Pizza Place
801 S Harbin Dr # A, Stephenville, TX 76401, United States

Review №1

Very disappointed this evening. Haven't ordered in a while, but the pizza we brought home tonight was thrown together and IF it had cheese, my wife and I couldn't find any. Used to be our favorite place for pizza. Sad....we used to love this place, but won't be back.

Review №2

Good pizza. Friendly service.

Review №3

A fav location for quality pizza. The service was very kind and attentive.

Review №4

I don't know why ANYONE would rate this place less than 5 stars. The pizza is amazing, the restaurant & staff are friendly, the atmosphere is wonderful, and they are a pillar in their community. Grateful to this restaurant for all that it does for Stephenville! I will miss this one most when I leave!

Review №5

Great prices but the pizza was a little bland for my liking although our daughter really liked it. We finished up with some Blue Bell ice cream.

Review №6

The hamburger pizza is not the same anymore. They are cutting corners and not putting as much hamburger or cheese on it. This has been the case the last 2 times we got pizza. Gave the benifit of the doubt the first time but not this time. Unless they go back to the original recipe we will not be back :(

Review №7

Over priced for what you get. Ordered extra cheese but got less than what should come on a regular cheese order. The meat didn't taste fresh and the jalapenos weren't spicey at all. Even the mushrooms seem to be out of a can. Free refills about the only thing worth the wait.

Review №8

I ordered a sampler pizza which is almost like a supreme pizza with everything on it according to them. I didn't like at all it didn't have enough cheese it wasn't cheesy. It had way too much black olives and mushrooms hardly any pepperoni it was dry plain to taste. They could make them a lot better. A Digiorno pizza would of been a hell lot better for a quarter of the price it was over priced as well. Not worth it what a disappointment

Review №9

Needs a good cleaning. The sandwich was average. Little guy working the front was very nice .

Review №10

The food was great. When getting there, the place had been very busy. Several of the employees was being rude and giving out orders to another employee named Riley. I did not appreciate they were pretty much bullying her. She came to the back, and was bussing tables, and was very attenative with her job. She also acknowledged my little grandsons. She was very friendly. I just hated that she was about to cry from the way her peers were talking to her.

Review №11

Good service, amazing pizza and Blue Bell ice cream!! What more could you ask for!

Review №12

Got the basics, just 2 pepperoni pizzas with 2 sides of salad and 2 drinks.Pizza was cold and hard. Salad was turning brown and seemed very old. They only had diet soda available. Payed some $30 for all of that. I would not recommend.

Review №13

It's went down hill from a year's ago...dont know who the new owner's are but hiring college kids and high schoolers who views that as just a job so they dont care about speed of service, customer sevice, and just down right have no common sense

Review №14

Little bit of a long wait but then a guy came in to pick up a whole bunch of pizzas so I'll let it slide. Other than that the calzone was delicious very crispy and flaky although the 'garlic bread left a little to be desired'

Review №15

We ordered at 5:30 and were told the wait was 45 minutes, over an hour and 15 minutes passed and we finally went up to ask about it. We don't think the pizza was even meant to be ours (it was sitting in a box on top of the oven) and it wasn't hot, we had time to eat one slice before leaving with the rest in a to-go box because we needed to be somewhere at 7 and thought an hour and a half would be enough time to eat here. The pizza was ok, but definitely not worth the wait and frustration.

Review №16

Lasagna was really good. Service was great for takeout that day.

Review №17

I was in Stephenville for a game at Tarleton State and heard about this place as they were one of the sponsors of TSU athletics. They've been serving pizzas for over 5 decades and hence we decided to check it out. Went in with high expectations as they've been around for a long time and I was not disappointed!The place was nice and cozy. We ordered 3 pizzas and some garlic bread and the food was really good and made from good quality ingredients, we all really liked it! The food did take a while to make it to our table but it was made to order from scratch and so I didn't mind waiting at all, it was worth it.Definitely worth paying The Pizza Place a visit!

Review №18

You do have to wait for the food for a while but it's worth the wait. Great food, awesome environment, great ice cream chooses, plus the prices are not bad. It's a great hang out place and it family friendly!!! Customer service is great. All around a great place!!

Review №19

Now the only reason I give this restaurant for stars instead of 5 is because the quality of their plates silverware and phasic overall Ambience of the restaurant. It's extremely poor quality. The food is excellent and the employees or even better. But once you look at the plates it reminds you of eating at a crummy Buffet out in the sticks for your eating off plastic chipped plates in Forks that bend if you barely dry. If the owner invested in some more quality products to put there excellent food & the overall appearance for presentation I would definitely change this to a five-star. But most of their tables are lopsided and don't sit straight none of the chairs really match or they're all in poor shape the silver is in terrible condition plates are in terrible condition. Their floor looks just gross. It just needs a good investment to really change the appearance of the restaurant.

