9110 West, Gosling Rd, The Woodlands, TX 77381, United States
Review №1

Always consistent! All I had was a senior coffee , and I did order some egg Mc Muffins for my family! Enjoyed all!

Review №2

Very nice service and made special requests for fresher food! Clean and friendly. definitely will come again! Has self-service machines inside and outside they have 2 handicapped available spots, 2 mobile ordering spots, and 2 reserved spots for the drive-thru!

Review №3

I hate going to this location. It's been the same for a year of my just brushing it off. This place always mess my order up, then turn around and give me an attitude. I go here because it's closer to my work place. The customer representative guy who is there in the morning and the lady are the worst. Need more training.

Review №4

Always fresh & hot foodSuper nice staff

Review №5

A 15 minute wait for an order made ahead of time.May wanna sweep every now and again too. Gross.

Review №6

Great, speedy service and food doesn't disappoint!

Review №7

I went through the drive thru and placed my order too later find out it was wrong. And when I returned minutes later the manager was really rude telling me I didn't order it when I was charged for it and replaced my order with a attitude and when I checked my order it was appeared like it just got thrown in there my burgers where made really sloppy and appeared like the food was just thrown in there. I will not be returning to this location.

Review №8

Food was bad even by McDonald's standards. They were probably understaffed so I cannot fault the workers. I'm just sad my nuggets were overcooked:(

Review №9

When we went, they got my order wrong. We were missing not 1 but 2 fries and they got my burger wrong, so, yeah...

Review №10

Cleanest McDonald's I've ever been to, not much more to say it's a McDonald's.

Review №11

This place was horrible when I pulled up order a 20 piece nugget they were cold old and dry I ordered a large drink from the value menu in the gentleman ignored me and pretended he did not hear me placing an order for a large drink bad customer service and will never return again remember I always say we as customers have the purchasing power

Review №12

No sprite super long wait had to repeat order several times maybe due to microphone?

Review №13

Consistent food and service. Our fav breakfast.

Review №14

Quick service. Order was perfect

Review №15

Food was usually, but they still don't have dine-in open.

Review №16

This McDonald's was not on point at my time to be serve. I stood in line to be served it took about 7 minutes.Both Sweet and Unsweetened Teas needed to be refilled. The teas was even out in the drive thru, so I had to leave with only half a large tea. I am really big on customer service and this was not acceptable at all. Someone should have been maintaining the lobby after the lunch rush.I gave 2 stars because I see potential in making this a better establishment.

Review №17

The lady with the burgundy shirt was very pleasant when making my frappe. The manager is always pleasant even when it's busy.

Review №18

Went through for breakfast this morning and apparently they decided to try my coffee before handing it to me. Got all the way to work, went to take a drink and noticed sparkly lip gloss on my cup. Disgusting. Didn't have time to go back since I was at work but will definitely not be coming back.

Review №19

The interior design is super, but their service does not match. It is slower compared to other branches based on my experience. I tried their new kiosk order machine today. The screen showed that they would bring the food to your table. However, nothing happened over 20 minutes. I came to check and found my order there, but no one brought to my table. I told them I was OK to pick it up. However don't overpromise the costumers on the machine if you couldn't do.

Review №20

They left me waiting at the drive-through window for about seven minutes when I only ordered one hamburger and fries. The food was not very hot and they didn't say anything to me when they handed me my food to apologize for the wait or anything. I need to learn lessons from Chick-fil-A about customer service, which is where I'll be going from now on.

Review №21

Pretty good I say order on par. Clean that's I of the things I look for. Sodas crisp to taste.

Review №22

Just had a biscuit & sausage ( hold the egg & cheese please) it was hot fresh & made when I got there

Review №23

4 stars only because they constantly put creamer on my coffee

Review №24

I love their chicken nuggets. Service was fast. Customer service was good.

Review №25

This place needs a new system for getting food to customers. Customers wait too long for food while orders are taken to the drive thru. I know they want to keep the cars moving but dine-in customers are important too.

Review №26

One of the employees Practically threw the sauces at me when I asked for some sauce. And gave me a very dirty look. Seemed like the manger.

Review №27

Food and staff are great!

Review №28

Always a good place for cheap fast soda. Convenient location clean restaurant

Review №29

HORRIBLE McDonald's! Waited in drive thru for twenty minutes at 7 am for the guy to finally come on speaker and be rude! Won't be going back to this location at all! If you don't like your job then go somewhere else.

