Torchys Tacos
4747 Research Forest Dr #475, The Woodlands, TX 77381, United States
Review №1

If you are kind person hungry for tacos, don't risk coming here with this restaurant's poor customer service. We did takeaway where they gave us two sets of empty flour tortittas in tin foil instead of our avocado and beef tacos listed on the receipt, then refused to make the tacos for us because it was 5 minutes past closing time when we called. No offense, but there are a lot of places in Texas you can get good tacos (or better) with 1000% better customer service both in person and behind the scenes in the kitchen. Lord knows, what's happening behind the kitchen that they don't make some of your tacos ... stay healthy and put your restaurant money in another business..

Review №2

Always get my order to-go. Never had a major issue. Food always tastes great. I only gave it 4 stars because they sometimes forget the sauce or condiments that go with the taco. Other than that, no complaints.

Review №3

I wish I could give this location negative stars as a warning to other customers.I have gone to this location a few times and will never go again. It is such a shame that Torchy's makes such great food but has some of the worst, nonsensical service I have ever encountered. It was bad before COVID, and only got worse with the pandemic. Their curbside is a joke. The food isn't ready anywhere near the time that is scheduled (I am talking a 30+ minute variance) and don't think that just arriving later will solve the problem. I swear that even though they take your order and payment and set up a time for pick up, they don't even start to make your order until after you arrive.It baffles me as someone who oversees F&B Operations how they can get it so wrong. Most taco places have most items prepped and ready to go, so it's really just assembly and packaging. If Torchy's problem is that they make everything fresh when ordered, that's fine. You just can't do that and try and operate as a fast casual restaurant as they are inherently opposite.Other locations are better but I have experienced long wait times at those too. However, this location is by far the worst. Please fix this. I love the food, but I will not continue to order from Torchy's if I can't count on my food being ready in a reasonable time.

Review №4

Come here during covid time, they take it seriously to protect customers. Feel pretty good dine in.

Review №5

Rated this visit a 3 star because I had to return due to my order being wrong but the taste was spot on. I love Torchy's Tacos, great choice when craving a delecious taco. I recommend the shrimp taco!!!

Review №6

Great for a unique taco place, very tasty. Chill bar too. Little pricey for tacos, but they are darn good and the coat seems to be the norm in Houston. I'll be back

Review №7

Always understaffed. There are far too many competitors in this market area for leadership to fail to capitalize on guest visits.This is our third and final attempt to prove you care.Your faculties too are looking beat up and unkept.Great concept gone bad. Sad

Review №8

I was excited to try Torchy's. I guess I had built up to much anticipation. The wait was long for two burritos and the food was average.

Review №9

We went for breakfast. I have had much better elsewhere. The atmosphere and staff are great. Just need to work on actual tacos

Review №10

Great taco with interesting combinations and fast takeout. I would go again.

Review №11

Foods okay, maybe it was all the hype but I have had better tacos for much less. Atmosphere was just red and kinda boring. I dont know, I just thought it was okay and really expensive. Food average and service was average. 3 stars because o feel like for the price you could go to a authentic taco place for better food.

Review №12

Torchy's has one of the best bowls of queso. Good tacos for breakfast and dinner. I order online and pick up on my way in to work most of the time. It is always ready when I get there. I pay ahead and it is always on the to-go rack. I have 4 tacos that I go with. The Republican which is a jalapeño sausage taco. Trailer park fried chicken taco that I get trashy (with queso on it). The democrat which is a Barbados taco. The Alabama shake is a fried fish taco. I get it without the cabbage and it is great. Great draft beer on tap and other drinks at the bar.

Review №13

Great tacos! Lots of different tastes to try, none of the boring standard tacos that you get in a run of the mill place. Their cheese dips are also really good. Carry out is always ready when they say it will be.

Review №14

Great variety of tacos and very good queso. Not just an average taco but unique combinations that are quite popular and delicious.

Review №15

Tacos are overpriced. They took down the republican and independent tacos but left the democrat will not go there again!

Review №16

Bit spendy, but good food that doesn't cut corners.

Review №17

Poor quality tortilla.Democrat (barbacoa) was not that good.Fajita was better. Shrimp taco was good.My wife asked for no onions about 3 times and we still got it. So not good on attention to detail.Nice place, nice vibe, good size tacos, but average taste.

Review №18

Great food,But the service is alittle slow.

