Dosey Doe Breakfast & BBQ & Whiskey Bar
2626 Research Forest Dr B, The Woodlands, TX 77381, United States
Review №1

Wonderful experience! Very cozy atmosphere. Lovely staff. A nice spot for a few friends to just chill, have a bite to eat and a drink or two. Oh man, I was super impressed with the guy who made our drinks. James is truly a mixologist. We ordered off the menu, but his passion for the art of the drink really shone though in the taste. So unique. His subtle extra touches are what stood out and put the experience over the top. I've had these drinks before. But not like this. I will definitely be back. We really enjoyed winding down and spending time with friends here. It's nice to get out of the house, and enjoy some expert made cocktails at an affordable price. Highly reccomended.

Review №2

First time at the Research Forest location and experienced the worst service.Let me be more specific. Greet time and atmosphere was superb. Server was a short stature small framed brown haired boy that wore a black chili pepper mask. Never mentioned his name, okay no big deal. When our order arrived I noticed my eggs were incorrect. I immediately explained to him that I ordered eggs over easy and he quickly responded no you ordered scrambled eggs. I was completely taken back at his response and a bit confused and I looked across the table and had noticed my son shared the same confused expression as myself, and that's because my son knows I never order scrambled eggs. I told the server, hey no big deal mistakes happen. Moving forward another waitress offered a refill for my coffee and this time I was able to ask for sugar and she responded, well isn't it just on the other side of your glass, to me it kind of seemed snarky like really you can't see the sugar type tone, well I picked up the pepper shakers and told her that if sugar has changed color then no. Okay moving on, while eating, the chicken fried steak with gravy was extremely salty but what was worse were the hash browns. They were undercooked, no crispiness, and saturated in oil. Im a chef but anybody that knows nothing about cooking knows hash browns are to be cooked until they're nice and crispy from the outside. A child could explain the technique. So, I decide not to eat the eggs or the not so crispy hash but extremely oily browns the manager stops by and ask how everything was going. I said great except for the eggs and the hash browns explained the situation, and even showed him how oily they were, and he said oh would you just like our potatoes instead. Wow, it seemed as if he was telling me this is how they make their hash browns and that's it so try something else. I've gone to the Dosey Doe 45 South location several times and never experienced such disrespect from an establishment such as this place. I have years of waiting experience and still tipped accordingly because l know what it's like in the service Industry but I'll never return to that location because of their horrible seevice

Review №3

My boyfriend and I really enjoy this place. The atmosphere is very chill and the food is great! Please note that they are open until 9pm Tuesday-Saturday. Google has the hours wrong for some reason.

Review №4

Great Food, Amazing Service, nice atmosphere and decor! My family and I will definately be coming back and I highly recommend you give a try! Try the Breakfast and coffee... I know from a BBQ Place??? Who knew??? Now I know and now its your turn to find out! Cheers & Beers!

Review №5

Unbelievably good food. Possibly the best ribs I've ever had before. Definitely try their Texas Popcorn! The bartenders are talented, fun, and knowledgeable over a grand selection of whiskeys and cocktails.

Review №6

I used to love the brunch at their big barn location but hands down the worst breakfast and coffee I've ever been given this coming from someone who loves their location that closed.The eggs Benedict was inedible and had tabasco all over it. The bacon looked like a ground beef pattie. And my waiter walked out on his job.Super sad to see a place I loved so much open another location and this be it.

Review №7

Such a fun experience at the new whiskey bar, with a master mixologist, James! He has a passion for his craft and is patient with curious onlookers' questions! From the creative drinks to the delicious food, we'll be sure to return!

Review №8

Friendly and quick to-go service. Loved the food.

Review №9

James ans Sachi made this experience amazing! Good food, good atmosphere and great drinks!

Review №10

Came for breakfast at 11:00 am on a Sunday and the whole family left disappointed. Our server was nice but extremely slow and inattentive. Our order was late put in so we waited a long time and when the food came the eggs and potatoes were good but the bacon was greasy and nasty the biscuits were hard as rocks and the expensive coffees were not what they should've been. Overall it could have been worse but it also should've been way better. I hope they work at it because that atmosphere is great and the staff seem friendly.

