Captain Ds
3015 W Washington Ln, Stephenville, TX 76401, United States
Review №1

Pure greatness. Love me sum caption d

Review №2

The Shrimp scampi is so good!!!

Review №3

You absolutely get your money's worth and more.

Review №4

I've eaten here several times.. Always super hot food & always very polite & helpful...ALWAYS!

Review №5

Went last night to eat, found a cockroach leg on my food... made me nauseas. Won't be going back.

Review №6

Pretty good, reminds me of Long John Silver.

Review №7

Glad we stopped, food was good and staff was excellant.

Review №8

Loved the food and after hearing mixed reviews I was hesitant but after trying the lemon pepper fish I knew I made the right choice. Wonderful and friendly staff and definitely will be coming back

Review №9

For a fast food place it was better than average. Small. Not ment for large groups of people. Handicapped accessible but very limited handicapped parkingThe food was NOT greasy at all.Veggies were fresh and not overcooked.

Review №10

Food is good staff is friendly just little over priced for fast food fish and chips

Review №11

Mostly good. Cannot always get grilled items but the food is tasty and the people are polite.

Review №12

I got the “double down” $5.49 plate. The only thing that was even close to being warm was the macaroni, which is really good by the way. The shrimp was soggy and cold. The fish was warm-ish and my fries and hush puppies were cold. My husband said the gumbo was really good but I was super disappointed in my meal.

Review №13

This was my first time visiting a Captain D's. Prices were decent and service was very good. The selection of items on the menu was also very good.Compared to other fast-food seafood, Captain D's is most similar to Long John Silver's.I ordered the lobster bites plate which also came with shrimp, fish, and 2 sides. I ordered coleslaw and green beans for my sides. The lobster bites we're pretty good, had good flavor & thin batter. The green beans were very good flavored with bacon, and the coleslaw was decent. The biggest problem here was probably the thickness of the shrimp and fish. Long John Silver's shrimp and fish are definitely meatier which makes them more tender and juicy. The shrimp here were crunchy and dry and the fish was a little chewy.Captain D's seafood is what it is, not restaurant style seafood but fast food style seafood. It's cheap enough that it will satisfy cravings for seafood without breaking the bank. The serving size for the price is good. I would eat here again and try some more items. The food wasn't bad the price was right and the service was excellent.

Review №14

Absolutely love Captain D's! A gem in the fast food industry. Kids love it and I don't feel guilty about them eating it unlike a happy meal. Flakey breading, meaty fish strips and shrimp. Dine in if you can, you won't regret it. One of the better things to happen to Stephenville with food.

Review №15

Food and service were good. Prices are a bit too high.

Review №16

Really good ,fresh food

Review №17

Nothing good from this meal. The fish batter was soggy and the hush puppies were not cooked throughout. It was like biting through uncooked dough. Probably won't be going back until I forget about this visit.

Review №18

Best fast food in a long time. Store was really clean staff was very nice and they even have fresh lemon for your water or tea. This is what a fast food or any rest. Should be like. Highly recommend this place. We will be back. Thanks

Review №19

I ordered battered dipped fish with Fries and Cole slaw and a medium drink what I got was catfish, double order of fries and a small drink. My receipt said batter dipped with ff and slaw and med drink. When I told the boy my order was wrong he said well you got out cheaper and the drink was only a few cents higher. Like no apology or let me fix that. $13 dollars down the drain cause I couldn't eat the fish it had a dirt taste to it.

Review №20

Food has always been plentiful at a fair cost, employees strive to make your visit pleasant

Review №21

On 03/16/2020 on my way home from a long day of work. I stop by Captain D's at 8:45 pm. In Stevensville, Tx. The Lady on the intercom said we will be right with you. After waiting for 15-20 minutes she returned and said that we are closed. That was all kinds of wrong. Want go again.

Review №22

I was very impressed. Good food that is served on a real plate. Excellent for a fast food restaurant.

Review №23

Not satisfied at all. Employees were nice but the food was not up to par. Besides grill being down so nothing grilled could be ordered the food was very small portions. When I asked for the manager they said the manager would be right with me. They became busy so I guess was forgotten. So I left with my kids size meal.

Review №24

It definitely didn't live up to the hype.. I remember when Captain D's was more like Red Lobster, a nice sit down restaurant. This is like a knock off Long John Silver's. The only bright side were the clam strips.

Review №25

Catfish was good and hot. No fork to eat coleslaw with. No sauce of any kind. No napkins. Will say coleslaw was good. Better than Deckhand Dollies. But that's not saying much.

Review №26

Disappointed. We ate here three times total. The first two times the food was very good. Fish and shrimp were crispy and hot. The fries were crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Hush puppies were excellent. The third time was a disappointment. The fries were not crispy - tough as if they were left over or had been under a heat lamp for a long time and tasted like leftover. The battered fish was a little soggy - again not crisp like it had been the other times we ate there. Some of the shrimp on the plate were crisp and tasty and some were not crisp. Again as if some of them were leftover. We came when the store opened. 10:45 - 11:00. So everything should have been hot, crispy and fresh made. DISAPPOINTED!

