25309 Evergreen Rd, Southfield, MI 48075, United States
Review №1

I had the hangover Burger. Super good!Great fries and amazing service. They had good music and the place wasn't very busy. I'll be returning! Give it a try!

Review №2

Excellent burgers. The store has had to adapt to COVID-19 reality but quality has not suffered. I miss the previous display choices of lettuce, tomato, onions, etc which made Fuddruckers distinct from the competition but understand the reason. Again, Fuddruckers is a superb alternative in a crowded market.

Review №3

I think initially spoke to the manager or something like that. Whoever he was, he was very sweet and funny. From when I called in to order to when I picked up my order. The staff that work there is polite and nice. This was first time eating here and the food was hot and delicious. Will come again!

Review №4

Good food. Have ordered different dishes, they have all been tasty and for the most part, fresh. Customer service needs improvement. Could be a little more warm & welcoming.

Review №5

Was told I had to eat here! Food was very good.. fries are delicious, seasoned perfectly. 'salad' bar area for burger toppings and even fresh lemon wedges by the drink machines. Could be cleaner. and would be nice if tables and chairs outside were pulled under the pavilion when it rains.

Review №6

Food was good, tables were available to sit and eat too.

Review №7

Nice burger place with lots of options/customization. Frequent lunch spot for work

Review №8

I was very disappointed with my visit this week. My husband and I are regulars. But the 1/3 burgers did not even fit the bun. They were not as juicy as they usually are.A simple fix. Get buns that fit the patty size. I had to order and PAY for another burger 1/4 size. Come on Fuddrucker's I expect more from you.I will try to post the photos I took of our burgers. Thank you.

Review №9

Always a good place to stop for a great burger!

Review №10

The staff is very courteous. The food was good and I had the chance to try their new menu item; fish and chips. It was pretty good. There was no big wait either.

Review №11

Glad to see that there still a lot of good places like this around. Can't beat these old fashion huge hamburgers. The people and the managers were very pleasant and the food was very very fresh. If you know anything about Fuddruckers you should try this one out it's really good.

Review №12

$20 for cheeseburger and fries...NO SEASONING on the patties fries barely cooked. i gave up and ate marie calendar pasta bowl

Review №13

Food was great as usual. Though covid restrictions forbid us from dining in, we were treated with excellent customer service.

Review №14

My number one spot I absolutely love eating at Fuddruckers I go there at least 2 to 3 times a week

Review №15

The Beyond Burger is absolutely wonderful! It's juicy and fulfilling. It doesn't taste 'meatless' it will fool your tummy. Great job with this meatless burger.

Review №16

Very nice restaurant, very clean and organized, but much smaller than I'm used to at Fuddruckers. The service was great, starting with the taking my order, to cleaning of tables. I would definitely go back.

Review №17

Amazing food. Expensive. But some of the best "fast" food that I've had. Shakes are also phenomenal. Love the whole process. Will definitely go again.

Review №18

Delicious burgers and onion rings!

Review №19

Nice and clean, the staff is polite, and the lunch specials are decently priced.

Review №20

The best burger I've had in a long time , give it a try!!!

Review №21

Great food and service!

Review №22

Today was my first visit to Fuddruckers I have been herring how delicious the turkey burgers we're but when I got there I didn't know what to try so I tried the beer batter fish with some corn chowder soupit was very good so on my next visit I'm definitely trying one of those double bacon cheddar cheeseburgers with some of those good topping.

Review №23

It's a decent made to order burger joint. Haven't been in years but I'd say it's consistent and worth a quick run through.

Review №24

Friendly & knowledgeable staff

Review №25

Great Staff always a good vibe.

Review №26

I was really surprised by the food quality and taste. I had never purposely visited before, it was one of a handful of eateries that were open in this strip mall on Evergreen Rd. At first glance the prices seem expensive. I ordered a value meal the basic 1/4 pound burger with fries and drink for $7. Looking at the tiny beef patty on this oversized grilled bun, my immediate impression was, oh this looks pitiful. I liked that I could add my own toppings, I chose lettuce, tomato, pickles, Pico, ketchup and mustard. The fries were seasoned and yummy. Free refills on fountain pop is cool too. I ate the burger slow to savor the flavor and I have to admit, it was pretty darn tasty. Next time I visit, I'll bring more money and a bigger appetite and try a deluxe burger.

Review №27

Was not happy with my turkey burger

Review №28

Food was really good was happy to find it on google. Wish we had one on the east side of the state

Review №29

Gourmet burger tasted delicious. Recommended

Review №30

Love the place. The grill chicken was unbelievable in test. Thank you people.

Review №31

I Love the food and service. Great friendly smiles from the cashier & great cooks. Also the restaurant is ALWAYS clean. Thanks.

Review №32

Burgers were greaat and fresh, melted cheese

Review №33

Wish we had one closer to where I live.

Review №34

I had always wanted to find out what the Fuddruckers burgers were like. It did not disappoint. I had the Bourbon Burger with carmelized onions. It was so good. The service was great and a special kudos to the counter person who was very patient with a newbie. I would have added a photo but I ate it all with the sweet potato fries.

