A&W Restaurant
22901 Mound Rd, Warren, MI 48091, United States
Review №1

Not that good but worth it once and whileI doubt you will address it but thanks for acting like you care and saving face in order to address you need to pay your employees more as in hourly wage you can live off of in the state of Michigan which is like about $18 or $20 an hour for the cost of basic human needs. Then just get better food this is a billion dollar company you can do better you should do better. Weak place to be

Review №2

I go to this A&W every Sunday for the last 2 years , I'm not sure who owns it now , but they have no idea what they're doing. They have not once gotten my order completely right. I ordered a sandwich, the same time, every time I come in there and they constantly get it wrong. If I were allergic to anything I might be dead by now, because the cook cannot seem to get it right. The downside is it's a different cook every time. My advice is if you want to get your food correct do not go here, not until it's New Management

Review №3

We ordered from door from this place on 9/4/20Door dasher texted me and said no one was wearing masks while making or handing her the food. Very lucky fo have her. Easy way to get the virus right there. Absolutely gross

Review №4

I have always loved A&W restaurants & the food here totally reminds me of my childhood. Great footlongs & the root beer is a classic. Staff was very responsible over the social distancing.

Review №5

I got Uber eats and my food is green. I bought chili fries so I didn't see the fries were green awful don't by food here unless you want food poisoning.

Review №6

Went thru drive thru, ordered 2 plain hot dogs and root beer. No one else in line. We were told to pull up and wait. It was in a gas station, IT was packed, there was no place to just pull up..that wasn't cool.

Review №7

They don't change their gloves after they touch doors, money etc; cross contamination!

Review №8

Natsy food uncooked fries you can't understand the people at the mic. The root beer was absolutely gross. And we love a&w root beer. Don't waste your money at this a&w though...

Review №9

Pro: The food was good and freshCon: The women in drive thru was a little rude

Review №10

Pretty good next time I have to try the rootbeer float to see if it reminds of being a kid fingers crossed

Review №11

The manager actually greets you with a smile,and the food was good.

Review №12

I got four large milk shakes and i really got nothing but milk in my cup and they really brought that mess outside to me never again will i go back white castle shakes here i come

Review №13

When I went to pick my food up he touched my food without any gloves on. Then when I asked for my money back the lady got an attitude and tossed my debit card back at me. I will never go there again.

Review №14

They were out of gravy for the poutine, but the counter person suggested A&W coney sauce, unexpected, might try it next time!

Review №15

So I celebrated my birthday a few days ago and I got a email notification that said I could redeem a regular size root beer float before the end of February. I have never been to this location before as I recently moved into the area. The store was not busy at all and I went up and placed my order and showed the cashier the email I was sent. After a couple of minutes, I walked up to the counter to ask about another menu item they had. After answering my question, she then said that I'd have to bring in a printed copy of the offer, which was one of the 2 options available in order to redeem the offer.At first, I was understanding and willing to come back at a later time with the printed coupon. This is where things turned sour when she then claimed that I had walked in a few days earlier and that I had already redeemed the offer. Having never been there, I clearly pointed out that this was not true and that it was my very first time at the restaurant. She then asked when my birthday was and I promptly told her the date. The cashier said that I had been in the drive thru previously, gotten the offer, and then called in a few days later to complain about what I received. I was absolutely baffled at her accusations and not wanting to cause a scene or argue with her any further, I left the establishment.This cashier was very rude, made a false accusation, and then couldn't keep her story straight. I'm a bit shocked by what transpired and I have a great respect for A&W, but I will not be returning to this location any time soon.

Review №16

The restaurant should have been clearer people that work there could have been friendlier like may I help you not want do you what

Review №17

Not easy access but food was great.

Review №18

Service is not fast, food is excellent

Review №19

It's a decent place to eat.

Review №20

Absolutely horrible!!!!! Ordered fish and chips. And float. 17.49. fish was cold! And it was slidders not regular fish and chips. Didn't put ice cream in my float. Went back to say something then waited 13 min wait. Grate customer service. That is sarcasm.

Review №21

#1 Hamburger was kinda dry order was fast though

Review №22

Always slow in occasionly the orders wrong have given this place multiple chances I won't any more

Review №23

Fantastic vibes and very personal service. The menu was fresh and delicious. Will clearly recommend this spot to others. Fair prices and generous portions. Keep it up.

Review №24

Root beer floats from A&W are better than most things in life.

Review №25

Hot delicious food and Great service.

Review №26

Fish sandwich good needs staff

Review №27

I went thru the drive thru ordered 2 meals the exact same way. long story short it took my card being charged 3 different times to get my order. for the end price of the items separate i couldve bought another meal. the food was ok. you want $15 an hr but cant even get an order right and to top it off. the girl working the drive thrulooked blown out on dope.

