Panera Bread
28681 Telegraph Rd, Southfield, MI 48034, United States
Review №1

Baguette was hard and burnt on one end. And Mac n. Cheese wasnt hot. More cool then warm. I ordered it for 12.:00 and it came asap at 11:25 after i ordered. Order number 502356670. Store 601632. 28681 telegraph . southfield mi 48034

Review №2

Panera was clean and easy to park. They were quick. Dropped a star because they served more like a restaurant but I didn't have utensils and my soup was a tad cool but good overall!

Review №3

Ordered in the lobby. Food was ready pretty quickly. Unfortunately when we got home we found hair in one of our salads. Everything else was pretty good. Just disappointed about the hair in salad.

Review №4

Had a large order and not all food items where ready available at the time I ordered. Had to pull around and wait for some of the food items. But I had chance to sample what I ordered, while I waited and was impressed with the spinach quiche with bacon.

Review №5

Ariana was awesome! I stopped by around 9pm for a late dinner and it took a while to get through the drive through which was fine for me because I was just heading home and not in a rush at all. When I got up to the window Ariana apologized for the wait and told me she'd be upgrading my drink size for free because of it.Anyone can offer to fix an issue after someone becomes upset but it takes great customer service and a great employee to get ahead of the game. Even offering something small like a drink upgrade goes a long way and shows that she cares about customer experience. Awesome job, Ariana!

Review №6

Nice people but check your order. No croutons packed with tomato soup. Salads were packed on top of hot soup. No plastic wear or napkins. There was a long drive thru line and it was hard to check the order. Food is good but if you don't check Everything! You won't Get Everything. It's a hard thing to go home ready to eat and not have what you've paid for. Just sayin....

Review №7

My girl called at 8:49 pm to confirm this Panera Bread closed at 10. We arrived at 9:38. We know we would be running late but we called ahead to confirm that it would be acceptable. Upon our arrival we discovered the establishment known as Panera Bread decided to close earlier than their posted times. This was most unfortunate but understandable considering this Covid Climate we're in. None the less I am unsatisfied with the lack of service or inability to get service.

Review №8

Everything was excellent! The entire experience was beyond perfect. Thanks!

Review №9

Lots of safe seating indoors and outdoors. Single flow through the store. Good selection. Pretty quick.

Review №10

Their Saturday shift team is very inefficient with processing drive through orders. We sat at the pick up window for twenty minutes while going back and forth over orders, and now we are waiting at the parking lot to receive our order.

Review №11


Review №12

I was just at this location today 06/20/20 at about 11:15am and I went through the drive through the young man who took my order was a ray of sunshine he voice came across with confidence and that he was happy to be working at Panera Bread and made me want to come back. I told him how pleasant he was thank you

Review №13

Sat outside drinking coffee and eating a bagel on a sunny just right morning. The server at the drive thru was perfect! He should be store manager!

Review №14

I don't know what happened to this place. This was an absolutely dreadful experience. It was awful. I took my sisters out to eat at their favorite place only for the service to be plain awful as well as unprofessional. There were awful looks and attitudes. Most appeared to be not working at all. They forgot our drinks after 2 reminders, corrected us on our own drink choices, and the food came out cold. My little sister actually got sick from the Mac and cheese! Absolutely horrible, unprofessional, and inconvenient behavior. TAKE YOUR SERVICE SOMEWHERE ELSE!

Review №15

I placed an order for delivery for this establishment. It took so long I was able to bake and prepare my own food, eat said food, and clean up all the dishes before it came; and on top of that, It took another 30 minutes. The website is absolute garbage and the "Track your order" is a joke. How is this even an issue with this store

Review №16

1st visit-curbside pickup wasn't brought out, I had to go thru the drive thru2nd visit- My RPU was not ready and had to wait another 15 minutes because no one cut the panini press on3rd visit- Was completely ignored at the speaker, drove around saw two girls in the back talking, drove back thru the drive thru, said "hello,...hello" blew my horn, waited....someone finally came and said they don't open til 630 which I know is a lie because I ALWAYS COME SATURDAYS AT 6am after I get off, 6am is on google, the app, and the door. They just weren't ready. The Saturday morning opener needs to be FIRED

Review №17

I had a very pleasant experience this morning! I was running behind for my appointment at the dealership. I pulled in the drive thru and received the most pleasant greeting from Herman. I asked what kind of tea they had he was very knowledgeable with what they offer. I kept flip flopping with what I wanted to order he remained calm and when I pulled around to pay I received the biggest smile! What a way to start my Tuesday morning! Herman is a breath of fresh air! Very rare to get great customer service! If you go to this location all employees are good with their customer service skills but HERMAN IS GREAT!!!!!!

