Lanas Bake Shop
27212 Eight Mile Rd, Southfield, MI 48033, United States
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I absolutely love Lana's bakeshop. The cake is always homemade and fresh. I get my family birthday cakes from here, daily desserts, and holiday desserts. So basically everything! Inside of the bakery is super cute too!! I highly recommend this bakery to everyone!

Review №2

Bianca was very informative and helpfulAngie Starr of 105.9 KISS FMthanks for sharing birthday cake with us and the good calories

Review №3

Sorry for this review, but people need honesty. Went yesterday and the (owner) did not have her mask on. There was a customer right before us and she wanted some cake. The young lady had trouble cutting through the cakes. Icing on a different cake looked dry. When the customer asked the young lady when were the cakes made, she initially seemed like she did not want to say. Not saying don't go, just telling you why we left.

Review №4

Hours say they are open today. Drove all the way over to find out that they are closed. Just haven't updated their hours online which sucks because of all the good reviews. Definitely disappointed in my wasted trip.

Review №5

I had 1 cupcake flavored cupcake and it was absolutely delicious. I should have ordered more!! I will definitely be back to snag a few more cupcakes.

Review №6

Saw this place on tuesday on the news they did a story on cake slices it's in southfield mi I went when I got off of work very good

Review №7

I just had the best piece of German Chocolate cake that I've ever had!

Review №8

Awesome goodies...German Chocolate, Pineapple Coconut & Fresh Strawberry...all 3-layer cakes. Very cute cafe and courteous, friendly staff. Glad they are in my neighborhood (Livernois & W. 7 Mile) and there is plenty of parking!

Review №9

Very friendly people! Everything is fresh, delicious and homemade. Beautiful atmosphere. Prices are worth it! Ive ordered cheesecakes, German chocolate, lemon, pound, yellow w/ chocolate and caramel cakes. Did not disappoint once!

Review №10

That are my alumni family cake are beyond outstanding truly love lemon cake cream cheese it's amazing

Review №11

The customer service here is excellent! Bianca and Lana were a pleasure.

Review №12

Lena's Bake Shop gets 5 STARS!!! When you first walk in the age amazing aroma is enticing. The chocolate chip reeses cookies were amazing as well. We ordered a strawberry shortcake Birthday cake, banana pudding and too many items to name. #1 bakery hands down. Every time I visit the area I will always find time to stop in for something tasty Lena's Bake shop

Review №13

Just left the new Livernois location and everything was excellent! My daughter was very excited about her Cake Shake!

Review №14

Excellent scrumptious delicious desserts !!! Love me some German Chocolate cake & coconut pinapple cake !!! You will enjoy the taste.... I gaurantee it !!

Review №15

We ordered one smash cake and a dozen cupcakes for our daughter's first birthday. We supplied a picture of what we were looking for regarding the design of the cake and it was matched perfectly. Lana was pleasant and responsive. Tina, who was working the counter, was delightful and attentive. Our plan was to have the dozen ordered cupcakes match the cake and then we would pick out another dozen cupcakes from the assorted supply on hand. Everything went smoothly. The cake and cupcakes were ready on time and, as promised, there were plenty of cupcakes on hand to choose from. Let me tell you...these are no ordinary cupcakes. We received nothing but compliments from our guests. I use google reviews often and select many of my purchases/restaurants based on the opinions of other users. This is first time I've ever felt so compelled to actually write my own review. This is an easy, slam dunk for five stars.

Review №16

Purchased a large slice of cake today but inside Bucharest Grill on Jefferson it was very tasty. Cake was very moist. The girls were very polite and it was a beautiful display. Also had several samples for tasting. Great marketing technique

Review №17

If you Love cake, this is the bakery to try. The cakes are fresh moist and delicious. They sell cookies and other baked goods too. I just have not tried them yet. I'm in love with their cakes. They serve you with a warm friendly smile and are very helpful from the time you enter the store until you leave.

Review №18

Great family owned bakery!!!! The cheesecake was delicious and I'm sure everything else is as well. Also a great place to order a wedding cake, they're bake designs are very detailed. Nice business overall

Review №19

If you don't delivery, remove it from your website.

