wedding - we selected 6 flavors (German chocolate, apple cinnamon cheesecake, pumpkin cheesecake, strawberries and cream, kicken key lime, and Jurassic smash (chocolate with cookie dough and peanut butter buttercream frosting). They were so delicious and we've had a ton of compliments! My mom wants us to order them for Christmas! I haven't been able to stop thinking about the strawberries and cream!

Review №65

Horrible. I walk in and am discussing my idea of cupcakes I wanted for someone's birthday and I'm talking with a woman for AT LEAST 45 minutes. I show her pictures of what I want and explain it to her and she said “oh yeah yeah I can do that.” It was of a mix of roses and diamonds. I also asked that the cupcakes not all be exactly the same and she said “of course. We can do that.” She then told me “I will need to order the edible diamonds.” and showed me a picture of what she was ordering and I said “that's fine!” I go to pick up my cupcakes today and EVERY SINGLE ONE is the EXACT same. All with a single red rose and NO diamonds. She then asks “you wanted diamonds right?” I said “Yes, that is what the order says right?” So she goes back and puts 3 RHINESTONES on each cupcake and brings them back out. Mind you, these RHINESTONES are NOT EDIBLE. To top it off, there was smeared icing on some of them. You would think for the price you pay here that you'd get neatly iced cupcakes. I tell them “This is not is any way what I ordered or what the woman showed me.” The owner comes up and responds with “Well I hope your group enjoys the cupcakes. We can't offer you a refund.”

Review №66

I love this place! I don't go often (my hips tell me not to) but when I do I always go for the chocolate cupcake and lemon cupcake. This is a REAL chocolate cupcake. I'm about to go get one right now. Most so called chocolate cupcakes takes very tame and milky and cocoa-ish, not like straight chocolate. The icing on top of the cupcake is chocolatey too. Most cupcakes might possibly get the batter correct but the icing is a disappointment. Not so with cake crumbs. I like the batter and the icing. I have a serious sweet tooth so I'm my own expert. I haven't tried too many others except fro the lemon with is also the bomb. Zesty!

Review №67

The taste and artistry of cakes, cookies and cupcakes is unbelievably delicious and good. I would highly recommend.

Review №68

They make very delicious desserts, and their customer service is impeccable!!!

Review №69

Wife and I happened upon this little unique desert/wedding cake shop. All kinds of cupcakes and desert bars. I chose the key lime bar and wife had a citrus bar. Both were very good. All hand made and delicious.

Review №70

Nice service. Amazing, moist cake. Carrot cake was delicious. Lots of gluten free and vegan option. Definitely will be back!

Review №71

Their banana cake is awesome, but that was the only thing I was really impressed with. For a wedding cake, I expect more decadence, embellishment and uniqueness. We went for a tasting and basically got 5-6 cupcakes with a single cake flavor and a single buttercream. We also had to pay $50. If you go to Sweet Heather Anne's in Ann Arbor, you pay nothing and get much fancier and delicious cake. The cake here is well made and tastes good, but it is better suited for birthdays, office parties and the like. I wouldn't recommend it for a wedding. Stop in a grab a cupcake for 3 bucks. It's worth it for that.

Review №72

Their cakes are moist and VERY delicious. They are doing our wedding cake and cupcakes and we could not be happier. We meet with Chef Renea to do a Wedding Cake Tasting and ended up purchasing a dozen of cupcakes to take home, in addition to the 6 cake flavors we sampled. I was skeptical of the other reviews about customer service, yet, we experienced great service from the two ladies that helped us prior to our tasting. As a heads up, they are a busy bakery, so call first if you are going to discuss a cake design- but I guess its their GREAT cupcakes and desserts!

Review №73

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this place. Vegan cupcakes are phenomenal. I buy the groupon only to get more. Soooooo good! I wish they had a place closer to me but it is worth the drive. The picture is the conversation I just had. It speaks for itself!

