Chilis Grill & Bar
2805 W Washington St, Stephenville, TX 76401, United States
Review №1

Keep in mind I am bashing the food not the staff..maybe the cook. HANDS DOWN THE WORST FOOD IN STEPHENVILLE! I have tried time and time again with this place and the food is ALWAYS bad. Staff is very friendly though..but if you like to waste money on inedible food but have a someone smile at you and say sorry then this is your place. Me..I will be taking my money elsewhere.

Review №2

It was really crowded, but we got a table fairly quick. Was very clean. I told the waitress it was my brothers Birthday but it was very busy and she must have forgotten, which i couldn't blame her she was busy, the food was delicious. We got the Bacon Burger and the Crispy Chicken strips, they were both good! At the end of the meal i went to the back and told another waitress that it was my brothers Birthday, after that the waitress we had Apologized for the wait and sang to him!

Review №3

The Manager took me to my table, saw it was dirty, and cleaned it. He did not designate someone else to do it! Your awesome! My food was delicious, cooked perfect. My server (Contesa) was awesome! She was attentive (even though she had a big table), courteous, and a joy to be around. Thank you Chilis!

Review №4

A favorite place for TexMex. I love eating here. I will be bringing family next time. It has a good atmosphere.

Review №5

Last week they left out our chips for chips and queso order. This week steak which was supposed to be medium well was bleeding.

Review №6

A reliable dinner date for me and my wife. Twice a month at least!

Review №7

Great spider margs. Table 82 has great views.

Review №8

We went to chili's today, Thursday Feb 13 2020 shortly after 11. We were hesitant because of the low rating. We had a great experience. Tiffany was our waitress, we were seated promptly, the restaurant was very clean, we were brought our drinks within a few minutes of ordering. We had the baby back ribs and house salad, which she was happy to substitute for fries and coleslaw. The food was brought promptly and the ribs were served hot.Paid at the Kiosk without incident...we are definitely will return soon.

Review №9

My family and friends stopped by Chilis in Stephenville for Fathers day. We were seated promptly, then we waited and waited and waited. After over 25 min. A waitress noticed we were sitting with no drinks or anything for a while. She walked by and asked us if we had been helped ? We told her no, and she said she would go check on our waitress. She returned and told us she would take our order and our waiter would be right out. After a while she brought our order but we still had not seen our waiter. She said she was sorry and would check on him. A while later he came by the table and asked if we needed anything. We told him we all had fries and burgers and needed ketchup. About 10 min later he brought 2 small individual plastic cups with a spoon full of ketchup. We all needed refills by then and he started getting really irritated and became really snippy. This continued for several minutes. Then when we asked for our check, he left and returned about 5 min later and in a very unprofessional manner said we needed to find our order on the table computer. Two of our group asked to pay in cash but he walked away. We picked up the table computer and it was off line because they has closed. He finally came back and took the computer and left. A while later he returned with the receipts for us to pay. BAD FATHERS DAY EXPERIENCE.!

Review №10

Always a great place to go places clean staff is friendly food is great.

Review №11

Fast Food Chain serving Tex-Mex Pre-Cooked Frozen Fajitas, thats how it looks and tastes, but don't take my Word for it...Service is great but food I can't give it a positive review.

Review №12

Just moved to Stephenville from DFW, and was hoping the Chili's would be to par with the ones I've visited over the years. Sadly it wasn't.The first time we visited, my husbands chicken was very undercooked, we didn't complain and just sent the food back. I finally convinced him to go back because I was craving honey chipotle chicken crispers, so we did a takeout order and picked it up. It was supposed to be ready at 7:48 so we got there at that time, and didn't get the food until 8:05. It was cold, thrown together, and missing sides. So I'm pretty sure it was just sitting out while we were waiting.Go to cotton patch instead.

Review №13

Great place to eat food wonderful. Staff great just all round great place

Review №14

This restaurant is awesome! My server was Elizabeth, and she was the best server I've ever had-EVER! She was so nice and funny and kept my date and I laughing all night. If you ever go there, ask for her!

Review №15

They appear to be short staffed today. Had to wait a while at the hostess stand and so did the folks behind. The waiter didn't write things down and made a few minor mistakes.