Review №19

This was my favorite place in the area to get tacos, but after my visit yesterday, I don't think I will be returning.First, the cashier never gave me a receipt (not a big deal)Then I waited from 8:20 until 8:40 to receive my meal, only to be rushed out of the restaurant 5 minutes after getting my food 8:45. The same cashier, walked up to my booth, stood right next to me, basically breathing on my neck, (did you forget to train your employees on social distancing?) he then took picked up my food tray without asking and said “I can take that when if you're done” which I still had half a taco and a full order of refried beans this was at 8:45 still 15 minutes to close and there were several people still eating In the building, but I was singled out and rushed, why? Good question, maybe because I was eating alone? I don't know, but I'm incredibly disappointed in this location and feel that the employees need training. Also my tacos which were supposed to be beef and cheese only, had green peppers on them.Thanks for ruining my dinner and wasting my money, Torchy's.

Review №20

Fast, friendly service, incredibly clean. They have some "darn" good tacos. Which is funny, because my favorite thing there is the burrito.

Review №21

Good but quality not quite as good as past, cutting down on ingredients and quantity maybe . Or maybe just this past 2 times

Review №22

Waiting now 30 mins for 2 tacos togo. It's always "coming" but staff doesn't care enough to check on order status. Awful experience and will not return.

Review №23

Good kicks in their tacos and dips. Staffs are friendly. Definitely going to return for something else on the menu. So happy they finally have one open in the woodlands.

Review №24

The food was very good! I had the burrito and queso. The portions are pretty good and the chips are absolutely wonderful!!

Review №25

They have some of the best queso in town! I usually go there for some tacos, chips & queso and I have never been disappointed. I love the area and one can come after a long day at work for some drinks and enjoy some good food with a great atmosphere! Highly recomment

Review №26

With a clean environment and a lively atmosphere, this Torchy's is one of the best I've been to in Houston. Great price for amazing tacos. Do know that during dinner, there will be a slight wait, so just be prepared to spend at least half and hour here.

Review №27

The chicken was cooked great omg the caso was of the chart. Pricey

Review №28

Great food and friendly staff. Got busy fast around lunchtime. Had the Roscoe and a Baja shrimp. Both were fresh and tasty. The Roscoe was a chicken and waffle taco, I'm very glad I gave it a try. Both tacos were delicious.

Review №29

My favorite place to grab lunch or dinner. Always great atmosphere and a punch of flavor in every bite. Good prices considering the amazing food. Is taqueria with a twist

Review №30

Take out order was one taco short. Called and asked then to credit my debit card the 4 dollars and they agreed and said it can take up to 3 days. Weeks later. Still no money. Other than that the food is good.

Review №31

Good food, fountain drinks tasted a little strange since they use a second tier brand. Been back many times to try various items. All are very good, no complaints.

Review №32

Always love me some torchy's! When you have a large chain and able to keep consistency, then that definitely warrents recognition!

Review №33

Great location for good food. Very helpful and pleasant staff. They have two vegetarian options and are quite happy to make adjustments.

Review №34

Great service, and good tacos. Lots of seating. I enjoyed my meal, nothing bad to say at all.

Review №35

Love the chips and queso. Friendly staff and fast food

Review №36

Was in there picking up an online order when the guy at the running the orders snatched my phone from me with his bare hands and started taping in to make sure it wasn't a screenshot. Throughout the middle of a pandemic restaurant staff snatching guest's phones and not practicing social distance.

Review №37

We stopped in yesterday as I've heard so much about this spot. I ordered a shrimp taco and was very disappointed! The shrimp were battered and fried hard as a rock!!!! I could barely bite into the shrimp. My son had a beef taco which he rated as a unenthusiastic “okay “. I doubt we'll be back. The shrimp shouldn't be in batter and someone should tell the cook that shrimp only takes a very few minutes to cook.

Review №38

Nice place, would go again! I got some tacos and these were sweet, I didn't expect that..

Review №39

Good tacos at a good price. Taste like other Torchy's. Nothing incredible but definitely better than average. It's a safe spot to get something good with a minimal weight and without worrying about food poisoning or getting something that taste bad.The place is clean and well maintained.

Review №40

I love this place, they have a nice bar area and patio. My favorite is the green chili queso! I went on a Sunday during the Texans game and the line wasn't long, and the food was delicious.

