QDOBA Mexican Eats
25243 Evergreen Rd Ste 101, Southfield, MI 48037, United States
Review №1

Food tasted pretty good. The enthusiasm of the young lady making the food, not so good. Not sure if she was tired or upset but either way you should never wear your emotions on your sleeve for everyone to notice. Oh and kill the flies in there please!

Review №2

This has to be by far the worst location I have ever been to!! I walk in with no other customers there and rather then acknowledge me by a simple hello the 4 employees continue gossiping about a previous customer using a ton of profanity while doing it. The girl that helped me seemed so uninterested in doing so she just rushed me along so she could get back to preparing the online orders (which is people saw what little effort they put into said orders they probably wouldn't want them anymore). I have a Qdoba by my house that is amazing so it's sad to see how poorly this one is being ran. Please clean house of this location and get a whole new staff!!

Review №3

Decent food, but employees don't wear masks. Qdoba requires patrons to wear a mask, but employees wear masks on their chin. Either wear a mask correctly, or take it off completely.

Review №4

My burrito was horrible! Burnt chicken, overcooked rice. No taste! No stars i touched the 1 by mistake

Review №5

Would have gave it more stars if the service was better. They try to go so fast that they forget to give the customers options. I wanted the tortilla soup with the bowl, but wasn't offered. Menu says they have two types of chicken, but they have me whatever. The bowl looked like a bowl of slop. Careless if the food was presentable or not. Never asked for here or to go. Food was good otherwise.

Review №6

For quick mexican food I recommend this place. It's better than taco bell.

Review №7

This is a bad location and I wouldn't recommended coming here. It just doesn't give you a clean feeling. Only half the employees wear masks and no one was wearing gloves. People will notice these things. So when you get sliverware and someone is just putting their hand in a pile it just makes you cringe. You know its bad when people in line our making comments about it as well. I actually threw my food away in the trash as soon as i left as did a another gentlemen. I shouldn't have paid for it and send no thanks while i was at the location. i'm going to regret that and will never be back. I find it beyond ironic that mask are required to enter but not practiced by employees.

Review №8

I love QDOBA but I turned back immediately when the person fixing my food DID NOT HAVE ON A MASK!!! I asked her about her mask she said she did not have one. She looked kind of offended when I asked about the mask. I LEFT.

Review №9

They give good helpings but they are often out of some of the final toppings. Good service, fast friendly

Review №10

Employee had no mask on while handing my food and a very nasty attitude! No thanks!

Review №11

Worst Customer Service Ever...I never complain to Corporate but this was a MUST!!!!Walking in NOBODY out of like 6 workers here said Hello or even acknowledged that I had entered as a customer. I stood there purposely to see how long it would go but out of frustration I knew it would have went on longer b/c every customer who entered experienced the same poor customer service.they even lost a customer as she walked out due to the same treatment...I was even angered at the fact that one of the employees jumped on cell to make a phone call in front of my face smh...finally asking about a curb side order that I went in to pick up myself I was told by I will not visit this store again and will make the drive to visit ANOTHER location every employee there 6/17/2020 utterly rude...the list does not end there but I believe I've made my point DO BETTER the way you treat your guest customers when they enter your establishment speaks volumes and leaves a lasting impression

Review №12

Came to order family food as we were in line the cook came out with no mask on no gloves and no hair net on and her stomach and back hanging out like she was at home. She was unprofessional in her work place had to find somewhere else to eat.

Review №13

The fact that there's so many bad reviews and still no change says a lot. I will be contacting Corporate and informing them about how terrible the customer service is and food. I will also show them the reviews from this year to 3 years ago and how nothing has changed. I'm surprised this location is still open. But it won't be open for long or their will be some changes made either way something has to be done.

Review №14

My apologies but I've been in food service my whole life ..and Management...and this store was absolutely disgusting.... they that dust thick as cotton on the celing.... the tiles was all disheveled. The grills was gross the wall behind it has never been wiped...the floor was gross the everything was gross.... everything. Only thing I will say was the customer service was wonderful however the cashier nails was far far far too long for food service. They need maintenance and cleaning crews bad af. They nice and fast tho ..they be busy and the rice and everything be fresh but that place is nasty.