Review №27

Service was ok but the food is nasty of course it's my opinion but I won't be recommending it to no one

Review №28

My wife and I dined at Captain D's yesterday.She ordered the fried shrimp platter and I enjoyed the lemon pepper fish, which was nothing short of delicious!The staff was kind and courteous, and the service was top-notch!I will not bore you with a lengthy, ridiculous, self-serving editorial about which restaurants are needed in Stephenville. I would simply encourage you to check this place out and make your own judgments, rather than take the word of someone who judges a restaurant before ever setting foot in it.

Review №29

Everything we ordered was great except the chicken- we will just get seafood from here from now on

Review №30

Great place to eat. We enjoy the white lemon pepper fish and the shrimp. Service it great and have a drive through which is awesome on the go. Great place clean facilities

Review №31

Senior meal was very good and reasonably priced. Senior discounted meals on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Review №32

The service was great, the food was good , hot and fast. The restaurant was clean. Staff was kind and helpful. They have awesome special's . We'll be back !

Review №33

They were great and gave me a free dessert to compensate my wait.

Review №34

30 minute wait in drive thru. 4 tarter sauce for 10 pc fish. N super greasy.

Review №35

Love this place the fish and shrimp is amazing and the chicken is good

Review №36

Good food, reasonable prices, nice people. Better than Long John Silvers.

Review №37

It was fantastic! One thing I look for is the fact that seafood should not be stinky and should not be heavy fishy taste (like Red Lobster Eww) because if fresh, it is not. It was so fresh! Plus Man Alert.. Big portions! Will definitely be going again!

Review №38

Clean. Hot fresh proper cooked food

Review №39

This place is a lot like Long John Silver's but way way more expensive. It's okay nothing to Rave about. Their fish planks are good that always uniform in the same which is weird and their chicken is pre breaded and Frozen. So nothing to be excited about it for ordering the chicken. Their flavor is a little different than Long John Silver's it's not as good. But if you're craving a Long John Silver's fix that you can't get around to here in town then I would definitely suggest getting you a couple of fish planks at Captain D's. They're very similar. Just not as good and a little more expensive. However, given that information the staff there is really amazing. At least in the Drive-Thru. I've been a few times I've never gone in to speak of the cleanliness or Ambiance of the restaurant. But the staff in the Drive-Thru and when your ordering over the intercom is definitely a super friendly amazing staff.

Review №40

The lemon pepper fish was great and Mac & cheese was good, but the rest was basically fast food. However, the service here was top notch when we visited, and the price was right.

Review №41

Fresh friendly and good. Lots of options at affordable prices. Very clean modern deisgn. Lots of sauces and condiments. Recommended!

Review №42

The food was good, but customer service needs work.

Review №43

Great food and great service... highly recommend

Review №44

Excellent service and great white fish & broccoli

Review №45

The booths are very uncomfortable but hush puppies were best ever. Other food was ok

Review №46

Friendly service and great food

Review №47

The food is great. But I'm tired of coming at 7-8pm and y'all not having any baked potatoes or corn available when y'all close at 10.

Review №48

Nice and clean, fresh flowers on the table, great atmosphere and really good food.

Review №49

Let's start off with the bad. The fries were ice cold and even a little undercooked. The positives were the fast service and friendly staff. I would have asked for fresh fries but they were so busy and didn't have time to wait in line again. All that being said I will be giving them a second try someday in the future. My only hope is that the cold fries was a one off.

Review №50

Not favor of mine. But it was clean and staff was great

Review №51

Consistent quality Sea Food

Review №52

Very clean,, and very respectful staft

Review №53

Everytime I come to Stephenville we have to stop! Teresa the cashier is amazing

Review №54

Great service, surprisingly good food and a nice, newly opened building.

Review №55

Been a long time since I've been to Captain D's but it was very very good Annette Fred first time ever really love it which one was closer to home here in Kerrville

Review №56

A great quiet place to enjoy your food and relax , excellent service, and the food was great.

Review №57

Very clean, nice employees, makes it a very nice environment to eat. Food was fresh and hot.

Review №58

Food was well cooked and very tasty. Great for fast food seafood. Held up well in to go containers for the 15 minute ride home.

Review №59

Wonderful service and the food tasted great. Thank you for a great experience even though I didnt get my loaded baked potato.

Review №60

Omg. Those lobster rolls are soooo good. Great job and the prices are very reasonable. I visit stephanville about 2ce a year but the next couple months o have work there so I will for sure be visiting

Review №61

Has the best service and seafood in town !!!

Review №62

Very good food and wonderful staff

Review №63

Food was great. Good, friendly service. Only issue was dining room was really cold. Got them to turn on the heat.

