CK Mediterranean Grille and Catering (Cafe Kabob)
25148 Evergreen Rd, Southfield, MI 48075, United States
Review №1

My favorite place to go for Mediterranean food. I always order the “half” sizes and still end up with enough food for two meals, especially if I order it with the lentil soup and rice. Great food, large portions and good prices for the amount you get. I can never go back to eating store bought hummus and I wish I had their recipe for that lentil soup!

Review №2

The portion of entrees here are ENORMOUS! I easily rated 5* because of very good quality excellent tasting and gigantic portion!

Review №3

Excellent food. Always get the platter for two for our family of three and we always have leftovers. The soups are delicious. Prompt service every time. I enjoy the smoothies as well. The chicken cream chop is better here than other places I have tried also. Can't rave about this place enough.

Review №4

The food is great, one of the best shawarma sandwiches I've ever tasted. But, you have to build your own sandwich with a markup for every additional item! If you order a shawarma you get bread and meat. If you want hummus its a markup, if you want garlic it's a markup. You don't even get onions or turnips unless you ask and then the employees say you should've asked when ordering, I suspect for the cost of the markup. The worst thing of all is how some employees are treated. Our sandwiches were left on the grill for a little to long by an employee questioned about not putting these additional items on the sandwich for free. When we asked a youngman to remove them before they burned he did with no problems and took them to join our fries in the bagging area. The young man was asked by the manager what he was doing so he explained my wife an I asked him to remove them from the grill and place them with our fries to checkout. The manager told the youngman I don't want any lip from you, in a very nasty voice. We then told the manager he only did what we asked and it wasn't his fault. We the asked for the owner who wasn't available, but he informed us he was the manager. We asked he treat the young man a little nicer, the manage hand us our bag offered us a good night.

Review №5

Good customer service. Fast and fresh food and it taste great. ( Rice almond salad one with chicken breast and one with chicken schwarma)

Review №6

Amazing Shawarma sandwich. I love to explore food places but never posted. this is my first time and I loved with the quality of the food.

Review №7

Wow Authentic I enjoyed every single bite they don't hold back this is my new go to middle eastern restaurant

Review №8

Couldn't be more pleased with the experience. I ordered a gyro (which was delicious) and ate it in minutes. Hoping for another I walked back in as they were closing. At first I was turned away and then, right before I drove away, I heard a tapping on my window and was told that there was a gyro set aside inside if I still wanted one. I walked in to have a fresh gyro made in front of me. I found the food and experience to be fantastic.

Review №9

Love love love CK. I work nearby and have been coming for lunch here for years. I loved this place before and after not being at my office in 4 months got some today and it was heaven.

Review №10

Great food and service. Try it out of you're in the area.

Review №11

I go there often, love this place! And they offer a Military Discount

Review №12

We had an excellent time in this restaurant. We liked the extraordinary vibes and the meals. The staff were very friendly. I am content we ultimately managed to eat here.

Review №13

Yes service was ok,but the rice was cold ,no napkins or silverware pita bread was put on top of hummus

Review №14

Food is good. Service is pretty nice. But the restrooms are unacceptable. Especially on this downtime with the state getting over the pandemic they can claim it.

Review №15

EXTREMELY clean, all wore masks, food great and GREAT ATMOSPHERE

Review №16

Great food so far . I tried the fattoush salad and lentil soup. The lentil soup was perfectly seasoned. The fattoush salad was fresh. Returning customer.

Review №17

Man this is an amazing place! I usually stick to my normal spot but I was in the area and it was well worth it. I ordered online and that was smooth, restuarant is clean, the workers are professional and the food is amazing. Even the menu look good!

Review №18

Stumbled on this place and was actually impressed. Nice, clean place. Great service as I was greeted with a smile. I ordered the chicken shawarma wrap with lentil soup. Everything came to about $9. The chicken tasted like it was fresh off the grill. Nice combination of garlic and hummus too. The soup was seasoned perfectly. My honest thoughts of this place and will be back.