Review №11

Went Sunday, 9/20/20 @ approximately 10am for breakfast. The place was half empty. We sat down and waited 5 minutes for a waitress to get our drink order, waited another 5 minutes to order. Order took 20 minutes to come out. My wheat toast consisted of 1 slice of wheat bread not toasted and not even warm. Paid crazy money for an omelet with 4 ingredients. My wife was brought bacon that looked like it had been sitting for so long that it had reduced to 2 month old jerky. After an additional 10 minutes the toast and the bacon was corrected but it really should have been done right the first time. The staff looks overwhelmed with a half empty restaurant. The cook apparently needs help too. Attention to customers is lacking and I have to believe it's lack of leadership and management. I love the concept and I think it could be what some people rave about. I'm ready to give them another shot, but please work on your model.PS- I would have sent these comments privately but there was not an option on the website.

Review №12

This little restaurant that is locally owned is a hidden GEM!! Their BBQ is smoked on site, their coffee is ground and bagged in house, and their food is PHENOMENAL!! And, they're about to open an in house Whiskey Bar!! If you haven't been, I suggest you try it!! One of my favs, their brisket breakfast burrito!!

Review №13

When first walking in. I wasn't sure if I was walking inside a coffee shop or a tavern. The cashier seemed somewhat unhappy being there. The presentation of the food on a hard plastic children's plate was very weird. Brisket had a nice smokey taste, but the flavor off. The side of sweet jalapenos mixed with onions didn't pair with the meal, and was obviously out the can.

Review №14

I love the antique decorations on the walls. It brings back fond memories from my youth. The restaurant is extremely well kept which is always a good sign.They have daily specials with a few all-you-can-eat days. I tried the all-you-can-eat brisket Monday and was pleasantly surprised. The cuts of meats varied from moist to lean but they were all tasty. Two sides are also included with premium sides having an additional charge. Drinks are separate. You get two slices of brisket with each request and refills of your sides as well. The BBQ sauce is thick and flavorful. It comes separate in a syrup jar, so you can smother your meats or dip it in a sauce cup. Definitely worth a try.

Review №15

Best breakfast and lunch options. My favorite thing to order is the café cubano coffee. They redesigned the location recently and introduced free mimosas which are delicious. Highly recommend, this is a great local spot.

Review №16

My French toast stuffed with bananas we're very good. The OJ was good.I ordered them with scrambled eggs. They tasted weird, just different. When I was adding them to the to go box, there was sauce or something under them. I think it was syrup (?)My cheddar grits, were mediocre, but in all fairness, I think I've been spoiled by the city grits at Another Broken Egg.Service: Basically self serve, minus the food being delivered to your table and plates picked up.

Review №17

Amazing food, great atmosphere, awesome staff!! Great way to start the day! Highly recommend!

Review №18

I'm glad we stumbled upon this place. The food was great and came out quickly. Great service & atmosphere also.

Review №19

Outstanding breakfast, hot coffee, great service! Following Covid protocols to the T!! Love this place for a lazy Saturday brunch!

Review №20

Service was outstanding, but food was no good at all...

Review №21

The BBQ alright, I prefer a more lean brisket. I ordered the marbled, but thought it was really fatty, I'll have to try the lean and update this review. We went near brunch time, and the coffee indeed is quite good, but american style (not strong and watered down for avid coffee drinkers, but good) I felt it neither needed sugar not milk/cream.The decoration and atmosphere is quite rustic and cool, very Texan! The Woodlands is very lacking in BBQ options, so if you are hit with a craving, it'll satisfy your needs.

Review №22

Excellent BBQ. Had the two beef plate. Brisket and beef ribs. With cowboy beans and cream corn jalapeno. The BBQ sauce was really good. Coming back and try the street tacos. 5 stars for making me very satisfied with great BBQ.

Review №23

This place is amazing! I happened to stumble on Dosey Doe while trying a new dry cleaners and I can tell you I was NOT disappointed! The gentleman behind the counter made sure I felt at home and walked me through the whole process of ordering. He recommended the All you can eat ribs and wow, just wow! Tender, fall off the bone, incredible! Their Mac & cheese is homemade, and you can tell! If I could rate this place 10 stars I would, cozy atmosphere, wonderful service and amazing food! I will definitely be back!

Review №24

I come here once a while for brunch & breakfast, and I've always loved it I normally get a breakfast waffle, with an over easy eggs, and ham I've enjoyed it alot I suggest getting grits with it also give brunch a try.

Review №25

The food was wonderful and they serve big portions! Only issue is the seating arrangements are not the best.