Review №41

The food is delicious! My favorite taco is the crossroads beef brisket and democrat barbacoa and the cheeses deep is fantastic. My first time there and I now wish we had Torchy's Tacos where I live. Great atmosphere: great customer service. Perfect for gatherings or just a quick bite.

Review №42

Awesome as Always!! Ben the bartender is professionally On Point! Great food! Fast, efficient service! Everyone is always welcoming!

Review №43

For those who like to hate on snobby fine dining establishments meet your new best friend - Torchy's Tacos. For most Texans this is a pretty well known establishment, but if you're coming from out of town you're in for a treat.Pick wisely or you could end up easily disappointed​. Brushfire and Trailor Park (Trashy w/ Lettuce of course) are my go to's. Being a spicy food wimp I always sub the Diablo sauce for a creamier sauce like the Poblano Ranch. Similar to most other reviews I'd highly recommend the queso.

Review №44

Great place to get some tacos just dont be in a rush its not fast food. I stopped for breakfast tacos the other day and had to wait for the hen to lay the eggs. Now I know why its always packed at lunch time. Nobody can leave because they have not got their tacos yet!

Review №45

Fantastic place to eat and all the employees are extremely friendly and attentive! You can tell that they really enjoy working here.

Review №46

Love love torchy's tacos! My fave is the baja shrimp. I also like their street corn. You won't be disappointed!

Review №47

Terrible customer service. My husband ordered ahead and picked up dinner - a $60 order. He got home and there were NO sauces in the bag. This has happened multiple times. Either we get no sauces or the wrong sauces. Every single time. How hard is it to cross check sauces?I called and spoke with an employee, who filled the order. His first response was, "Are you sure? I'm pretty sure I put the sauces in the bag." Oh, wait. Totally. I forgot about the invisible sauces at the bottom of the bag. I requested to speak with a manager. He put me on hold. I waited and waited. He finally came back and said, "if you want to come by, I can hook you up with chips and guac." Considering it would be a 20-minute round trip and the food would get cold, I declined. He went silent and then said, "is there anything else I can do for you?" I again asked to speak with a manager, to which he responded, "well, we're all busy, so..."This was verbatim our conversation. What kind of customer service is this? I am appalled at this interaction. I will be calling back to ACTUALLY speak with a manager.Update: A manager called me shortly after my review. He seemed apologetic and was going to send us coupons to make up for the poor experience we had. Nearly three months after our phone call, I have yet to receive anything from them.Tried to give them another chance. Attached a picture of what we got. Sauce to taco ratio is off, but I guess at least they added some?

Review №48

Who in the Austin, Houston and Dallas areas hasn't tried the eclectic, creative, masterpiece twist of tacos??? If you haven't tried the Austin based Torchy's Tacos, because they are holding true to "Keeping it Weird" in a fantastic way of my deprived virtual friends are missing out! These aren't your regular tacos, which yes I still love, yes I love street tacos especially from Taco Trucks.... I'm just saying y'all have got to try Torchy's!!!! I'm in love with the Torchy's location here in The Woodlands Extremely clean, the entire staff are professional, friendly, hardworking and happy! When you go, no matter what...order one of the queso dips, both are off the chart excellent...get the large, trust me. I'm a creature of habit, knowing I can't eat an entire taco, I always order my favorite 2 tacos because I can never decide which one I want more lol. Drum roll..... Jess' 2 all time favorite Torchy's Tacos are (in no order considered which is #1) Baja Shrimp Taco - I like my shrimp lightly fried (I don't like fried shrimp because it covers the shrimp taste) because you can taste the shrimp, grilled onions and peppers, the slaw and I have to make it trashy then I pour the poblano ranch on top, close that sloppy trashy taco, take that first bite and I swear my taste buds hear God's beautiful angels singing. #2.) Beef Fajita Taco....I love beef fajitas if done right....they have nailed it! So juicy, tender and perfectly seasoned. It comes with sauteed onions and peppers...I add on for an extremely cheap charge...grilled mushrooms and grilled shrimp...yes I make this one trashy too lol. Depending on my ability to handle spices that day, I pour their awesome chipotle sauce or the awesome poblano ranch....fold that messy, sloppy, trashy goodness and again, my taste buds hear angels singing. Seriously peeps, whatever taco screams out to you.....order it, customize it and definitely make it trashy

Review №49

The best tacos ever!! Enjoy my food today and a young man named Jared was extremely helpful!Not familiar with the menu being a fairly new customer, so he was so helpful in placing my order.Thanks Torchy and Jarad

Review №50

I have ordered through DoorDash 6 times in the last few months from this location and there has only been 1 time where they have gotten an order completely right, I've gotten the same thing every time and it isn't a complicated order, just 3 fried avocado tacos. My issues are 1 time we got someone's else's food, several times they've given the wrong toppings, several times they haven't fried the avocado, and they've also left out a topping.