Review №18

Salad was worst I've had from Panera. Seems like it was maybe made this morning or yesterday. What lettuce there was was brown and old looking, the tomatos were old, and lots of water/juice was floating at the bottom. Will not return to this location.

Review №19

Sat outside drinking coffee and eating a bagel on a sunny just right morning. The server at the drive thru was perfect! He should be store manager!

Review №20

Service cooks were nice, quick and professional. The only downside was that the dinning area didn't have a lot of tables wiped down and I didn't understand how to use the pager when using the kiosk.

Review №21

I had a pick up this morning and it was almost perfect. I said almost because I didn't understand where I had to pick I went to the drive thru and my order was ready. I placed the order 3 hours in advance. Thank you again to the girl that took care of me. Sorry I forgot to give you a tip!The food was exactly perfect!

Review №22

Speedy drive thru. Great Green Passion smoothie

Review №23

Autumn squash soup is wonderful!

Review №24

My order took a really long time, but they offered me a cookie while I waited. After a bit longer, they apologized again and refunded my money (I didn't even complain about the wait)... which I thought was great customer service!

Review №25

I got sick after eating vegetable soup and grilled cheese sandwich. It was the only meal I had that day. Idk what is happening with this location. Last time I had something from here it wasn't good.

Review №26

The soups and sandwiches is amazing!!!!! The service was a little slower due to the lunch crowd. But the food is always hot and tasty. I'm never disappointed when I go.

Review №27

The food is always great as always. Surprisingly this is one of the slowest Panera bread locations I have visited many times. So the service is pretty fast and the service is good they clean the place often and the tables are well-kept. it's a big location and have plenty of seating.

Review №28

This young man Herman was just so great he help me with the order in the drive through and his customer service was the very very very best. I told him and his supervisor. If l had a business l would steal him away from Panera. Please give him a gift/gas card.

Review №29

Excellent Goddess salad! Love eating, working in Panera .... plugs for charging, quiet for work, helpful people too. Kristin even took my dirty plate!

Review №30

Had an awful experience with my food at the one on Telegraph near 12 mile rd

Review №31

There is a very nice guy who works at this location in the morning on Saturdays at like 9 in the morning he calls everybody his friend very nice guy very good customer service skills this is what I'm looking for in the morning when I'm coming to get my early morning coffee and bagel thank you.

Review №32

I've been waiting about twenty minutes now for an online order I placed a while ago. Will update this review if this is just a one off.

Review №33

Great chicken noodle soup at a great price.

Review №34

Very unsanitary!! Not standard Panera Bread Quality!

Review №35

Great customer service

Review №36

It is a good restaurant. Food is healthy. Good choice of drinks. Also, if you want to splurge, they have brownies and cookies. My sister and I had a cinnamon pecan stix. It was delicious.

Review №37

This once nice store became ghetto. Employees are slow and roll their eyes on you if you ask for a larger cup or something extra. Also I see so many sagging pants in there I thought I am in county jail. Employees sit down for lunch brake don't even clean up after themselves. Also why is there not a single white employee? Just wandering...

Review №38

Great service! Great Food!!

Review №39

Great service here. Always a great experience, and I visit frequently

Review №40

Darious was very friendly my order was made fresh and fast. I've always beem treated well when i come here. Thank you team

Review №41

I got the balf6 Capri sandwich, it hardly had anything on it. For $7 I expect a little more

Review №42

I placed a delivery order and the service was very slow. The person who delivered my food asked me to give them a tip and I thought that was very Tacky! Especially since I hadn't even had a chance to sign my receipt. After I bit into my sandwich, I noticed a long piece of hair in it. I am totally disgusted and I won't order from them again

Review №43

Great service with a smile. I happen to love the soups.

Review №44

Love, love, love this Panera. They are always so nice and very friendly.

Review №45

Always friendly and great food.

Review №46

Very good sandwiches.There is no kiosk .Food is good.Place has good space to sit and eat.There is drive through if that is what you are looking for.

Review №47

I paid more than $12 for this meal. I should have gone across the street to Chipotle and got their burrito bowl for $6.50+tax. The description for the "Turkey Basil blah blah blah" was enticing, but once I stared at it for 30 seconds, I realized it was probably microwaved with the fake grill marks.