Review №26

Great BBQ! Son got a rib plate. Nice meaty fall off the bone ribs. found out they have all-you-can-eat ribs on Thursday night... Will definitely be going back for that. Way better BBQ than Dickies, the only other barbecue joint in The Woodlands

Review №27

Definitely not the same as the old 1488 location. Lots of room for improvement.Fresh squeezed orange juice tasted delicious but was room temperature. Biscuit was hard, either old or overcooked. Over medium eggs were over hard.We loved the 1488 location, especially the DD Juevos Rancheros and Bacon Bloody Mary, so we'll surely be back. Hopefully, they'll have the bugs worked out by then.Tip: Grab a menu and have a seat, then go place your order. Be prepared to wait and enjoy your company; this order took almost 30 minutes.

Review №28

Food was good but service wasn't up to par. The menu offers banana fosters pancakes and banana stuffed French toast. We asked if they were able to do banana fosters style French toast and just add the bourbon syrup to the stuffed French toast. Without hesitation from the waitress we were told no and that only banana fosters pancakes were offered. The restaurant was extremely cold. Several customers complained about the temperature and were told staff wasn't allowed to change the temperature. We witnessed at least 4 customers decline service and leave due to the temperature issue.

Review №29

Not only a really cool place for live music, but also the best breakfast you will ever eat. Blows all of the breakfast places in The Woodlands and Conroe away. Very clean, very good service, AWESOME food and coffee.

Review №30

Fantastic bbq, one of the best choices in the Houston area.

Review №31

In all the BBQ places I have visited, I found one of the best, which I could recommend with confidence. Now for me, it will be one of my favorite places.Dec-20-2019. 13:20hr

Review №32

WOW. Got some great news a few weeks ago, the hubbs and I were going to celebrate over breakfast. We decided to try the food here, we were excited to try the food here. We walked in and around to the middle aged balding guy on his phone said Hello and waited for a response. There wasn't one. Guy could not be bothered. I told him it was our first time there and asked how it worked - do we just seat our selves or...? Guy says Sure, whatever. I let the hubbs know that with customer service like that I wasn't interested in the food anymore. We left. We were bummed - we tend to make places our spot for a bit when we like them and we're not bad tippers - but if you don't want our money its cool. We ended up at House of Pies down the road. Its a little farther from the house but great Americana style breakfast and the customer service was pretty great too! You find you don't like the customer service here either, I definitely recommend driving past Dosey Doe and trying the House of Pies!!

Review №33

We love this little place. Brandon is a wonderful server with a very nice personality. The food is perfect. Every single time. It's delicious and fresh. We bring kids and it's all great. The roast masters coffee is the best! Highly recommend for any mix and match of people!

Review №34

Just spent 35 minutes waiting to order and was the sole customer in the restaurant. Waiter never addressed me and finally I asked for a menu which was delivered. Then nothing. Bizarrely negative experience. I could understand if waiter was late in setting up but to not communicate at all with me was insane. Not going back.

Review №35

Yummy ! What great food. We enjoyed the breakfast. Eggs, French toast and hash browns + granola, yogurt parfait. Low key place. Which we love! The atmosphere is warm, easy going, farmhouse, classic collectibles and old radios from all ages stack on the shelves as well as collector items as the decor. Definitely will be coming back.

Review №36

It's early in the morning and understand not being serviced by friendly faces; however the review is needed to improve lackluster attitude, overall safety of the establishment, and value proposition for the consumer.As a disabled veteran with lower back injuries I'm careful when I walk, as anyone with some wear and tear would be. I noticed the floor has a grease like filmy coating that is slippery. Coming out of the bathroom, as the floor transitions about a few inches, I slipped into a split like position catching myself on the wall/door and walked it off, hoping no one saw that..However it's not until 15mins later and my back and groin are in pain.I brought it up to my service and then he agreed with me it's slippery and "must've had some grease on the mop or something"..I was like, are you kidding me? But stated they may want to look at the bathroom and get it cleaned up before someone gets injured and explained the situation I just faced.No response but the total dollar amount owed..Cool, still tipped 15% cash and left grabbing my to go order.As Soon as I grabbed my order I realized how light everything felt, as me and breakfast with coffee is almost daily for over a decade. You kinda notice. So I looked in the bag that was tied, no napkins..I'm like, ok, so I go grab some in the restaurant and walk back through. (I felt like I didn't want to burden the service and it would be faster if I just went to get napkins myself)Get to my vehicle, and this was my findings.A breakfast "burrito" that was the size of a "taco" and I couldn't find a piece of brisket in there that I could actually chew, but no worries, it was somewhat tasty though and I did eat it all.However, a half full coffee/mocha is not acceptable. After I've scooped out the foam, which you can clearly see, is a very expensive and dull tasting drink. Pretty much spent $11 bucks and I'm still hungry and wanting a good cup of coffee... very frustrating to say the least if you love and gotta have your coffee.I don't want my money back, I want their employees to realize the only reason they have a job is to make sure the food and drink they provide are worth paying for. Uphold THE STANDARD of this establishment or fine something else to do.

