Benitos Pizza - Southfield
25217 Evergreen Rd, Southfield, MI 48075, United States
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Awesome!!!!! Extremely clean restaurant, Excellent customer service/very friendly crew. Pizzas are fresh, and precisely made to order with fresh ingredients. I highly recommend this place!!!

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This spot is worth a try. They have big portions for convenient prices. Regularly well kept and with fantastic mood. I highly recommend this place.

Review №3

Hot and fresh. Very good

Review №4

Had a pie here about 6 months ago and loved the service and upholding and going above and beyond to the standard of food here. Thanks again!

Review №5

I really enjoy their dishes. I always get good service there. The place is well organised and the employees are always nice. Keep up the good work.

Review №6

Benito's Pizza delivers great quality, first class products! For the last three months I have ordered high volume orders for work classes 2-3 times each month. Each time, I have placed the order and received exactly what I ordered. Each time I pick up the phone and interact with Benito's I have a great experience. The phone personnel are friendly and knowledgeable, the delivery driver's are timely, courteous and help unpack and organize my pizzas and the students have raved about the pizza. Benito's is my go to place due to the great service and awesome pizza!

Review №7

Personal size pizza was a perfect meal for one! The bqq sauce was wonderful along with the Cajun crust was a great choice! Would order again and want to try the white sauce next time.

Review №8

I've been coming here a little less than a year and it's becoming my favorite pizza place. Always clean, great customer service and the food is always amazing. Fantastic place!

Review №9

They have the best pizza I've been there 20,000 times and I swear it the best place in Southfield ️️️️️️️

Review №10

They have the best pizza ever I go there everyday and this girl named Danielle is the best worker she helped me answer my questions

Review №11

Super fast and delicious. The website if off about when it says it's making it to when it's on it's way. The delivery driver was here when it was still saying they were making it. Courtney our delivery driver was awesome and super sweet. Thanks again

Review №12

This had to be the worst pizza I have ever encountered, the pizza was undercooked, the pizza sauce had a funny taste and the cheese did not taste right either. All around bad pizza.

Review №13

Awesome pizza and awesome experience! The staff on Friday 6/21 at 11:30am was so efficient and kind. They labeled all 10 of my pizzas for me and it was no hassle for them to change my order to the special at the last minute. Thank you!

Review №14

My whole family loved this pizza! Service was awesome. Had to wait 30 minutes BUT they were pretty busy because of the world robotics competition going on this weekend.

Review №15

Great pizza

Review №16

I order from Benito's in Farmington/ West Bloomfield a lot, the food and personnel are great! I called the Southfield location at 10:30 a.m.and requested the order to be delivered at 12:30, I was informed the order could be 10 minutes before or after my requested time and I was okay with that. It was not a big order only 2 large pizzas a medium salad and small order of benito bread. the order did not arrive by 12:45 (15 minutes after requested time) so I called the store and after a long hold I inquired about my order and the guy stated they were busy and told me if he could get off the phone with me he could get the driver out the door and to my office. Never once did he apologize for the delay, he was rude and when the order finally arrived to my office (after 1:00) it was not the best. In fact some of my co-workers stated it was nasty. I will NEVER order from this location again.

Review №17

Yesterday I ordered a Large Pizza 3 topping from this location and the manager had taken my order. When i had received the pizza, the pizza was not cut in portions!! Lost in words on how a pizza place cant cut a pizza correctly. Not only that, the pizza was so cheesy (did not request extra cheese) tried to take a slice and all toppings fell off. Called back politely , manager picked up the phone and I explained the situation. Manager was very rude and had a bad attitude. He did not even apologize, i asked for the inconvenience if he can remake it for me but instead of the onions which were not even cooked!!. VERY RAW AND DISGUSTING. Just to substitute it for bacon!. He said HE CANT IN A VERY RUDE WAY and told me to come get my money back. FELT VERY OFFENDED... AS A CUSTOMER THIS WAS ONE OF THE WORST EXPERIENCES EVER!

Review №18

I had a great experience. Great attitudes, very nice people. Pizza is amazing!

Review №19

I have said it a million times, The fast food industry isn't what it used to be, So I got this pizza from them this pass I wanna say Friday, I order a large round light sauce Pepperoni mushrooms and black olives and a Salad. When I get home my fiance notice that they have put ham on this pizza. I haven't had pork in about 5 to 6 years, so I called the Benitos to let them know THEY MADE A MISTAKE with my pizza order, Let me give you a little bit of my background, when I was 16 my 1st job was at Little Cesar, if WE made a MISTAKE on your order and you call and tell us we gave you 2 options, You can bring the pizza back and we will remade it, 2, If you do not feel like coming back out of the house we will add your name to a list of replacement pizza so when you come the next time just tell the person at the counter that you have a free replacement pizza and they will go and get the list check you off and make you a free pizza. This was not the case with them he said I could bring it back and he can we make the pizza I ended Cade it to him that I was already at home a nice distance away from him and if he could add my name to a list to get a pizza on a nother visit, he told me NO he will not do, So IX him again and he replied No, so they just lost a customer OVER A 20 ORDER....they did with me....

Review №20

Yummy Italian pasta

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Review №22

Visited this place for the first time. It was recommended by my hairdresser! The food was very tasty and the ingredients were of High quality. I ordered online and the meal was ready when I arrived. There was no wait! I will return and recommend that others check it out. The prices are good and the Pizza is better!

Review №23

Quick service very nice staff and manager unlike another pizza place I tried recently (Jerusalem pizza) (don't go there). But do come to this place!

Review №24

Good pizza. Haven't tried anything else. However 10 months later and the taste is declining. The last couple of orders, i wasn't happy with the way my pizza taste. Ordered boneless chicken for the first time, and never again.