Review №48

Friendly staff that seem welcoming to all no matter who you are. That is a beautiful thing! Good energy in the building. Fastest service I've had at a Panera in years.

Review №49

I've just had the worst experience at this Panera bread that I have ever had within the past four years of staying at Southfield and coming to the restaurant. I waited in the drive-through area for over three minutes without any greeting me through the intercom. So I pulled up to the window and noticed a cashier waiting. She open up the windows and informed me that her earpiece wasn't working . Another employee yell from the background and stated that she didn't have it on. She's proceeded to assist me with an attitude. I asked her for a strawberry banana smoothie. She began to make it they came back still with an attitude and informed me that they were out of bananas. I asked her for a super fruit smoothie instead she proceeded to go make this super fruit smoothie with an attitude and gave that to me with an attitude. I work hard for my money and when I come to get service I don't need the attitude Brittany. This by far was the worst experience I had at this restaurant.

Review №50

My order was ready and correct.

Review №51

Clean quiet & what i really appreciate is that they employ the differently abled..a plus in my book anywhere that does SO !

Review №52

5:25p.m. absolutely no bakery, bread or bagels, soup cold. Plastic silverware and they are supposed to be so into the Environment. Barely anyone going in the Southfield, MI location. Looks like it will be closing down shortly.

Review №53

This location is the best! The food is always top notch and the service is by far some of the best of the chain. They always get the order correct, especially the coffee & lattes! The food consistently prepared with care. If only every location modeled itself after this location.

Review №54

Staff was rude but the food was great. ️

Review №55

The rapid pickup is the way to go. I can order from the app, and by the time I get there mt food is ready. So much more convenient.

Review №56

Sun, 09 Feb 2020I got spoiled tonight! I was indulged my triple-capp and a café mocha at one of my favorite places, Panera Bread. Plus, their chipotle chicken avocado was absolutely yummilicious! With the snow outside and a very stimulating intellectual conversation, my weekend ended on a high and happy note!

Review №57

Macroni, Turkey and cheese... Turkey chili... Both really good and great on the 2 for menu!

Review №58

Fresh and quick service love their food ranging from breakfast lunch or dinner.

Review №59

This is usually my go location but today the service was extremely poor, items for coffee had not been restocked (there were 3 lids)! I did rapid pick up but it wasn't ready. I waited about 5 minutes then asked about it at the pickup order was just sitting ready to be bagged. Hopefully this was a one off day.

Review №60

Gray Panera bread branch and the location is perfect. The place is clean and has decent space.

Review №61

Love all the variety of soups, sandwiches, salads and pastries. Quick and good meal on any day.

Review №62

Excellent service... Great food... Awesome delivery... 100% satisfactionI will definitely order from here again

Review №63

I don't even have the energy to share my experience. But if your customer service is this poor after your staff messed up my order for an $8 sandwhich... and if you are that incompetent to fix said order, I must ask myself the question: do I really want you preparing my food?... Dinner cooked at home. Thanks

Review №64

Certain staff don't respond well to members of the trans community

Review №65

I waited a good 2-3 minutes at an empty drive thru for someone to take my order. When it was time to picked up my order, I pulled up and they were just starting to make it, they then completed it, sat it on the counter and left it there and worked on the next 2-3 orders while it sat for at least 7-8 minutes before opening the window to give it to me. Made an order after completing mine and handed it to someone inside in addition to this. Horrible service. I have been here in the morning before and it has been slow, but this was ridiculous.

Review №66

I always have a pretty good experience with this particular Panera.

Review №67

Servers were eager to help. Food was great, so were several kinds of coffee. Place was spotless.

Review №68

Difficulty with the website keeps wanting to send me to the App Store

Review №69

Gave me a Bday free muffin. Delicious warmed up

Review №70

Great place. Clean and organized. One of the bigger PB locations I've been to.

Review №71

You should be faster to complain than I was. I placed a mobile order to pick up at this restaurants and when I arrive there was nothing on the shelf. I waited until 10 minutes after my order was supposed to be prepared to talk with anyone and they had it to me in less than a minute because someone had just left it in the back instead of putting it on the shelf. I am very disappointed but I guess I should have complained earlier.

Review №72

I like Panera. Not this one. Good cream cheese tho

Review №73

Nice place to relax

Review №74

Terrible service and hair was in my food. Ordered online and food was delivered. Driver wouldn't hand me my food until I gave him a tip. Items were missing out of my bag so the driver had to come back. The 2nd time he still didn't bring what I paid for and there was hair in the food. I will NEVER eat here again.