Review №16

I ordered a drink and it was horrible. Margaritas are so acidic . Ten bucks for a bad drink. I wanted a simple superdeedooper tasting pina colada with coconut rum and coconut liqueur. No can do at this bar.Food was good but it is becoming more like a fast food joint. The cheese bites were salty. A salt lick would have been less salty tasting..I'm guessing. Super greasy too. I think employees are rude. Masks are required but common courtesy isn't. I would go back if it was a different place with a new menu and great drinks. . I can't recommend this place at this time unless you want to go out and blow money for subpar food and margaritas that might melt off your porcelain veneers.

Review №17

Went for lunch. Took over 45 mins to bring our food out. It wasn't busy. The people next to us, 2 of the occupants came after we showed up; they received their food before us. By the time our food was brought out, it was warm not even hot. You could tell it had been sitting there. The bbq sauce looked old. Bad service

Review №18

This place has really hone downhill over the years. If its not the incompetence of the hostess/waitstaff then its the kitchen. For the past year, every single time I order there has been something wrong with my food. From completely the wrong order to found something disgusting/dangerous in it. Not only that, but the quality of ingredients has gone from great quality to just about bottom of the line. Today I ordered a Grilled Chicken Caesar salad with ranch dressing instead of Caesar dressing. Upon receiving my salad it had likely been sitting under a heat lamp is the only reason I could possibly explain why the salad was like boiled spinach. But in addition it had pico de gallo and corn on it. The waitress asked if I would like my chicken on the side and I had said yes. This was not something that I asked for. This was something that she suggested offering to do for my place. The chicken of course came on top of the salad. I didn't want to pull a Karen so I started eating the salad even though it was very mushy and limp which is not very appetizing if you enjoy your salad. Which salad is one of my most favorite meals. But then I discovered the pico de gallo which was not a great combination. First of all, I don't have any allergies to pico de gallo or anything like that or anything in it. However something I truly do not like is onions. I do not like them at all. I'm 40 years old, I thought over the years that my taste would change, they have not. So I asked the waitress when she came back by if the salad was supposed to come with pico de gallo. And she said no it's not. She apologized and took the plate and said that she would be right back with the correct salad. I told her not to worry about it and just bring me a house salad in place of the chicken Caesar salad with ranch instead of Caesar. She said not a problem. She brought me the house salad and of course removed my prior meal and didn't charge me for the house salad. Which was nice. The only saving grace with this Chili's is the management skills in customer service. I would not say that their management skills that make this place good at running the restaurant. But I would say Management's ability to make up for their errors is beyond reproach. So if there's something that you just cannot get anywhere else but at Chili's. For my son that is the chocolate molten cake. So we have to go there when he is just really wanting one. But I definitely would not ever suggest getting the boneless buffalo wings. Their chicken quality is very poor. Very full of tendons and cartilage and fat. I'm extremely picky when it comes to chicken yes. But this was just absolutely awful. I've tried ordering it many times over the past several years and it is nothing like it was whenever I worked there in my twenties. Management has gone downhill as well as the employees. Has a lot to do with shallow leadership and ill-prepared management. This is my take on Chili's as of August 2020

Review №19

Staff was friendly, face masks worn and social distancing was observed. The place was very clean and the food was good.

Review №20

Menu offers something for everyone.

Review №21

Standard Chili's. Fast service and friendly staff. Pay at the table with tablet.

Review №22

I ordered a ribeye steak, a salad, and drink. The salad and drink was really good. But the steak was not cooked to order and tasted like it was microwaved.

Review №23

They were amazing!!! The chips and salsa was pretty big... They fixed what they got wrong fast and had really good recommendations... Love going there for my birthday!!!

Review №24

Amazing service! Awesome food!

Review №25

Food was great. The waitress were out sranding. Couldn't ask for anything more .

Review №26

Slow service but great food

Review №27

Restaurant was clean and well organized. Staff was friendly and helpful. Food is good and reasonably priced.

Review №28

Good service but a long wait.