Review №35

The food was delicious and the service allowed me to talk with my family without interruption.

Review №36

This is a place to visit for a quick bite with the family or kids. Their burgers are ok. Nothing great but not dreadfully awful and absolutely not close to being anything fancy. Family fun with the kids or a burger on a lunch break.

Review №37

Quick-service a great burger! Great Fixins to put on top tomatoes lettuce onions hot peppers pickles. You can choose whatever you want at their fixings station. I really like it because it's a lot tastier than fast food but I can get in and out with plenty of time to get back to work.

Review №38

One of our favorites for our family! The atmosphere is very upbeat, the staff are always friendly and their burgers are so good. Great place to start date night and get your food on! A menu that will make everyone in the family happy too. Highly recommended.

Review №39

I went just to get cookies because they aee soooooo delicious!

Review №40

This spot obviously knows how to please their customers. Constantly with a very kind approach. The food is conveniently priced, always fresh and neat.

Review №41

Hadn't been to a Fudds in forever, had a great burger and very nice service at the counter! My buddy got a beyond burger, highly recommended!!!

Review №42

Great experience! I'll be back many times! Food is very good and service is great have never had a a problem here!

Review №43

This was one of my fav spots when I was in high school, I used to go to the one in Fairlane mall. I stopped going when I became vegan 6 years ago but I found out they opened one in Southfield and they serve a vegan beyond burger! I was excited about trying it at first, but then I asked the guy if they make it on a separate Grill and he told me that they clean the grill off that they use for the meat before they put the vegan burger on it. Being that you can see the cook making the food because the grill is right behind the counter, I watched him make the burger and he did not clean the grill by definition of what I consider cleaning, all he did was take a scraper and scrape off the meat remnants. No water, no wiping, no actual cleaning, just scraping off the meat particles. I wound up canceling my order and just getting something to drink and left. Fuddruckers is not a bad restaurant, but if you are vegan I wouldn't recommend it.

Review №44

Love this place, burgers are good, very customizable. The restuarant is clean and theres a cozy atmosphere going. They dont take too long to get you your food either. Great place to sit down and eat.

Review №45

Great lunch specials, clean stations, and friendly staff.

Review №46

Order was ready and waiting when i arrived

Review №47

Fuddruckers is a pretty good burger place for those who want a deep amount of customization of their basic burger. More than 5 main sauces, including nacho cheese, all non-premium toppings let you stack as you please, the Coca Cola freestyle soda fountain has a wide selection, and a nice casual atmosphere for a lunch.The only thing making me not fully praise it is the amount of options you have for the price. At this point, many restaurants give a smaller price for way bigger portions and way more premium toppings for free. That, and of all times I've been there, a medium well has never been a true medium well. Just a lighter tint of grey, no temperature control.

Review №48

One of the worst dining experiences I've had in a while. Wife and I walked in with one family in front of us standing back from register, looking at menu. Guy at counter kept barking at them to order. Then he started barking at us. I would have taken my time but my wife stepped and started to order and this guy rushed her though her order. Seriously - we've never been here before, give us a minute you big oaf. Place was filthy and every employee there was miserable. Burger was a okay for being a sloppy, overcooked mess. Won't be back. Doubt I'd even try another Fudruckers - especially with there being so many gourmet burger options available these days.

Review №49

Stopped in for a quick lunch. It was very busy, but our wait time was reasonable considering the of day. Food was great!!

Review №50

Was good. Little cold whenever someone entered the restaurant but people are polite and hold the door open a bit too long.

Review №51

Very good! Multiple meal options. The employees were pleasant.

Review №52

The service was excellent! I came in early afternoon on Sunday and the Turkey burger tasted old. I hope they correct this problem because I would like to try the restaurant again.

Review №53

My first experience was great. They got my take out order wrong and I had to go back and have them fix it. I probably wont go back cause they apparently cant read.

Review №54

Best burger I've had in a while. Friendly staff and clean.

Review №55

Good food excellent staff clean restrooms safe parking

Review №56

Good food

Review №57

Incredible burger, toppings bar lacked diced onions

Review №58

I give it five stars. Great food.

Review №59

Customer service was outstanding and the buns are so delicious!

Review №60

Lunch with my sisters. Fuddruckers never disappoints.

Review №61

One of my favorite go to spots in the area. The food is always fresh and amazing. The staff is helpful and pleasant. It's my favorite burger and at such a reasonable price. You can never go wrong when ordering a fuddruckers burger. I highly recommend trying it, if you haven't already.

Review №62

Great for a quick lunch at work

Review №63

The best place ever!! the best burgers and their milkshakes are always a must! the staff is very friendly and welcoming .. amazing customer service.. it is very clean every time i come in. the toppings bar is always stocked, cleaned and with fresh toppings for my burger! love coming here!!

Review №64

Great place for a burger. Lots of meat choices. Great service.