Review №74

Cake was so delicious and customer service was the best would recommend

Review №75

I was trying to put in a cake order. I called they emailed me. I called again and they said they will call me back. A week later still no phone call so I took my business else where. I won't even try to do business with them ever again. Not professional for business.

Review №76

The Strawberry Shortcake Cake that I purchased for my daughters birthday was such a hit I had to hide it just to have some the next day!! I'm sayin Yes it was Like that!!! I Highly Recommend. I received Great customer service upon the decision making being that it was my first visit. Very worth it ..I will be returning.

Review №77

I am a cupcake fanatic! I stumbled upon this place one day last year on my way home from work. I think I stopped by there everyday leaving work for at least a week! Their cupcakes are delicious!! I even tried a maple bacon cupcake and that was delicious too! My all time favorite cupcake from Cake Crumbs is the Grand Mariner Carrot Cake Cupcake!! They are absolutely the best!!Everyone who works there is very nice, I'm always greeted with a warm hello as I enter. I think I have found my new cupcake spot!! Thanks ladies, you guys are awesome!! :-)

Review №78

Cupcakes are absolutely delicious. Lots of variety. My friends and family have loved them so much I now order them instead of cakes for special occasions, such as Easter.

Review №79

I tasted a piece of Cake my family ordered which was supposed to be a German chocolate cake that did not have German chocolate. The cake was dark chocolate or fudge cake. Whereas German chocolate is supposed to a be light german chocolate flavor color and texture. The middle layer icing was over sweetened and very similar to store bought can icing. The top layer was wet, with inconsistent texture and included cream cheese.

Review №80

My office always comes here for cupcakes when there is a birthday or special occasion. I love the fact that they have vegan options for me as well! Super delicious and always fresh, the staff is friendly as well.

Review №81

I visited cake crumbs months ago as a POTENTIAL place to purchase my wedding cake. I paid the $50 fee for a tasting. I wasn't going to need the cake until May 5. So I chose another bakery but I wanted to use the balance at cake crumbs for another cake. Come to find out, if I was going to order a cake, it was supposed to be within A WEEK of the tasting! Then I found out I HAD to spend a minimum of $200 to even have the $50 go toward the wedding cake! I'm upset because I was uninformed of any of this. On top of that, I never got a follow up call to see if I was even still interested! I would not rec business be done like this. Instead of helping me come up with a solution, all I got was an “oh well”! So here's my review and I hope that nobody spending money on a wedding wastes money here like I did!

Review №82

Cake Crumbs is the place to go when you want homemade from scratch cakes, cupcakes, cookies & ice cream. My favorite is the #germanchocolate cupcake and the THIS $#!t Just Got Serious Ice cream-The BEST! I ordered a pink champagne cake and almond cake and both cakes were very flavorful, light and not to mention- beautiful.Speaking Price - Yes, they are pricey-average for their cupcakes. Meaning, they cost $3.25, but so do all of the cupcakes everywhere you go. How could you complain when they are made from butter, sugar eggs and you can see the vanilla beans in their Very Vanilla Cupcakes."Cheap cake is not good and GREAT cake is not CHEAP!"Customer Service - Friendly and super happy staff. These gals go above and beyond to make sure you try something new and different. Which is a great thing, I would have never known about "Crack Pops"Location- Located off of Northwestern Hwy. busy street at rush hour, but since I sit in traffic, why not stop in and soak up some free air condition and yummy smells of their fresh baked goods.Flavors - They have many flavors to select from. If you develop a favorite outside of the normal 16, call ahead to see if they baked it that week.Happy Cupcake Eating!

Review №83

While Pretty on the outside, my full sheet Birthday cake was Disappointing taste-wise, and a Costly experience. I reached out to the owner/chef 3 times over a 2 week period to discuss. However, she was too busy to return my calls. Then upon hearing from her, she offered No amends. It is clearly more about the Money than the Art.

