Jimmy Johns
25150 Evergreen Rd, Southfield, MI 48075, United States
Review №1

Placed the order on the app... had each customized due to allergies especially on one of the sandwiches. Picked it up and the one for the allergy problems was wrong had to turn around drive back to the Location to receive another sandwich. Which they were quick to handle. I appreciated that. The restaurant itself needs be more careful. When the customized sandwiches are made I was late for a Drs appointment due to this mistake.

Review №2

Love Jimmy John's sandwich.This location can sometimes get crowded during lunch times on weekdays which can slow down the freaky fast delivery so order in advance if you're hungry

Review №3

I paid for my lunch and was getting ready to take my cup over to get my iced tea. Before I could turn around, my sandwich was handed to me. I told them they needed a better slogan instead of "freaky fast". The guy laughed and said well what do you suggest? I said how about insanely freaky fast. Haha

Review №4

Normally like this location but the last time I as there they served me burnt bread and when I said I was not feeling well and did not want to come back up there to get a new one they did not offer to deliver a new one, but did offer to send me a coupon for a free sub. I thought that was nice except I still have not gotten it. To me this is poor customer service and customer service is very important to me.

Review №5

If you get a good one..they make great sandwiches.

Review №6

Called at 1:21 pm. Placed a delivery order. Gave specific instructions due to being at a very large building. Didnt receive order till 2 due to instructions not on receipt or given to driver. Also they charge $3 delivery fee for $7.xx sandwich? That's crazy. Wont order again.

Review №7

PLEASE, for the love of God, when someone asks for their sub to be cut in half, PLEASE cut it in half! No one wants to eat a giant uncut sandwich! They are otherwise great, but EVERY TIME I ask for my sub to be cut in half it RARELY is!

Review №8

Great! Great service.

Review №9

Since I have allergies I asked for a sandwich with all the condiments and vegetables on the side. I was sharing with my husband. No problem they were great about it. Made my day

Review №10

Omg the best subs

Review №11

As far as sub go are the best

Review №12

Every single time I place an order with them for delivery, they get it wrong. They come to the wrong door (and sometimes the wrong address), they arrive early or late, the sandwich comes soggy or hard, they forgot the chips or the drink. Every single time. Skip this location.

Review №13

Second, and last time, I ever order from this location. completely incompetent staff. I'm joining the ranks of my fellow co-workers and the complaints I see about 2 hour wait times and tons of excuses. They are all true. If you think you'll be getting a sandwich anytime soon and without a call to them, think again. Over 2 hours, once and completely forgot (ignored) my order... It seems like it's just this location, so no more, thanks.

Review №14

Ordered delivery for a large group 24hours in advance. Called about 30 minutes after I made the original online order to change the time to half an hour later as there was a scheduling conflict. Was told on the phone that that would be no issue and that it would be there at the correct time the next day. Not only did they not communicate this correctly, but they showed up 45 minutes early and I was not even at the location. This was a huge order and an embarrassment for me. Will not be ordering ever again.

Review №15

The the worst Jimmy John's I've ever been to In my Lifethere's one girl working in there she was extremely rude it's 6:00 Sunday September 8th she didn't really make my food right she didn't have me my receipt after I paid for my mealshe didn't give me a bag to put my food in she didn't even let me know my food was done she just set it on the counter stream be rude I felt totally disrespected I don't recommend anyone going there this

Review №16

Very slow delivery time. 1 hour 20 minutes from time of order until delivered. Soggy sandwich. Will not order from here again if they are sending deliveries by bicycle they need to take better care of their employees as well. Very disappointed.

Review №17

Worst customer service ever. Very unprofessional. The one on telegraph was messed up and didn't want to accommodate im only 7 mins away ruined my love for Jimmy John's

Review №18

Slowest JJ's I've ever seen. There are a lot of businesses around and lunch-hour is understandably busy, but other JJ's in similar situations have never taken 1/1.5 hours to deliver a sandwich before for me. Today, my coworkers ordered lunch for 7 people from a FRIED CHICKEN joint 30 minutes after my JJ's order and received their delivery first... You know how long chicken takes to fry? A whole lot longer than it takes to make a cold sandwich.... There is obviously a staffing issue at this location.