Review №37

This is a relocation of a restaurant where I ate breakfast almost every workday for about four years. I am only able to go once a week now, but I always look forward to it! There's a great ambiance, good food, and they roast their own coffee beans. They hire good folk to run the place too.

Review №38

Good ambience, good food, decent prices. I'll return!

Review №39

Very nice environment. Service was very good. We received our food very quickly and the server kept checking on us.

Review №40

It is what it is - a local joint, serving hot coffee and good comfort food. I almost dont wanna tell y'all about it cuz i like how uncrowded and easy going it is here during the week. But nobody actually reads these anyway, so--- :)

Review №41

Awful brisket. Brisket was super rubbery at a pull test. No smoke ring and very undercooked in brisket doneness sense. Can't believe they charge as if they are high end like Corkscrew or something. Literally no one in there at lunch on a Friday should have been my first clue. Only one star because the sausage was decent although pretty dry.

Review №42

Great little place. Great food, clean, and decorated in the traditional Texas theme. Knocking off 1 star for the always seemingly slow service. Not terribly slow, but just enough to begin becoming annoying. I will continue to go here, however.

Review №43

Lovely food and atmosphere. Serves dinner and bbq style. Ate breakfast there, amazing french toast

Review №44

I have to take away a star. Ordered the quick two egg combo. They made my eggs perfectly, and the quantity was just right. However, the person that took my order was not a morning person. He was monotone and cranky. When he delivered my breakfast he just dropped it on the table and walked away. Maybe he should be loved to the afternoon shift.

Review №45

I go here for lunch and have been surprised how consistently empty the place is. The food is good and the prices are alright. My wife says that she has had multiple quality control issues with the tacos, but I haven't with the burgers. She has since started asking for lean meat, and the quality has been better.

Review №46

Great food awesome coffee and excellent customer service

Review №47

Always a fun place to eat with good food at a reasonable price. If you get a chance to have a chat with the owner you'll have a fun chat

Review №48

Really great food and friendly service! Will absolutely be coming back for more!

Review №49

All you can eat ribs were delicious. But server was clueless. I asked her what kind of ribs were being served, she said she didnt know. I said you work at a bbq and you do t know the weekly specials?? What?? Her answer was, I don't like ribs.So I give my server a 1, for being that stupid, but chef gets 4 the place overall a 3/4.

Review №50

I so wanted this place to be good given proximity to my office but they always disappoint. I have eaten a minimum of 10 times since they opened around lunch during the week. My key takeaways are poor customer service, high price, slow, and mediocre food.

Review №51

Very homestyle food. I love it. Food taste great. Seems like they use really good quality ingredients. Just try it! Seems a bit hidden but it's great. Great coffee and selection of it too.

Review №52

Cute place and good traditional breakfast.

Review №53

Good breakfast and serve yourself coffee. We went to one of the smaller ones for breakfast. Decorations are country style and so is the food. Very good.I've been told the big place will have a live band sometimes.

Review №54

Good food nice place, Great help. The morning week day morning guy rocks too takes great care of us.

Review №55

Friendly service and great food. The sliders and Chicken, brisket and sausage gumbo was great. The chicken fried steak is huge so consider the small for lunch.

Review №56

Food was great customer service was great.portion size was small.

Review №57

Great breakfast. Had the Texas style migas...was feeling nostalgic and wanted something like Grandma made. Chorizo eggs beans were just right. Coffee delicious. It's cozy and laid back.

Review №58

Dosey Doe knows how to take care of their regulars! I frequent this location and every morning that I walk in I don't even have to say a thing and Brandon is already started on my coffee. Everyone is always so friendly and accommodating, I HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone in the woodlands area and beyond.

