Dairy Queen
2300 Buckthorne Pl, The Woodlands, TX 77380, United States
Review №1

I had heard about their chicken and dumplings so went to go try some. I never saw it on the drive though menu but if you ask, they will tell you they have it. The dumplings were good, the sauce sort of thin for my taste, but where else can you get chicken and dumplings? Try it.

Review №2

The staff is always very friendly and the food is decent, but the dipped chocolate cones are awful. The taste and flavor are good, however whoever dips them into the chocolate does not do it very well and it results in an uneven coating of the chocolate on the ice cream - and for me the chocolate is the best part! DQ is know for their dipped cones so this is a huge disappointment for me.

Review №3

Ordered an Oreo Blizzard and 4 pc Fried Haddock basket. The fish had good batter coverage and was was good- no aftertaste from cheap fish. Fries were just right and not soggy and slightly crispy on the outside without being dry. Tartar sauce could have been a little better since it seems a bit mass more congealed/pre-packaged than normal. Lemon flavor would habe helped it.

Review №4

It's dairy Queen what can I say it's awesome. Just wished the lines would go faster other than that it's great.

Review №5

Fast food. Chicken sandwich was rubbery. Took my daughter for a blizzard was hungry.

Review №6

If you look through my reviews, you'll see I'm ALWAYS in Dairy Queen and I'm always reviewing the best and the worst. When I visited this Dairy Queen in The Woodlands for the first time, I immediately realized I hadn't even BEEN to the best before because THIS WAS IT!So check this out. This is gonna be long, but I got time today. The only thing I get is blizzards, so that's what this review is about.Since the 90s, I have been getting cone dip blizzards. Back then they called it chocolate chip. Then they introduced real chocolate chips and took mine off the menu so that changed the game a li'l bit, but for the most part most Dairy Queen staff still knew how to make it after I went into detail to describe it or pull up any of a half dozen pics on my phone so they can see how it's supposed to look.Sometimes I might get fancy and add a li'l Heath or Butterfinger to it, which they either want to charge $1 extra for or they put in a few sprinkles at no extra charge. I'm used to that.What I was NOT used to was pulling up in the drive-thru and ordering a cone dip blizzard with a little bit of Heath and hearing this Blizzard master tell me an easier way to order it is by ordering the Heath Blizzard and substituting cone dip for the fudge!! No extra charge! No extensive description required! No photo necessary! He was brilliant! Who trained this guy!?So naturally I asked for the manager when I got up to the window, and I met Paula, who looked to me to clearly be the Queen of DQ management teams. I was really impressed by her, by the first guy and every single one of her team members I've encountered since, more so than during any of the hundreds of Dairy Queen visits I have had across the country.

Review №7

They're ok, it's convenient in the neighborhood. The only issue I have is that the last SEVERAL times I've been there, at least one item in my order has been incorrect, so maybe management should retrain some of their employees re: providing correct items

Review №8

Great customer service. Of course I love their ice cream choices.

Review №9

Dining inside during COVID is a little different. Food was nice and hot.

Review №10

I have mixed feelings about this location. In the past, the service was terribly slow. However, the last 2 times I have gone it was good to reasonable. The food is always good however, I had just avoided the location for awhile due to the slow service.

Review №11

I paid door dash to bring me 2 large chicken and dumplings. I love there recipe. But I only got 3 dumplings in one and a few bits in the second pitiful

Review №12

Excellent service friendly staff tasty beverages I love my strawberry shake and my husband Reese's Shake blizzard

Review №13

Good Dairy Queen from what I can tell. Just got Blizzards and all seemed well. Staff was friendly and prompt.

Review №14

I loved this location, surrounded by woods, very nice, service was good, awesome blizzards!

Review №15

Drive thru open only at the moment. Drive thru was fast. Ice cream was delicious =)

Review №16

The people here don't know what they're doing

Review №17

The service was good. My steak fingers were good, but the fries were cold.

