Shields Restaurant Bar Pizzeria
25101 Telegraph Rd, Southfield, MI 48034, United States
Review №1

I hadn't been out all year but I had a really good time, everyone was way more than 6ft apart so I felt pretty comfortable. Our waitresses were very nice and did their jobs perfectly. The food and drinks were delicious! I'm very happy I was able to stop in!

Review №2

Please do not order the large size of their authentic pizza if you get there with a few friends because the size of pizza is huge!! I am sure it would be enough for even 4-5 people! So cheesy and soft taste pizza for great price! So friendly staff! And, anyone can enjoy a great atmosphere even at night time with pizza and music. Anyway, strongly recommend

Review №3

This place was excellent. We've been 3 times already and had large parties each time. The customer service was great. Great food. Great atmosphere. Very accommodating. My family and I huge fans of this place. And stay for the karaoke!

Review №4

I love the VIP pizza that is loaded with toppings. Not sure what pizza the other reviewer normally eats...the large is not huge compared to lots of other places serving up deep dish. Sauce has a different taste than most (sweet tasting). Order up and enjoy.

Review №5

There is plenty of free parking, and individuals with mobility issues will find this place easy to navigate. It's pretty barrier free. We enjoyed a number of delicious Detroit style pizzas and their bread sticks were so good. The service was courteous and quick.

Review №6

I recently ordered the Family Pizza Combo, Carryout special $24.99, Large 2 toppings, Salad and 6 breadsticks. when I called to order I mentioned the deal that was posted in the website. the person taking the order was confused and asked me to read the deal including the price. After working through their confusion I placed my order and was told $37 was the price, I asked for clarification and was assured that the price would be right when I payed. I was also not given a pick up time estimate.When I walked in to pickup the order, no one was at the counter and waited several minutes before any staff arrived.The Pizza was not good, the crust seemed like the dough was baked previously into a loaf of bread and then they melted cheese on top and put a few tablespoons of sauce not reminiscent of true Detroit style crust at all. I typically love Shields and this time I cant bring myself to finish the left overs.We only received 5 breadsticks in the box not 6.The Salad was as expected and good.For Shields to be demanding the prices they charge, one would expect the pizza to always be consistent and excellent. There are so many choices for good pizza in the area, no need to over pay for bad pizza. I could have even gotten a better pizza around the corner at Little Caesars. It will be a while before I visit this place again.Order date 10/29/2020 8:05PM, pick up time 8:35PM

Review №7

Service was amazing. They have COVID measures down to a science. Best covid response by any restaurant I've been to. I had a salad. Friend gotta Reuben. Both dishes came out in reasonable time. Delicious.

Review №8

Excellent wait staff. Salads fresh. Drinks strong. Wings over cooked. Over all good meal experience.

Review №9

Who is making the pizza's? 2nd time i ordered and under cooked. Ordered a round and it's was cracker like crust. Do yourself a favor and go to little ceasersNext door. You will get 4 pizza's for the price you pay for one pizza at this placeOr buy a frozen pizza and dont waste your money here.

Review №10

Enjoyed the Saturday night kareoke. The pizza was really good (meat lovers and supreme). The antipasta salad was amazing. It contained so many toppings that it goes well with anything. Fried mushrooms came with a dipping sauce that made the flavors explode. Now those wings (Buffalo and parmesan) were all that and some. Crispy with plenty of sauce just the way I like it. We were a party of 15 with 7 kids, and showed up 8:30 at night. Needless to say the employees were not happy to see us. We couldn't blame them since we didn't have a reservation. With the amount of food we ordered and the automatic 15% gratuity, hopefully everyone ended the night on a good note. Overall, my visit back to my hometown and favorite pizza spot I grew up knowing did not disappoint.

Review №11

It was everything I imagined and then some! From the helpful and friendly staff, to the tasty hot food, it was all that! The Cajun chicken pasta is my wife's favorite so I decided to get the same for myself. It was very yummy, I'll have to get this again on my next visit!