Review №29

Typically the food is great and the drinks are good. Solid choice

Review №30

Absolutely loved the fine food and great service! I was looking for some place with a menu variety and decided on Chili's. It was a number one decision. My significant other and I both chose the six ounce sirloin with the steamed broccoli and mashed potatoes. We both had house salads while we waited for our dinner. While we ate, we both talked about how good everything was. The salads were fresh, steaks were cooked to perfection, and the side broccoli and mashed potatoes were very tasty. The service was also excellent. We weren't thrilled with our initial seating and asked to be seated somewhere else. With a smile on his face, our host immediately seated us at our desired location. Additionally, our server was friendly and attentive. We had a great experience and will be back again to recreate that experience.

Review №31

Great food awesome server

Review №32

Easy access for handicapped peoplePolite caring efficient staffCLEANGreat tasting food served attractively

Review №33

Chili's is great. Like all restaurants they have their off times but normally they are pretty good. Tonight was one of their better nights. The food, drinks and service was all amazing. The deep eddy strawberry margarita is awesome. Great for people who like sweet and sour but not too much of either. I also had the spicy shrimp tacos. Again, served hot and spicy but not too much. It was a great meal and our server was awesome as well.

Review №34

Great service & awesome food. Also the waiters work really hard to get everyone what they need especially with big crowds.

Review №35

Seem to be handling the pandemic well, but still just an ok experience.

Review №36

Love how they stopped allowing smoking in restaurant . This is a huge plus! Big negative is their ziosks never work. This is a big reason we go here. Staff is friendly and food is good. Good variety of alcohol drinks.

Review №37

Great food, great wait staff great atmosphere and decent prices on everything.

Review №38

Did not make sure our teas are full

Review №39

Even with the wait the bar was great

Review №40

Well we walked in after another party of two and when the host came back, he proceeded to ask the people who were clearly just walking in to follow him. We did chime in and say um hello we've been waiting. Instead of saying oh gosh, I'm sorry, we were guacked at as though we were being rude. When we asked if we could have a booth, we were told no, although he just asked the party ahead of us if they'd like a booth or table, and we were sat at a 6 top. Our waitress did not come over for awhile for our drinks, probably 15 minutes and when she did, she never refilled them. The manager eventually came by and asked us if he could get us more water and tea. Aside from bringing us our chips, water, and silverware, our waitress didn't come back but to check on our meal. She didn't bring us our appetizers, our meals, or our dessert, and we had to ask for napkins and a togo box from another waitress. The food wasn't bad at all, but the 6 top behind us sat waiting to get bussed for about 45 minutes while there was a huge wait in the lobby. They need to reorganize and retrain the host and coordinate with the servers to pre-bus their tables and greet quicker. We never got a bill, our plates were never cleared, and we used the kiosk so we could leave. We were in a hurry to leave so we left all 5 stars bc that's when our server came by to ask about it, but honestly it wasn't deserved.

Review №41

Amber is the best bar tender/waitress. Always polite and takes care of you with a smile!

Review №42

Always great and even better presidenta ritas

Review №43

Normally don't take the time to write reviews but my friend and I had such horrible service that I have to. Our receipt says our server was “Face”. Not only did she completely abandon us after she took our order but she also made horribly rude comments to my friend. She tended to her other tables perfectly but walked past my empty glass 5 times, never asked how our food was, and I had to get a manager before she'd talk to us again. Waited 20 minutes with empty plates trying to order dessert. Worst service and the manager did nothing but make excuses. Won't be going back to this place for a while.

Review №44

Not too busy but service was really slow. Server brought out Appetizers but forgot silverware. Plates were dirty, had to get new ones. Not a bad place but attention to basics was lacking.

Review №45

Great place. Nice place to meet for lunch meeting and family night dinner or dessert..

Review №46

This place is decent. Went with a group of 18. Waitress did a great job, everyones order was correct, and the TV's were in the right spots.

Review №47

Good service and good food

Review №48

Took a minute to get served when slow but food was great

Review №49

Got the triple combo... sausage was cold and so was the corn on the cob. Corn was still cold after they redid it.

Review №50

The food was great, the waitress attentive. I will definitely dine there again.