Review №15

How come the employees dont have hair nets on anymore?? But the food was amazing and the service was really good.

Review №16

Terrible location! Super ghetto.. young lady couldn't even fold the burritos!..I waited in line for 20 minutes and left! Also filthy behind the counter, masks were pulled down under noses... Just bad man!

Review №17

Slow service, customers with no masks, employees wearing their masks as chin straps, messily wrapped burrito. Every part of my experience was marred by an absence of care. Never again.

Review №18

Good food love the mini bowl

Review №19

Do yourself a favor and go to the Qdoba on telegraph.This one is often out of ingredients, or has a broken soda machine, or takes forever.The one on telegraph shines this one stinks.

Review №20

I normally love this place but this experience has forever changed my outlook on the location. Very dirty and absolutely no customer service whatsoever. The staff were very rude to the customers, the chicken was severely burnt. I ordered online and the entire order was made wrong, but I was so disgusted with the customer service that I didn't want to even go back up there and complain. Normally i do not complain when food is under par, as I know things happen sometimes. It is mostly the lack of professionalism accompanied by non-existing customer service from rude staff

Review №21

Horrible experience especially watching the employee literally just throw the food together not caring about how it looked or what you requested. To go burrito bowl had food on the outside of the container and not enough of what I asked for inside. Employees did not consistently wear masks or wore them improperly.I posted the above not seeing other reviews. After reading many like mine I am really perplexed that Qdoba would allow these same issues to continue without remedy. You don't care? It's just one location? I won't likely go to another Qdoba based on my experience there.

Review №22

Always fresh food and professional staff

Review №23

Nice staff food good

Review №24

5th consecutive time in a row service has been terrible, never got to this location again

Review №25

I must say the last review was point on about horrible cleanliness and food prep. The prep are was messy, Food was Luke warm and lacked flavor. The staff was not friendly and the place was disgusting when you sat down and looked around. Took three bites and walked out..

Review №26

Food was Great. However, the place needs to be CLEANED and better maintained! The service was okay but could have been better.

Review №27

Friendly, but overcharged for EVERYTHING. and did not offer silverware.

Review №28

I don't know what i was thinking choosing this and not Chipolet. It was so bland and dry I couldnt even chew and swallow it.

Review №29

Will never go to this location again. Employees not wearing masks. The floor Is despicable . Nasty surroundings. They tried to charge me for chips when I ordered burrito bowl. Have never paid extra for that as long as I have been going there.

Review №30

QDOBA usually is nice but this location is the exception, looks dirty and the employs doesn't use face mask properly. I'm seeing is not the first claim about face mask.

Review №31

Best bowl ever...

Review №32

Very unfriendly, unprofessional. Both people working were rude when inquiring about my pick up. No gloves being used. Highly wouldn't recommend.

Review №33

I walked in one minute before open and the door is unlocked and they refuse to serve me as they were sitting down on their phones and then the guy cooking when I did get served have no face mask or gloves on and the staff was extremely rude and then she grab my chips with no gloves on either

Review №34

They serve large portions and for convenient rates. friendly staff. Never disappointing.

Review №35

Horrible horrible horrible I will never order here again the Manager has horrible customer service and she doesn't know how to resolve any issues with orders and laughs at you because they dont know how to properly make orders. Im a manger and i would never talk to a paying customer the way she talked to me she was very disrespectful and the owner should really think about who he has running the store and talking to there paying customers because I would not spend a dime in this store and i would never recommend anyone odering food here i would rather drive 10 miles out of my way for better food and customer service

Review №36

Qdoba is one of my favorite places to eat. And this one is closest to my house. But I will not be going back to this location. Generally speaking, not very well maintained from a cleanliness standpoint. Food was still good (even though my server told me this location tends to not carry the mango salsa), but I prefer my food prep areas to be cleaner than what I see here.

