Mr. Kabob Xpress Grille & Catering Southfield
24532 W 12 Mile Rd, Southfield, MI 48034, United States
Review №1

At one point they were decent and my co-workers and I would order from there faithfully. However the last few times orders are wrong. The guy that takes orders over the phone tells you what he feels like making and will not allow you to tell him what you want to eat. Although, we have a larger order we have paid for items that we never received on more than 1 occasion. When this is brought to their attention over the phone the person pretends as if he knows nothing about it... no apology, no attempt to repair... just Oh. Because we are at work we have no time to return to the store, so we just won't order from there.

Review №2

This is a great restaurant if you can accept that at times they shut the grill down early for the sake of convenience.

Review №3

Everything is good try the greek fries with spicy garlic sauce and on sundays their family feast is 29.99 feeds 4 plus people great deal can't beat it

Review №4

Be restaurant ever nice people especially this lady she had a wonderful attitude and it's clean and wonderful food and good flavor

Review №5

Pretty good middle eastern / Greek. Make a bowl or wrap for your meal ( street food style). All high quality ingredients tasted great.

Review №6

Fresh delicious food. Fast, friendly service. Very clean restaurant. This is one of the best Mediterranean restaurants in the Metro-Detroit area, and you simply cannot go wrong ordering anything here!

Review №7

Very disappointed with my order that was super simple. Veggies were too soft and wet to be grilled and flavorless. Baklava was not fresh and my pita chips were stale. Definitely not what I would get at other locations. Ugggh. What a waste.

Review №8

Absolutely phenomal as always. Mr. Kabob is the best bang for your buck from any fast food/lunch place you can get to.10/10 would recommend to a friend.

Review №9

This is not my first time at this restaurant I've been a long-time customer for many years.I ordered the mega meal or family meal or whatever it's called I ordered 10 extra Pete has an extra order of chicken kabob on the side.To my surprise I got a tray that was roughly 1 in deep 12 in by 8 in.Three-quarters of it was filled with saffron rice the other one quarter was filled with chunks of chicken bits.Didn't get my side of chicken I received 8 pieces of bread or wraps I'm not really sure got plenty of condiments kinds of garlic some type of jalapeno sauce cream mixed with garlic and then hummus.For $60 this was a big lockdown I should have just gone with the damn shawarma wrap.

Review №10

Amazing food! Get a wrap and don't care who's around you while eating it! Sooooo good

Review №11

First time. It was really good. You get in line and specify if you want a bowl or wrap. From there they ask what base, then toppings, then protein, and finally any sauce or dressing. The employees were very nice and helpful to us being first timers. Also they have a kids version.

Review №12

1st time here, it was a really good experience. Very generous in portions

Review №13

Have ordered online numerous times and am always satisfied. Never got anything wrong and tastes delicious ! :)

Review №14

First time ordering food from here! Very friendly staff and the food was awesome. Definitely coming back to eat here again!

Review №15

The staff is always awesome and the food is always fresh no matter what time you go

Review №16

Been here twice within a month. The food is fresh and just delish! I got the vegetarian bowl and with falafel (not pictured). It's was a bomb!I

Review №17

Unrolled my side of pita to find a long, 2" piece of metal (almost like a pin) baked into it. I'm glad I found it before biting into it, because it could've easily ended in a trip to the hospital. Promptly lost my appetite and asked for a refund.

Review №18

Really good food and a good value

Review №19

Very nice staff and Falafel wrap was great

Review №20

My new favorite lunch spot

Review №21

The first time I ate there I got food poisoning and my order was wrong. I figured I would give them another shot. Eating it now. It is also wrong, missing dressing so it doesn't taste like much and it was filled about half way. For $10.00, no thanks. Chickpea is better.

Review №22

The restaurant was clean. The staff was courteous. The food is always fresh and has an excellent flavor! I recommend everyone to and enjoy a delicious meal.

Review №23

Good is really good

Review №24

I took some business associates here for lunch and they all loved it. Can get busy during the usual lunch hour and spaces inside can be limited as well. Be sure to order the filet as soon as you walk up since it's cooked to order. Overall delicious

Review №25

The food is fast, authentic, and delicious. I was skeptical when my friend suggested it but I enjoyed it! Great lunch stop!

Review №26

Closed when I went. So disappointed

Review №27

Good food. It's like a Chipotle/Subway type of restaurant - you make your own bowls/wraps in a line and tell them what you want in it. They give a good amount of food proportions and the ingredients are tasty. The chicken takes about 12 minutes because they grill it fresh in front of you. Overall, I really like this place and will come back.

Review №28

Excellent food.. superb service I love it! highly recommended!

Review №29

Always kind and great food!

Review №30

The good is good and the restaurant is very clean

Review №31

Amazing food, always fresh. Staff is very friendly and will satisfy any special requests.

Review №32

They did not have half of the items prepared to serve customers and each staff member had a horrible attitude and were very slow doing their jobs. I will never come back to this location again.

