Panera Bread
1201 Lake Woodlands Dr, The Woodlands, TX 77380, United States
Review №1

My kids and I went Friday at 645p, they were out of half of the soups, no begets, and limited smoothies.They changed up the baked potato soup. We just kind of stared at it for a while and my daughter blurted out it looked like prison food. I thought it looked like porridge. It's a brown color, no toppings, and tasted like a bag of potatoes. Absolutely no flavor.

Review №2

Everytime I come to Panera bread I have a bad experience. And not just at this location. It was not my idea to come to Panera bread today, my sister wanted to meet here. I figured I would give it another chance.The spout for the lemonade was broken and even though I brought it to their attention they made no move to fix it.And although I ordered the Tuscan Chicken sandwhich, there was almost no chicken In it. It was mainly bread, tomatoes and cheese. So for $13.91 it was a rip-off. Only reason I gave it 2 stars instead of one is because I love the tomato soup

Review №3

Love Panera bread sandwichs. Speedy delivery. Fresh and lovely. Always my option when getting a sandwich

Review №4

I decided to order from this place on Monday 8/24/20, I hadn't eaten anything all day and decided to get the pick 2, choosing half the Caesar salad and cup of chicken noodle soup. As soon as I finished eating the chicken noodle soup I started to feel really sick. The symptoms kept getting worse throughout the day and throughout the next couple of days. I not only had to call in to work a couple of days, but my symptoms got so bad that I actually had to be tested for Covid since some of the symptoms were the same. My sister called in a couple of days later to let them know what happened to which they just responded “ok”. I'm not one to write reviews about every bad experience I have, but this is one that ended up costing me over $200 with work missed and Covid test charges.

Review №5

Nice place for breakfast and coffee. Many selections of sandwich, soup and salad. Staffs are so nice and friendly.

Review №6

Me and my friend came here looking to get the pick two option. When ordering, I asked for the bowl of soup and the small Mac and cheese. After ordering, she got my friends order and when my friend asked for the same thing I got the cashier asks me “which sandwich did you get again?” When I didn't get a sandwich. I asked her to check my order to see if it was what I asked for and she had completely gotten my order wrong I asked her if she could fix it. She proceeds to tell me I can only get a cup of soup not a bowl on the pick two, as I read the board directly behind her head that says “bowl of soup”. When I pointed this out she goes “well I'm gonna have to charge you” so I said forget it and proceeded to talk to the guy behind the counter about the issue. He was very helpful and offered to upgrade it free of charge. The girl was very rude and should be trained better as she clearly doesn't even know the menu.

Review №7

The A/C hasn't worked for 6 months. The carpet is BEYOND DISGUSTING!! The rug in front of the drink station is a Sticky Mess! Gross and dirty!!

Review №8

Staff was friendly enough BUT0 stars for cleanliness and I went in the morning . Lobby and bathrooms were beyond dirty.Food was subpar -lettuce not overly fresh.Meh

Review №9

Good food, courteous service, and reasonable prices. Quiet atmosphere by the mall. A place to get away from the rush!

Review №10

Clean. Nice. Spacious. Friendly staff. Pricey for the amount of food & quality though. Soup was average. Didn't knock my socks off. Tasted like from a cut package and rewarmed up.

Review №11

Good food and clean surroundings !

Review №12

I love the food, especially the salads. Everyone who works there is always so pleasant.

Review №13

That cutie in the store with the short dark hair is my angel and I hope I get to see that hot lovely pumpkin again

Review №14

Clean and efficient, but it could use a little more sugar in customer service. Great French Onion soup. Yum

Review №15

The Ac has been out for months it feels like a sauna in there. I asked for Mac in cheese and they gave me barley any Mac n cheese it didn't fill the bowl up at all. All the booths and tables are so messy every time I go in there. The only good thing I will say about that place is the people who work there are really nice. I don't want to sound like a mean person for saying all of this but the locations in the woodlands they should be able to get there ac fixed I don't want the people or the workers to pass out eatting there.

Review №16

Food is 5 star. Employees are 2 star. Temperature in the restaurant 2 star (too hot)

Review №17

Good food and quick service. Convenient location near the mall.

Review №18

Panera is usually a great place to have breakfast however this particular day at this particular location the experience has been awful. The racks were almost completely empty. We were charged for food we didn't order. Then we were served the wrong food. After that my wife's bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich was served with no bacon at all... my daughter's sandwich wasn't good either... although the personnel was polite and offered apologies their excuse was they had planned a catering service so the restaurant was suffering for the lack of their own planning which shows just plain old incompetence . I'm not interested in getting my money back.. I just want a decent breakfast. Panera brand is getting a very bad image if this restaurant keeps performing in this manner...

