Star Deli
24555 W 12 Mile Rd, Southfield, MI 48034, United States
Review №1

Hands down the best Rubeun I have ever had in my life. Nothing has ever compared since I had one a Star Deli. Great service Awesome food made in house.

Review №2

Sunday tradition! Great staff who always has a pleasant attitude and willing to assist. Must try the whitefish.

Review №3

Best place in Oakland County for a deli sandwich.The turkey special is my favorite! The turkey is fresh and the rye bread is crusty add the slaw and Russian dressing is divine! it's worth the drive to satisfy my carb cravings!

Review №4

Such wonderful quality food & service. My fifteen year old son is completely full after a sandwich from here!

Review №5

A to go kosher style establishment. The tuna salad did not impress no onions or even celery jus mayo and tuna(blah) but the sandwiches I did get was a hit and a big miss...the bbq brisket(not even smoked) was their miss altho quite meaty but the when it hits it hits BIG! The Rueben was a nice surprise, stacked high with corned beef, not too briny sourkraut and cheese all on a thick hand cut rye bread YUM!

Review №6

Very, nice selection of fresh deli meat and sandwiches

Review №7

Just got takeout, and they are taking really great precautions during the COVID pandemic. I felt very safe and protected. Also, their deli is delicious, of course!

Review №8

Now this place is very good but I definitely won't have them make my sandwich for the price of $16 the sandwich wasn't worth it and I would rather just get a lb of all the fixings and make my own sandwiches

Review №9

The service is constantly rapid, excellent ambience, kind staff. I will visit here again when I get in the area.

Review №10

Great food for 25 years for mr

Review №11

Would not recommend. Staff not welcoming and seem annoyed. Not worth the Money and charge for everything. Had to go home and doctor up my sandwich that looks like it came from Walmart pre packed deli section. Corned beef sandwich was dry

Review №12

Still the best in the Detroit area.

Review №13

Phenomenal corned beef and pastrami, would be perfect if the had black and white cookies!

Review №14

I have to come here when I travel to MI. Fresh food and a wonderful staff. I'll be back!

Review №15

The salads were good. I didn't get a sandwich.

Review №16

The pastrami was tender not too lean very flavorful generous portion served with very good swiss and brown mustard on the best crusty rye bread. Highly recommendedAlways buy a loaf of a very good pumpernickel bread to take home. Also recommended

Review №17

Best Reuben in town. Cornbeef literally melts in your mouth!! Must try this place out!!!!

Review №18

When I am in town, first place I go! Just as I always remember! So good.

Review №19

Great, personable service, wonderful corned beef and lots of other sandwich options. It's our go to choice.

Review №20

Corned beef was tough. The woman behind the counter said some people like it like that but she did make me another half . it was so bad I can't believe anyone would like tough corned beef

Review №21

I used to love the corned beef sandwiches here, but now they're not what they use to be. Just ordered Harry's combo for lunch for $13.99. I used to be able to only eat half and save the rest for later. This sandwich was so small, I ate both halves and was still hungry. I don't even think I had a 1/2lb of meat on the sandwich. I am so highly disappointed and will no longer spend my hard earned money in your store for my corned beef fix.

Review №22

I was unimpressed. Service not friendly.

Review №23

Love their Cole slaw and shrimp and crab salad.. oh yeah, their corn beef sandwich is to die for

Review №24

I have been going to that Deli since the 70's and early 80's. It is just as good as way back when.

Review №25

So you order a sandwich for $14, barely any meat and they shave, not slice a pickle that's no bigger than my pinky (which is supposed to be a half) talking about ask for two per sandwich next time! They don't make the pickles. Duhhhh, really Sherlock. I wouldn't have guessed!!! To bad Seigel's Deli was closed!!!

Review №26

For $14 I got a wayyyyy smaller corned beef kind of disappointing that there wasn't much meat. Others their $9 and a way bigger portion.

Review №27

Got a corned beef sandwich on onion roll with swiss cheese and mustard. Portion size was small for the price and the sandwich was very dry. I was disappointed to say the least. However, their coffee cake was the epitome of the sandwich; moist and delicious.

