Burger Joint on Graham Street
389 S Graham Ave, Stephenville, TX 76401, United States
Review №1

American food and the setting here is very good. i love this place, great food & service. staff treated us so kindly.

Review №2

Great cheeseburger and fries!!

Review №3

My preferred place for tasty american food. The staff was very welcoming and sociable. The bill was decent.

Review №4

Coming through stephenville today we decided to try something new... this place is great! the crew is all friendly and upbeat and the guy working the grill made the absolute best burger I have ever had! I will definitely be stopping here every time I pass through.nice atmospheregreat employeesawesome food

Review №5

Burger was mediocre. Fries were bad. Service was absolutely terrible. We ordered milkshakes and got them 40 minutes later. They were the wrong flavor and both had a hair in them. Absolutely terrible. Wouldn't ever suggest this poorly ran restaurant to anyone. Save yourself the money and trouble and go somewhere else.

Review №6

Excellent food! The chili cheeseburger was delish, along with the fried onion strings. I totally recommend!

Review №7

I love coming to eat here! It's such a cute little place. I love the old cars that are always parked out front. My only complaint is that they just recently switched the ranch from homemade to buying it packaged :-( The burgers and fries are great!!

Review №8

Yum! Good food. Good service. Helpful people make a place one you want to return to again and again. The food is good too. Good old fashioned burger joint. We love this [email protected]

Review №9

My daughter and I love their milkshakes here. A great little place for a quick burger and fries too.

Review №10

The fries here are delicious. Not sure what seasoning they use, but it is very good. They have a wide variety of food. Hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken sandwiches. You can order these anyway you want. You can get soda or beer here. Definitely a must see restaurant in Stephenville.

Review №11

I waited over 30 min for my order. They forgot to make something I ordered and then when the my did cook it. They didnt but paper down in my take out box and my food was falling the the holes in the bottom. They didn't even offer to make it right and when I did say something they told me I wasn't waiting as long as I said. And the exta avocado I ordered on the side was so disgusting I gave it back to them before I left and said here I dont want it. Unfortunately I had to leave this and wont be ordering from there again.

Review №12

Food was hot and fresh. Little too messy for my liking but it was still fantastic

Review №13

Excellent Service! Excellent Food! Great old time enviroment and employees were very nice! Everyone should try it!!!

Review №14

Tasty little hometown joint where burgers, good service, smiles, and fun moments can be made and experienced. This quiet, unassuming gem is seeks to be discovered by catching passersby with a charming vintage, pale green chariot on four wheels. Seating inside or outside allows a choice to seek shelter from unfavorable weather providing a cozy retreat, or a lovely way to enjoy ideal weather catching a breeze on the patio.

Review №15

I have mixed feelings about The Burger Joint at Graham Central. The burgers I ordered were very good, although I do see reviews that did not enjoy the quality of the burgers. I for one rather enjoyed mine. However, there were a few things that detracted from the quality of the food and visit. First, I definitely feel that their products are overpriced. Second, I ordered some cheesecake, that I found to taste simply awful. Third, I also ordered fried pickles. This would have been the second time that I ordered fried pickles, and the first time they were very good. This last order, the fried pickles were inedible. I hope in the future they can get their recipes right, as a product should not be hit or miss on how good it is when you order it.

Review №16

Fun place! My burger was seriously great! They'll add avacado, mushrooms or a list of other extras, too. Next time, I'm getting the fried egg! The 50's theme, including great music, made this a very enjoyable place to grab that burger fix. You can dine in, or outside as well. Loved it!

Review №17

Best Burgers Ever!!! Totally worth your money. I'll be going back for sure.

Review №18

Great family restaurant! Very nice employees and the food was amazing! 10/10 recommend!

Review №19

Really great burger and fries on the patio. The only reason I didn't put 5 stars is the guy behind the counter needs more experience pouring a draft beer. But I loved the atmosphere and the food.