Review №19

I love Panera, except this location. Managers don't seem to know what they're doing. I waited over 30 minutes on my to go order. After all that...I had to go back to work! So I just asked for a refund. The manager was rude about it. Never received my order, and just left. Like I said, Panera Bread is awesome! Except this location. Go elsewhere.

Review №20

I always love Panera, but it seems lately that their prices are getting higher and their portion sizes are getting smaller.

Review №21

The food and service was really good.

Review №22

Pros:good tasting food as usual, and good agave lemonade as wellCons:It took what felt like forever to get our foodThe staff member who took my order marked it as to-go, so everything came out in big brown bags and paper cups and bowls instead of glass. I didn't appreciate this

Review №23

Always good, a franchise store with same products in all their places but different decor and building to suit the location. I've been to many of them and they all seem to have the same food, friendly servers and clean and comfortable seating.

Review №24

Recieved the wrong food and was over charged. Service wasn't friendly. Food we did eat was mediocre. Overall not worth the price

Review №25

Inexpensive, nice food. However tables are not always clean and service is not fast...

Review №26

We love to go on weekend morning. There is always a lot of crumbs on seats and under table.

Review №27

I adore Panera everywhere. The salads are different and delicious. Their pastries fresh and sooo good. And having their frequent client account pays off!!

Review №28

Overall decent, pretty consistent quality every time I come here.

Review №29

Always fresh and service is really good at this location.

Review №30

It was very hot and dirty in here. No parking.

Review №31

They are perfect at this location. Had a few issues in beginning but I've been placing online orders the past year with no issues. Thanks woodlands staff.

Review №32

Less than helpful management.Ordered 2 hours ago for delivery with a delivery time set for 1219-1239. It's now 1:51 and still no food. Called and spoke with manager who just said I'm sorry, it just went out for delivery, we are busy... Seriously, over 2 hours. Staff accordingly or don't give a time when you'll be there. Or how about this, make a phone call to update!! Customer service will be notified at corporate.

Review №33

Food was good, but a bit pricey for soup and sandwich.

Review №34

Chicken avocado chipotle sandwich always good.

Review №35

The Woodlands location is dirty. There were gnats coming out of the trash. I didn't totally feel comfortable eating my food, but I had paid for it. It looks like they don't clean when they close at night and the employees seem all over the place and disorganized. Over priced and the quality of food has significantly decreased over the years (all Paneras that I've visited) and I used to really love the food! Probably want be back, but I inevitably end up in a drive thru occasionally for a grilled cheese. I mean, thay cant mess that up, right?

Review №36

Clean and friendly staff. A++++

Review №37

Love their cookies. Rude employees, I qwnt inside got in line waited for like 10 minutes cause the person ahead of me was indecisive. Then another person walks in and they acknowledge him and starts taking his order. I'm like I was here first and u never acknowledged me. So I walked out. This location will never get my money again

Review №38

Good food Great service wonderful staff

Review №39

Love it. Some of the employees are selective with their rudeness. Guess I'm a double espresso!

Review №40

Tried the Baja Mac and really enjoyed it.

Review №41

Horrible. ...worst sandwich I ever had. Burned and hard as a rock. Will never eat there again

Review №42

This place is really good; I'm obsessed with the potato soup bread bowl and the refreshing papaya green tea.

Review №43

I like panera but this location is the worse ever!!!. The sandwich had a weird taste and as a result it was uneatable ( like if they added a lot of ginger to a steak and cheese sandwich), we told the chef and he said that it was their recipe and didn't exchange the sandwich. It was embarrassing because we had a guest from overseas and he said he has never tasted such a terrible sandwich. Simply unacceptable. Never going back.

Review №44

Great service, good coffee

Review №45

I do really enjoy Panera Bread meals, but this location isn't my favorite. I go in the morning, and they refuse to use the register that is directly under the breakfast menu board. Everyone has to go back and forth to see the board and place their order. Very frustrating. One day I even lost my place in line because I had to choose a different item when they were out. I didn't have time and just left. Today I was surprised to have my ham and egg sandwich goosh all over me. Who puts an over easy egg on a sandwich, especially without a menu description? Anyway, the staff has always been friendly and the food is good. Maybe I just have bad luck.

Review №46

Do you LOVE standing in line? Do you enjoy a time consuming breakfast? Do you like when your favorite bread company runs out of what you want (everything bagel) before 830am EVERY DAY??? If yes, this Panera Bread location is for you!Tips for improvement:1) Recalibrate your bagel matrix so you run out of everything bagels at noon.2) Have more staff available to take orders! That way your patrons can sit down and begin to enjoy themselves sooner. It is painful watching an associate take an order then spend 4 minutes gathering pastries and slicing bagels...Cheers!