Review №20

Sometimes you look for products and services with that homemade loving touch, and it goes all wrong. Today, I had a special request that brought back memories of a homemade German chocolate cake that is made a special lady in my life, Grandmother Gipson in MS. I had a slice of Lana's German Choc. cake and savored every bite. Thank you for bring the memory is close to home and my heart. Overjoyed!

Review №21

They make very delicious moist cakes. Yummy!

Review №22

Delicious cakes!

Review №23

I've purchased cake from here on several occasions. Never have I been disappointed! The caramel and German chocolate are my favorites.

Review №24

Everyone has their own preference on frosting while it's a little sugary to me they still do an amazing job on everything else. Their cheese cakes are the perfect serving and always fresh. They are very kind and they greet you as if your a good friend coming in.

Review №25

Best baker! She did my wedding cake, and has great prices

Review №26

Terrific desserts

Review №27

You can't go wrong stopping by Lana's. Cookies, cupcakes, cheesecakes, cakes, and more... It's Sweets heaven

Review №28

Did a cake tasting today with the owner. Loved the lemon cup cake. Had to purchase a cookie to go. Can not wait to come back for some cheesecake.

Review №29

Best cake I've had in a very long time

Review №30

Not off to a good start. I called today (Monday) to place an order for a cake and the young lady who ANSWERED the phone sounded like I woke her up from a nap and she said with an attitude that they were closed and to call back tomorrow. Just a question and it's a big one, why are you answering the phone and being rude to customers when they call to patronize your business. Because to be honest I could go to Krogers or meijers and get a GOOD cake with 2 days notice (not 2 weeks) and for about $15 cheaper maybe $20 in some cases. It seems like customer service isn't a priority for this black owned business and yes I'm black too before you get to passing it off on a racist white person. You don't treat the customer that way, you WILL NOT last in this business.

Review №31

OMG this place is so amazing! I often drive an hour (or more) out of my way to stop here. Seriously- their goodies are SO addictive!!

Review №32

Very good pastries and desserts you must try it

Review №33

Customer service is excellent and very fresh cakes.

Review №34

Went there for the 1st time everyone was nice and friendly everything seemed to be freshly baked and she had sales going on. I will be back definitely

Review №35

I love the strawberry short cake

Review №36

I first had a piece of the caramel cake at Bucharest on Jefferson. It was wonderful! I found out the 8 mile location was close to my house and every time I have went there (4 times) they were out. If the caramel cake is the best seller I don't understand why it wouldn't be available and because they can't figure out how to keep the one thing their customers come for they have lost me as a customer.

Review №37

I, my sister and friends have been going to this bakery every since she has opened for business, but it seems that customer satisfaction is no longer necessary. My reason for writing this review is to share how disappointed I was when receiving my best friends birthday cake around the holidays. The refusal to make something as simple as a fondant plaque for a cake, I just can't understand, however, it left me trying to find a decent cake topper after paying almost $50 for a cake. I don't want to take away from her products because as I have said, I've come back over and over again because of the goodness of her cakes, cookies and cheesecakes, but I also feel customer service and satisfaction trumps everything. Here's a picture of what I asked for and a picture of what I received. The cake was delightful, but I'm one person who doesn't ask for much, so when I ask for something specific, that's what I'd like. If you didn't want to make a birthday cake, then you shouldn't have taken the order, that I place almost a month in advance. It's not right and because of this my family and I will not be back! God bless

Review №38

My daughter loved her 13th birthday cake. Staff very pleasant patient and helpful. Didnt meet baker but i know that she is willing to work with you to get what you want. Creative in decorations and design.

Review №39

I've been here on several times and had excellent bakery items. The owner did a exceptional job on my daughter's one year old cake, I love the cupcakes and cheesecake's but unfortunately I will not be back. I went to order a cake for next week and the cashier stated oh "we only book 2 weeks in advance, and you must not come here a lot" I love to support local businesses but turning a customer away before asking exactly what they exactly wanted to order? Not offering an alternate day. Saying "you must not come here a lot" That is not what customer service is!

Review №40

Best Chocolate Cake and it black owned nice

Review №41

D Best Banana pudding w/o bananas!