Review №18

This place is amazing I highly recommend this place they are a tad pricey but there foods amazing but they could go easier on the oil used to cook the fries and cheese sticks cuase they can be oozing oil from the fries and cheese sticks it can burn ya so be careful

Review №19

Staff is always friendly. This is a great DQ location. I drive 15 miles to go this one. Wish their were more!

Review №20

By far the WORST DQ in all of Texas. From watching my burger nuked while I wait in the drive thru to tacos that were obviously cooked in rancid oil this place is below 3rd world. DO NOT EAT HERE.

Review №21

It's gotten better lately.

Review №22

If the restaurant is closed why can't bike riders/walkers use the drive thru. Had a car order for me. 4 dipped cones $10.. could have bought a gallon of Bluebell. Third and last time I will visit Dairy Queen. Always disappointed with Dairy Queen.Contacted corporate and they were no help. Use the Whataburger across the street. Better food and ice cream.

Review №23

This is the best dq in texas i swear!

Review №24

They have really good tacos. I know it's weird coming from a burger joint but it's true.

Review №25

How can you NOT like this place?! Omg. It has ALL the comfort foods ... nachos, ice cream, tacos, ice cream ... so much to chose from!The place is run by kids. Usually, this is a bad thing. However, everyone that works here is so nice and helpful - it makes you realize there is hope for our future. Seriously though, the staff here is great!Not very wheelchair friendly. It's pretty tight. There are a few tables that are accommodating, but if they are taken, it would be hard to find a seat.

Review №26

All ice cream orders were perfect and delicious! The drive thru line was very long so it's no secret that this location is the place to be!

Review №27

Having to pay extra for sauce with a chicken tender combo because it includes GRAVY is ridiculous. They didn't even have the decency to give me napkins. I won't be coming back.

Review №28

Great food! Happy servers!

Review №29

My burger was the driest, blandest, worst burger I've ever had. Had no warmth to it at all either. The texture of meat was a dry sponge. It was so dry, the mayo was almost dry. And all the vegetables were in a small lil pile in middle of burger. The only reason it gets any stars is the fact my wife's food was good. But they pulled the patty that has been sitting on counter since January and slapped it on my burger. If this is what they call a Texas stop sign, please, pack your chit and get out of Texas

Review №30

Did a window service, and seemed safe.

Review №31

Stick to frozen treats. Cold fries, and burgers-even though we had to pull to the parking spot to wait for them. Chili dog had mustard and onions on it. Which I guess is their thing, but it wasn't posted on the menu and I didn't know that...very disappointing.

Review №32

In 61 years, I have yet to go to a bad one. But, you might want to not let the blizzard sit on the counter while customer is waiting in- line at the drive thru lol

Review №33

Chicken was tough.. drink was good..

Review №34

No dine in yet, but Blizzards rock!

Review №35

Called 5 hours ago and order a cake for my dads birthday, they said about 4 hours. Actually called back and talked to someone else right after to change the icing color.... so why are y'all acting like this never happened.Just honestly disappointed I didn't get the cake I specifically sought them out for.

Review №36

I don't prefer going to Chucky E Cheese, this place scares me with the rat I ran over

Review №37

The nachos are awesome!! Way better than you can get at any other fast food restaurant! This is the way it should be done!

Review №38

It's another fast food chain, but it has more than the standard fair. I find it a bit pricey, but the staff is friendly. The place was very clean. The staff checks on the customers periodically which you usually don't find in fast food restaurants.If you feel like fast food but like the small town feel and hospitality, you may want to try this place out.

Review №39

Only drive through. Very chaotic

Review №40

I gave this location 2 stars because They had a warm spot where the sun hit the seats and also the chicken tenders were hot. Other than that, the experience offered my sister and I so many issues. When we first came in my card gets declined. I see the charge on my account and they reimbursed it so then my sister tried her card and it gets declined also but they did not return her money in her account. The owner said it should be in her account by tonight. Then when we walk over to the ice machine it is barely working. It took maybe 10 tries for some ice to come out. And then when we sat down with our food we noticed that we did not receive our toast. When the gentleman brought our toast back it looked like they had toasted it for about 3 seconds. It was limp and cold. I'm so glad I do not live near this location in the Woodlands.