Review №47

Every time I make an order for delivery it's 30 minutes late from the estimated delivery time. I wanted to give them another chance but I usually place delivery orders when I'm stuck at work and can't leave for a break. :(

Review №48

Ok food the salad dressing I got for my salad was pretty nasty though. Like it was off or going bad. Prices were a bit high for the quality.

Review №49

Love this place!

Review №50

Found black (spoiled)avocado in the sandwich and when I told the worker, she replaced it with a fresh one but the manners were rude. She throw the cup with the new avocado in the counter and left without saying a word or looking at me at all. The manager made a rude comment as well. Will not visit this store anymore. I took a picture of the spoiled avocado but cant post it here.

Review №51

I used to go to this location all the time due to it convenient online service. However about two weeks ago one of the employee threaten to “beat my ass” if I didn't move from the alley since I was parked behind her. She displayed her belligerent behavior in front of staff and management who took a statement from me. I went a week ago and spoke to the manager and to my surprise she was taking customer orders. I was livid and disappointment they didn't hold her accountable. I am done with this location. Ghetto doesn't begin to describe it!

Review №52

Wonderful place and food

Review №53

Only people in the place, 40 minute wait for 2 sandwiches, and it was gross. Mom got food poisoning from the sandwich.

Review №54

If you love macaroni and fancy beverages this is the place for you

Review №55

Best tomato soup in Houston

Review №56

We enjoy their bagels. We order online (which is often a real challenge) and pick them up early in themorning.

Review №57

Omg health food. Nice place

Review №58

The most unprofessional bunch of people ever. Nobody knows anything and I'm assuming they don't know the meaning of rapid pickup since I had to wait 15 minutes past my pickup time to get my order. They are rude and need to clean there store. It's gross!

Review №59

This a good location despite being so busy. People are nice! Especially a Mr. Sanchez for exchanging my soup when I realized I didn't like it.

Review №60

Ordered a delivery of several "hot" food items at 11:30 am. Using the tracker, saw that the order was being delivered at 12:05 pm. 20 minutes later, we called and they said that another deliver was happening at the office across the street from our office. After several minutes, called again and was told that they were just really busy with lots of deliveries. Food arrives at 1:25 pm and is no longer hot (because it was made at 12:00 pm) and the bread of the "grilled" cheese sandwich is rock hard. Called again. Was told that the sandwich could be comped but all the other cold chili and soups wouldn't be. I find it unreasonable that it takes two hours after you order food (and selected next available time) to receive it. I also find it unreasonable that we are supposed to be okay with our food being absolutely disgusting because it has been sitting out in a delivery car for an hour and a half. I could have gone to a grocery store and made food in the time it took for our food to arrive at the office. Not satisfied with the delivery service nor the flippant attitude when management was notified. You would be better off paying for DoorDash or ordering from across the country than using Panera's in house delivery service.

Review №61

Always love going to Panera, it never lets me down!

Review №62

The staff was very friendly and helpful. The place was clean. But, they were out of bagels at 9:30 am on a Wednesday with no plans to make more. When I asked about it, they explained in a very nice way that big catering customers buy all their bagels. I asked if this was typical, that they would be out at 9:30 am, and they said yes. Doesn't seem right to me.

Review №63

Great food good service .

Review №64

You're better of making sandwiches at home

Review №65

No strawberries for the much advertised strawberry caprese salad.

Review №66

Staff and service is very good and fast although tables aren't always clean. Food is pretty good but I always walk out of here with a large bill, still hungry, and wondering why I didn't just go to a real restaurant. This might be the most expensive fast food restaurant in the country.

Review №67

Great for quick breakfast highly recommend or lunch

Review №68

Good food. $11 for half sandwich and small passion fruit smoothie. JS

Review №69

I arrived at the store at approximately 6:30 to pick up a huge order for my Favor customer. All the lights were on, the door was open, and there were about 3 customers dining in. An employee passed me and the family following behind me as I we entered the building and another employee was cleaning the grill. I waited for someone to take my order for about 10 minutes. Finally someone came to me and said "I'm sorry but we are closed." When I asked if it was closing time he said no. We havent had a customer in about 2 hours so we are closing. I said well sir, I have a $160 order. Not to mention the family of 4 behind me and look there goes another family. Never the less I had to go to the Conroe location where they were accomidating with the best customer service. I'm so disappointed in this location. Not to mention everytime I go for my own personal order...they never have bread bowls, NEVER!