Review №42

I attempted to book a catering order and was told the owner would be at the location in an hour. Two hours went by, called back, and was told she might get back to me tomorrow. The cashier did not want to keep calling her and didn't care if I took my business else. I was impressed by the mini-cheesecakes at Bucharest, but obviously customer service is not a priority.

Review №43

Nice quaint bakery with tasty treats. The staff is also very personable and friendly!

Review №44

The best for baked goods! We have supported her since she first opened and staff are always so friendly & helpful. She will make items specially for you if you ask. She is very community friendly.

Review №45

German chocolate cake & homemade chocolate chip cookies

Review №46

Some of the best German Chocolate I have ever had.

Review №47

Family oriented and has the best dessert in South eastern Michigan. Everyone should give Lana's a shot I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Lana's has all 5 stars for a reason.

Review №48

Their Coconut Pineapple cake was delicious. Bought it for my mother's birthday and she loved it!!

Review №49

Im trying to tell you this is the BEST BAKERY IN TOWN. All made from scratch, nothing from a box in here! Best cheesecake Ive had in ages and their cakes are all homeade...think grandmas cakes...yes a little taste of heaven.

Review №50

Best customer service in Michigan, best cakes , cheesecakes and banana pudding ever!!

Review №51

Great cupcakes, cheese cakes and specialty cakes. Lana is absolutely special in her creations. You think it and she can bake it....she is so creative!

Review №52

The possibilities are endless with this place. Lana is extremely gifted and is a perfectionist. Thank you for my cake my daughter loved it!

Review №53

Our family love your German chocolate cake my daughter bought some homemade excellence !!!!! Customer's for life thank you Lanas bake shop !

Review №54

I looked on Google for bakery and found this last minute and bought a strawberry crumb cake for my husband and friend birthday and the cake was delicious everyone loved it!!!! I will be going back again!

Review №55

The cupcakes and cookies were not good. The cupcakes were dense and weren't fresh. Very disappointed.

Review №56

It's so lively and fun everybody is so welcoming

Review №57

Everything i have tried has been great from cookies, to cake, to cupcakes. I love this place.

Review №58

Assortment of baked goods on display and 4 sale. Saw the carm and choch cakes and desired a taste. Cakes taste from scratch. Carm icing is delicious. Both cakes did not taste fresh, however. I imagine fresh out the oven, the cakes are the bomb. Im goin 2 order a carm cake for xmas.

Review №59

Amazing Service and Great cupcakes! The own is actually my cousin and does an amazing job.

Review №60

The best cheesecakes the best homemade cinnamon rolls in their banana pudding ice cream to die for

Review №61

Ever cake I have eaten has been delicious.

Review №62

The cupcakes were a little dry but the Oreo cheesecake was BOMB!!!!

Review №63

Yummy cheesecake. Great cookies, thin (not too thin) and crunchy (not too crunchy).

Review №64

Very good cookies

Review №65

I Can't stay away from the Carmel cake... and all the food is made with love

Review №66

Amazing cakes and family friendly!

Review №67

Best cheesecake in the ..great customer service.

Review №68

The bake goods are soooo good A+

Review №69

Did not like the experience at all gave wrong information to the customer and wasn't polite .... Also I did not like the cupcakes at all it was cold and it had too much cream and it wasn't good I would never visit again

Review №70

Friendly staff really great cupcakes

Review №71

Mmmmmm Cheesecake! I love it!

Review №72

I love this place

Review №73

Review №74

Love the place

Review №75

Was in there today getting a half a dozen cupcakes as the gentleman was grabbing my cupcakes I saw a roach run through the display I said no buddy you can keep them should probably throw the whole display out nasty I'm going to go talk to the owner tomorrow.

Review №76

Have not been but will!!!

Review №77

Great service and delicious cupcakes!!!!

Review №78

German Chocolate Cake

Review №79

The BEST around!

Review №80

Love this Bakery

Review №81

The best she the QUEEN

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  • Address:27212 Eight Mile Rd, Southfield, MI 48033, United States
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  • Phone:+1 248-747-0929
  • Bakery
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–7PM
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  • Thursday:11AM–5PM
  • Friday:Closed
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Service options
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Dine-in:No
  • Black-owned:Yes
  • Veteran-Led:Yes
  • Women-Led:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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