Taco Bell
9945 Six Pines Dr, The Woodlands, TX 77380, United States
Review №1

Possibly the worst Taco Bell experiences I've ever had have been at this location. I've ordered UberEats from this Taco Bell three times. Guess how many times my order has been straight up wrong, messy, dry, cold, and missing entire items......That's right, you guessed it. Three times. I have never had a good experience here and have wasted my money by never receiving my full order (missing items every singe time). Do not go here. Do not order from here. My grandmother can cook better than them, and she's dead. That is all.

Review №2

Love Taco Bell but they took my faves of the menu•́ ‿ ,•̀

Review №3

Great service!!! People are very kind, Kimberly is really sweet and a good Cashier, Thank you guys for make me feel important, I love Taco Bell's food!

Review №4

I drive an oversized vehicle that will not fit in the drive through so I went inside knowing I'd order to go. After entering and bringing my order I was told they wouldn't serve inside (although the doors were unlocked) and I'd have to walk through the drive through.

Review №5

I just want to say Thank you for great service! I only have 30min lunch. There was a line but it moved pretty fast. My order was hot, fresh and most importantly correct, included a drink even down to the sauce and included napkins.

Review №6

This place is good. The only problem I ever had was that I found a long brown hair in my chips when I was eating chips and nacho cheese. I'm bald so I know it wasn't me. But other than that it's okay

Review №7

Drive through the slowest of all Taco Bells. Food is fresh. Service is decent.

Review №8

Worse Taco Bell in the whole city. I'd rather drive another 20 min to avoid this location. One star is too high of a rating here.

Review №9

Check your drive thru order before you leave this Taco Bell. Routinely wrong and aren't willing to refund the meal when you are forced to go back to the store. There are other Taco Bell's in The Woodlands. I suggest you go to those.

Review №10

Good food and good service.

Review №11

I've always loved Taco Bell and am saddened by the cuts to their menu. I don't eat it near as much as I used to.

Review №12

I can depend on TB for fast, reliable good food.

Review №13

Fast food fast service.

Review №14

Food quality and taste were on par. Drive through line was ridiculously slow. Thought it might be just busier than usual only to pull up to the window, pay, and then watch the cashier fill drinks for people behind me and joke across the kitchen while my bag of food (and the next order behind me) sits on the counter behind her.

Review №15

Good customer service, but you have to actually check your bag every single time to make sure you have a straw and your hot sauce because this location seems to hate handing those things out.... literally every time I go here I either don't get the sauce or straw or both

Review №16

Except for these guys telling me they're lobby is supposed to be closed and me informing them it's unlocked so i'm inside, or the young cashier talking with someone for about 3 minutes after I passed him out his food and handing out keys to the next driver who works there, things are usually rather smooth. Never the most polite kids, but they're kids. I never see a dressed Manager on duty. My order is always right though. Usually tastes pretty good too. Parking lot and outside are mostly clean.

Review №17

This place is always is to slow to be "fast" food. They got my whole order wrong 3 weeks ago and tried them one more time. I go in today and the screens that you order from now couldn't print my receipt so I had no proof I bought it. The people that work there (only 3 people in the restaurant) barely spoke English and it took them 33 min to get my food for take out!! I will never go back to this location! The Taco Bell off FM 242 is awesome though!

Review №18

This is definitely one of the better taco bell locations. Always very good. No matter how much Money i make i will always eat taco bell.

Review №19

Speed of service was good, and food was good too.

Review №20

This location was a pretty clean restaurant. I had to wait a minute or so, even though there was no line, to order. However, the employee was nice. The food was a good temperature and of good quality, too. The location is great as well, only a few minutes drive from the Woodlands Mall. It's a great option if you want fast food but don't want to walk through the mall.

Review №21

I've been here a few times and yesterday was my last time at this location. I LOVE Taco Bell. I go about once a week or so, sometimes more. They have one location on Sawdust and one location off of Woodlands Parkway that I have never ever had the wait I have at this location. Yesterday I ordered one meal, and it took me close to 30 minutes to receive it. I even went inside to speed up the order. I ordered at 11:30am and didn't get my food until almost 12pm. Horrible service. Two locations too close by for me to return to this one ever again. This isn't the first time I've ever had the wait a long time here. Maybe the people were new, but they took their sweet time making orders. I could watch them make the orders and they worked so incredibly slow. It was anything but "fast" fast food.

Review №22

Just left this place. Ordered food for my family of four. Asked for cups for water and the cashier told me per management they no longer give out cups for water because they've had customers put soda in water cups. I thought he was joking. He wasnt. Then they allowed us to walk out without eating as opposed to letting us drink water with our food. Literally turned our money down cause we wanted water cups.Gotta be the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Unbelievable. I'd love to know what business management school their manager went to. LoL. So stupid. I'm still in disbelief.