Review №12

Wonderful pizza. Huge menu. So much more than a pizza joint.

Review №13

Pizza was decent, but over priced. The salad was very disappointing, $18 for a bed if spinach and 6 SLICES of chicken NEVER AGAIN A RIP OFF!!! I work in fine dinning and this was unacceptable to say the least

Review №14

I enjoyed the food. Hard to find eat in restaurants sometimes. Will revisit.

Review №15

Meh. Margarita pizza was boring. Meatlovers was acceptable. Both crusts were great though. Will try other toppings next time.

Review №16

Excellent food and place. I really liked that there are vending machines, games and big TVs to watch with friends. There is a lot of food to order and also beers. The music is excellent and is very familiar and friendly. They sell hamburgers, french fries, beer, ribs, salads, among others. Waiters and waitresses are very kind and fast. They accept credit cards. There are a lot of tables and there is no problem to arrange them to have all your friends close to you. What I liked most is the country restaurant bar theme they have.

Review №17

It seems that they don't care for people who chose them for supporting their business.I ordered a pizza it was under cooked and the vegetables were cut in huge chunks and were still raw. For $23 poor job...

Review №18

Meet a friend at Shield tonight, we order same fries, BarBQ and garlic wings.The fries was delicious, chicken wing were horrible didn't have a taste and was very hard. If you go to shield's don't order the wings..The waitresses was very nice and she kept coming back to see if we need anything, she get 5

Review №19

Their awesome. From the establishment employees food and ambience! My grandson is very picky. We ordered him a cheese pizza. Let's just say, he won't eat any other pizza We love Shields!!! Would've uploaded but it's all gobe8

Review №20

Decor is dated. Time to put some money back in the place.

Review №21

Tasty! I called in a carry out order. It was ready in a timely manner, service was good and my pizza and wings were hot and tasty.

Review №22

Being a fan of Buddy's, I had to try this other long time favorite competition. I was also hungry for spaghetti. I ordered a dinner order of spaghetti that came with a salad and bread sticks. I got a small pizza with pineapple, mushrooms, and ham. I got 5 meals from that order. While the pizza and spaghetti was good, the salad had to much brown nasty greens in it and the amount of dressing included was very small. It is a toss up which pizza is better, but glad I tried it.

Review №23

The food was bland and either overcooked or undercooked. 2 out of 3 of us sent our food back, then when the manager came over, she acted like she cooked it herself and was offended! Definitely won't go again. Save yourself time and go next door!

Review №24

Can't believe as many times as I've passed Shield's before that it took me this long to actually stop and go in. I went on a Thursday night and they were having Karaoke. The vibe was nice. It was relaxed. Everyone was nice and friendly. The drinks were flowing and the food was good. I had a small square pizza that was really good.I would definitely go back!!!

Review №25

Shield of Excellence!I saw this place on my way to Pizza Hut and thought I'd give it a shot. Monday, early evening, so it wasn't busy. Still, the wait staff was perfectly engaged, sat me quickly and served me with smiles.I had their gluten free pizza. Not a necessity for me - the toppings and size appealed to me - Pepperoni and mushroom, 10 inch.It was delicious!Price for the pizza, a beer, and a side salad was $23.Definitely on my "go back to it" list.

Review №26

Loved the sport televisions..&the waitress service was so kind.

Review №27

The first experience was ok cheesy bread was amazing Ceasar salad not so much, Buffalo wings over cooked with no sauce... pizza was a no...however i enjoyed the cheesy bread so a few days later I ordered over the phone I figured ill try the Family spaghetti...well its dry with no spaghetti sauce there was some kind of white liquid stuff not at all what I anticipated... wings were dry again after I specifically asked the young lady taking my order to make sure to put extra sauce explaining that I came a few days ago and the wings were dry( didn't seem like she was at all interested in what I was saying) ... so order arrives and they forgot to put my salad in the bag so the next day I came to retrieve it it was basically salad for one person (mainly white lettuce maybe from a bag)...of course I questioned how is this so when the spaghetti talked about feeding 6 ppl and its only enough salad for one person its a family meal deal after debating for like 5 mins I finally just left to keep it from going any further because it most certainly didn't make any sense to me. Manager was not helpful or accommodating at all being that it was their fault that I had to come back no extra anything the very least you could do is offer me an extra salad im mean its just lettuce for crying out loud not like i asked for a rib i mean something for my inconvenience.... I am needless to say very displeased with the food and customer service not sure if I'd come back but again the cheesy bread was excellent which is why it got 3 stars.