Review №19

Visiting from NY we were looking for healthy and fresh options and stumbled on this place. The young prettty girl taking our order was pleasant and patient with us. Then when we dug into the food we knew we had hit the jackpot. We've had hommus/falafel/tabule in Palestine (the best, the Israelis flock to Palestinian territory just for that) and this is the closest we've ever come to what we ate there. Being very particular about hygiene, the cleanines was also impressive. We will be back soon.

Review №20

The best chicken shawarma in Michigan. Always get one with hummus and garlic sauce. Love the fattoush salad and steak fries. Hard to find anything that is not good, also love falafel.

Review №21

This place is a great spot for a quick lunch. I love that grilled veggies are a side option. Their garlic sauce is so yummy. My only criticism is their floor always seems to be sticky. It might be customers being terrible at using the pop machine, not sure.

Review №22

Perfection! I'm a little picky on my Shawarma but it was so delightful very fresh and really wonderful service

Review №23

I get carry out from here, the place is always popin at weekly lunch times, but it looks like a decent spot to dine in. Food on par with other local Mediterranean food places. I like the larger family means the offer that satisfy my food taste and budget. Even experience them catering a luncheon and enjoyed that. Worth trying...

Review №24

The food was delivered on time and in a timely fashion. Seemless Delivery was great. The Problem is the food was cold and there weren't any utensils to eat the food with. When I called to let them know that I had no utensils to eat my lunch the person I spoke with told me that there was a charge for the knife and fork. I will not be ordering from them again.

Review №25

Fresh ingredients and real vegan options including the pitas. Thank you.

Review №26

The best Steak Shawarma I've tasted.

Review №27

We had a great waitress! We paid and was trying to spend time with our relatives. The shift changed and the new waitress was not happy. But apart from that it was good.

Review №28

Since the pedemic I treated nursing homes, docters offices and the sheriff department on their family feast. Great food

Review №29

This is the place to go if you're in Southfield and want a quick delicious meal.

Review №30

I just like their food. I always get excellent customer service here. The place is always clean and the staff members are always very nice. I highly recommend this place.

Review №31

Great food, large portions, good service!

Review №32

Went here yesterday for the first time. I ordered over the phone, although it was busy due to the lunch rush, they had what I wanted ready to pick up within 5 minutes. Probably the best chicken shawarma I have had in the area. They added French fries into it when I asked. I liked that they used paper that was easy to take off. There are some places that make it difficult to remove the wrapping on the shawarma, causing a mess. Great place definitely should try out.

Review №33

Entrees and wraps are delicious, and price wise decent

Review №34

Solid choice for lunch in Southfield. They make the food pretty quick. The wraps could use a bit more hummus or something to keep them moist.

Review №35

Nothing fancy. Just really good food. Especially good for take out.

Review №36

Very clean and accessible restaurant. They serve generous portions and for inexpensive prices. We enjoyed the menu very much and the staff members were super welcoming and informative. Will definitely recommend this spot.

Review №37

Good Mediterranean food... fast

Review №38

Good choice today nice service

Review №39

Love their food.

Review №40

I ordered the greek salad with chicken breast. This salad was so fresh and filling. The chicken was juicy and tender. I absolutely loved it. I also got the small cucumber salad and it made for a tasty treat later in the evening. I will be back again!!

Review №41

Love this place! Fresh and delicious food all the time. Have been going there for years and never had anything bad. Some staff know me and are so friendly.

Review №42

Great food, online order was done on time

Review №43

Gotta love their chicken fo 2 salads

Review №44

Love the food and staff are always so nice! Unfortunately I live Howell so can only get it once in a while.

Review №45

Great place for carry out. Ate in but it seemed like the exhaust fan wasn't working properly so it was a little smokey when we walked in. The food was delicious and the meats were marinated perfectly. I got the chicken kabob plate and it was very good and juicy

Review №46

Honestly i work in service i feel so bad. But this isn't what i ordered, its not on the receipt that i paid for. I waited in traffic and all you told me was to wait again and you'll try to make it again. I've already waited and properly tipped you why should i wait again drive out again and waste my gas because you messed up. Poor customer service. Nothing from management.