Review №19

Food was fine - the cashier (I won't mention her name to be polite) was clearly hung over or something, she expected me to hear her faint whispers and moved slower than a snail. When she tried to swipe my gift card she couldn't figure out how to do it ... so she just handed it back to me and said “ohh you can't use this” Finally a competent manager assisted and ran my gift card with ease.

Review №20

Well the commercials aren't lying it is freaky fast.

Review №21

Compared to other Jimmy Johns, this location is meh. They mixed up my order a couple times, but the food is alright. The staff are okay, and the place is clean.

Review №22

I AM WRITING A VERY POOR REVIEW of this Jimmy Johns. I went in today and requested that my bacon be wrapped separately from my sandwich so that I could heat it up. This was a very simple request. The MANAGER VERY RUDELY DENIES MY REQUEST to wrap my bacon up separately. This Jimmy Johns has the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I have ever experienced. There was no reason why my bacon could not be wrapped separately. I was literally the only person in the restaurant placing an order and taking 2 seconds to wrap my bacon up separately was not holding anyone up. I will not return to this Jimmy Johns and give them any more of my business and deal with their RUDE MANAGER.I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you go to another Jimmy Johns with better customer service. If you go here, prepare to deal with their RUDE MANAGER.As a customer, my request should have been fulfilled as it was not a unreasonable request.

Review №23

Two Words......NEVER AGAIN! I made an online order (from the Evergreen Rd., Southfield, Michigan location) on a pretty rainy day. I made my order at 12:15 PM. I called an hour and a half later to check the status of my order and because the driver couldn't find my building, they didn't bring my order. It's 2016, we have GPS on our phones, ARE YOU SERIOUS? The manager on duty told me that he would have another driver deliver my food free of charge; my food NEVER arrived. I called when I arrived home from work, and spoke to another manager. She told me that my food would be delivered at 11:30 the next day. Once again, my food never came. I am DONE with Jimmy Johns. ORDER AT YOUR OWN RISK OR PICK IT UP YOURSELF!

Review №24

I normally visit this store, and though not the friendliest, their food is usually good. This time not so much. They did not have any onions and refused to get any cut for me. I used to work at jjs and this would have never been an issue. I'm pretty upset. Thanks.

Review №25

There was only one staff member working which means she was taking my order and making my food. All with a horrible attitude and on her cellphone texting.

Review №26

It's a lot better than subway to me. I can't out my finger on why, but I'll take JJs every time.

Review №27

I am here typically weekly. I keep going because it not a total loss, but I'd say half the time they have to remake my sandwich because it was not what I ordered or not made right. While they always remake it, I just wonder why this place is so inefficient...

Review №28

I liked it.

Review №29

I love Jimmy John's sandwiches. The service is fast. Food is fresh and the place is clean.

Review №30

Compared to other Jimmy John's - The sandwiches are sub par. Seems like there is a lack of quality control and it's a little messy. If I'm on my way home and craving JJ's I would choose a different location.

Review №31

Called in an order at 6 pm and it took over an hour and a call back for the delivery driver to even leave with my order. They didn't even call to let me know it would be a while. Never buying from this location again.

Review №32

I waited over 2 hours for my delivery to arrive. I called an hour after the online tracker said it left the store and they said they “forgot” to assign my order to a delivery driver. They said they would send it out immediately, and an hour after that I STILL had not received my order. I work around the corner from this location and it took 2 hours for my order to arrive. The staff was full of excuses -“we forgot about your order” “the store is really busy right now” “we can't find your order in the system” “it's snowing”- My order was placed at 11:30 am, and I received it after 1:30 pm. The area manager refuses to refund my order. Horrible customer service.

Review №33

Went for the $1 sub customer appreciation day. Walked in and guy was yelling at the group in front of me "read online we ain't doing the $1 sub, regular price here" they advertise it on tv, radio, everywhere you look or listen. I'll take my business someplace else.

Review №34

Ordered for lunch at 2:30, called after an hour, 30 minutes later, it arrives at 4. Office building is literally across the street. Always forgetting mustard or mayo packets. Can't follow simple instructions of "private entrance in front of building." Love jimmy johns, but hate this location.