Review №51

Food was average. A little salty. Service was great, I sat at the bar on a slow evening during the week so it wasn't busy.

Review №52

Was a great time with friends. Besides the girl spilling all of our food except one plate. Everything else was a goner. I felt bad for the girl. But you should know how gravity works and if there is more on one side it will tilt. And brocolli and pasta my husband didn't land on him because he jumped in my lap. Besides that we had a great time. Glad the manager made it right with our food and drinks. Each couple got a cheesecake and a meal off their ticket. Overall interesting night. But not a 5 star because of the incident.Well they lost another star. Update went back today because we were hungry. And well I had the worst experience again. The waiter only visited our table three times and didn't come back to check after we got our food. He left us alone for 25 min. Flirting with the other waitress checked other tables not ours. Finally he came over and I told him my corn on the cob was still frozen. So I hadn't eaten that. Disgusted with my frozen corn and we didn't get a refill for our drinks so I asked for cheesecake because I was not going to pay when I didn't get the whole meal. I was going to ask for a manager but he touched the frozen corn and felt it was frozen. I tipped a $1 because the service was just as bad as the corn. I think he said his name was Alex. That's what my receipt says. I will not go back. But second time getting q cheesecake free because they suck.

Review №53

The waitress was awesome and no faults on her for the delays. Deal breaker was someone else's hair at the bottom of the cookie dessert.

Review №54

We had dessert here and some drinks. My friend's salad was good. We enjoyed the chocolate cake. We had to hunt down the server to pay. I blame that on our having an uncommon purchasing pattern. We got tea and dessert and then ordered the salad. The restaurant was clean. Everyone seemed to be having a good time there. We sure did.

Review №55

Margaritas were a little sour

Review №56

Delicious food and excellent service

Review №57

Good service. Fast

Review №58

Great food and drinks. Had a blueberry margarita it was amazing. Food was good just wish their tortillas for their fajitas was a bit bigger. Overall service and food was good.

Review №59

When asked questions about menu items, appetizers and alcoholic beverages, our waitress answered Every time, “I don't think so, but I'm not sure”. Literally Every time. The manager was Awesome though and he ended up taking care of our table. We didn't care for their current menu and read the fine print about their $5 margarita. At the table, there's a picture of a few margaritas and below it there's the $5 ad. None of the margaritas in the picture are $5 this month, which is stated in the fine print.

Review №60

Very busy on a graduation weekend, but that didn't have any effect in the service. Our server was great and attentive.

Review №61

Love the atmosphere drinks are strong food is amazing

Review №62

Cheap food, fair priced drinks.

Review №63

Smoking at the Bar. Really Chili's? It's almost 2019 and you are doing that? Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Cigarettes are proven to be unhealthy to your customers and to your employees. Do whats right and ban smoking on Jan 1st. Don't worry about losing business. You will be in line with the rest of America.

Review №64

Chili's is NOT back baby, back baby, back....We decided to give them another try because we hadn't eaten at Chili's in at least 5 years.Ordered a steak, Medium rare. It came out pretty much well done. The steak was also sad looking, grey & lacking grill marks. I sent it back.When the new steak came out I had a completely different plate. Still a sad looking steak. But, this time it had butter on top. The "steamed" broccoli was very undercooked (properly prepared the 1st time) & the loaded mashed potatoes had a skin on the bottom the 1st time that was also missing on the 2nd plate. At least the steak was medium rare & they comped half of the plate.It really doesn't make up for the fact that I had to watch my family eat their lunch & rush to scarf my food down in a few minutes.

Review №65

Our bartender, Amber, was friendly and timely. My wife and I enjoyed a quick drink.

Review №66

Good fresh and hot food, good fast service.

Review №67

A top site for delicious texmex. service is awesome even when they are busy. the service here is friendly.

Review №68

My server Trevor provided excellent service and an unforgettable experience. His recommendation for the chipotle chicken bowl was outstanding. He was very attentative and super nice. I will forever be his regular from now on.

Review №69

Yummy food even better drinks

Review №70

Perfectly cooked steak. Im stuffed

Review №71

Food was great and friendly environment

Review №72

Not worth the wait.