Review №70

Really expensive got a large drink and a small mac and cheese for almost 10 bucks.

Review №71

It kind of expensive to eat there but it good food

Review №72

We frequent this for the lattes and coffee. Sometimes the cinnamon rolls too (but too many calories though they are delicious). Nice place.

Review №73

A nice cheaper alternative to eating at restaurants near by.

Review №74

I'm really not the type for "healthy" but I loved those little soups. Something to admire

Review №75

Staff is exceptionally nice. Ashley, Erin, Chris, Catarina and Jade to name a few. They bend over backwards for customers and really care about them. I hate when I see customers being rude to them because they knock themselves out with service. Breakfast sandwiches are good and the power oatmeal is yummy. So come on by for breakfast with a smile on your face and appreciate this crew. Trust me, I am a big critic of restaurant food and crew so if you get a good review you must be doing something right

Review №76

Hard to see from the street. There's a large parking lot but it's full of cars. This location is at the entrance of the woodlands shopping mall. In Houston Texas. The outside is clean and there are tables and chairs for a Sidewalk Cafe. Lots of bread on display and the employees are very kind and helpful. Very cozy and warm feeling inside. There is valet parking right next door. There are coupons to be had on the internet. The food is fresh and good and the coffee is hot. My first time at this location and I will be back. I highly recommend this to anyone.

Review №77

Friendly enough service, but messed up 2 things on a simple order and food was not very hot. Easily improved...

Review №78


Review №79

Delicious food and sweets, good drinks, helpful staff, great atmosphere

Review №80

Amazing soups and bread

Review №81

Staff is very friendly. Order was ALL messed up. We didn't address this due to our being in a rush. The carpet was not vacuumed. Looking under the tables I see a lot of food crumbs and plastic pieces. We came in around 9:15 am. Food was very good.

Review №82

Good staff but food wasn't worth the price !

Review №83

Nice place! Plants, music, fresh coffee!

Review №84

It was great! The bagels are only $1.24

Review №85

Good food, beautiful atmosphere, good service, my favourite place!!

Review №86

We have been going to this location six to eight times a week for the last four months. It always had the best iced tea and iced coffee until the last 5 visits. They must have a new manager or something. The raised the prices and now the tea and coffee is real weak. it looks like they are trying to penny-pinch at the cost of quality. We will find a new place to visit.

Review №87

Pretty good breakfast sandwich.

Review №88

All the food here is excellent!The Steel Cut Oatmeal with Strawberries is to die for."

Review №89

I love Panera Bread. My favorite is the broccoli cheese soup in a bread bowl. Their bread is awesome. Their sandwiches are great too.

Review №90

Food was fresh, but smallesh portions for the dollar.

Review №91

Bad food, bad service, bad location for entrance and exit, inflated prices for less than mediocre food and poor management supervision.

Review №92

Spinach & cheese souffle... so good!

Review №93

Food was okay but the place was a mess.

Review №94

Me and my boyfriend came here. He ordered a steak and white cheddar sandwich. The meat on it was raw on the first sandwich. It was literally dripping blood. We asked for it to be replaced and the second sandwich barely had any meat on it and didn't taste good. So I called for a manager. The manager was really rude and said they did not sale raw meat here that they pressure cook it so it can't be raw. Obviously their pressure cooker isn't cooking it right. And they also didn't offer us our one dollar bakery item with our pick twos. Will not be coming back here.

Review №95

First visit at location, 45 minute wait to eat in store - enough said ... wait cashier did not know how to take a gift card and was not friendly

Review №96

Very nice team

Review №97

Slow service for average food.

Review №98

This place is an absolute nightmare. Not clean by any means, extremely rude employment, especially the manager, Chris, was very rude, not understanding by any means, immature, and extremely unprofessional. I will never set foot in this Panera again, if any Panera location as this place ruined any good memory of past Panera experiences. Definitely steer clear of this place, they forget things on your order 99% of the time, and call you out when you go to correct the issue, talk about bad customer service. Never again will I return to this cafe, its not worth your time or money by any means.

Review №99

The food at all Panera Bread locations seems to be very consistent and, because of that, delicious. This location unfortunately has an incompetent staff who just do not seem to care. I have ordered breakfast over the phone literally 17 times (since I started tracking it) and my order has been correct ONCE. Last time I had to request my wife's sandwich with no cheese because our nursing newborn has a dairy allergy - it had cheese melted into the sandwich. I still go here because it is the only one close to my home.

Review №100


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  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Good for working on laptop:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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