Review №59

Originally from Detroit and was looking for some Texas BBQ. I had Jalapeno Sausage and Brisket and it was absolutely amazing. The brisket and sausage was juicy and smoked perfectly, and the homemade cornbread only topped it off. The staff was very friendly and the counter person Brendan answered every question I had. Overall, I am so happy I found this place and when I am back in Houston I will make it a point to stop by again.

Review №60

Haven't had their lunch but the breakfast is great.

Review №61

Great Experience! Food was phenomenal and the staff was very friendly! My son was being a bit fussy and the manager Brendan came by and played with him and talked to him and before you knew it he was laughing and having a great time! Thanks Dosey Doe for the amazing experience we will DEFINITELY be back!

Review №62

Love this place. Perfect service from Brandon and the food was delish. Keep up the good work DDBBQ.

Review №63

So-so. The breakfast food was decent and the eggs nicely done, but the cook neglected to bake any biscuits so it was soggy toast and a limp English muffin instead. The coffee mugs were chipped (hint: this is unsanitary, not shabby chic), the silverware a bit cruddy and the coffee in the thermal dispensers wasn't hot.

Review №64

We got here around 9:10 ordered, several people arrived after us and we noticed they got their food. We asked and we got part of the order, ended up being wrong. Food was ok, my husband had the brisket hash, it was mostly potatoes, he said we wouldn't eat it again, left most of it uneaten. My pancake was hard and cold, they probably made it away ahead of our regular food. Won't be back. 50 minutes in there of which 35 was waiting.

Review №65

Had an awesome breakfast burrito. The new manager is super friendly and the coffee is great. Relaxing atmosphere to have a good conversation!

Review №66

Great for breakfast - huge portions and very hearty.

Review №67

Very Quaint neighborhood style restaurant. I had the Texas style Migas and a Wedding Cake Latte, it was absolutely delicious! The kind gentleman behind the counter made me feel very welcome, I think I found my breakfast place! Thanks Dosey Doe.-K

Review №68

Great breakfast! Pancakes as big as your plate.

Review №69

First time at this location, we usually goto Alden Bridge. The atmosphere is quaint and accommodating, the food was delicious(I ordered the cast iron brisket hash), and the service was excellent! Even though it is counter service the gentleman behind the counter came by multiple times making sure we had everything we needed and also made sure the food was perfect. I recommend this place to anyone looking for a quaint atmosphere, great breakfast, and wonderful service.

Review №70

Great atmosphere. Always taken well care of by staff. Had our Christmas party here, and they bent over backwards for us.

Review №71

Really nice people. Nice food.

Review №72

Some training issues at the register, but excellent bbq and a really nice menu. Salad has some kind of vinagarette that was amazing!

Review №73

Great food/coffee. Nice atmosphere. Welcoming and attentive staff. This place has become my go-to breakfast joint.

Review №74

Food is average. Service was terrible. No utensils given when we ordered, food took forever to be delivered and when they did deliver they neglected to make my husbands food, and didnt prepare mine correctly. So my food and my son's food was cold by the time they made and delivered my husband's food. The coffee was cold and when I went back for more all of the containers were empty. We wont be back.

Review №75

Disappointed All the way around!!Chili Reyenos were 2 fried corn tortillas between stuff. Taco Bell quality. You walk take a menu stand in line when it's your turn you give your menu order at the register pay for it and serve yourself to your drinks, or coffee.Not my idea of a birthday breakfast.

Review №76

Any place that serves smoked brisket at breakfast will always get five stars from me. Try the Hash!

Review №77

Cute Texan-y spot for breakfast. It would be a good place to take people from out of town . The food wasn't amazing, just decent but still satisfying in a diner sort of way. Its a cozy place, no table side service. You have to go up to the counter to order.

Review №78

Great little place for breakfast

Review №79

Banana stuffed french toast was good. Brisket stuffed burrito was good. Place is kinda dark and small. The locals seem to like it. I think the other location is more established.