Review №51

The tacos are excellent and so was the service.

Review №52

I would have given zero stars for review, but this is not an option. I placed a to go order at 10:30 am for pick up at 12:00 on April 16. I showed up at 12:00 and was asked to wait in the parking lot in my car, as my order was not ready. I left 25 min later without my order, as they were telling me the order was still not ready and they did not know when it would be ready. All of this ordeal was supposed to help the local business. I won't make that mistake again at this location!

Review №53

Tacos, nachos, etc with a unique twist, but not so unique that it's inauthentic. It's all just super delicious, plus they have low-calorie and vegetarian options if you need that. Queso is rad. Beer selection is respectable. Highly recommend

Review №54

A favorite. The food here is creative and original, not to mention very tasty. I recommend the Dirty Sanchez and their Queso dip is the best! If you don't get anything else, at least get that. The prices are fair, too. This is a great place for some lunch or to hang out for drinks. I heard they are making another one somewhere else in The Woodlands, which gives an example of its popularity. The only issue is that it can get very crowded and busy, with a long line and wait time. That's the only reason I give it 4 stars. I'm hoping the new place might be a little bit bigger. But, the large crowds are also a testimony to how good it is. Highly recommended!THE NEXT STEP - How to Pay for Government without Taxation - On Amazon

Review №55

Good food and it always ruins my diet but ya know what can you do? Tacos be hitting different especially when you aren't supposed to be eating them. Customer service is top notch. They're super nice to me even when I'm at work and in a hurry. I work in the same shopping center so you can trust me when I suggest you to come here.

Review №56

Food and service is always amazing. My favorite tacos are the Baja Shrimp and Democrat - so yummy! I love that they don't skimp out on the taco fillings like a lot of places do. The queso is full of flavor, not just melted cheese. Cool vibe atmosphere, variety of music playing, nice little bar.

Review №57

If you don't know torchys, you need help. This location does it right too. No complaints from me. Food was great, and service was good.

Review №58

Food was good but their curbside wasnt working at all. Waited for 16 minutes until I just went it.

Review №59

Great place for gourmet tacos love the Baha Scrimp. The trailer park trashy is also very good. Theree is a large selection of unique tacos. Fun casual place with a bar

Review №60

Seriously overpriced food. Lackluster quality for what you pay and staff seemed unconcerned about meeting customer needs. You get better food at the local restaurants around the corner. Dont waste your time or money here.

Review №61

The food is ok. You know what you'll get. Staff is always friendly. They could do better in keeping the tables clean. Sticky table tops does not make for a pleasant dining experience. More plant based meat options such as Beyond Meat would be welcomed.

Review №62

Great service when I visited on 6/18/2017. Enjoyed it so much that I returned the next day but the staff was different and the service was poor. Food was still great though.

Review №63

Great Keto options!

Review №64

Dining in, this place is great. To go, can't recommend. Tried ordering online from my phone 3 times in the last month and it never works.Came in to see if my online order worked today and the associate at the counter decided to go the lemon slices and take a phone order before acknowledging the order didn't come in.I went through the order line and placed a to go order then waited 30 minutes and watched some dine in orders placed after me get their food.Food is great, management and service not so much.

Review №65

Very delicious tacos! I had a pork taco and a chicken fajita taco. Really wonderful. Their salsa and chips are very good too!

Review №66

To political by removing two popular tacos. Overpriced as well.

Review №67

Service is bad. Food is similar to other torchys.

Review №68

Torchy's Tacos is definitely my favorite place in Woodlands! Best Guacamole!

Review №69

Excellent chicken soft tacos. Like 2 for close to 8 bucks

Review №70

Meh... I'm not too sure about the quality of the food anymore. I mean, the ingredients are fine. I just don't feel like the food is made with all the love it used to be made with. Too big too fast? I don't know. I'll still eat here and the star count might change. We'll see.