Review №28

My son works here so I don't eat here often. The cheese ball thing s are delicious but are really pricey, actually everything is a bit pricey but I guess everything these days are getting that way. I do think for a restaurant in a gas station they are always very clean, and seem to vary busy.

Review №29

Can't make an order right. They stop answering the phone 2 hours before the end of day. When you do order food there seems to always be some sort of disagreement!

Review №30

Absolutely terrible service just left there stood in line 20 mins and no one came and took my order after taking order after order in the drive thru! Just loss a faithful customer

Review №31

These girls are troopers there where only two workers there that day . And my food was fresh and hot.

Review №32

The foods not like it used to be. And the float taste watered down

Review №33

Always tickles a spot of nostalgia from childhood coming here. Good Food.

Review №34

The food is good but the manager is very disrespectful to her employees and customers, smh!

Review №35

Great food nice service

Review №36

A good, quick bite. I guess other people have had other experiences with the service, but my experience couldn't have been smoother. The person at the counter was great and it didn't take long at all.

Review №37

Worst meal everOrdered a foot long coney got two hotdog buns in one box some red stuff on it and soggy onion ringsI used to love a&w but I'll never go to one againI threw food out nasty

Review №38

Fast friendly great

Review №39

It is an okay place to eat or get food from, their footlong hot dogs definitely aren't what they used to be!!!

Review №40

Very good rooter and hamburgers

Review №41

Spent too much money but the food is so worth it , great service fast friendly and just an all around awesome place to eat ..

Review №42

I ordered on doordash, I was missing some of my items and never go my refund

Review №43

Very fast and friendly

Review №44

Great burgers

Review №45

Nice fresh food

Review №46

A&W is t hbk e better of fast foods this location is pretty good, haven't messed up my order as of yet.

Review №47

This customer service here is very disrespectful and rude, the Restaurant is nasty and not a place I would recommend someone taking a chance to eat here, parking is very bad. The cashier rings your food up then handles your food, not good, stay away find somewhere clean and Staff that will treat you with respect while spending your money to dine out.

Review №48

First time in and i understand its after the 9-5s stop by on their way home (the drive through was out of the lot onto the road) but i waited 40 minutes for a rootbeer float and cheese curds... The float was melted and i had to ask for a fresh one after waiting so long and i watched multiple people who ordered after me receive meals with cheese curds. This was supposed to be a 10 minute run, i was on the clock at work. I don't think i will be returning to this location if i decide to ever eat A&W again.

Review №49

Food not good over cooked cod fish and shrimp

Review №50

Really good food, cashierbwas super nice and fast great place to eat.

Review №51

I wouldn't say it was good but I won't say it's bad it was okay but for the money you pay there it should be great because you're paying restaurant prices for fast food that wasn't great I've been there multiple times because it's convenient but the only thing I could say that is halfway decent there for an okay price is the fish and chips the burgers and stuff are nothing to brag about in the cheese is never ever melted and definitely don't try the cheese curds because they will come to you cold and not very tasty at all I wish I could say something good about it because it's close to home but I can't hope this helps someone decide to go somewhere else

Review №52

First time experience. Our guy was extremely awesome. He let us buy root beer floats with the frosted glasses through the drive through. Food was fantastic and the cashier was very friendly and helpful.

Review №53

Fantastic service ask for Malvina a very nice lady

Review №54

Horrible service , workers try to talk over you when you're ordering, very slow, food is disgusting buns stale as can be

Review №55

Poor customer service. Place not clean

Review №56

It was fresh and great

Review №57

Best food ever

Review №58

The chicken was overcooked, the cheeseburger kids meal had so much ketchup and mustard I used the wrapper and 9 napkins to wipe it off! That is ridiculous since I ordered it plain. The root beer tasted weird but the fries were good.

Review №59

They got chicken tenders, but no chicken nuggets. What type of establishment are these clowns running

Review №60

We ordered mushroom burger combo, footlong combo and a cheese curd to dine in then went and sat down at the cleanest table we could find. I had to ask for a wet rag to get the table wiped down. While waiting for our food they took 3 more inside orders and a couple drive thru orders no big deal until everyone that ordered after us all got their food and we are still sitting at our table and we don't even have our drinks yet. I went to the counter and asked why everyone that had ordered after us got their food and we haven't. She couldn't give me an answer so I asked for a refund so we could leave instead of her taking care of our refund right away she handed out more orders then gave us our money back.Terrible service and completely filthy!!

Review №61

Food was hot and delicious

Review №62

Had a root beer float!!! Employee was super nice & very professional. I went through the drive-thru...

Review №63

Very rude and takes forever

Review №64

Off the hook baby

Review №65

This place needs to get their stuff together. Waited more than a half hour to order and receive our food in the drive thru, and they still got it wrong.