Review №20

I see some bad reviews on here and I'm guessing most of them are one time bad experience reviews. For me this place has been consistently good. The wait is longer because its pizza and a good pizza takes time to cook. Overall this place is great.

Review №21

Pizza was bad I'd say a 1 out of 10 Dominos is better. The spaghetti was the worst I've ever eaten, I've had better frozen spaghetti. Salad was terrible, the lettuce tasted like bleach the French dressing wasn't even close to French dressing. And when I placed my order they said about 45 minutes for delivery it was an hour and a half

Review №22

Great place! I love their pizza and the other items like subs, calzones, and spaghetti are great too. I feel like it could be a little more efficient and the kids running the joint most days could be a little more professional since the entire kitchen is visible to the dining area, but a solid choice for unique and yummy! pizzeria food

Review №23

This place took forEVER to get our food to us when we dined in. We sat at the table for about an hour. Food wasn't anything to write home about. Probably won't be back.

Review №24

I hate to give bad reviews. I'm giving 2 stars because the pizza was ok and the shake was a basic normal shake. The service was ok. Wasn't horrible customer service but wasn't great. Let me start by saying there wasn't hardly any customers when i placed my order. I ordered at 6:01. Received my pizza by 6:48. I have 3 young children who were super hungry and getting restless. This was my first time here so we wanted to try some place new for us. After receiving my pizza over 45 minutes later they still hadn't made my shake. I got my shake when we had all finished our pizza and were putting our jackets on ready to leave. This place is over priced for sub par pizza that takes forever to get to you. Not worth it. We won't be back. The people that were working were just fine I just think they should communicate better with customers. I was unaware that orders were coming in from online as well as a drive thru? Idk. But 30 bucks for 1 pizza 4 drinks and a shake ain't worth it.

Review №25

Great place to eat lunch at and get some great ice cream at

Review №26

Delicious hand made pizza

Review №27

It's a really great place! I love the pizza..

Review №28

The food was cold when we got it. Wasn't very happy

Review №29

The Meat Lover's Pizza with black olives was ordered by phone. My friend and i drove to pick it up. It was ready at the time promised.I am not a big fan of pizza. We might eat it 4 times a year. That said. The extra large had 12 slices. The meat topping was generous.I did not go in. The parking lot is ample and well maintained. This resteraunt has a perfect handicapped accessible entrance.They serve Blue Bell ice cream. Prices are reasonable. They make subs and salads.

Review №30

My top site for quality Pizza. i love this place always quality food & service. i've had nothing but enjoyable experiences here and plan to keep visiting. prices are reasonable i would say.

Review №31

Food is great and dinning area are much cleaner now. Will be returning soon.

Review №32

It's ok but I have had better frozen pizza than this.

Review №33

We're been Dublin 6 years. Stopped in for pizza. Outstanding we will be back

Review №34

Good location for delicious pizza. Nothing to complain about.

Review №35

Very tasty grub here, they not only serve pizza, but also pasta, salads, and potato spuds. It is popular with students but is not always crowded. Great place to order from or eat in; probably the best pizza in the town. 4/5 stars.

Review №36

One of my fav spots for delicious pizza. next time i'll be back with my friends. if it wasn't far from my work i would come by more.

Review №37

Very bland pizza I mean almost no taste

Review №38

A fav place for Pizza. this place is absolutely one of my favorites. the service was very friendly and kind. bring your hunger - portions are generous.

Review №39

Very friendly and amazing pizza

Review №40

I made a simple 1 pizza & 2 salads on line. Got my confirmation email. After 50 minutes and no Pizza I called. I was told they had had a rush and it would be another 25 minutes. As of this review it's been 30 more minutes and still no pizza. Frustrating to say the least, certainly do not feel like a valued customer at all!!

Review №41

Great pizza, salads, pasta and sandwiches! Locally owned and family operated, friendly service too! Great atmosphere for dining in but you can also order takeout or they will deliver! They even have an app for that! ;) Be sure to check sizes and slice counts if it's your first time and you're ordering for a crowd. They aren't a chain so every pizza is made special, it's delicious and totally worth the few extra minutes you might wait if they are super busy.

Review №42

Cheap affordable pricing but the pizza is lousy

Review №43

Just not good at all

Review №44

The food is great and the prices are good too

Review №45

The pizza was good, which is why I came, but the staff is always rude or unfriendly. One time I ordered a pizza, got it, and paid, and the guy never said one word the whole time except the amount. They definitely need to brush up on some customer service skills.

Review №46

For the price.....excellent

Review №47

Chef salad is so awesome....hard to order the salad when pizza is so dang good though

Review №48

Love their pizza! Quick and great service!

Review №49

Waited over an hour for our food to be delivered. Food was cold. I use to love pizza place.