Review №84

Visiting from out of town for a friend's birthday and needed a cake last minute. The ladies at Cake Crumbs are AMAZING!! So accommodating and I got the most incredible cake with a custome image on it right there while I waited! Other businesses truly should take note of the customer service at Cake Crumbs!!

Review №85

Sweet Potato Cupcake! OMG! Absolutely delicious

Review №86

Drop in at lunch and LOVED it! It was the store anniversary and we received free cupcakes!!! Everything was delicious!!

Review №87

I could eat this cake every day of my life and never get sick of it. The Malt Amore ice cream is my personal favorite. Unique and changing cupcake/cake flavors are a great idea.

Review №88

The best place to go to for exciting new flavors, tons of vegan options, and the BREAD PUDDING is AMAZING!!!

Review №89

This place is awesome . I Loved my creme brûlée cupcakes !! Excellent customer service !! You guys definitely gave me a 5 experience...

Review №90

This place is AWESOME!!!! I learned about it one day when I was at school and a friend told me about it. I've had Birthday Cake, Strawberry Lemonade and Vanilla. There cupcakes are the best!!!

Review №91

Not sure what this sorcery is, but these pastries are to die for....We came to Cake Crumbs on a recommendation from a friend. We checked several bakeries in the area and Ann Arbor, but none of them could create all the items we needed for our baby shower.....except Cake Crumbs. All the others could bake some of the items, but not all. Cake Crumbs was able to create exactly what we requested visually, but the flavor was to die for. We have had a lot of pastries over the years, but no cake as moist, no buttercream as smooth, and the macaroons...that crisp outer shell with the chewy just right bite, amazing!You can tell that Chef Renea and her team put their heart into what they create. We simply sent pictures of what we were looking for, and they replicated them PERFECTLY. Everyone at the shower raved about the desserts and asked for the contact information. You cannot go wrong with Cake Crumbs. They have my business, and that of many of our guests!We had 2 dozen each chocolate, vanilla and carrot cake cupcakes with buttercream and cream cheese frosting (they even included an iridescent glitter on the frosting for that special touch!). You could tell all the cakes and frosting were from scratch! So moist, and the real cocoa flavor in the chocolate. The carrot cake had nice pieces of carrot, and raisin and walnuts with those fresh, delicious spices. The sugar cookies (6 dozen -2 styles which are shown on the attached pictures) were beautiful and delicious - not overly sweet. And the macaroons....well, we already touched on those gems (3 dozen vanilla, 3 dozen almond flavor).As if that wasn't enough...they even replicated these treats into a few gluten free pasties for one of our guests. She also raved that you would never know they were gluten free. She is typically left out at parties, but not this time.Thank you Chef Renea and team, for making our once in a lifetime celebration even more memorable than we had hoped.

Review №92

Cupcakes are increduble. Unfortunately bought my 2nd cake and was totally dissatfiedPresentation was beautiful but taste was less than impressed. Also was told I was purchasing a german chocolate cake, but found to be dark chocolate with buttercreme, and unfortunately 2/3 of the cake was icing. Waste of money and disappointing birthday cake for my son. This may have to be my second and last cake from cake cumb. Stick to the cupcakes.

Review №93

I had the banana pudding cupcakes and lord it was so good and moist make you wanna slap somebody ...LoL..and the owner was friendly and welcoming nice place only been there once but most definitely planning on going back I give it all 5

Review №94

Very dissatisfied in the customer service of trying to order a cake here. Took my business elsewhere.

Review №95

Good selection and very delicious. :) Love it!

Review №96

Absolutely love the variety of cakes, cupcakes, and ice cream

Review №97

Cakes that look great and taste incredible!!

Review №98

Excellent service with a smile

Review №99

Staff very receptive of customers needs

Review №100

Beautiful cakes but when you slice them, there's more icing/filling than cake.

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  • Saturday:9AM–4PM
  • Sunday:9AM–4PM
Service options
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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