Review №23

My son's favorite fast food restaurant!. We met for lunch... Always fresh and tasty!

Review №24

It was excellent! Fresh and crisp! This place never disappoints. Thanks for the meal.

Review №25

No meximelt? Well, no mas taco bell for me! It is clearly on the menu and you have ALL of the ingredients to make it.

Review №26

Bring back the beefy fritos burritos!

Review №27

Best cheat day ever!

Review №28

Food was good, ever taco we had - had broken shells. They need to clean the dining area.

Review №29

You get the best care and they are always ️ funny and very personable.

Review №30

Pretty good, the food comes out hot. The place is always clean.

Review №31

Received three very flat burritos, could fold them in half to eat them. Basically all tortilla def lacking in quality.

Review №32

The young man working the drive thru went above and beyond. Great experience.

Review №33

Wouldn't go there again... I watched the lady that took my payment, use the register, open the drive thru door, etc... also wrap my burrito all using the same pair of gloves. This is 101 in the restaurant industry... come on people!

Review №34

We love taco bell. The price is always right & food is good

Review №35

Ordered 2 tacos, waiting 25 minutes I saw a tall man with glasses, looked like the manager, go behind an employee and grope her private parts. I voiced my concern to another manager named Katina and she was rude and acted like she didnt care. When I got home there were hairs in my food. I wont be coming back again, apparently it is just a place where the women are used as objects. Disgusting!

Review №36

Amazing Taco's

Review №37

Convenient but, low quality fast food. I've eaten at this particular location twice in the past 18+ months and suffered stomach issues both times.

Review №38

OMG!! FOOG ON POINT!! Hot not small amount on tacos or burrito. Everything was hot service was fast. Service was friendly.

Review №39

Your average Taco Bell. Pretty nice staff that's very accommodating though.

Review №40

Clean, fast and low price offering senior discount drinks.

Review №41

Love the tostada , i put the fire sauce on it and it was yummy

Review №42

Love it food is great

Review №43

Love the thier soft taco's.

Review №44

Okay, not great. Service was great.

Review №45

Service was quick and food was good. They even had 2 kiosks for ordering food. However both kiosks we're covered in something sticky that I had to wash off my hands afterwards. It seemed like someone wiped them down with a towel after wiping up a spilled drink, and wasn't paying attention since it left a visible residue on both screens.

Review №46

I know people talk a lot of smack about this restaurant but I do really like their tacos in their bean burritos. Tasty tasty and they're frozen apple drink is amazing!

Review №47

The worst attitude in The Woodlands. The drive thru worker wouldn't speak to me at all. The Manager wanted to argue rather than handle the situation. Will NOT be back. I would rather drive to the 242 Taco Bell than come back here.

Review №48

Not friendly drive through service. The lady that took order was rude. The lady that handed us the order was rude and gave us bad looks.

Review №49

It is Taco Bell, you get what you expect and it is usually pretty ok.

Review №50

The employees were nice but I had to go back because the forgot my son's food. They burned the quesadillas and didn't give me another food item but we didn't realize til we were halfway home and I wasn't going back again

Review №51

Whole order was wrong and the young was aggressively arguing with me that it was all in there. kinda snatched the bag from me to look for himself only too see he was wrong. Slammed the window shut. I guess he was having a bad day

Review №52

I do like it very much but the flavor in the different things in the menu are very familiar and very similar. It also isn't the best in terms of health. Over all I do recommend it but I feel that the variety in the menu needs to be amplified

Review №53

Popular Place with the New Smaller Menu. Food was Hot and Fresh!!!

Review №54

It was just right for lunch.

Review №55

If I could give it zero I was terrible, very slow service, worst taco bell I've ever visited. Workers were playing around no supervisor that I could tell

Review №56

The food is normal, never got something bad (that is good). The bad thing, sometimes they don't have enough employees and the food delivery is very very slow, this is very strange... it is the only place in the area that I notice that.

Review №57

Beat Taco Bell I've ever been to

Review №58

The rice was very hard and not edible. When I asked for it to be replaced for another taco the manager was really rude and angry. Very bad customer service form her part. I feel bad for everyone else in the staff.

Review №59

Just yummy fast food.

Review №60

Good food!The facility was nice and clean.Friendly services.

Review №61

Meal took forever. And was wrong

Review №62

Horrible location! Employees are extremely rude and act like you are a nuisance..if they can be bothered to even take your order. We started using the order machine to avoid standing at the counter and being ignored. When your food is ready, its tossed on the counter and your number called out. We will no longer visit this location and definitely don't recommend it to anyone. I've said hello to the employees everytime we walk in and they either look away or don't respond.

Review №63

Consistently good food with a helpful, friendly staff.