Review №28

Bad service. I started at the Original Bagel Factory. They sent me next door to this deli. I asked them about breakfast sandwiches and the guy just pointed at 1 of 50 signs as if I should know that... I said I'd have that and ask which bagels they have. Instead of the deli having a list of bagels he tells me to go back to the bagel shop because he's CLEARLY NOT GOING TO SIMPLY TELL THE CUSTOMER. I went home. If they don't have the time for me then I don't have money for them. Neither place deserves patronage.

Review №29

Old school favorite cornbeef good

Review №30

I was hungry for a good Jewish Corned Beef sandwich and was told that Star Deli is the best. I got in line, placed my order, of course after getting a bottle of water and some Halvah. I paid and waited just a few minutes for my order. I got 2 sandwiches and included with some old Kosher dill pickles. I went back to my motel room to enjoy my food. It was so delicious. I definitely will be back to get some more when I am in town again.

Review №31

Excellent location for Delicious Deli food. The Best Corn beef. Friendly Staff. Great Customer Service.

Review №32

This is the go to place for work lunch deliveries. You need to call the day before for catering to ensure you get the time you want. They've always been easy to work with and give you more than enough food for what you're paying for. To top it all off their sandwiches and salads are pretty good too!

Review №33

The service was great.. food was meh

Review №34

Good sandwiches, good service, a bit pricey but okay to eat once in a while.

Review №35

It was a good sandwich. Unfortunately, because it's take out only, I had to drive to Dearborn before I could enjoy it. Next time I'll eat it in the parking lot.

Review №36

Love corn beef

Review №37

Very disappointed with service and quality of food at last visit (reuben sandwich).

Review №38

Great Cornbeef

Review №39

Best Deli in Michigan! Metro Detroit Institution!

Review №40

The last New York style deli that exists in this Fair state. If you crave delicious deli style food this is the only place you can get it.Zingerman's, eat your heart out.

Review №41

I always stop in whenever I am in the area.I love that Eastsider sandwich

Review №42

Food and service was good

Review №43

This place never fails to deliver. They serve awesome food for affordable pricing, there is no waiting time even when they are full.

Review №44

A $13 pastrami sandwich that was very dryAnd tasteless . I haven't been here in many years..used to be a good place. Not any more!The people were nice though

Review №45

Absolutely dreadful Rubber turkey. Their quality of meat has definitely changed in seven years since I was there last. Stick with what you know and go to the bread basket

Review №46

Great reuben and vegetable soup. Could have easily ate half the sandwich and had the other half for another meal but it was 12pm and my first meal of the day - all down the hatch! Enjoyed every bite. Quick and friendly service. Will be back to try another one of the sandwiches and soup.

Review №47

Best deli sandwiches in Metro Detroit. For me, one half is lunch and the other is dinner. Generous portions, courteous and excellent staff make this a "worth the drive" deli for me. Open 7 days too!

Review №48

I've only eaten cornbeef sandwiches from here sometimes hit or miss on them but they are extremely expensive here I ordered a cornbeef sandwich with xtra meat and it was almost 40$ hell and they put the meat on a tray i might as well have ordered 2 sandwiches so they kept the onion roll and the cheese and gave me a side of meat for the price of a whole sandwich that was insane

Review №49

Slow service and a bit pricey food was good though.

Review №50

Superior take out selection and outstanding variety.

Review №51

Heck yes! Amazing sandwiches, I have had 5 different sandwiches here and loved all of them. Lots of meat and lots of flavor! Locally owed and operated. Highly recommended!

Review №52

The price was way 2 high for the small portions we received.

Review №53

Authentic, take out only. Consistently good food. A little pricey but I can almost always make two meals from whatever I order, so the cost balances out. It's the best deli I can think of in the Detroit area.

Review №54

It's just as good as I remembered it when I was a young Ladd!!

Review №55

The Best!

Review №56

My favorite carry-out

Review №57

The best place to get a corned beef sandwich. I love them so much!!!

Review №58

There are too many good deli around to be wasting time here ..Sandwiches are not worth the money at all !Now I know why my whole family stopped comming here ..go to pickles and rye on orchard lake if you want a REAL deli sandwich

Review №59

Great food great Employees

Review №60

Best Deli Sandwich in town. Proven over and over.

Review №61

Best cornbeef in the city

Review №62

The Best Deli in SE Michigan

Review №63

My friend girl and I stopped in here for a sandwich. She'd never been here before. As all ways they never disappoint....she loved it!! Thanks Star Deli for not making a liar out of me...