Review №28

This place is gross. It's dirty. The waitresses are absolutely useless. We got seated and waited for 15 minutes. No one came to our table. The place was dead. Keisha was called into the kitchen and then all you can hear is a gaggle of waitresses squaking while no one was getting service. This place used to be amazing. Sorry Sheilds. Hire some Black girls that want to work.

Review №29

The food was delicious and ready on time. I got a good portion of food.

Review №30

My sister and I ventured out on our first dine in experience. Very excited . tp eat hot food .We came for the fried Zuchinni ,but even though we called to see if it was still on the menu, discovered it was not. Asked about bottled beer , was told our choice was available ,but only one bottle. . By then we should have left but stayed. Ordered sliders to share. They were edible. . We won't be back. One star because the fries were good and so was the waitress,

Review №31

Food was good, drinks were good, service was good! Had a new waitress, and she tried her best to deliver great customer service!

Review №32

Great pizza! Love this place All other menus items are good

Review №33

My first time here. Staff was great. Our pizzas were really good and the potato skins are probably the best I've ever had!.

Review №34

It was fun and clean. The food was great

Review №35

The food was good but the service was subpar. It took 30 minutes for our table to get drinks, some people didn't get their full order without asking for it.

Review №36

Awesome! My 1st time eating there. There were family members from multiple States and we all enjoyed the food. The food was visually appealing as well as tasty. There were quite a few if us and the waitress didn't need to write down our order. Who does that anymore? Excellent! I & a few other relatives had the catfish, fries & clam chowder. Delicious!!! My sister & a cousin had burger & fries, a Aunt had chilli, a few had various homemade pizzas. I definitely recommend this restaurant and it I'm ever in town again, I will definitely be eating at this restaurant again.

Review №37

Cant stand this place or that messy bartender allison or emily

Review №38

Jericha was an excellent server. Square pizza was delicious.

Review №39

The Establishment was pretty decent. Our personal service was decent but the staff seemed a little odd all hanging around on the floor. Also the restrooms were not very well taken care of. Nevertheless, the Food was pretty impressive, and it far outweighed the negatives. The Cheesy bread was absolutely delicious, trust me, worth coming for these alone. The Athenian Pizza was truly delicious. The crust was great and the cheese was gooey and stretchy. Great toppings. Definitely recommend.

Review №40

Really scaled down the menu. None of our favorites were on the menu anymore. Hope they add more soon

Review №41

Couldn't eat my main meal... I ordered salmon and it was overcooked the baked potato was too hard... so the only thing that I ate was a bowl of beef barley soup and some cheese bread

Review №42

Love the restaurant the food the waitress great place especially for birthdays

Review №43

Over the years the food has been inconsistent. Recently, like the last couple of years, food has been great. I ordered the antipasto salad and the meatlovers pizza and or did not disappoint. The salad was fresh, chilled and crispy. It was full of all the Italian meats and cheeses. The pizza was baked to order. The crust was browned and flavorful. The toppings were delicious and they were generous with the cheese, a huge plus for me. Pure Detroit style pizza and I enjoyed carrying it out to my home. They forgot my ranch dressing, though. And yes it may be cliche, but I like ranch and I'm not the only one. I do recommend Shields.