Review №66

A&W was assume. Excellent root beer floats!!!

Review №67

I've been here 5 times and every single time they can NOT get the order right. Not small stuff like missing the bacon I paid them to put on and they usually don't. Stuff like giving me entirely different meals. Regardless off their subpar service the manager was calm and collected. Professional to where I wont give them 1 stat. If they could find competent employees or ones that at least care it would be nice.

Review №68

Gritty joint inside a gas station on Mound Rd. Not sure what I was expecting.The Staff is friendlier than many.

Review №69

Says online they close at 9 pm on Sundays and i was told at 7:50 they close 30 minutes ago. All i wanted was a root beer float n yall supposed still be open

Review №70

No footlongs..had to ask for napkins..not on tables nor at the the counter. Maybe a theft issue???

Review №71

It's okay the staff is friendly but they need to work on the cleanliness of their establishment

Review №72

The food is just ok to me

Review №73

Good food!

Review №74

Usually hella good. Not no more. Need new employees. Gave me cold cheese curds, hard bun and only one meat patty instead of 2. Not going to try for a long time. Unfortunately!

Review №75

Expensive.. and couldn't get the fact that we didn't want cheese on the #4 we corrected the order multiple times and guess what.... ....girl at window was nice tho

Review №76

The food is always good and the people that work there allow you to call you order then and pick it up and they also have a drive-thru window.

Review №77

Worst meal of my natural life, waited 45 minutes for my food. I bit into a orion ring and my tooth almost broke off. The burger tasted like dry dirt. Also, I wouldn't even feed my dog the chilli they serve.

Review №78

Fabulous food! I can't eat chicken at other fast food restaurants because of how much they are processed. This is the real deal! Chicken was awesome! And fresh ingredients! What a concept! Hubby loved his burger, fries were crispy and flavorful. And of course the root beer is a must have :)

Review №79

Best cheese curds I've ever had

Review №80

Great customer service, food was good.

Review №81

Best root beer ever

Review №82

Over Priced. .. about time they shut down and did a hard clean..

Review №83

Terrible terrible terrible!!! Watch your credit and debit cards, This female ran my husband's card 3 times for $17 and told us that it declined! The amount immediately showed up on our bank account transactions with all 3 transactions as COMPLETED NOT PENDING!!! she wouldn't listen to us or look at our account just “come here let me show you!!” Why would our balance change and say completed if the transaction didn't go through?! This broad took from us and will not give it back!!!!! Talking bout bring a statement! When I'm showing her the store number date time and amount that shows 3 times!!!

Review №84

Nice place nice people

Review №85

I am in this area a lot , this A&W is inside the Shell Station and right across the street from a Chrysler Plant so shift change it can be pretty busy at them hours, but the restaurant itself I have noticed it hasn't been open for service last I went to get gas there during the day and noticed that the A&W wasn't operating , I'm not sure if it is open now though , and during the summer season 2017 it did have a fire and closed for restorative work so not sure what's going on now and might want to call there to make sure A&W is open for service inside the Shell Station, but it is a small nice little place to stop and get a bite to eat . Not the cozy place though because it is so small , but it is decent and would recommend if your in a hurry.

Review №86

Our waiter/cashier was fantastic! Food was great and we were in and out in record time

Review №87

Old theme, food good. The rootbeer floats is good to

Review №88

Pretty good

Review №89

I went for a root beer float not too many A&W restaurants by me this is actually about a 40-minute drive. Guess who ran out of root beer LOL. An A&W restaurant without root beer :-(:-( :-(

Review №90

Didn't go to A&W

Review №91

A Very clean and friendly establishment.

Review №92

Prices are ridiculous for the not so good food.

Review №93

Decent service.Always food... station convenient to

Review №94

Well I must say it was a great burger and fries service was relatively quick I dined in and the burger was made fresh to let us was nice and crisp in the presentation was good and of course the root beer was cold and great

Review №95

Just as good as days gone by. Only no girls on roller skates and shorts rolling up to your car.

Review №96

All time favorite food!!

Review №97

Cold food had to wait 15 minutes for cool food called and said something about it and they bring it back or eat it I then asked for a sup and they said bye

Review №98

For a fast food it's expensive but I love the cheese curds

Review №99

Basically everything was good, outer area seemed not as clean as it could be.

Review №100

Usually awesome.Today the buns were hard and soggy, and the coney sauce was luke warm.But I guess everyone has "off" days.Normally, the food is great, and the staff is always exceptional. It's A&W, for cryin' out loud! Ya can't go wrong with it.Fair pricing as well. However, the gas station portion of this location is lackluster as their outside was dirty, as if employees were on break,... For like a week... And forgot to throw their garbage away. Instead of putting it IN the garbage, it was much easier to leave it on top.

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  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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