Review №80

Disclaimer: my experience was during the second day of opening. The majority of the staff was friendly but also unaware of the menu. My food was acceptable (variation of biscuits and gravy with skillet potatoes). My girlfriend's food (cast iron brisket breakfast hash) was not prepared according to the menu missing everything except the potatoes and brisket. The manager may have been overwhelmed but was clearly in the wrong business. His attitude was short and seemingly bitter without reason when we first questioned the food. He stated the restaurant had only been open 2 days and they have been taking notes (for an established business in Houston?) and he would have the food made again. He came back 2 minutes later and the food just had the missing ingredients thrown on top....we instead requested to get an omelette instead which came out nearly 25 minutes later after I had finished my entree. We also ordered a scone to find out after paying they don't have scones yet and were provided with a cheaper substitute. All exchanges of items were cheaper and we were never offered the difference refunded. All in all, nearly mediocre breakfast spot. The BBQ may be better but I would rather go elsewhere due to the leadership and overall experience during today's visit.

Review №81

Pretty good food, in a cozy atmosphere

Review №82

Just had my usual Tuesday trip to my favorite breakfast joint in the Woodlands! Brandon had my order in as soon as I walked in the door like usual, one of these days I am going to switch it up on him lol. I had the Juevos Rancheros which is to die for, and their coffee puts Starbucks to shame(no really, it is amazing). If you are looking for amazing food, quaint atmosphere and awesome friendly service go see Brandon at Dosey Doe Breakfast and BBQ! Tell him Amy sent you!

Review №83

First and last visit. I got the catfish, and the crust was gooey and the catfish tasted like mud. The green beans were good. My husband got the breakfast and it was supposed to come with potatoes. Had to go to the cash register and then they argued until pointed out on the menu. There was no coffee!! Had to wait close to 10 minutes until they brought a new pot out. Waitress sat down at a table with friends to phone surf. Bad.

Review №84

We went for breakfast and the food had no flavor, I had the cast iron brisket breakfast. My order was wrong and there wasn't much flavor. I also ordered the Texas peach empanada, it was mostly cream cheese with very little peach and I mean little. On the positive note, the atmosphere and staff were good. Add flavor people!

Review №85

This place just opened, so maybe that's why all of the 1 star reviews... but so far, I can't say enough good things about this place. Had the French toast with the honey infused whipped butter.. . . wow! What great French toast, and the lemon zest really went well with it. The food was great and the people were very nice. Will be back again!

Review №86

Good food, average service.

Review №87

The quality of food and service is really good. Great place to enjoy a nice quiet breakfast, brunch, or lunch without sacrificing food. Everyone was nice and accommodating.

Review №88

Badass atmosphere. Would eat here again for sure. Really good service people working there make you feel welcomed.

Review №89

BBQ'S great. Miss the old place however this location is good also.

Review №90

Since closure at 1488, their 3rd eating site opened on Research Forest. Our men's group met here weekly. Their early crew were limited leaving us short on time and choosing a new spot. Food was ok otherwise.

Review №91

Good food, nice atmosphere.

Review №92

The food was on point. And the pictures do not disappoint. Best hardy breakfast i have eaten in a while. ;)

Review №93

It's as if there are a bunch of kids there that don't want to take the time for any customer service or get your food right. They can't be bothered. This place was good when on 1488. Now, don't waste your time.

Review №94

Really great food. Live entertainment, but still family friendly, which is refreshing. Helpful, pleasant staff. Fast service. I believe it's a family owned and operated and we love to support locally owned businesses.

Review №95

Nothing special about this place Won't go backvery poor breakfast for the money

Review №96

The new place just isn't the same. It's now counter service so you get your own drinks and seat yourself. My husband was happy to see that the Hillbilly Benedict is now permanently on the menu. However the food just didn't seem to be the same quality as we're used to from them. My bacon just tasted bad. All in all, I don't think we'll go back.

Review №97

Very nice family setup they do brunch and a nice lunch menu we even had an emergency the staff was so helpful and speedy I will be back there

Review №98

Yummy sandwiches. Love their pulled pork sandwich and hand cut fries.

Review №99

First and foremost, they've got some bomb ass pancakes. The chicken fried steak and eggs were great as well. Sadly, that was all overshadowed by the super sub-par customer service. the cashier was caught up in something else while taking my order. I had to repeat each part of my order twice. Secondly, when the server brought pancakes she didn't bring syrup. When I asked for syrup she responded with "yeah yeah".

Review №100

Good food and great customer service.

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  • Address:2626 Research Forest Dr B, The Woodlands, TX 77381, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 832-823-4414
  • Barbecue restaurant
  • Breakfast restaurant
  • Southern restaurant (US)
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–2PM
  • Thursday:7AM–2PM
  • Friday:7AM–9PM
  • Saturday:7AM–9PM
  • Sunday:7AM–9PM
Service options
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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