Review №44

Placed a carry out order for Joe Wings and got home to find they were dry. Looked as if they were re-cooked, even. Called and advised I wanted to return them and get a fresh set. Lady on the phone said ok. We also ordered potato skins, so I asked if we could get those made fresh as well so all the food could be hot. Young lady says “no, the problem was only with the chicken not the potato on skins”. I ask for mgr, but he/she would not come to the phone and relayed message through the young lady. Husband went to pick up food and asked about potato skins again and manager still wouldn't come to address the situation. We ended up returning the whole order and getting our $40 back. This all could have been avoided had we been able to speak with the manager and get a simple $10 order of potato skins remade. We love the food but the last few times we've ordered carry out it's been a terrible experience

Review №45

I ordered salad, fries & wings which had zero flavor. Their specialty is Pizza, l should have ordered Pizza. The food waz not good & the service was just ok.

Review №46

The pizza was delightful . The sauce was generously spread and so was the cheese.

Review №47

Tried real hard to get someone's attention to see how to get food in that place line out the door and everybody was confused!

Review №48

Very nice and professional staff, extremely good food, really good place. Among my new favorite places now.

Review №49

Very good food. The staff was friendly. Very filling. We had to take most of our food home with us.

Review №50

Held a luncheon for 45 at this location. The food is outstanding and reasonably priced. The owner and staff are very polite and professional. Highly recommend this restaurant!

Review №51

I was served a calzone that was undercooked where the dough was gummy and when I brought it to the attention of the waitress her reaction was a little odd asking me what I wanted to do about it. I then spoke with a manager who seemed to downplay replacing it and we agreed I would get a discount. I don't foresee myself returning. I used to like to eat here but after this incident I think I'll eat elsewhere.

Review №52

The food was perfect super good I had catfish and oh my would get it again, waitress was really nice and attentive.

Review №53

Wasn't worth the money for my first time. The pizza was not good to me.

Review №54

Food was great, nice and caring staff.

Review №55

Food was awesome! Great service would recommend

Review №56

Always have a good time at Shield's. Celebrated my cousin's 60th Birthday there. The food was good, and the Karaoke was a lot of fun!!! The party was held on a Friday night. We had the best party for a cool guy. Derwin McKinney's pic is on the wall of Shield's becaus we had pasta, wing dings, salad and drinks!

Review №57

Really good food and the staff was awesome.

Review №58

Had a pepperoni green pepper and onion pizza and have to say it was the best pizza I ever had ! Two thumbs up to these guys

Review №59

Wonderful as always. Have been here years ago and it has not disappointed this time either. It is really hard to get a table but absolutely worthy. Will come back again!

Review №60

My girlfriend and I have been here 3 times within a year and service was great as usual despite what others have said in the ratings. The square pizza is thick, crispy and delicious, you can design your own pizza or choose from the many options they offer. We also got nachos as an appetizer, the full order says it feeds two but it actually feeds 3-4 people. Shields also has a very diverse drink menu. Any issues pertaining to the food were fixed with a sense of urgency and we were given a discount on the food. Norman Allgood's review might be fake, he suggests going to buddy's over shields, sorry Norman but theres not even a buddy's in the area. Wish I took more pics for the review I will my next visit.

Review №61

The ribs was not to my satisfaction. They looked as if they were boiled then sauce put on.

Review №62

The food was really good. I had their shield's slice and fries and dang all deep dish pizza should taste like this. The waitress was super nice and friendly. A good place to catch up with friends.

Review №63

Awesome pizza. Great staff. One of my favourite places.

Review №64

Great dinner very slow service but they were sort of busy so I didn't have a problem waiting a little while for everything

Review №65

This place is always great including the service! The nachos there are the best! I know it sounds odd to order nachos at a pizza place but order them once and you'll understand! And of course they're pizza salad and breadsticks are always a great deal!

Review №66

Top 5 best pizza I've ever had.

Review №67

Delicious meal and excellent service from DeAngelo.

Review №68

Excellent pizza, had a great time. Waitress was very helpful. They still have zucchini fries for appetizer, just ask.