Review №71

Huge selection of tacos, breakfast tacos all day. Interesting choice of fountain drinks and coffee is served all day. Queso and guacamole are amazing, food takes about 15 minute to come out when busy. Nice place to come for a small bite to eat, easy on the wallet too.

Review №72

Excellent tacos! Pricey but worth it. Does have good seating options.

Review №73

11 minutes for 1 taco and some chips and queso? At 1038 in the morning!!!! Haven't been in for a while, these long wait time will certainly keep me away. Was offered opportunity to talk to a manager, declined as nothing gets done except an apology.

Review №74

The tacos here were decent. We got the Baja shrimp and the one with the salmon I forget the name. The Shrimp was good and crispy everything you'd expect from a taco. The other one was ok not great. A little soggy. Either way it was a descent meal for a decent price

Review №75

Staff is very rude. Bartender was very rude about the “no table service”. Tacos are ok at best. Place was disgustingly dirty.

Review №76

Torchy's Tacos are the best. Fried Avocado tacos are tasty, but Mr. Orange is the best. The Taco of the Month is always a good choice, too.

Review №77

Great taco at great prices. Awesome ambiance. #forksup

Review №78

It's happened a couple of times now, and almost every time I call I am put on hold for upwards of 15 minutes, so long that I have to hang up and find another place to eat. Sad.

Review №79

The food is pretty good. The place was packed for a mid day vist. Unique menu with unique names. There is a bar to watch games and have a drink while you eat.

Review №80

I have been to this location numerous times, never had an unpleasant experience until Today. To the kitchen manager Kat, thank you for absolutely ruining my and my family's experience. You are the up most rudest employee I have ever met. You should never be working in customer service since you have none. You are very rude and crude. My 6 year old asked me "mommy why was she so rude to you and then walked away while you were still talking ?" My son has more mangers then you ever will..shame on you.

Review №81

Really good tacos! I wish I could have taken a picture before I started eating.

Review №82

So tasty. Loved it

Review №83

Consistently mess up my order in one way or another. Don't have these issues with the Vintage Park location

Review №84

Chicken fajita tacos were yummy. This location was packed but service is quick and the staff are great. Will definitely be back.

Review №85

I love the interior of this place. It has so many unique things about it that makes it great for photos. Torchy's knows how to decorate. The food is good they have a lot of options and even different tacos of the month. I recommend getting the chips & queso, street corn, the independent taco, tipsy chick taco, and the brushfire taco.

Review №86

Our go to place for Mexican and when we don't want to cook. Food is awesome and Service is great as well.

Review №87

Love sitting at the bar watching the game. The Hillbilly Queso is amazing and the bartenders are always friendly.

Review №88

Goodspot. Loved the food.

Review №89

What a joke almost $20 for three breakfast tacos and a side of guacamole and a small drink. None of the tacos had any protein except for egg on two of them! What a rip-off! I suggest going to Taco Nation!

Review №90

Good tacos but prices are pretty steep.

Review №91

"Super clean, tasty tacos, acceptable price for the quality of service and food."

Review №92

Delicious Tacos and chips with cheese are incredible

Review №93

It's delicious , as always. However, the service was not good. Dirty tables and the server almost threw the plate on me while placing food on the table.

Review №94

Love Torchy's but this store sucks! Food is no where near as good as others but the major problem here is the staff! Horrible customer service!! Everyone that works there is Miserable! And slow and could care less about their presentation to the customer!!

Review №95

I love going here. If you never been get the trailer park and add a little spicy make it extra trashy! It worth it also buy at least 2 or more!

Review №96

Been here twice with the same experience each time. Food is very expensive. The taste is not worth the hype. The fajita was tasteless and fatty the pork was dry and bland. They don't fry their corn tortillas they taste like they came from right out of the bag from HEB down the street. I've had much better tacos at half the cost. My wife enjoys the salmon taco, probably the only reason week keep coming back, just to make her happy.

Review №97

Excellent food.

Review №98

Sucks big time and not very clean

Review №99

Always friendly, always delicious!

Review №100

Super duper love this place. Great tastes. Way less expensive than going to a traditional Mexican restaurant.

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3.7 Rating
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  • Phone:+1 281-465-8918
  • Fast food restaurant
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  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
Health & safety
  • Reservations required:Yes
  • Fireplace:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:No
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Usually a wait:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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