Review №47

Decent food with fast service. The soups and salads are especially good.

Review №48

I really like this place. The value is amazing and food taste good. The only reason I did not give 5 star is because of the service. When owners are there, they are great but when they are not, they horse around rock much and over cook the meat.

Review №49

Great food and great customer service. I already loke Mediterranean food, but it was good here too. And they let you get a sample if you want to try. It is a nice place to just sit eat and relax.

Review №50

I went there yesterday and picked up a tray for six and every piece of food was delicious, piping hot and tasted so fresh and the service was awesome I highly recommend you go try this place because I will be there again soon

Review №51

The best Mediterranean food in town! The shawarma is the best tasting shawarma I've ever had. I go there on the regular!

Review №52

This place constantly delivers. They serve great dishes for reasonable prices, there is no waiting time even when the place is full.

Review №53

Clean, cashier was helpful. Tasty Falafel

Review №54

I always have the same thing...chicken shwarma dinner. It's so good, especially with tons of garlic sauce!

Review №55

I have yet to have a bad meal here. They have fast service, fresh food and it tastes great. The chicken kebabs are fantastic.

Review №56

This is one of my favorite restaurants for a quick lunch. The food is great and the service is fast. You order it, they give you a ticket, prepare it and call you to get it. No waiters. Everything is fresh and tasty. The kids love or too. They are always busy for lunch. Not a romantic restaurant but one of the better tasting kabobs, rice, salads, etc in the area.They go the extra mile. Definetly worth the drive if you don't live near there.

Review №57

Good food at a reasonable price

Review №58

I always get the Fattoush salad with add'd chicken breast!!!! And it is sooooo delicious!!! I'm addicted

Review №59

Love food sooo good

Review №60

Fresh, tasty and fast. I love the chicken shawarma with garlic, hummus, and rice inside.

Review №61

AJ and his team are incredible. We spent $3,500 on their food last year alone and it's always been incredible. We have CK cater to our team about 3-4 times a year and it's always met with positive responses. Their catering menu is simple, affordable, and always providers enough food for my team to eat for nearly two days.If there's ever an issue with the order, the CK team will promptly help resolve it. It's such a popular choice in our office that my team orders it regularly.We also make special requests to each of our catering orders (lots of extra garlic sauce), which CK happily follows through with.If you're looking for a quick lunch or a team capable of preparing an incredible menu for 60+ people, you've found your next stop.

Review №62

I Love Arabic Food. Been eating it almost 30yrs, but this location was terrible. Chicken was very dry and rice bland without lemon oregano. Grape leaves ice cold and they do not have oven bread Alies in Sterling Heights on Vandyke & 14mile Road

Review №63

Very good, with nice customer service. Lots of space if you want to eat with family.

Review №64

Some excellent Lentil soup!

Review №65

Perfectly cooked steak. Generous portions.

Review №66

I've been there a few times before and it was pretty good. They got a whole new staff of young people and the quality started going down hill. My husband and I stopped going. Yesterday I was in the mood for it and got my usual chicken shawarma wrap and chicken greek salad. I ate it all last night. I woke up this morning with SEVERE FOOD POISONING and I couldn't stop throwing up for hours. The stomach pain was excruciating! My husband brought me to the hospital for IV hydration when they diagnosed me despite I already knew I had it. I needed to stay for 7 hours for hydration because I couldn't stop vomiting and using the bathroom. Eat here if you dare!

Review №67

Their food is always fresh and delicious. They are very busy during lunch time (obviously) so order ahead of time takes about 10-15 min for any meal.

Review №68

Always satisfied when eating here! Delicious and healthy food options. Shawarma wraps our amazingly succulent. Raw juices are just right. Fries are scrumptious. Nice clean area. Sometimes, order can be delayed, especially during rush times. Overall, a great place to enjoy delicious and healthy meals!