Review №69

Literally THEE best FOOD, DRINKS, AND ATMOSPHERE!! The service is outstanding too! Definitely make a visit here soon if not a million visits!!

Review №70

Good food fair service

Review №71

A nice place to gather with family and friends

Review №72

The waitress was very slow. The chicken wings were tough. Not very friendly atmosphere

Review №73

Good food and music friendly atmosphere

Review №74

Very good all the way around

Review №75

Found Shiled's restaurant while looking for a lunch. The entrance took a moment to locate There was a sign outside indicating Best .....Soo I had to try. The waitress was very nice & made sure our drinks were always filled.Pizza was have to like thick crust!!!Definitely will be coming back to try more items ️

Review №76

Had a great time here. They hosted my cousin's birthday party and our waitress did an awesome job insuring that all our needs were met. Will definitely be going back soon!

Review №77

Pizza has no sauce just meat and cheese

Review №78

Since the new manager took over the food is amazing! I love the salads and pizzas! Thank God for new management. Great work!

Review №79

Great Detroit-Style Deep-Dish!!!!

Review №80

Excellent service and a great atmosphere

Review №81

Good atmosphere. Pleasant clientele. Karaoke was fun. Good food and drinks. Reasonable prices.

Review №82

Ordering through Grubhub doesn't entitle you as a food service establishment to use it as a loophole to avoid responsibility. Does Grubhub pay your kitchen salary? NO. You incorrectly made two of the three items I ordered. Then put it on me to get a credit. Your a pizza place, you make pizza. How do you miss two of three items on a pizza? Sorry, there wasn't any garlic on the pizza. And the ranch that I had to pick as an option. Take from a food service professional. Find a new kitchen staff. They are terrible.

Review №83

Food was so good just a little busy. But I enjoyed the karaoke

Review №84

I went in for carry-out and the wait wasn't long at all. The staff was on top of everything. When I arrived to my destination the food was still piping hot and the flavors were amazing. I had the Shrimp, Crawfish and Sausage, Oooh My Goodness!

Review №85

The hostess was very dismissive. The bus boy was super rude. He wore headphones and pointed to what he wanted us to hand him. No words whatsoever. The only saving grace for the staff was the waitress. She was wonderful! The food was good, but honestly, with the service I am not sure I will go back.

Review №86

Amazing food

Review №87

Excellent food and service!

Review №88

Absolutely great food!

Review №89

Nice restaurant. Classic style with nice ambiance to attract ppl... Enjoyed the food ...

Review №90

Bad service. Waited 30 mins on my food and it wasnt crowded at all. And to top it off the waitress tells me after she brings me my check there is gratuity added in after 9pm regardless of party size. There was only 2 of us. Nonsense. Another group near us left as well for the same reason.

Review №91

Pizza okay, service good, dull atmosphere, very noisy.

Review №92

The garlic Parmesan wings and pizza was AMAZING !!! I will be going back yum yum yummmmmm

Review №93

Amazing pizza everytime I'm in the area I stop by

Review №94

Good food! Great staff and customer service! An AWESOMESAUCE experience!

Review №95

The food was delicious and our waitress was very good. Tables were not being cleared and cleaned promptly, which made the dining areas appear unattractive.

Review №96

Awesome pizza ! Was there for private gathering. Food was served in chafing dishes and was hot and delicious. Pasta yummmmm. Salad good. I would definitely recommend this place. Cold draft beer.

Review №97

Amazing staff and exquisite baked lasagna. Good for family dining!! The best pizza in the world

Review №98

Really good service and pizza is amazing!

Review №99

Wicked Place For a EcoGoth ️To Wake Up The Death It Rules

Review №100

Very wonderful restaurant! Our server (Ra) was extremely helpful and tended to all of my family's needs. Great atmosphere and location. We'll definitely visit again in the future

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  • Address:25101 Telegraph Rd, Southfield, MI 48034, United States
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  • Phone:+1 248-356-2720
  • Caterer
  • Pizza restaurant
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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