Review №20

Nasty grill nasty under it .the grease smells like haven't been changed in days .fries are dripping in grease and the cheese done on grill to be put on fries more grease . All wariness either on there phones or outside .never paying attention. I saw the guy pull fries under the bar no refrigerator. There flies in there . The bathroom was nasty look never clean. Just plain gross nasty nasty nasty. I heard that owner is drinks alot . Not for me and my family

Review №21

Burgers too done, beer too expensive and customer service leaves more to be desired

Review №22

Great food. Loved the atmosphere and the workers. It feels like you are transported back to the '50 with the red stools and the black & white floor. Tried their steak finger basket. Meat was so tender that it melted in your mouth. Loved the jalapeno poppers.

Review №23

Really enjoyed our meal! I had cheeseburger and fries and my husband had a double cheeseburger and onion sticks. Both were very good and both sides were delicious. The price was reasonable. Would definitely recommend it!

Review №24

A top scene for quality American food. Honestly my favorite evening place. Service is typically above par. The bill was average for the menu.

Review №25

I don't like leaving negative reviews but I'm writing this in hopes that they see this and correct the issues we have encountered. I have been twice. The first time we enjoyed the atmosphere and the food. The burger was a generic burger but was tasty! The cooks and staff were great and very friendly.The second time we visited, 2 weeks later, it looked like they hadn't cleaned the restaurant since the last time we were there. Every table was dirty with either trash or food, the floor was covered in dirt and grease, the windows were greasy, and the seats were sticky with what appeared to be grease.I ordered a grilled chicken wrap which is just a grilled chicken sandwhich without the bun. The lettuce they "wrapped" it in was simple two small pieces of lettuce that they normally use on a burger. The waitress apologized for the "wrap" and said that most customers ask for a bun when they get the sandwich since it is very difficult to eat. The fries were great though!Like I said, I don't like leaving a negative review on a small business but I do this in hopes of them improving, and possibly hiring a manager to get things on the right track.

Review №26

Loved the burgers and fries. Everything was prepared to perfection and prepared fresh. My "all-time" favorite burger place hands down. I'll be back!!

Review №27

Aside from being "home style" , I do not see any value that they add in our already overburdened "Burger Joint" economy. The cheese burger lacked in the flavor department and the almost paper thin patty makes you feel like you have been cheated. The fries are good, they have a unique flavor and the classic home style texture. Not saying i wont be back but it will not be my first choice.

Review №28

Excellent burgers and cheese fries! Me and my kids love it! Milkshakes are good as well.

Review №29

Good price, great food, will return!

Review №30

Amazing burger n shake joint. Beer too. Cheap

Review №31

Good shakes and burgers!

Review №32

Great burger joint and very reasonable

Review №33

Much improved since first opening. If you went early and didn't care for it, try it again. Thin but tasty burgers and good fries. Cleanliness has improved.

Review №34

The burger was really good. Weird that the patty was pretty thin but the meat was still red in the middle. It was good tho. Fries were meh. Strawberry shake was meh. 3 stars.

Review №35

Good burger and fries. The burgers are on the greasy side. The fries are at times perfect with a unusual salt mixture, although they may be fresh or not depending on the time and day. The last time I was here, the tables were dirty and there was a horde of flies buzzing all over the place. Each time I eat here, I like it all the more or less. They are very inconsistent.

Review №36

My son and I got several items on there menu to try. When we received our corn nuggets they were drenched in seasoning. I asked one of the ladies if they normally season their corn nuggets and she rudely told me yes. The burger was just okay and the fries weren't my favorite. I may give it a try again in future after they've been around longer.

Review №37

Best burgers in Stephenville! I've eaten here twice. Both times the food was excellent and the service was friendly. The prices are good too.

Review №38

Best burgers in town, easily.

Review №39

Loved it!! Great good!! 5 stars across the board!!

Review №40

Good food great price ansmd amazing service

Review №41

Great cheeseburger and fries. Neat place.

Review №42

Super yummy and the staff was quick and friendly!!!! Prices were about the same as everywhere else but this keeps it local!!!!

Review №43

Best burger in town. Get a double with grilled onions, mushrooms, and jalapenos on it. Super friendly staff

Review №44

Good drinks, great food, good service!!

Review №45

I liked the place, just wish their burger patties were a little thicker.

Review №46

Delicious food!! Excellent service! Love the atmosphere! Highly recommend!

Review №47

Everything was fresh and cooked in front of you , cooked to perfection.