Review №64

Bad service, manager Karina was very unprofessional. Wouldn't refund my whole meal due to her employees messing up my whole order and found a bug in the food. I'm going above this manager she has no clue what she is doing, she needs to be place as a cashier not management status.Dont eat here!

Review №65

They forgot some food in my order...

Review №66

Not great, not terrible- it's fast food

Review №67

This Taco Bell sucks. I ordered through DoorDash and this is the THIRD time I didn't get my whole order.. I was missing almost half my order. It makes me so mad because my money is wasted. They always have bad customer service when I drive there and when I order online I don't get all the stuff I paid for. Not to mention I called the store multiple different times and it always says it's busy probably talking to other people with complaints.

Review №68

The food is usually fresh. But ghe drive thru is almost always very slow.

Review №69

Good service. Good food. Good price.

Review №70

Fast and delicious

Review №71

Nice clean bathrooms! Although the time I visited they had no softshell tortillas.

Review №72

Probably the worst taco Bell. 30 minutes spent in the drive thru... From the speaker to getting food.

Review №73

This one location always gives me indigestion and heartburn but not the location closest to my home?Can we please bring an El Pato to Houston!

Review №74

All around pretty swag

Review №75

Good customer svs

Review №76

Last couple times i went here tasted like old stale tortillas

Review №77

Fair price and very nice food, it offers the Mexican food in an American style, suits most hungers and pockets.

Review №78

Good but grill burritos. Every burrito shouod be grilled

Review №79

Very good service and food.

Review №80

Our favorite lunch place for fast food. Clean (most of the time), friendly and fast service and consistent food flavor. No surprises!

Review №81

The best vegetarian breakfast menu !

Review №82

It's a great place customers need to be a littor more understanding that there are minors that work there! The employees are great!

Review №83

They sometimes forget parts of the order, but the staff is very nice.

Review №84

It's taco bell wat can I say

Review №85

I have been sitting in the drive thru line for 28 minutes so far. There have been about 8 cars that have left after sitting here because the wait is so long. This location was like this last time I came. Never again wasting my time. I purposely left late for lunch at 120 and arrived at 130pm it's after 220pm and I'm still waiting on my food. This is completely ridiculous.

Review №86

Clean dining area & courteous staff!

Review №87

As I write this I have been in the drive through for going on 30 mins. Why am I still waiting? I'm commited at this point I guess. Unfortunately this wait is the norm here during the week around lunch time. Avoid if you can.

Review №88


Review №89

Good food.

Review №90

Had to wait in line in the drive through for about 25 minutes, then when i got my food, the Dr. Pepper had hardly any syrup in it, so it tasted like soda water, and I got the wrong order. Seeing by the time i got back to work my lunch break was over I decided to just eat the wrong order, which was all cold. Bar none the worst Taco Bell I've ever been to.

Review №91

I've been eating at this location on and off for a few years and it is hands down the best Taco Bell as far as quality and freshness of preparation. It's a fast food restaurant, so of course it's not perfect, but compared to other Taco Bells or even other chains, you're way more likely to get hot, fresh, non-soggy orders. They obviously have had managers and employees that actually give half a crap.

Review №92

Just stopped by store 027809. Order crunch wrap meal fresco with black beans instead of meat on the crunch wrap and taco. After 10 minutes to get the order right and 15 minutes more waiting for food I got a taco with dead animal in it and a crunch wrap with re fried beans. Then it took them TWO more tries to get my taco right. I didn't even try to get them to fix the crunch wrap because I have plans later tonight and can't wait an hour. Sure wish their was a training program that taught your employees to follow basic instructions, especially when it's regarding health issues for patrons.

Review №93

Asked the girl what was in the chalupa box and she got an attitude and said she doesnt know. We asked for a bean and cheese burrito, she said it's a 5-layer burrito, and then when I asked what was in it, she said she didn't know .She sounded like she was high and kept forgetting what we ordered. And everything was thrown randomly in a bag. Everything seems to be skimpy with barley anything in them. This location is terrible!

Review №94

Love the new chicken tacitos. I don't understand why there only for a limited time only.

Review №95

Something quick this the place

Review №96

Hard to review when no one takes my order through the drove through.My complaint isn't so much this particular location as it is all the Taco Bells in the area.Taco Bell had been my favorite fast food for the past 15 years until over the past 6 or 9 months their business has been lackadaisical at best.Back to Taco Cabana for me. Good luck Taco Bell.

Review №97

Fast service. Good always fresh and got. Been coming here for years and never any bad experience. If you're into taco Bell this one is up there in rank as far as the quality is concerned

Review №98

Great for a taco bell. Drive thru attendant was very friendly and nice.

Review №99

If you leave hungry that's your own fault!!! Love Taco Bell and the great variety of items you can get for a low price

Review №100

Food was fresh, but customer service was HORRIBLE

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