Review №69

At least once a week I am your CK. Food is great even if you are nearly the last one through the door.

Review №70

Love their both chicken shawarma plate and sandwich (btw half chicken shawarma is more than enough for one person).

Review №71

Great wraps and salads. The catering service is also excellent.

Review №72

This is the BEST MEDITERRANEAN food I have found in Detroit. And I've had A LOT. I used to work in Southfield and I'd visit at least 3-4 times a week. The salads are crazy fresh, the grilled veggies are delicious. The pita, while great for wraps, isn't very satisfying when eating it with salad/soup (I love the fluffy, soft pita). The only reason I didn't give 5 starts is because they use so much plastic!! Your meal will come in a single-use clamshell package. Doesn't matter if you're eating in or take out, your meal will have 2-3 clamshell/Styrofoam containers and plastic silverware. Please integrate reusable dishes/silverware for those eating in and compostable containers for take out!

Review №73

Nice clean place. The cooks was amazing! The Salad guy was doing his thang. Im ordering salad for my meal next visit#

Review №74

Great Great Food....staff members are nice. If you ste carrying out, be sure to check your bag for everything!

Review №75

Service is great and food is always amazing. Everything is freshly prepared when you order and authentic flavors. Store has been clean everytime i go

Review №76

My son and I love to eat here when we are in the area. Food is fresh, fast and always delicious!

Review №77

Fresh food and reasonable prices

Review №78

Great food, great proces, and awesome atmosphere! Come here by yourself or with friends and you'll definitely have a good time!

Review №79

Great food everytime. Very tempting to eat there a lot more since they are within throwing distance of me. Would recommend to anyone.

Review №80

Ok prices and ok food. If you work in the area, you'll likely enjoy it just out of convenience. Terrific place to cater for meetings.

Review №81

Went in, ordered a shawarma, had a good meal. Great place for a quick stop when hungry.Atmosphere is great and it's very clean.

Review №82

A favorite place for quick and delicious chicken shawarma and fries

Review №83

Great food, always good service BUT you guys should really start putting plastic ware in to go orders. I've left this place countless time forgetting utensils. When somebody hands you a closed bag you don't always think to turn around and get a fork

Review №84

Good tastings food, in a cafeteria casual setting. Service could have been better.

Review №85

Oh man, guys they have the best Mediterranean food in the area. When you ask for both hummus and garlic on yourself shawarma, you're getting your money's worth. Excellent staff and facilities!

Review №86

Fast service, Great Food & amazing customer service!

Review №87

I come to CK every time I am in the area. Food is incredible, place is clean and staff is so friendly! One of my favorite Mediterranean spots!

Review №88

Always friendly and fast service, and great food.

Review №89

Food was great good customer service fresh food

Review №90

Good quality for on the go lunch

Review №91

This was my first experience dining here and I can't say that I'd return. The cashier was too bothered to actually answer a question we had about a menu item. Had she actually done so, instead of dryly saying "It comes with everything that's up there" we would have ordered something else.

Review №92

Good food. Very authentic. Garlic sauce is the best! Cashier's are so nice and friendly. The people who make the food aren't always friendly. They stare at us as if we don't belong whenever we walk through the door until we leave. Makes me a bit uncomfortable.

Review №93

Great food, casual decor, but pretty high prices.

Review №94

It's ok they just didnt give me enough pits bread

Review №95

It was okay until the owner on the camera just accuse me of not paying for my cater meals and I had a copy of my receipt.Business 101 communication is key. Communicate with your staff first. Clearly there is a gap.Beside that the food was good the workers are friendly.

Review №96

Love their food! Carry out could be better staffed and organized but the food is worth it!

Review №97

I'm just so glad they're open

Review №98

It was ok. I've had better. The juices are great!!

Review №99

Food is delicious. Didn't get my gyro on this day because they had no lamb.

Review №100

My lunch time go to. They're fast, fresh, and friendly.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
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  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Halal food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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