Review №25

Pizza is good just pricey

Review №26

It was great

Review №27

The food was great and the service is superb

Review №28

Good food good service nice staff

Review №29

Can't say enough good things. This place was awesome I'm from out of town they all took their time to explain the menu. The owner and manager were working on a Saturday night. The food was awesome I should have taken a picture but it didn't last long enough for me to do so. Lol next time I'm in town I'll for sure be back.

Review №30

Best pizza my husband and I ever tasted!!! I started to go and get another one...

Review №31

I love your pizza

Review №32

Worst BLT pizza I've ever had it was truly inedible and it tasted like they cooked the lettuce in the oven!

Review №33

First Time Customer!!!!! After trying to place my order for a half an hour online... I called to place my order twice and finally got through, for them to tell me.. it will take an hour and a half for delivery. No apologies, do you wanna cancel???

Review №34

First time going loved it will be going back

Review №35

Ordered a chicken Alfredo plate with mozzarella and extra chicken,......No mozzarella.They told me I didn't order mozzarella, ok, so I go back and offered to pay for the mozzarella, they tell me no it's okay we normally don't do this, to which I replied okay thank you, I usually eat here on lunch breaks.Now I get back home and I have mozzarella and only three pieces of chicken, the cashier was rude when I walked in the second time, and the manager was dismissive while I tried to thank him for not charging me. Just lost a faithful customer

Review №36

Pizza is always fresh. One of the managers Shi is very friendly and delivers excellent customer service. She keeps the restaurant nice and clean. One of my favorite pizza joints around!

Review №37

Great, food & service

Review №38

If you need to feed a ton of people Benito's is the place. There is nothing quite like the experience of trying to eat a big Benito. Especially if you are a student at the nearby Lawrence Tech College, this is a great break from the usual Jets or Cottage Inn.

Review №39

Tried them yesterday for the 1st time and they were just ok.

Review №40

Nothing about this pizza stands out to me. Pizza is pizza.

Review №41

Yesterday, we treated clients in 2000 Town Center to lunch by Benito's. Mauro was awesome, going the extra mile for a gluten-free attendee at our luncheon. The salad was fresh and our meat specialty deep dish, YUM!

Review №42

Great pizza.

Review №43

Pizza is a 5 star but staff and service brought them down to a 3. Many times I call ahead but still have to wait and staff are more concern about their conversation rather than taking care of their customers and getting them out the door.

Review №44

Priced well and delicious pizza. Very casual environment. Customer service was good.

Review №45

Love the taste of their pizza.

Review №46

They contiously got my order wrong, I went in twice and they still made my oven-baked sub incorrectly. The food admittedly is great but staff and service is terrible.

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Food is very good, but service is not. Delivery is slow, and food comes cold even at low-traffic times. Employees were rude when I called after delivery took almost an hour (55 minutes) after telling me it would be 30-45 minutes. I am under a mile from the store.

Review №48

It's good pizza, cheap eats, and it's nice to be able buy by the slice.

Review №49

Great pizza and breadsticks!

Review №50

This is Detroit's BEST KEPT SECRET! Both the round BIG Benito and the deep dish were awesome. Benito's is my new favorite!

Review №51

Excellent vegetarian pizza

Review №52

Good Pie was nice an Hot when I ordered it from the job I was working down Evergreen from their shop!

Review №53

The guy gave me free ranch because I didn't know it was 50 cents he was so nice, pasta was amazing !

Review №54

Nice staff and good pizza slice deals. Also the Big Benito is a token item and is great for a group!

Review №55

I live less than a mile from this place so I eat here nearly every weekend. Food and service is always great.

Review №56

Ok place

Review №57

Good pizza! They have a nice combo 2 slices and a beverage $5.

Review №58

My calzone was stuffed with toppings, it was delicious! The extra sauce could have been a lot saucier though.

Review №59

Okay nothing special

Review №60

Fast service calk vefore you come

Review №61

Great deals, huge pizza if you want it!

Review №62

It took almost an hour and a half to get my food. They forgot to bring part of my order and brought me the wrong pop. When I called to ask them to fix my order they tried to defend them selves and say that they just realized the dilvery driver forgot part of my order and that they had other orders to get out before they corrected my order. I should be a priority since it was their mistake. I won't be ordering from them again.

Review №63

Great pizza

Review №64

The owner of this Benito's pizza doesn't have respect for the customers, they burned my order, and he doesn't have the personality to apologize, he try to justified the error , telling me that is normal, even though I bring one sample, I pay for the one that they ruined, and clinically he wanted to give me a refund for $5.00, ridicules.

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Delicous pizza

Review №66

The personal pizzas are excellent.

Review №67

They charge way to much for one item I got charged 14 dollars for on little pizza.

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Review №69

Awesome pizza

Review №70

Their slices are okay. Ordered personal pizzas before we got there and still had to wait 10 minutes. Pizza is just alright.

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Always the best pizza!!!

Review №73

They nasty flat out! Clean ain't on the menu, somebody call the health department

Review №74

Pizza is fantastic

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Good Pizza

Review №78

Good pizza

Review №79

Excellent Pizza

Review №80

Had no taste

Review №81

Benito's have the best personal pizza's

Review №82

We are the best

Review №83

Always late. Pick-up or delivery. Terrible customer service.

Review №84

There chicken wings are delicious

Review №85

Absolutely delicious

Review №86

It's awesome

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  • Address:25217 Evergreen Rd, Southfield, MI 48075, United States
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  • Phone:+1 248-356-3333
  • Caterer
  • American restaurant
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  • Italian restaurant
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  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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