Review №64

During a time in my life where I was younger and more vulnerable, and after the messy, painful divorce of my parents, I was forced to go to court and choose between my mother and father in front of them *and* both sides of the family. I still remember the pain my young, fragile, and innocent heart felt. It was a pain that would not only harden me, but it would also burden me with harrowing commitment issues for the rest of my dark and lonely life. Imagine your young self in this dismal picture that I have painted for you, your former childhood wonder being eroded by the gut-wrenching pain of the realities of this dark world.That being said, I would rather live that day over and over again for all of eternity than spend one single cent of my money on any menu item from this poor excuse for a restaurant. I understand better than anybody that the integrity of the city of Stephenville leaves much to be desired, but still I struggle day after day to understand what this town did to deserve the horrendous arrival of this huge elephant s*** pile of an restaurant that you call "Captain D's." We, the citizens of Stephenville, have begged tirelessly for a Chick-fil-a and have been met with only silence. As we scream these simple requests into the void, we are instead disgraced with the arrival of a Captain D's. Is this some kind of sick joke? The thick stench of rotting fish flesh from this establishment that you have the nerve to call a restaurant haunts me day and night, violently thrusting me further and further into insanity each day that it continues to exist in this god-forsaken world. Each day that this "restaurant" is not incinerated by the most intense scorching flames of Hell is another day that we stray further from God's light.No, I have not tried Captain D's yet, and I do not plan on it. But to ask time and time again for a Chick-fil-a to no avail, and to be met with a *fast food fish restaurant* is nothing less than a slap in the face. And that is why I hate Captain D's with every fiber of my being.Please, I beg of you (Stephenville City Council), give us a Chick-fil-a before I go into psychosis.

Review №65

Great polite service and great food

Review №66

It was good food even tho I don't like sea food. I ordered the chixken.

Review №67

So glad they put a seafood restaurant in Stephenville I was getting it tired of a couple of Sonics in a couple of McDonald's we needed something different

Review №68

Great service and fish and shrimp

Review №69

Good service and good food. The catfish was excellent! The hushpuppies are very good. Not crazy about the chicken though.

Review №70

I really like their food it's delicious

Review №71

Just opened. fish batter under cooked and holding to much grease, fries were a little tuff and cold. But tea was good.

Review №72

Fast Service, good food. Its a little greasy, but it tastes great.

Review №73

Lisa's Chicken isn't here, but this is just as good. Fresh, fast, and friendly.

Review №74

So happy to have this fast and fresh seafood place in Stephenville!

Review №75

Very busy today. Fast Friendly service. So glad to have a seafood place in Stephenville.

Review №76

Good food little bit slow but other than that ill always good food

Review №77

Every time we have been, everything was good and service is usually good

Review №78

We haven't really had anything like this since LJS closed. It's nice to have a fast food fish option that isn't catfish or whatever the burger places want to toss in a bun. As for quality and service, opening week has been fast paced, so the food is really fresh. They keep the drive-thru line moving, and serve up some really great food. What surprised me most was the chicken. I had the Supreme Sampler, and wasn't really expecting the chicken to be this tender and flavorful from a seafood place, but it was really delicious. Thanks for bringing Stephenville something it has been missing!

Review №79

Fish and shrimp are pretty good. The chicken is a little on the dry side. I will be going again for the fish.

Review №80

Hteat food and quick service...

Review №81

Great sea food

Review №82

Very good food. Fast for lunch.

Review №83

Great value. Good food.

Review №84

Great food and service.

Review №85

I would say the rating would fall at about 3.5. The food was decent. It was similar to Long John silvers. The sweet tea was actually pretty good but very sweet even for half unsweet/half sweet. I ordered the 2 piece fish with butterfly shrimp and coleslaw. The fish was a lil too greasy imo but otherwise decent. Shrimp was meh. It wasn't bad but nothing to brag about. Coleslaw was pretty good and also enjoyed the hush puppies. I wasn't just overly impressed, but it is nice to have something diff than the usual fast food burgers,pizza, or fried chicken.

Review №86

Haven't had Captain D's in a long time and I missed it. Food was great and fast. Will go again and again!!!

Review №87

The food was cold - all of it. I took the corn to the counter and asked for another. Hadn't tasted the rest of the sampler plate. Couldn't eat most of the food - cold fried fish, stuffed crab, shrimp is not too tasty. As I was leaving a server asked me how everything was. I told her the food was all cold. She brought me a small piece of fish and insisted I take it.Complained to Captain D's, they sent my complaint back to Stephenville. The manager, Misty Bishop, sent me an email and asked to talk to me in person, "If I didn't mind". I told her I did mind - I'm ill and don't live in Stephenville and to please send me a refund. That was January 14th, so I guess she's not going to send me any refund. Good service, but bad food. I won't eat there again and will tell everyone I know in Stephenville about my bad experience. Gene

Review №88

A little greasy for my taste

Review №89

Love me some Captain D's.

Review №90

Good fish delicious price was ok

Review №91

Great food with decent prices.

Review №92

Fantastic. HIGHLY recommend the new lobster rolls.

Review №93

I love this place, the fish tastes great and the Captain D's sauce is outstanding

Review №94

Food always fresh

Review №95

Good food similar to Long John Silvers.

Review №96

Excellent service and so friendly!

Review №97

No flavor at all to the food, everything tasted like unwashed fish. was a waste of money.

Review №98

The fish fillets were very good

Review №99

Service sucked but food was ok

Review №100

Good senior deal on Wednesday.

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  • Phone:+1 254-918-5005
  • American restaurant
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  • Family restaurant
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Fish & chips restaurant
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  • Monday:10:30AM–10PM
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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