Review №33

My wife and I really enjoyed the food. It all appeared to be fresh. The salad greens were green and crisp. Veggies firm not soggy. I had a steak shawarma wrap with garlic sauce, hummus, tabuloi, feta, pickled radishes, and their special sauce, it was great. My wife had a ckicken shawarma bowl. We plan on making this a regular stop now that we have discovered it.

Review №34

The taste of the Gyro was amazing. Would be nice if they put a little more meat on it, but very tasty

Review №35

First time going there on Friday for Lunch. Will definitely be back. Got a loaded Wrap. Good food, reasonable prices.

Review №36

I was excited and really wanted to try this resturant due to my friend's high praise. The food looked amazing but the server Dave was rude and disrespectful to my friend. As great as the food looked I would never allow myself to spend money anywhere that disrespect is served.

Review №37

Awesome fast food that tastes amazing! First time eating here and highly recommend. Chicken bowl great! Love jalapeno cilantro hummus spread so yummy! It is like q Mediterranean Chipotole. Was already determining where other locations are. Will be back!

Review №38

They used to be great I thought and this weekend, . they got even better. I wish that their Troy location had the same quality of food.

Review №39

I hate writing bad reviews but here it goes...I ordered 3 bowls online (carry-out) today from this location and I thought someone was playing a prank on me. I get back to the office I work at and open the bag to look at the food just to see that I almost got a bowl of only garlic sauce (I ordered chicken cream chop bowl with brown rice and garlic sauce). My co-worker got more hummus than she got rice and my boss got a salad but there was like barely any salad in the bowl. I just ate the pieces of chicken cream chop and threw the rest of my bowl out because I can't eat the RICE I got (barely one scoop) because it was drenched in garlic sauce.Side note: I have been going to Mr. Kabob ever since they opened it up in Berkley long ago, so this is kind of upsetting.By the way, I don't want you guys to accommodate me or anything because I will never get food from this location again.

Review №40

The one star away from being 5 star is only bc there shouldn't be an up charge for brown rice. The brown rice is an additional $1. As a gluten-free vegan, I mostly prepare my own food. When on the go, there are few chain restaurants that offer gluten-free, vegan protein. Chipotle is my first pick for affordability and they offer white or brown rice for the Sam price.

Review №41

Whol lotta food at a damn good price

Review №42

What a delightful find. We've enjoyed their "bowls" a number of times (at the 12 Mile and Big Beaver locations) and couldn't be happier. Wait staff, at both, are friendly and efficient. The ingredient choices are numerous, fresh and used generously. It's a great value, as we invariably have leftovers!

Review №43

So GOOD an fresh you get sooo MUCH food love it

Review №44

This is a great place to eat. I manage a car dealership in the area. We feed the staff on Saturdays and the staff have a wide range of likes and dislikes. It's hard to please them all. They all LOVE Mr. Kabob. I have eaten in on several occasions. The staff is always professional and friendly. The owner is always in the dining area overseeing, and is welcoming and kind. The place is always clean, the food is always fresh and prepared right. This place is great. I'd give more stars if possible. Well done Mr. Kabob.

Review №45

Really good food and really fast. They give you lots of food for your money. Never disappointed here.

Review №46

The smoothies here are good and you can watch your food get made as well as the smoothies. Such a great location

Review №47

Great, tasty, fresh food. Good falafel. You can get a wrap or a bowl; the wrap is huge and the bowl costs $2 more, so the wrap is a better deal I think. The falafel makes a great vegetarian lunch, but it's very messy to eat. I usually get garlic spread, hummus, no lettuce, lots of tabbouli, onions, jalapenos, pickled turnips, tahini. It's messy but delicious.

Review №48

We are so happy to have found this place!!!! Justin was great, kind and informative. We will be back

Review №49


Review №50

Food was soooo good and service was great

Review №51

I use to Love the food when this place first opened up. The last two visits the food wasn't the same. This time my rice was hard and old. I thought I had broken my teeth. Make the food like it was when you first opened your business...

Review №52

The food is pretty good. The only problem I experienced, every time when door is opening, you are freezing at the table! So you can't take of a coat, you do not feel comfortable, and overall impression was spoiled and even good food didn't turn it back. Now I will visit this restaurant only for carry out or on summer :)

Review №53

Love this place! Great food and service.

Review №54

Big portions, excellent food, friendly staff! This place is great!

Review №55

Place is still amazing. Gets busy during lunch rush, but they handle it pretty good.

Review №56

Good quality and fast service.

Review №57

Dank and fresh: A+ quality food. Plus, the staff is friendly and keeps the place clean which I respect.

Review №58

First time and will definitely eat there again! The food was very fresh

Review №59

Always great food. The guy forgot my pita chips, but the food is always great and I got a free fountain drink.

Review №60

Omg!The best hummus everExcellent Mediterranean food

Review №61

Fresh food great service and healthy options

Review №62

The garlic hummus and red pepper hummus perfect combo

Review №63

Awesome food, friendly service (people genuinely seemed to enjoy their jobs), very clean restrooms. Oh did I mention the food??!!!! Chicken was excellent. The wrap was filling and you get your money's worth.

Review №64

Wow the quality and quantity is great! Flavor explosion!