Review №65

Honestly probably one of the most well mannered respectful staffed place I've been to in a long time. The place is absolutely spotless and clean. The food is very high quality and the produce is absolutely refreshing & fresh. The bathrooms are always clean when I go there. (Huge thing for me.) the managing staff is so respectful and made sure they came up to me not only once but 3 times to make sure my meal was exactly as they advertise. AllThe workers are friendly and it is a wonderful place to take your family. Over all I give it a 5 star! Not many places you go to in Southfield give this kind of treatment with such a high reputation! I will definitely be back.

Review №66

Great restaurant overall

Review №67

Great food and amazing service. It's in a perfect spot for lunch with plenty of options.

Review №68

I've been to Fudd a few times, but my first time at this location was horrific. I watched an employee come out of the bathroom stall and leave without washing his hands. All of my food was soggy for some reason. The condiment station was filthy. It was all bad honestly.

Review №69

I've been wanting to try this place out for a while now. We'll, I finally got the chance and I'm sad that I hadn't sooner. The burgers are great. The build your own burger toppings bar is great and has really good quality items. The prices are a little more than I was expecting, but for what they give, it's most worth it. Can't wait to go back and explore the menu even more.

Review №70

I really enjoyed the Turkey burger and my husband enjoyed the 1/2 lb bacon burger. The meat had a good taste and was very fresh. I especially loved how fresh and crispy the lettuce, tomatoes, and other burger toppings were. Also the restaurant was clean and the gentleman that took our order was nice and very accommodating being that it was our first time coming to this location. We look forward to visiting this restaurant again.

Review №71

Ordered the Fish & Chips for the first time & dined-in. My meal was "cooked to order" and ready within 10 min. Everything was hot & tasty, however, the seasoned fries had too much seasoning on them.

Review №72

Excellent food. Great staff this place is well maintained too.

Review №73

Great food selection, just sucks putting your own toppings on your burger.

Review №74

Had the best burger! Great service and very clean. Great place for the whole family! they have some arcade games and the shakes are amazing!

Review №75

Great burger joint ! Good food and service!

Review №76

Best buffalo burger I have ever had in the State of Michigan.

Review №77

Can't go wrong with this Fuddruckers during lunch! The food is hot, fresh, fast and taste great.

Review №78

Idk I didn't go there lol

Review №79

Good service and food

Review №80

Great burgers at great price for lunch. Only thing keeping me from 5 stars is that fountain pop machine is often out of ice or flavors.

Review №81

Great salad with chicken . but the burger was a bit undercooked when i asked for well done..

Review №82

People were very friendly and my son loved his meal. The staff seem to have forgotten my order. Or someone else ate it!!! Who knows??Anyways, when one of the staff looked at me like, Why are you still waiting? They re-made my order and off I went. The food was really good!!I wasn't sure how to rate this?

Review №83

Food still good just don't have my ostrich Burger and the location is not where it needs to be which is on East Jefferson and chene Park like it was. they have all the foods and it was live there!

Review №84

The food was good and staff friendly, however this was a neutered version of a Fuddruckers. It was more like a 5 Guys with small fixings bar and without the copious amounts of fries. With a drink and fries my meal came to almost $15.00. For that amount and the lacking of the traditional Fuddruckers atmosphere, I'll look for a Red Robin next time

Review №85

Clean restaurant, fresh toppings, delicious food every time I go.

Review №86

What a great place to go get a burger. I can remember going here as a kid when my family and loving it. Fast forward 20 years and now I'm doing the same. What a great burger, cooked perfectly and in a fun atmosphere. Had a great experience here and will most definitely be back.

Review №87

I should have stuck with their burgers. I tried the cod fish and chips and was very disappointed. It was VERY BLAND. The fish and the batter were tasteless. Despite my poor menu selection I usually find the service at this location to be good.

Review №88

Although I missed the location here on the Eastside of Detroit, it is still a great experience with good food, professional staff, and a clean environment good for all the family.

Review №89

Haven't been there in years still a great place for a good burger, helpful and friendly staff up-to-date establishment

Review №90

Really good burgers. Meat is well seasoned and flavorful. Love the super fresh toppings and free cheese for fries. Nice staff too. Went with a group of kids and they loved it.

Review №91

Customer service is awesome and the food is too!

Review №92

First time coming here and was very impressed. The workers were really nice as well as the owner who took time to check on us. Our food was really good quality and workers even took empty plates away from our table for us without us expecting them to at all. It just seemed like a very genuine atmosphere. Their cookies were also really good. Great place.

Review №93

Haburgers, fries and salad was very good. Chicken fingers had no flavor. Great service. Clean facility.

Review №94

Had better. Was ok.

Review №95

The elk burger is totally awesome

Review №96

Food was awesome first time use to visit one on 18 mile an Van Dyke now have this one and it's closer!

Review №97

Great staff and good burgers.

Review №98

My first time there. I had fish N chips. Not bad. The ypung man behind the counter was very helpful. Everything was very clean as well.

Review №99

One of the best burgers I have had. Their shakes are also really good.

Review №100

Great chicken sandwich, good service, clean environment

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  • Address:25309 Evergreen Rd, Southfield, MI 48075, United States
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  • Phone:+1 248-809-6714
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  • American restaurant
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  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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