Review №41

Good but the gravy was too watery, apparently they had just made it and couldn't do anything to fix it.

Review №42

Blizzards keep me fat! Love them.

Review №43

I got the lunch special the 3 chicken strip meal and my son had the combo 1 just cheese meat and bread. We both had hot fudge sundaes with our meal. We both got sick from our meal, me more so. I give this Dairy Queen a 3 star. The service was good the food could be better. My fries weren't hot they were barely warm, my son's burger wasn't hot it was barely warm. It's like our food sat out for a bit. They need to get better at cooking the food and to get it out to the customer's as soon as it's done cooking.

Review №44

My gf and I would call at closing time and preorder our rediculious order and without fail the crew always had our order waiting with smiles. Greatly appreciate the love and tolerance they showed us!

Review №45

Nice place. The kids working there were awesome. Very efficient with great service. They even gave my mom a free dessert

Review №46

I love their food. It's always fresh. Customer service is always excellent.

Review №47

As ridiculous as this may sound, their tacos are so good! I'm not a fast food eater per say, but I've had them three times in the past year or so, and have liked them!

Review №48

The food was great and the service was awesome! Summer made sure to greet my son and myself as soon as we walked in the door and was very helpful throughout our entire visit. Would definitely comeback to this location for the service.

Review №49

2nd attempt at a chicken tender dinner ! EPICfail ! Hard and dry chicken and then there was this steak tender and chicken tender fried together ! WTH????

Review №50

I had never been to this location before, actually it had been years since I had been to a DQ. I was greeted as soon as I walked in and again at the counter when it was my turn to order. Customer service was awesome! The place was clean the employees were lovely. They even said have a good day on our way out.

Review №51

I love the taco salads- chicken is best!

Review №52

Fast and convenient.

Review №53

Excellent service, food is okay.....

Review №54

I always have to ask for a bag for my food in the drive through shouldn't have to .. I know plastic not that expensive..especially with their high priced meals

Review №55

I got to be honest, the service was pretty laughable. A bunch of stoned teenagers working while their friends hang or in the dining room waiting for them to get off. Food wasn't bad though.

Review №56

Blizzards are always worth coming back.

Review №57

Typically we enjoy coming here but they were so slow the other night. Went through the drive through and we were asked to park to the side and they would bring our food out to us in "2 or 3 minutes". There was already one car parked to the side waiting, then they also sent the car behind us to park even though there was no one behind them, which seemed odd. 9 minutes later we finally had our food. Everything was correct but the "toast" that came with my meal was comical. One slice was so soft and squishy I could just ball it up, the other slice was so crunchy it literally snapped in half when I tried to bend it.

Review №58

Very clean and orderly. Food was out super quick.

Review №59

I LOVE Dairy Queen! Doesn't everybody?

Review №60

Good food but super busy and slow as almost every DQ ever.Edit - We ate here again, and it was really fast! The staff were friendly and helpful. +1 star from me for a new rating.

Review №61

This is what you just handed me through the drive thru. You put the chili dog in the bag vertical. That doesn't work. FYI.

Review №62

Dairy queen has been around for a long time they have always had good food friendly service and great ice cream I plan on going back till the end of times

Review №63

Good food great ice cream.

Review №64

I haven't met a dairy queen I didn't like! This one is no exception. Even with them being short staffed, they were friendly and the ice cream was delicious!

Review №65

I loved Dairy Queen as a kid. This recently was the Dairy Queen in ordered for dine-in. I was really impressed with the service and how friendly and helpful the staff was. I really wish I could say that for the food, it seems that was not hot enough. It came out rubbery and oily. I had ordered 2, 4 piece steak fingers and fries. It was certainly overpriced, had nearly $18 for the two baskets, after we happy I had wished we had went somewhere else. I don't mind paying hard earned money for good food. I can't say that for the dinner that we had.

Review №66

Good ice cream on a warmer than expected day.

Review №67

Turn it upside down! I love you Butterfinger blizzard.

Review №68

Kind of high but food is good

Review №69

Not as good as usual.