Review №37

Not a good experience at all. Food was prepared sloppy and my whole family said the taste horrible. I am a frequent Qdoba customer for years. I noticed the Southfield location service and quality as dropped over the years. I wish I stayed home and cooked. This was a waste of time and money.

Review №38

Went here last night an was disgusted/ the store was dirty an only one food champion in site. First off there was no chicken ready, then since you guys were running low on ground beef the worker was being Stingy with the portion of ground beef. I use to work in fast food industry so a spoon full of meat is ACCEPTABLE. There was trash all over the floor as if the store don't get clean when they are not busy. They were low on almost all the sides an didn't seem press to refill them . So I drove to the Qdoba on telegraph an got way better service an fresher food. I would never walk back into the Southfield establishment.

Review №39

11-15-19 I ordered a Steak Burrito it wasn't made right just thrown together. I didn't take it back, because I had something elsePick up 4 me. Not saying I will not go back, but the service has to get better...

Review №40

Very disappointed! My daughter & I went here every Friday for 2 yrs. They had a lively staff, fresh food & clean restaurants. Now that staff has changed it's terrible. The manager was wiping down the area that my food was sitting on being prepped. Why not wait until no one is there. I ordered a salad with white rice, got home and the rice was very uncooked. So I wasn't able to eat my salad. Today I went and ordered a salad & yes again the rice was hard, undercooked. I would prefer over cooked, geesh. I will not being going to this location anymore.

Review №41

Ordered carry out. Online ordering works great! Walked right in and food was ready for pick up.

Review №42

Food is not too bad, can get quite dirty in here around lunch time as they become very busy. should consider hiring extra helper to contain the mess behind the counter and in the dining area.

Review №43

Ate here the evening of 1/13/20 and was not impressed with the apathetic attitude of the employees and the cleanliness of the food area. Within 12 hours I had food poisoning. Will not return.

Review №44

I would have gave 5 stars but my experience from Thursday 10/3/19 was terrible I got a bowl with white rice which was undercooked and the store manager was no help at all when I called about the complaint. She had me on hold for ten minutes until I hung up then i called back the phone was off the hook so the calls never went through. I went back today 10/5/19 and I am very happy with the service I received!!! I want to give a thank you to brandy and kat they were very nice and understanding!!

Review №45

Location is not clean. They just stare at you through the window when they first open if the line not up and ready to go. Very poor attitudes. They also only greet certain customer's based off your appearance.

Review №46

Most ingredients were out. How do you run out of diced tomatoes. The wait was 30 minutes. I should have been warned before ordering. Horrible customer service.

Review №47

Qdoba is my favourite place but this is the worst location i have experienced. We ordered burrito bowls through app and they didn't serve half of the toppings we wanted. And the bowls we got were really in bad taste, nothing was served in right amount.. We are not going back to this location again

Review №48

Yummy made to order burritos but out of onions. Need to have black olives as well. And thanks for the free birthday taco.

Review №49

Good food, great service. A winning combination in my book. Fast Tex-Mex food. Enjoy it everytime I go. Will definitely be going back.

Review №50

Seems like they hired a lot of the new people that are not very friendly, the prep area is always dirty. They were out of almost everything during lunch hour ,The food is still good but they need to work on their people skills and learn how to clean.

Review №51

This location is gross and rundown. Needs a visit from the health department before someone gets sick. I love qdoba, but I'm never going back to this one.

Review №52

The service was horrible the young lady's attitude was even worse... They were out of almost everything and the restaurant was absolutely positively disgusting nasty....

Review №53

The Staff is usually nice but there are sometimes that the employees are just plain inept. I almost wonder if this is a training store or something as the service can be top notch one day and absolutely horrible the next.

Review №54

Food is good. The staff is friendly even though it's very busy

Review №55

This Qdoba makes the best burrito bowls! Friendly staff said hi when I walked through the doors! I will be back!

Review №56

Server was rude, sloppy and lacking any form of customer service! I will not be going here again

Review №57

Very dirty. Didn't have chips, corn, or steak on 12/7/19. All the food was burnt/ old/ dry. This location in Southfield desperately needs a new manager. Looking at the comments, I'm not the only one to notice these things.