Review №50

Good ice cream and friendly service

Review №51

The food has been great every time we have eaten here. Love the crust! Service is friendly but just a little slow.

Review №52

Husband says it's a Chuckie Cheese pizza...

Review №53

Been going ther since college

Review №54


Review №55

Not bad pizza not greatIf you're A high or drunk college student it's perfect

Review №56

Easily, the best Pizza and Sub Sandwich in Stephenville. Must try the Scrambled sausage/Pepperoni combo, but ask them to only use 1/4 to 1/2 of the usual amount of sausage, or it will be so much, that is all you will taste. :)

Review №57

Hour and 20 mins...and pizza was only mediocre

Review №58

This place used to be delicious. They changed their spaghetti recipe and now it tastes like ketchup.

Review №59

I love the large selection of food, very friendly. Very respectable to food allergies! Delicious spaghetti!

Review №60

They have the best pizza, spaghetti and sub sandwiches... it's been good for a long long time... been going there since I was in high school in the late 70s

Review №61

This is not a bad restaurant but then again I wouldn't call it good.Here's my breakdown based on a five star scale one being the worst ever and five being the best ever.Service ☆☆☆☆Price ☆Environment ☆☆☆Food Quality ☆☆☆Food Taste ☆☆Parking ☆☆☆☆Menu ☆☆☆☆Would I eat there again? No, it was overpriced and their signature item their pizza wasn't even as good as Domino's. Dont wast your money just go to fast food pizza chain, or if you want real pizza go to an authentic pizzarelli.

Review №62

Is nice just too many flies

Review №63

I have been waiting over 1 hr 20 minutes for my pizza .I will never order from this place again...when I called them I asked where my pizza was an I told them you already have your money now I want my pizza. Period

Review №64

Great pizza! Nice people! Great handicapped accessible bathroom and parking!

Review №65

Great food!! Favorite pizza in town

Review №66

The people who are currently working there are hard workers and very polite. I can not find any flaws with my last visit.

Review №67

Love that place! The food is a good as I remembered from college.

Review №68

Love this place! Their sub sandwich is the best.

Review №69

Great pizza but not so great pasta

Review №70

Absolutely love the pizza and salad. Great service as well

Review №71

Fun for the whole family

Review №72

Very slow service on dine in customers 30 plus minute just for a salad.

Review №73

We were driving through this town and stop to get Something to eat. compared to Giovanni's in our little town this place has a way to go.

Review №74

Amazing pizza!! But really slow service. 5 stars if food was ready quicker

Review №75

Passing through and stopped for lunch. Great Pizza and a cup of ice cream for dessert.

Review №76

Waited forever! Really dirty floors and tables.

Review №77

One of our favorite places to eat when we're in the area. Really like their homemade ranch dressing and subs are the best, pizza is as good as it gets anywhere.

Review №78

Best calzone anywhere. Large meat calzone is amazing.

Review №79

My husband said his pizza, today, was the best he has ever eaten there.

Review №80

Called in order for 2 SMALL pizzas 30 min before I got there waited another 1 hr while other people orderd large pizzas with sides got thier orders before me and the staff was rude owner tried to give me a free meal and admitted that the person didn't put my order in until after the other orders where put in that I can understand not all the smug smiles I recived from all the employees then when I complained on their site some know it all trolled the site and told me it takes 1hr and 45 min to make 2 SMALL pizzas worst thing about it I didn't want to go to that uppady place guess their sardines don't stink SMH

Review №81

We had just a plain pepperoni pizza but it was the BEST pepperoni pizza I have had on a long time! Good service but could use a little more salad dressing with the salad.

Review №82

It's a great home town pizza joint with Blue Bell!

Review №83

Great manager good food

Review №84

Great place to hang out with our boys.

Review №85

Ordered my food for delivery tonight. Over 1.5 hours later food showed up cold.

Review №86

Quality is nothing like it used to be. Servings are small, and the service is slow.

Review №87

First time ordering from here and they managed to mess it up. Ordered and x-larhe instead I get 2 large pizzas one with the meat and one with the veggies. Never ordering from here again

Review №88

They have really good pizza. If you haven't eaten here then go ahead and try it.

Review №89

Cool peeps

Review №90

Being a Tarleton graduate, I always try to stop by for pizza when I am passing through. Good food.

Review №91

Just as good as the one in Weatherford.

Review №92

Always great pizza and service

Review №93

Spaghetti yum sandwich s delish

Review №94

Excellent food as always.

Review №95

Great pizza and great people

Review №96

Great casual place

Review №97

Great pizza

Review №98

Pizza was the worst

Review №99

We love it !

Review №100

Best pizza in Stephenville, TX

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  • Address:801 S Harbin Dr # A, Stephenville, TX 76401, United States
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  • Phone:+1 254-968-2512
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  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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