Review №30

First impression, the tables and floors needed to be wiped down and swept. We had to ask to have one of the bigger tables cleaned off, so my family of 5 could sit down. The manager seemed to be doing a lot of different task, not sure if he was training a new girl or just under staffed. He was polite and checked on us twice before my family was ready to order. However, I felt other members could have assisted while he appeared to be working both the drive thru window and front counter. My hats off to the night manager (sorry didn't catch his name), but it would have been nice to see the rest of the crew work together as a team. We went on a Sunday around 5:30 pm.

Review №31

Fast service

Review №32

A little bit slower than the other McDonald's in The woodlands

Review №33

It's McDonald's! What more is there to know?It's the same thing you know! Copy pasted.

Review №34

Efficient, made-to-order meals

Review №35

Ice cream machine works ... !!

Review №36

Got there had to wait ten minutes to order lunch ok. But ten after lunch started they let someone order a breakfast after breakfast was over then why couldn't I order my early if you can order breakfast late

Review №37

If you want soggy fries and your order made wrong consistently, this is the right location to go to. Top notch.

Review №38

If I could put zero stars I would. This place is the worst. Every employer you interact with seems like it's the worse day of their life. My most recent encounter was going through the driveway placing my order then waiting for 15 minutes while no one did anything after that. I'm not sure if anyone ever came to the window with my food because eventually I just left. If there is one location that represents the worst about McDonald's this location is it.

Review №39

Great sausage eggs burritos

Review №40

Great food

Review №41

Nice beach not too crowded with lifeguards, good swimming beach with a fairly short distance to drop off not too good for waders

Review №42

Good fast food meal. drinks are cheap. salad is good

Review №43

Great location

Review №44

So this is their idea of a large coffee... Manager was pretty lame in handling the situation, oh well.

Review №45

Very efficient drive thru today. Food was good as expected!

Review №46

Food is always cold

Review №47

Love their ice cream cones & frappes

Review №48

Had breakfast burrito, as usual, really don't care 4 McD'a, but this was hot fresh & actually quite delicious!

Review №49

Food was good. French fries are kinda tasteless, but that just might be me being picky. The operator taking my order seemed a bit drowsy, although I would be too at 11 pm.

Review №50

Just stopped in for some breakfast and the guy working the first drive through window was very nice and friendly. Unfortunately, I could not read his name tag or I would've mentioned it here. Food was yummy and they were fast and friendly!

Review №51

Good ol double quarter pounder with cheese. Was a little more expensive than I remember but it's an ok option in a pinch.

Review №52

Polite service, got want i needed, tasted great

Review №53

Completely incompetent manager named Josh. Couldn't properly place order in their system, couldn't fix price discrepancy with the posted menu board. When I inquired to explain the problem so he could fix it he said “oh my god” when they were trying to over charge vs the posted prices.

Review №54

Good service

Review №55

Fix your employees attitudes

Review №56

Some construction going on during my visit, but it hardly detracted from the experience. Very clean, frankly lovely atmosphere, and a more modern approach as far as layout goes.

Review №57

I am dairy free, and I asked the worker if the biscuit they have was dairy free and they said “yes” i went on to check later and it had 3 different types of milk in it.

Review №58

No gloves,no facemask

Review №59

This MD is decent is clean ,service is good but, ordering at the drive up is a problem. English is not their 1st language. Bathroom are usually clean and seating is comfy.

Review №60

Very clean store and friendly service. Typical fast food fare for McDonald's but nice atmosphere and not crowded.

Review №61

Staff very rude

Review №62

I mean it is McDonald's, sometimes you just need the sodium! Burgers are sometimes greasy, but usually pretty decent since changing beef.

Review №63

This certainly isn't a chick filet!! Punk kid at the register and took FOREVER to get our food.

Review №64

Best place to start

Review №65

Same as usual! I love McDonald's cokes!

Review №66

Soggy fries

Review №67

Good experience

Review №68

Employee came out of bathroom and ignored me at counter. Laughed at me... it so it seemed.... with the guy at drive thru. I waited. Guy cleaning windows had to say something about me waiting when the guy at drive thru finally acknowledged my presence even though he saw me earlier. He then said he was alone. Food might be ok but when you're treated like you're money isn't good enough then the quality doesn't matter

Review №69

This has got to be the worse mcdonalds I been too,super slow waited for my big mac no onion for almost 30 mins!!!!!what really?!?!?!?wow definite need new employees along with management!!!!!