Review №35

Booooo on JJ's. My office is one block outside of delivery zone for two different locations. Strike JJ"s off the list of restaurants the 350 people in my office will use.

Review №36

16inch #9 extra mayo

Review №37

Took over a hour for delivery of 3 sandwiches at 2pm in the afternoon. Once the food was finally delivered the ice in my pop was almost completely melted and to add insult to injury, they forgot the straw too

Review №38

Straight to the point. No frills.

Review №39

Great staff who work quickly to get your meal ready. Can get pretty busy during lunch hours given the heavy business location.

Review №40

Fresh ingredients, OK service, wish they had salt and pepper. What's up with that?

Review №41

Nice place, good sandwiches, fast service

Review №42

The staff was friendly but there was a half eaten sandwich by the pick up area and I requested no tomato (which the girl repeated) got tomatos and mayo and the sandwich doesn't even come with mayo. Ugh. Didn't have time to back was already at work

Review №43

If your going to be one of the very few Jimmy John's restaurants to not honour the 1$ sub day, at least treat your customers with respect when telling them. Horrible staff just shut people out asking and even got mouthy with me when I asked. And at 7:30 they locked their doors early. Previous experience also proved they give no care in the sandwich​ art I've come to known, love and expect from this franchise.

Review №44

Quick service, sandwiches have always been good.

Review №45

Service is okay, and food is typical of what you'd expect from Jimmy Johns. Quite good freaky fast.

Review №46

Great, fast service

Review №47

Fast, but the bread always seems hard on the edges like it has been left uncovered for several hours. Tastes sort of stale.

Review №48

The staff were friendly but could do better, food was ok.

Review №49

I have been waiting an hour and a half for a Turkey Tom. My lunch break is over now.

Review №50

Normal JJ's location, food is quick and tastes on par.

Review №51

They missed up my sandwich's they said they was gonna remake them they never did

Review №52

It's Jimmy John's no better or worse than any other location. Also to all the people complaining about 1 dollar sub day if you checked online you would have seen that they weren't offering it.

Review №53

After 23 minutes waiting for the sandwich manager tells me that they don't have cheeseIf you don't have cheese tell me or don't take the orderIs that simple

Review №54

Love Jimmy John's, just not this one. Staff is mandated to "greet" everyone as they walk in the door... Which would be fine, except during lunch it means they are interrupting customers at the counter placing orders to shout out those just walking in. And those folks are startled, as they're being shouted at from accross the restaurant.Stupid gimmick. Mngt should excercise some common sense.Also, music is played too loud and echoes a lot, making conversation with your lunchmates difficult.

Review №55

I love it because my wife works here

Review №56

Good subs.

Review №57

Great and friendly service!

Review №58

Consistently terrible on delivery. Be prepared to wait at least an hour.

Review №59

They put one scoop of smelly discolored tuna in my tuna sub, other three scoops were okay - threw the sub away. Waste of money

Review №60

Today at 2:07pm I ordered 4 cookies from this location and the young lady took my order along with my card number to pay for my order. I got a call back from the manager who was told me that my order could not be delivered because I did not order a sandwich with my order and the only way my order could be delivered if I order I sandwich so I went on and cancel my order and I called back the manager back to tell him that my order was cancel but I did not receive my money back from this order he said he did before he called me . I will not be doing anymore business with jimmy Johns anymore. I really did not understand why my order could not be delivered when it was before .

Review №61

Great delivery

Review №62

Best subs ever!

Review №63

This jimmy johns is ridiculous ordered my sub at 2:15 called them at 3:25 lady on the phone said she sent my sub out 10 minutes prior to my phone call and the driver should be there soon driver end up calling me at 3:35 asking for directions and does not arrive until 3:45 took an hour and a half for one sub they also forgot my mustard packets will not be ordering from this location again.

Review №64

Better than Subway

Review №65

Womt sell ice and water...

Review №66

Good food

Review №67

Great food

Review №68

We placed our order at noon for delivery. Over an hour later when we called to see where the food was, they still hadn't even made the food.

Review №69

Great Place!

Review №70

Ordered on more than one occasion, bread is always hard and the cookies are stale.

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