Review №58

This is a weekly go to for my wife and I! The taste of the food is constantly good. Superb!!

Review №59

WORST QUDOBA EVERY TIME I GO TO THIS LOCATION THERE IS NO FOOD!!!!!!!! Wasted my online order money and wouldn't refund me!!!!! 0 out of 5 stars

Review №60

Ive given this location a few chances because im nearby but everytime i come here its filthy! The prep area, the floor, the soda station, the counter where you get napkins. even the floor in the back that you can see from the register. I wont be going back. I rather drive a little further to the location on telegraph.

Review №61

This is our go-to place whenever we want something good, tasty, and fast. This local has a good environment and the waiters are sympathetic. It's always a good option if you like Mexican style food.

Review №62

We went to the one in Southfield. When we walked in all we could see was chicken on the grill burning. The serving containers looked as if they were empty and the guy with the blue hair serving the food was using his gloved hand to put the price sign back on the wall. He used that same gloved hand to prepare our bowls. It was food all on the floor behind the counter and water on the floor where we were standing to place our orders. I mentioned this to the guy and he assured us, "we would be alright". My husband asked for a little more chicken in his bowl, he gave him a few more pieces but then charged him for "double meat". Got back to work, took my bowl out - my 1st bite I was met with BURNT CHICKEN! Second and Third bite too ... Then I didn't like the look of the queso upon close inspection. I just threw the whole bowl away! What a waste!! Later that evening, my stomach was hurting ... I felt horrible! Will never go there again!!

Review №63

I love the kids meal here...its just the right portion of food! This location gets busy with the business crowd on weekdays, but the staff is awesome and friendy and works the line down FAST!

Review №64

I wish there was an option to give no stars; they were unprofessional, they ran out of bowls, the rice was bland, the chicken was burnt and they were unapologetic about it all.

Review №65

Went in during dinner time. I realized that the location was short staff, but the two ladies working the front were doing their best servicing the customers. They were out of a few items, but they were doing their best to restock and serve at the same time. My issue came about when it was time to pay for my order. I saw that the work station (where they prepare the food) was NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I went to fill my drink the beverage station was NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also I did see one more employee in the back on his phone! He could have been of much help if he put his energy into helping the two ladies fill orders. Other than that I will NOT return because the restaurant is NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I prayed for a good while before I ate my food..... which was very good by the way.

Review №66

Customer is improving.... loved the smiles this always good

Review №67

Informed of no fajita vegetables at the end of the line, after all the other ingredients were added !

Review №68

Never order online. Food is pretty decent but when placing a order online that I must pay for in advance before arriving at the store, I expect my food to be ready when I get there. The “ready for pick up” times were strange. So I called and was reassured that I could disregard those times and my food would in fact be ready/ prepared upon arrival, that was not the case. It took about 15 minutes after arriving to get my food. The food is already made it just needs to be put together with the specific food items asked for, so unsure what the hold up was. The competitor up the street lacks in comparison regarding taste, but if I ordered online my food would be bagged and ready for me when I arrive. Like I said food is good, especially the steak. Ingredients are fresh I just wish the online experience was better. I will definitely give them another shot before I write them off.

Review №69

Dirty behind the Food Lion

Review №70

This is consistently the worst Qdoba in the metro Detroit area. They never have sour cream ready, the chicken is always in huge chunks never sliced well the chips are never cooked well enough. I don't know how this place is still open or how corporate hasn't stepped in. Manager is never there to answer for why mistakes are made

Review №71

Even though it was a crowded Friday night, the food was great this time....

Review №72

This location used to be so good. Staff is not friendly. It's not clean like it use to be.

Review №73

The service here is great. They are fast and friendly. The food is the same as any other Qdoba.

Review №74

My wife had never been before , so she was skeptical. She loved it. It's a new favorite for her.