Review №65

I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!In trying to find healthy food to eat AND not have to always cook it, Mr Kabob Xpress Grille is the perfect addition to my family's slim selection of restaurants. The concept is similar to Chipotle...meaning you can have it YOUR way in either a bowl or a wrap, with your choice of protein and your combination of veggies and sauces. Stop in and enjoy the experience, you won't be disappointed!

Review №66

Ok I went in right before they closed and was greeted warmly. The food is AMAZING and the young man that helped me was awesome! The food was fresh and delicious! Can't wait to go back!!!

Review №67

Really good food. Enjoyed every bite.

Review №68

Excellent food! Quick service, but food is on par with better quality middle east establishments!

Review №69

The food here is amazing, but I have been in line for 29 minutes to get a single bowl. There are a ton of staff here at lunch, but where are they now, at dinner time??

Review №70

Put the wrong sauce on my home before I noticed. Awesome....

Review №71

Almost every time you go there you will have a chance to meet the owner he works alongside his staff and always overseas customer service to make sure you're satisfied with your food. The location is clean and the food is well prepared all the time. Always fresh and taste amazing this is one of our go-to places for lunch and we always recommend it when we have friends and family come up in our area.

Review №72

Fresh and nutritious meals. Excellent size portions. I found my new favorite Mediterranean restaurant.

Review №73

Fast service, large portions, and low prices. One of the best lunch options in an area that has lots to choose from, but few places that are standouts. Excellent location allows you to grab and get on Telegraph, 12 Mile, 696, or M-10 and be on your way.

Review №74

Friendly staff, good food, great atmosphere. A definite go to.

Review №75

I'm a frequent customer in Mediterranean style restaurants. This place has the worst customer I've ever experienced from the Mediterranean restaurant culture.

Review №76

I didn't eat there I left. Didn't look appealing enough for me. But was very clean and the staff seemed very nice.

Review №77

Was excited to try this new place ordered a chicken shawarma bowl and a smoothie. When the girl went to make my smoothie she had to open a new bottle of honey and she used her mouth to try and do it. She put her whole mouth on the top of the jar and tried to open the seal with her teeth. DISGUSTING!!! When that didn't work she got a knife to cut it open. Not sure why she didn't do that in the first place. I was so turned off I just threw the smoothie away. So gross.

Review №78

This location customer service was poor. I was waited on my causian male name Bob (so he says)! During the end of my order, I asked why he didn't ask me to order a beverage. I was told they never ask the customer! Ask tell us and proceed that he was an expert in customer services. By the way Bob answers his cellphone before waiting on a customer without washing his hands! Big disappointment because I used to like this location. I'm not returning

Review №79

Legit middle eastern, quick and tasty.

Review №80

Very good food. And very good service.

Review №81

I love Mr. Kabob!! I always get the same thing when I go. My mom is bananas about the garlic sauce. She sometimes buys a large order of it.

Review №82

Nice place I like the food is good the service is on pointt, 4 out of 5 stars only because I've been there twice and both times something was forgotten, BUT it wasn't a deal closer and I will begoing back again.

Review №83

I come here at least once a week for lunch! Along with few co workers even ,it's someone the best around! The staff is extremely friendly and helpful.The pita chips and garlic sauce are fantastic!

Review №84

Good fresh food, quick service as your meal is prepared while you watch

Review №85

We ate here for the first time today, and I have to tell ya it is the best dam food Iv ever eaten.. The flavors are BAMM. Happy customer and will return often

Review №86

Excellent quality. They assume you want your wrap pressed so if you don't want that tell them.

Review №87

The taste of Jelepeno Cilantro hummus is still sitting on my taste buds and I love it. I ate every bite of my Shawarma Rice lettuce Hummus and veggie bowl. With a cheat option of feta. I will be back for a gyro bowl and many more times to come. Great service as well. !!!

Review №88

Fresh, delicious, food fast! I go with my co-workers once a week

Review №89

Great chance to build your own delicious dinner!

Review №90

My steak was prepared to order and I got a very large helping of food. It was everything I'm looking for in a fast casual Mediterranean food place.

Review №91

The chicken was a little cold but very tasty. Professional staff (by Millennial standards) LOL

Review №92

Great place to eat , good food

Review №93

Excellent place and food! Will go again.

Review №94

Bruh, don't no where to begin. This was the best sandwich I've ever had, period.The food is very fresh, and the flavors are on point. I'm so happy I stumbled on this, and cannot wait to come back!Thank you mr kabob for making my lunch amazing!

Review №95

Always great customer service. My favorite place to go in Southfield.

Review №96

Fresh food alacart.

Review №97

The African American guy was really rude seemed annoyed for everything we asked him and just wanted to hurry and get us out of there.

Review №98

Love this place I eat here for lunch at least once a week

Review №99

Food was really tasty and fresh! i got the bowl and my mom got a wrap. it was delicious! highly recommend if you are looking for great mediterrainian!

Review №100

For 10 dollars they don't give enough food !!go to kabob house on Vandyke very generous with portions very displeased with this place will NEVER go here again !!!

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  • Phone:+1 248-351-1111
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Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Halal food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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