Review №64

Over price for a turkey sandwich but taste great

Review №65

This is my go to corned beef place. The quality of the meat, and everything, is outstanding. I reccomend this place to everyone i possibly could. I get the dinty moore (spelling?) Or Rueben. Comes with a pickle. Place can Be crazy busy. About 10 bucks for a super stuffed sandwich

Review №66

Very good

Review №67

Usually good. Today my sandwich was dry and tough. They may be under new management. I didn't recognize any of the servers.

Review №68

Pricing is high, although they tower the sandwich its still unbelievably high. I found pickle juice soaking all into my bread on my sandwich. Things happen its okay and im not mad

Review №69

Corned beef and pastrami sandwich was good, but not worth $14. Service was fast, but rather terse, and they seem kind of disorganized as well.

Review №70

Good food. Helpful staff.

Review №71

Corned beef (have to request lean if don't want fat) & Reuben were good. Reuben was stacked high with meat but corned beef was not as much for some reason??? Tasty. Service/staff are good, parking space is limited out front but food is good. Will go again.

Review №72

Always good! Loved the eastsider sandwich

Review №73

Great food. Great service.

Review №74

Very good service and food your late in asking.

Review №75

Best tuna and deli sandwiches in metro Detroit. Staff is great. Owner is there often. His 90th birthday is coming up soon. Fast service. Clean and pleasant atmospheric

Review №76

My husband like this place. They have good sandwiches and good cakes

Review №77

Just paid $14.56 for a sandwich that not only wasn't good but I couldn't even force myself to eat the second halve. Terrible overpriced for a less the good product. I honestly can't believe they have repeat customers.

Review №78

Really good sandwich, but $14 is steep

Review №79

The staff was great. The tunamelt was good. Would recommend this deli.

Review №80

Been going here for 40 years. One of the best in the country

Review №81

Traditional deli fare. Authentic, old school style choices. Worth it for sure. An example of how deli should be done.

Review №82

This place never disappoints. The BEST deli anywhere! No frills just great food. Wish I lived next door!

Review №83

Great food just the way you like it....staff is okay, just takes your order and your munny- straight business

Review №84

Full sandwiches are served and assorted drinks maybe add wedged stake fries then it would be perfect.

Review №85

Wonderful food and great service

Review №86

I love this deli. I came back to town after 16 years, and was so pleased to see this place still here. The sandwiches are amazing. Their sandwiches have so much meat in them and are so delicious. To me this is the best Jewish deli in the area. If you are hungry and what a great sandwich, this is the place to go.

Review №87

Good food good service

Review №88

Star Deli is the best Corned Beef in town. Plus excellent service and excellent side dishes.

Review №89

I've been buying Corned Beef sandwiches from here for 35 years it's good to see they have stayed in Business! Thank You

Review №90

Excellent Denti More fresh meat, piled high sandwich delicious cheese cake

Review №91

Love that place. Whatever you order is good. Can't go wrong there.

Review №92

They have some very delicious food I get them fast Stars

Review №93

Corned Beef is excellent, about the same as the Breadbasket but the people working the counter are unfriendly. Went in there recently and the woman who waited on me says (after ignoring me for 5 minutes) "Yeah what do you want?" Not hello what can I get for you or may I take your order? Mind you I was professionally dressed, wasn't being disruptive or causing them any problems whatsoever.So basically, the food is good and the customer service is bad.

Review №94

I have fond memories of this place as a child. The sandwiches were always made with just a little extra ounce of love that you didn't find at chain restaurants. It wasn't flawless, but it definitely wasn't terrible either. If you want to enjoy some nice Hebrew-inspired sandwiches, I would recommend you visit Star Deli.

Review №95

Amazing. Fresh. Perfect.

Review №96

The employee coughed right at the table where the food is made and didn't cover his mouth

Review №97

I love deli sandwiches. First visit yesterday. Delicious Uptowner turkey sandwich. The owner was authentically entertaining.

Review №98

Purely a joy. Incredible sandwich.

Review №99

Great food. Quick service. Old school deli the way it should be done.

Review №100

This Deli has always been my go to place for the most Stacked and tasty Hot Corned Beef and Swiss Sandwich for about 38 years now and I have no plans on stopping giving them my Business anytime soon! Excellent Stuffed Cabbage also.

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