Review №48

Fantasticly juicy cheesburgers with delectably delicious fries with old 50's ambience. Thanks Boyd Waggoner for a terrific privately and locally owned and operated Burger Joint.

Review №49

Great food !! Friendly wait staff, excellent service !!

Review №50

Nothing special not even good at a regular burger. Jalapeno poppers were terrible with way to much seasoning. Just go somewhere else. Gas station down the street has a better burger for cheaper.

Review №51

Way to pricey for hamburger fries and a drink!!!

Review №52

Unfortunately our first experience at this restaurant was nothing to rave about. I will say the staff was friendly and pleasant, they greeted us when we walked in and they were knowledgeable on the menu. I ordered the lettuce burger (very excited they had this as on option) and the onion stringers. There were four people behind the counter and grill and the trash cans were overflowing. They remained this full the duration of our meal. The back room where we chose to eat, we had a party of 8 people, was sweltering hot and we had to clean the tables ourselves. There were several flies that bothered us while we ate as well. When the food came, I was disappointed. The onion stringers and my husband's corn nuggets were either severely overdone or the grease they were fried in was old because they were very very dark. The lettuce burger was good, the fresh grilled jalapenos (ordered as on add-on) were a nice addition to the lettuce burger. The lettuce was nice big romaine slices but the patty was very thin. My husband did not enjoy his patty melt, he only ate half and didn't want to eat anymore. It was pretty greasy, course it was a patty melt. The fries were good, probably the only thing everyone at our table enjoyed. The kiddos didn't complain about their food and seemed to be satisfied with their choices of kids' burgers and hotdogs. I will say when we got there, the restaurant was pretty busy so they may have just finished their dinner rush and when we were leaving, they were all cleaning. I will give the benefit of the doubt that possibly time got away from them as far as staying caught up on wiping counters and taking out the trash. I am hoping they raise the quality of the food by the next time we choose to dine there. And I'm hoping they get ice cream....because a burger joint like this should definitely offer a burger and a milkshake.

Review №53

Great and so was the services

Review №54

Very tasty burgers and fries. Friendly service as well

Review №55

Outstanding service!!! Burgers and fries were on point! Thanks for the awesome food.

Review №56

Wonderful food and service.

Review №57

Fast, nostalgic and delicious! Those fries are no my favorites in all of stephenville.

Review №58

Very disappointed! The hamburgers were not very good. Looked like walmart buns. The meat had 2 small hard pieces that looked like rocks my friend said it was bone. The cheese tasted like processed fake cheese slices, I have never written a bad review but this place was beyond bad.

Review №59

The best dang burger out there!

Review №60

The soda machine didn't work, they couldn't make milkshakes cause they were out of milk, when I ordered a hard fried egg it was over easy, when they remade my food they salted it to the point it wasn't edible. When I spoke to the owner he just shrugged.

Review №61

I love this place, definetly coming back

Review №62

I love this place

Review №63

The place is cute. But the service is very slow, the hamburgers are cardboard thin and cardboard over cooked. The onion strings were as hard as they could be. Probably won't go back.

Review №64

Great place, good food and service!

Review №65

Great service and great food.

Review №66

Great swiss mushroom .

Review №67

Really good burger

Review №68

Great food and service

Review №69

Always good

Review №70

Food and service was great.

Review №71

The burgers are very good

Review №72

Rude cashier, bad air conditioning, three drink choices. The only saving grace was that the food was half decent.

Review №73

Great burgers great service

Review №74

Real good burgers.

Review №75

Amazing and delicious food

Review №76

IP friendly and great people!

Review №77

Good chili fries

Review №78

Great place to eat.freindly

Review №79

Good chocolate shakes, and thin enough to get through a straw. We'll go back.

Review №80

Love this place

Review №81

Fries, malt shake, and burger!

Review №82

Real food

Review №83

Great burgers

Review №84

Loved it

Review №85

Good place for a burger

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4.1 Rating
  • Address:389 S Graham Ave, Stephenville, TX 76401, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 254-434-4637
  • American restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–9PM
  • Thursday:11AM–9PM
  • Friday:11AM–9PM
  • Saturday:11AM–9PM
  • Sunday:11AM–4PM
Service options
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
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