Review №75

Person taking my order was polite. However Person at register wasn't at all. He literally just stands there looking customers with no expression or watch the girl make orders... He yelled out my total before she was even finished wrapping my burrito. So basically I paid and still had to wait on my food. He held my money up to the light for a long time assuming my money was counterfeit which I found insulting. If you're working register u should know your money period. Don't insult customers by doing that. When she was done he then put my food in a bag and pushed it towards me without saying a word. No receipt ,no have a good day,no thank u come again. I usually pay attention to name tags when I have bad service but i was really ready to just leave. This was Sept. 28,2018 around 9:45 pm. My food was good but all my meat was at the very bottom of my burrito and it wasn't very much either. I'm big on customer service since I once worked in this department but, probably won't be coming here again.

Review №76

During the day the staff works well together and keeps the prep area fairly clean, but not the same for the closing shift.

Review №77

Rude. Not fresh.

Review №78

I love it if u tir es d of taco bell go here

Review №79

Best around the neighborhood that I've found. Blows qdoba and Chipotle out of the water

Review №80

Friendly staff, fast service, fresh foods, food was delicious. Thanks!

Review №81


Review №82

I had taking my niece's here for food and we will not be returning because when I walk in to go to the bathroom it was very nasty and the walk way had trash down there..the worker was rude and no smiles at all and they don't listen to what you are ordering..The lobby was not clean or the fryer area at my time coming in it was no one in the line so this was not a reason this should be like this..This need to be fix soon or close down..It was at 5:55pm only two people in there ordering..

Review №83

Was very happy with my food but the cleanliness of the store was horrible! grill was overly scattered with burnt on food. the sneeze guard had a layer of grease on it where you couldnt see threw it. floors where supper clutter where it seemed like a slip hazard. my food was great in size and flavor thoe.

Review №84

It's up there rivaling chipotle

Review №85

The food was hot and good, clean restaurant, only complaints are that they are chopping fresh vegetables less than 5 iches away from a trash can. The trash was almost over full onto the counter where they were chopping the vegetables. Other complaint is that an employe had her children there while she was working. The kids were running around. This is a business not a day care and she seemed to be the manager...... other than that over all enjoyable experience.

Review №86

Always fully loaded and fresh food. The staff are nice ,patient and friendly. My fab Q spot !!

Review №87

The food is pretty good and if you make enough fuss the staff will help you with allergies but the staff is uneducated about disability rights and depending on who's working I have issues with my service animal being verbally abused or asking us to leave. Moreover when I am with a caretaker and not my service animal there have been issues with them not ordering food which I believe should not be required.

Review №88

Horrific location! Nothing like the locations in Royal Oak, Birmingham, or other suburbs. Last order I picked up I ended up with sour cream all over my clothes and car seat. The bag was drenched in it. I was wondering why the employee was laughing when he gave me the bag. He also informed me that part of the quesadilla was in a bowl because it fell apart while cooking. Will never return! Incompetent staff, no matter the time of day.

Review №89

Pick a different location. Maybe it was the day we chose. But the staff seemed untrained and unprepared for the big crowd. Service was extremely slow. And the food was not that tasty. Again, maybe it was just a tough day for that QDOBA location.

Review №90

Sometimes the chicken is slightly scorched but food is generally very good

Review №91

My brown was under cooked as bad as I wanted my food

Review №92

The place was nasty and service needs help but the food was OK.

Review №93

Delicious burritos. Sometimes busy over lunchtime but worth the wait.

Review №94

They are great when they have all the toppings available. The last couple of visits, they have been out of staple toppings like pico.

Review №95

Food is consistently good. Just the chips are always either perfect or bland. Try not to get chicken if the container is almost empty either!

Review №96

Nice staff

Review №97

This place has some of the best Mexican food ive ever had. Although the employees struggle to hear orders sometimes id deffently take a family here. I recommend trying the bowl. I get it almost everytime and it gets better everytime.

Review №98

Great food and excellent service! Leon went abive and beyond to ensure a quality customer experience.

Review №99

Great place to Eat. They always have fresh Ingredients

Review №100

Very nice people. Very good food.

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