Review №73

Their curbside pickup is the best! I had the chipotle chicken and waffles. Amazing flavor!! I wish they still offered them as an appetizer. The small appetizer portion was the perfect size for lunch. Please bring the appetizer size back at this location

Review №74

Food was not good.

Review №75

Awesome food with great service. Friendly staff

Review №76

Great food!

Review №77

Loved this Chilis!! A busy Sunday and everyone was so happy and friendly!! The queso and featured margaritas were AWESOME!!!

Review №78

Good food better now that the whole place is smoke free

Review №79

Food was very good,, chicken juicy n tender delicious,, hubby bacon hamburger super and desert of choc chip cookie with ice cream- yummy--over all a tasty meal,, waitress was friendly and attentive-- glasses never empty--

Review №80

Food and service is very nice

Review №81

The food was overcooked and poor service

Review №82

Amazing food good service

Review №83

Great service and food

Review №84

Good food, very good service. Really nice waiter.

Review №85

Never disappointed in the food... a fast and reasonably priced lunch favorite for me and the girls!

Review №86

Food is always good, but....If you want fast food, this is not it, be ready to waste your entire lunch hour.

Review №87

First time customers!!! So much food had to bring it home. Giant Bacon Burger with all the trimmings, French fries and a pickle on the side. Husband had ribs, corn on the cob, and French fries. Plus a drink for each. Aubrey came by checking on us, introduced himself what a pleasant thing for him to do. We will be back.

Review №88

Food was amazing and fantastic service

Review №89

This Chili's in Stephenville, Texas is the best! My favorite waitress is Kara! She is friendly, gets the orders right and makes sure your drink is always full. Team work is what makes this Chili's the best. From hostess, waitress or waiters, cooks to managers. Everyone works together to make the dining experience enjoyable. Variety of delicious foods. Thank you!

Review №90

Good service friendly staff

Review №91

They can't cook a medium steak correct but issues are fixed quickly and professionally. Sit with Kyle and you won't be disappointed by your service (though most of the staff is great. Never sit with whom we have dubbed Angry Birds. She is the WORST). Chicken and waffles at to die for. Lady's room is always clean. Don't park facing the street or the Starbucks. Birds will use your car for target practice.

Review №92

Great food! Great service!Honey-chipolte ribs were exceptional! Steak was great also. Returning satisfied customers!

Review №93

Great food but the service was something to be desired

Review №94

Whoever hired this bartender needs a raise, this man is fine af lol

Review №95

Wasn't too busy for lunch time. Waiter was quick. Took my order, and they had it out to me in a reasonable time. Checked on me 3-4 times to make sure I was good. And the burger was great. Enjoyed the experience.

Review №96

Went with my mom and siblings. We were seated but not given menus. After 10 minutes I got up and got them myself. We waited more time. After 15 more minutes or so maybe 20 plus, someone finally asked what we wanted to drink. That's not good service. People who came after us got served quickly. It's ridiculous. I think I'm going to stick with going somewhere else where the service is better. To be honest, I left no tip. If there's several people ignoring a table, that's a clear sign they aren't professional and doing a good job. I definitely don't recommend this chili's.

Review №97

Good food and service!

Review №98

I was visiting and was surprised to find Chili's here. As in all Chili's everything was great.

Review №99

Good food. Friendly staff. Great ambiance.

Review №100

Tonight the Chili's was extremely busy and they seemed very overworked but the hostess in the front had accurately quoted me a time and when I was seated, " Christian" the server was the most professional, polite and amazing person I've ever met in my entire life he didn't miss a single order, and I never once worried about running out of tea. He went well above anything that I have ever seen or experience from a server.I will definitely be coming back with friends and family and requesting him personally.

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3.9 Rating
  • Address:2805 W Washington St, Stephenville, TX 76401, United States
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  • Phone:+1 254-968-7800
  • Tex-Mex restaurant
  • American restaurant
  • Bar
  • Bar & grill
  • Hamburger restaurant
  • Mexican restaurant
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  • Monday:10:45AM–10:30PM
  • Tuesday:10:45AM–10:30PM
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  • Friday:10:45AM–12AM
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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