Review №70

It's a fine dairy queen I guess but I cant believe Dairy Queen in general had done away with chocolate ice cream. I cant for the life of me figure out why this was done and having visited while I was very pregnant just wanting a cone or soft chocolate ice cream I was very disappointed. We will likely visit less often with this change and opt for cold stone.

Review №71

Relatively new location. Very clean and fresh looking cafe minus the usual pervasive look, feel and smell of rancid grease in the air or on the floors. The usual fare from this chain is available here. Cleanliness goes a long way!

Review №72

Fresh burger always great soft serve

Review №73

Drive Thru people need more training in customer service absolutely NOT acceptable

Review №74

Cold fries and burger.

Review №75

Old time good burger fast food.

Review №76

Excellent service,good food. Recommend heath bar blizzard. Fantastic.

Review №77


Review №78

Clean and good food and service

Review №79

The workers we're very polite with a great attitude. Place was clean and easy to get to.

Review №80

Never been to a bad dairy queen.

Review №81

Got home to find we were missing a burger from our order, so we went back to get it. Apon arrival, we were laughed at, not only by the girl over the intercom but also by the young man at the window. Not one person said sorry and it was cold, from what we assume was sitting there. I'm not sure if it was because of the time of night in which we came by but we were very disappointed in the service. Will not return.

Review №82

Me: I'd like a large twist coneEmployee: We only serve chocolate ice cream on mondays.Me: Huh?DQ Emp: Yea we only serve chocolate ice cream on Monday's. You'll have to order something else.Me: Umm ok I'll get a dipped cone.Since when did dairy queen only start selling chocolate ice cream on Mondays only.

Review №83

One of the only Dairy Queens in Texas ( that i can find) with chocolate ice cream!

Review №84

Old time favorites and Chocolate Dipped Cones! Can't beat it!!

Review №85

Don't go here if you're short on time. While they may be good at taking orders, they have taken over 40 minutes on a to go order taken inside and over 45 another time while dining in on a separate occasion. Slowest fast food experience for food that isn't all that special or complicated to prepare.

Review №86

They have a burger called firekicken and it's really good

Review №87

I really like this DQ. Location is great, people are friendly and Blizzards are awesome!!!

Review №88

Favorite stop on the way home for a root beer float. Usually use the drive-thru but occasionally we go inside and the place is clean and need. Always a friendly staff and good food. Usually a Tuesday night stop.

Review №89

Stale cones and gritty ice cream. Not your normal DQ. Avoid this location

Review №90

Second time visiting this same DQ and 2nd time disappointed. I ordered for a royal cheese cake blizzard and paid for extra cheesecake bite. Half way thru the cup there was no more cheesecakes to be found. Will never be back.

Review №91


Review №92

Decent food, great ice cream. Mediocre service.

Review №93

Good service and food!

Review №94

It's a Dairy Queen. What I like about this one is that it is modern, new and clean. Not your typical old style.The service is good as well as the food. Same menu, but prepared well.Plenty of parking and easy to get too

Review №95

Nice and friendly staffs.

Review №96

Our blizzard had a hair on it!

Review №97

Out of soup but the employees were nice

Review №98

I came to this location a couple of weeks ago to get the new dreamsicle dip cone and was told after about 10 mins that the night staff had left it on overnight so it was melting the ice cream which I totally understand so I ended up getting a regular dip cone. So then today I go back to get my dreamsicle cone only to be told they were out of ICE CREAM!!! WTH you are DQ how can you be out of ice cream. Needless to say I will need to fine a new location.

Review №99

Food was great as usual (steak fingers meal). Tried the chicken & dumplings for first time and they were fantastic. Would recommend to anyone who wants good food at a reasonable price. Don't forget to try any of the ice cream goodies (shakes, comes made to order).

Review №100

Great staff. Great food

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  • Address:2300 Buckthorne Pl, The Woodlands, TX 77380, United States
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  • Phone:+1 281-298-1200
  • Fast food restaurant
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Working hours
  • Monday:10:30AM–11PM
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  • Delivery:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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