Review №75

Always good food

Review №76

Great place with good food and very kind people.

Review №77

Great food. Good and fast service. Very clean

Review №78

Food is always good a decently priced for the selection. I love the drink bar with all the options. The seating (while a lot) always seems to be pretty full as people stay there often to work on school work or regular work - due to this the lunch rush it is hard to find a table.

Review №79

I love the atmosphere of this place! It's much different than ours at home.

Review №80

My coworkers and I have ordered from this panera delivery multiple times. and every time has been a fail. 1 of the following has happened each deliver:forgot major food itemsshowed up at 11:30 for an 11:45-12 order (food cold)showed up at 12:25-- well past the 11:45-12 time frameforgot to bring an order-- but the soonest they could bring would have been 12:30every single time this location screws up with delivery. and we consistently try to give them the benefit of the doubt.NEVER AGAIN

Review №81

Currently waiting at the drive through. I said if I had to wait another 5 min, I was going to write a review. No one in the drive thru line. I had to wait for my order to be taken and now I'm waiting for my food. Over 20 minutes WITH NO ONE IN FRONT OR BEHIND ME. What a joke....

Review №82

Great food... Overpriced

Review №83

Ricky or Rick is among the worst Managers. Why? He's rude, his staff is slow (lazy), he communicates poorly, and bottom-line shouldn't be in that role because he sucks! I don't recommend this location because of staff that sit around chit-chatting and not delivering food to the guest table or even bother to call the guest to state, "food is ready" or use the device to buzz that food can be picked-up. This Metro-Detroit is proving to validate that it is as poorly skilled as is known all around this country. Blame the poorly educated people who don't seem to take any interest in stepping-their-game-up to the modicum of standard! NOT good!

Review №84

Great Salads.

Review №85

I will say this Panera isn't the worst but my experience just now was not plesant. The cashier didn't smile once and just seemed generally unpleasant. Also I got three soups and a salad and only needed bread with all of them. Didn't get any bread. At Panera bread. It's not worth it to go back or call... but it is worth it to say maybe check your order before you leave

Review №86

Good food and service.

Review №87

Slow service but the food is good

Review №88

Best Panera I've been to. Kiosks make ordering fast, and food always come out quick. Staff always brings it out to you and takes it away when you're done.

Review №89

The place is usually good .

Review №90

This location is pretty good. Food is excellent; staff are pleasant. There are always open tables for meeting/studying when I go. Unfortunately, due to traffic on telegraph road, getting in and out can be a little difficult.

Review №91

Very convenient place to get catering for meetings

Review №92

Food at Panera is generally always good, regardless of which location you go to. However this location seems to Pride itself on taking their time! Slow evening, simple sandwich chips and drink order, over six minutes waiting at the window for a sandwich. I could have made my own in that amount of time. So sad.

Review №93

The staff are beyond helpful and friendly.

Review №94

This particular location has fallen far from the level of customer service once exemplified. The staff is slow-moving, lacking of care to get the order right, and has no desire to create an experience for the customer. This is not a review from one visit .The last few times that I have been to this location, I have found the same to be true. And it's not just this location. Several Panera locations have fallen. It's obvious that Panera, or at least some of the locations in Southeastern Michigan, have surrendered to filling positions and have abandoned seeking customer-centric team members that represent the image of the company. It hurts me to say these things, as I have loved Panera Bread for years, and even worked for Panera Bread, for a brief time because of my love for the company.There was a time when Panera obsessed over the customer. Good memories of what once was.

Review №95

So glad the French onion soup is back

Review №96

Great food and service but unfortunately the timing was wrong and they were out of my soup and they will not go make it for you if you're in there late.

Review №97

I had a meeting with my employer, it was very busy but we were able to find a table. I brought Fred with me. They purchased our lunch. I got 1/2 of the turkey blt and gave the sm Mac & cheese to my son. I got the prickly plum iced tea which is so refreshing. Love Panera's!!️

Review №98

They gave me the wrong kind of soup. I ordered corn chowder, the receipt said new England corn chowder, and they gave me brocoli cheese soup. Unimpressed

Review №99

Friendly staff. Good food. Clean inside and surroundings.

Review №100

I love the drive thru feature. Great food, fast and friendly service. I wish they used biodegradable take-out utensils and compostable food containers.

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  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Good for working on laptop:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:No
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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