Review №70

This particular franchise really needs to work on its customer service. the staff is not that concerned about Mac Donald's reputation in particular. i used to love Mc Donald's fries, and some how this particular outlet always over cooks it and i take the fries now from the neighbouring burger king.I got fresh cookies once and they were so fresh that they sort of melted in my hand while trying to eat them lol.I dot want to talk bad about the staff but they do need to rise up to the international standard which Mac Donald surely is about. and Mac Donald's is awesome. and I do love it. I just want this outlet to improve up to the mark.No offense to anyone. Juts an honest review.JD

Review №71

Male DT staff is rude. Sauce is always missing for nuggets. However, the last time I went the two female DT employees were fantastic. They both were super sweet

Review №72

Fast and friendly people the manager was nice enough to give me a discount because I didn't have enough money on my card for my order .

Review №73

Always good. Nice staff. Service fast. Clean restaurant. Manager wonderful. Was there at 10:30am on a Sunday.

Review №74

Got the McRib. A fall favorite of mine!

Review №75

Don't waste your time here. This use to be a good location and I have given them several chances recently but every time I go it's at least a 15min wait (even when there isn't a line). Today the person at the window didn't know what my order was, didn't know how to apply the coupon I had, then she left the window without handing me my drink only my food. It took her almost 5mins to come back and then she asked if I was waiting for the sweet tea, I told her yes and she asked why. Why??? Hello!!! I ordered it, why else would I be waiting? She then told me they were out. I asked for a Dr pepper instead and that took her another 2mins to make. Whoever is running this location needs to be fired, I feel bad saying that but there is a problem every time I go and I can't keep giving you chances. Today was the last chance. Also my fries were cold and hard and burnt.

Review №76

Probably the best McDonald's in the Woodlands. Burgers are always hot and fresh and so are the fries

Review №77

This is my favorite McDonald's because it is near my house.

Review №78

Very clean, nice interior. Also young man wearing glasses was very sweet :)

Review №79

Very nice establishment! You cannot see it from the road due to the woods so be careful because you might pass it! I've been coming to this location for about 2 years! The staff is always friendly, the food is always hot. I can only remember one time I had to pull into a reserve spot and wait on my food! This place is clean in the inside as well! Will be returning!

Review №80

Can't go wrong.

Review №81

Not consistent

Review №82

This McDonald's is by far the best of many McDonald's that I have been to...

Review №83

A very nice place. You cannot see it from the street because of the woods. A large parking lot and easy to park. The employees are very friendly and nice. The floor was clean and the tables were clean. It has a feeling like you're in the woods with the woods surrounding the parking lot. My order was quick and I did have a coupon. I use the McDonald's app to get the coupon. You should also get the app and get the coupon. Food came out fast and it was hot. It tasted very good. I enjoyed this very much. I have been here before and will come back again. I recommend this highly to anyone. Right next door there is a Burger King. On the other side there is a Walgreens.

Review №84

I think it is unfair that McDonald's feels they have to rip people off to make a living. This location charged 60 cents more for my sandwhich and 70 cents more for my oj. Just because it is in a ritzy neighborhood. Poor people go by here too! This sucks!

Review №85

Ok service, a bit unorganized during the morning, breakfast hours but understandable.

Review №86

Avoid the drive-thru. It's impossible for them to take your order. Just go inside. They actually make a nice looking burger.

Review №87

Service was what is to be expected of fast food. The lines were long, the speaker person was hard to understand, they tell you no receipt paper after she runs your card. Food was hot.

Review №88

It was okay, couldn't understand the cashier too well and food was taking a bit long to be ready. I wouldn't say that it was the best nor the worst.

Review №89

Tge ice machine has been leaking water all over the floor for months. All they did was place a danger cone over the puddle.

Review №90

It's McDonalds I guess.

Review №91

Friendly service.

Review №92

Can you bring the food into burger king playground next door? They are owned by the same guy.

Review №93

Food is always got and ready !! They coupd train the kids with better customer service ,wearing a smile goes a long way!

Review №94

Quick. Good deals.

Review №95

They are all smiles and very nice too

Review №96

Nice McDonalds. they got my order right the first time. Which these days means allot.

Review №97

Not my usual.. But great on the run.

Review №98

Cold burger and fish sandwich was rancid caused stomach problems

Review №99

I prank called them and they hung up very mean

Review №100

Check out their salad, chicken plates. Great deal.

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3.4 Rating
  • Address:9110 West, Gosling Rd, The Woodlands, TX 77381, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 281-298-4006
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Breakfast restaurant
  • Coffee shop
  • Hamburger restaurant
  • Restaurant
  • Sandwich shop
Working hours
  • Monday:4AM–11PM
  • Tuesday:4AM–11PM
  • Wednesday:4AM–11PM
  • Thursday:4AM–11PM
  • Friday:4AM–11PM
  • Saturday:4AM–11PM
  • Sunday:4AM–11PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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